Monday, August 9, 2010

Levi, You Dodged The Bullet!

All I can say is my ears hurt. Levi, you are so lucky you don't have to climb on board that family's crazy train any longer.

Kudos to that lady from Homer, Duhlaska for having the guts to confront that condescending, sarcastic fraud and her chip off the old block daughter.

I am still shivering from the screech. And note at about 1:13 when the woman tells The Quitta that she's a "teacher", the "oh you're a commie" head nod.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Satan Is Laughing with Delight Again!

I really don't like any religions. The most destructive force this world has ever known is religion, or more specifically, it's most dedicated followers. So just to make clear where I'm coming from here, I practice no religion, I am not denying you your right to believe whatever you want, I cheer you if religious beliefs bring you peace and help you cope with life, I think that atheists are just as big of a pain in the ass as your born agains, and finally, I really wish all religion would be practiced in private, like that long haired hippie socialist with the Hispanic name used to preach a long time ago. There, it's said.

Should you be able to build a mosque three blocks from Ground Zero? Well first of all, with the turtle speed ANYTHING is being done at Ground Zero, building a mosque three blocks away perhaps could give the pandering politicians ideas on how to get off their ass and DO SOMETHING about that hideous hole in the ground. So my answer is why not? Have you seen Ground Zero? Have you been to lower Manahattan? This isn't Crabapple Cove. It's lower Manhattan. There are gillions of buildings all over the place. NOBODY would even know what the hell is three blocks away from that giant hole in the ground. Three New York City blocks, not three Mufreesboro, Tennessee or Temecula, California blocks.

The reason I mention those two cities is because both have seen protests over the building of mosques in their respective towns. The above picture is from Tennessee. Gee, guess which side wants to stop the mosque? Generally I decide to join protests one way. Which side has more American flags? I go to the other side. Something about that last refuge of a scoundrel quote.

Now I realize a lot of Americans are scared to death of Muslims, Islams, or people wearing funny hats, like Shriners. A lot of Americans think a mosque is a place full of bearded whack jobs mixing chemicals and plotting to blow up the local VFW hall on the the weekly Pork Chop night. You know something, they are only 98% wrong. There are mosques that preach hate, just as there are churches that preach hate, synagogues that preach hate, and VFW halls that preach hate. You can' stop it. Some people are crazy, like those Don't Tread On Me flag wavers. Stay away from those nuts, trust me.

Now Christianity and it's followers, which are the majority of Americans, though I assume about 75% of them are phony hypocrites, preach love. They love their Jesus. They love their God. They say that, but do they mean it? In Temecula, California, numerous christian protesters brought their dogs to the site of the proposed mosque so the dog could pee and slobber on the site. You know how Muslims feel about dogs? It's like jamming a steak down a Catholic's throat at a beer fueled fish fry. It's like letting a pig loose at a bar mitzvah. It's rude, and it's cruel. A guy in Texas held pig races on a proposed site for a mosque. Not loving there, Christians.

Of course, many of these protests are egged on by opportunists like Newt Gingrich, and complete morons like The Quitta from Wasilla. Politicians are the antithesis of religious folk. Those cynical phonies deserve derision from the believers, not support. Yet here we are, in 2010, listening to scam artists and their bullcrap. But why would I expect any different? The bullcrap flows like wine every Saturday and Sunday in any mosque, church, synagogue and VFW Hall.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Blatherings Not From Caribou Barbie!

I can't believe everything's so awesome I haven't posted in a long time. Well scratch that thought cuz it's not so awesome but here we go.

1) Earl Benjamin Nelson is still the biggest tool in the United States Senate. This pandering nitwit has now catered to the nuts of the NRA in his never ending attempt to suck Republican Nebraska's cornhole. The only Democrat to oppose the Kagan nomination to the Supreme Court because she's not nutty gunny enough for him? Oh that's a new one, Earl, usually you are kissing the pro life hypocrites right on the tight lips. Most Republicans can't wait for 2012, when our midget Governor or his bug eyed child marriage opponent Attorney General take him down. I just can't wait for this phony Democrat to change parties, which I absolutely guarantee he will do. Get lost, you helmet haired suckass.

2) The closet cases who make up the American Family Association have called for the impeachment of Judge Vaughn Walker, who you might know as the gay Bush appointee who overturned Prop 8 out in California, upsetting the achte lieber out of closet case Governor Terminator. The AFA claims no homosexual should hold public office because they might let their "sexual proclivities" compromise their ability to be impartial judges when it comes to gay issues. The AFA also seems to think the Feds should have nothing to say about gay marriage as it is not in the Constitution. Ok geniuses, I guess that means David Vitter should not be making laws against prostitution, Larry Craig should not make laws against public indecency, John Ensign should make no laws against blackmail and Mitch McConnell should make no laws against protecting turtles. Oh yeah, and stop using that 1996 DOMA law, you know, the federal one, to argue your goddamned case. What I wouldn't give to see what kind of downloads are stuck way in the back of the AFA mainframe.

3) Future Republican presidential candidate , Tim Pawlenty, whoring around Iowa with his "hot" MILF wife arousing the libidos of overall wearing Iowans. "I'm very thankful for my red-hot smoking wife?" panted Pawlenty to the corn dog sucking rubes. Great, Tim, so now you're a pimp? Pawlenty also appealed to scared white people in his own state, Minnesota, to make English the official language of the Gopher State. There's so many jokes there I can't even tink aboot it. Ya knowwwwwwww.

4) Michele Bachmann was supposed to appear at a campaign rally for a teabagger opposed Senate candidate in Missouri last week, but she went into a hospital for an "undisclosed illness", at government expense I assume, before she could get there. For chrissakes, Congresswoman Lunatic, faking sick is so grade school. Her admission almost made me wish for real "death panels".

5) Go see "Inception". Twice. Not only will you get it the second time, it will make it more money and encourage Hollywood to make more smart movies. Please.