Monday, February 27, 2017

Ryan's Dope!

"Nobody knew healthcare was so complex." or so said the morally bankrupt shithead who calls himself POTUS, at least for now.

No you prancing nincompoop. It is not that difficult. If you know how to read that is. Perhaps you should go to a doctor sometime to get that sick mind of yours evaluated and find out if one of the gold-diggers from the 70's 80's or 90's you were laying around on your bed waiting for to stop barfing into the gold toilet gave you a parasite. You know, like your sons.

Look, there is no Republican plan to replace the Affordable Care Act. There never has been, never will be. That is unless you consider getting sick and dying a plan? Paul Ryan, possibly the worst excuse for a human being on the continent and certainly in the Bottom 10 throughout the globe, is a vicious bastard intent on establishing an Ayn Rand amusement park where the rich can get their jollies by making sure their generation is the last generation. Ryan's alleged plan is basically eliminating the individual mandate, eliminating subsidies for the poor and middle class, eliminate Medicaid by giving it back to the states (Good luck to any state with a trust fund creep running your state), bringing back the pre-existing conditions and of course that age old Republican idea, the good old Health Savings Account where you simply take all that money you have left over at the end of the month and put it away for a rainy day so when you get sick you are loaded. Where do Vampires like Ryan come from? Well when Paul Ryan's father checked out of his life when Little Paul was just starting to fantasize about killing old people, like his father, Little Paul got Social Security, which he saved for college. You know like those Health Care Savings Plans you folks can all rely on once the dead eyed Soylent Green advocate gets his way. But Paul Ryan doesnt like Social Security anymore since he already milked it for what he could get out of it.

Paul Ryan, the beady eyed motherfucker too cowardly to show up for a Town Hall, is the real danger to the nation. That loggerheaded fucker who runs the Senate is harmless compared to a widows peaked beastmaster like Ryan. And that dunderheaded syphilitic narcissist in the Oval Office is nothing compared to the treacherous misanthrope keeping his slimy hands on the nation's purse strings.

Paul Ryan is the danger. This Wisconsin cheese fuck is the man who will force seniors at some point to choose between insulin and the five dollar pizza that has to feed them for a week. And he will do it gladly, because Paul Ryans mind is so full of hate for humanity. Where that hate came from is beyond me. Maybe it came from the fact that when his father died and left Paulie to go on the government dole, it so affected his ability to get a boner looking at his Ayn Rand poster he never recovered.

So wake up America! Uncle Joe knew what a piss ant this DairyLand twit was back in 2012 when he sat there for 90 minutes listening to his bullshit. God do we another Joe Biden to put this dead souled empty vessel out to pasture.

Please Democrats. Fight this creep. Dont make me turn to these assholes.

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