Friday, August 18, 2017

White Scumacists!

Just like our President (shudder) I like to take time to think about something before I speak about it. So after days of thought and contemplation I now have something profound to say about Donald Trump.

Just fucking resign you low rent grifting belly crawling motherfucker!

I'll tell you something and Ive posted that picture above before in honoring my Dad. Nothing and I mean nothing makes my blood boil more than seeing that picture of my father in Germany in 1945 risking his fucking life to defeat the dark forces of Nazism and fascism only to witness those racist crackers play dress up and march around chanting their racist slogans and getting into fights and killing a young woman who only wanted to do good. That pisses me off so much I cannot even describe it. THEN when the President of the United States, a truly despicable human being even before Tuesday, strays off the prepared remarks to become himself as he always does, and defend Nazis and Klansmen and White Scumacists and homophobes and misogynists and trailer trash Confederates and creeps and thugs and privileged white punks looking for the latest trend to get attention in between Call of Duty competitions, I think of my Dad and it makes me crazy.

The President of the United States has made it abundantly clear to anybody of not the same mindset of who and what he is. He is a con artist. He is a racist. He is a Nazi apologist. He is a white supremacist. He is everything most of us knew. He is a dumpster fire of humanity who needs to be removed from office either through resignation (which I am sure is coming) or through invocation of the 25th Amendment which of course will never be done by his White Supremacist Republican minions intent on destroying government. Impeachment would take courage and we know that the United States House of Representative is one of the most disgusting groups of people on Earth. This band of wimps and weaklings and outright mental cases (yes I mean you Steve King and Louie Gohmert) lacks any kind of moral leadership to take action against this intolerant asshole in the White House who again, lost an election by 3 million votes to a woman, Yeah Yeah, I'll get over it as soon as these doughy white hooligans get over the losers they worship, The Traitors from the South and the fucking Nazis.

That statement. That 12 minute meltdown on Tuesday was absolutely the most disgraceful 12 minutes of a Presidency perhaps ever. Trump, again, off the cuff, trying to show he's the smartest person in the room, yammering on about fake news and alt right and being all pissed off its a woman yelling questions at him and talking about fine people on both sides and blaming the victims for getting in the way of a car before getting in a plug for his winery. Just disgraceful. Absolutely embarrassing for any American with an ounce of moral decency to watch that world wide statement from a bullying gangster who somehow was elected to be the President of the United States.

We all know now that Trump knows who his base is. Its about 30% of America (or 76% of Republicans), a group of chickenshit racist white people so used to white privilege that equality looks like oppression to them. A band of people who simply refuse to accept anything outside their bubble of advantage. The dog whistles have always been there. But the dog whistles have become outright regular loud shrill whistles now since a couple of years ago when this false prophet came forth and spoke to them in their preferred language. Dumb.

This man is a miscreant. I prefer to think the vast majority of Americans are decent. I mean look at the money raised to help the victims of that madman with the Dodge Charger last Saturday (amazing how the Nazi in Chief takes no time at all to denounce a similar event in Barcelona yet never acknowledges his own terrorism). The vast majority of Americans look with pride at the generation of people who stood up and sacrificed their lives to defeat the very thing that now stinks up our society. I saw an old man at a ballgame last week in a wheelchair throw out a first pitch who was a World War II vet;. The crowd stood and cheered. He was representing my late father and I stood and cheered. What did that man think when he saw those brain dead creeps walking around with a Swastika flag last weekend?

That generation is leaving us quickly. Who will be around in 10 years to remind us of the evil of this philosophy? I shudder at the thought of these young clueless nitwits not being checked by those of us who had fathers and mothers and uncles and aunts who did their part to defeat this horrible doctrine of evil. Earlier this week some contrarian attempted to argue with me that Nazis were not right wing but left wing because they were "National Socialists". Ok genius. After starting to argue about spending a national economy into prosperity by gearing up for war which of course would make Saint Reagan a Nazi I simply quit and walked away. No time for that. You are either an opponent of white supremacy and Nazis or you are one. Period.

Someplace there are millions upon millions of men and women who spent 4 years of their life fighting Nazis and Japanese imperialists who are looking at us from afar saying what in the holy fuck is wrong with you lamebrains. Come on people, stop this nonsense now. 1933 Germany stood by silently as a group of thugs took over. Are we them?

I think not. Stay strong and speak up. Silence is approval. You stay quiet, you condone this.

Get rid of the Fascist in Chief. Then we can work on getting rid of the Closet Case in Chief.

Sunday, August 13, 2017


Im not sure what I expected out of Kathryn Bigelow's latest film, Detroit, but what I got was another classic edge of the seat thriller. Bigelow, who specializes in films like The Hurt Locker, which was the tensest movie I'd seen in many years and Zero Dark Thirty, another film of controversy that featured hair raising magnitude, tackles another controversial subject, the 1967 Detroit riots.

The Detroit riots began after years of a burning fuse that finally ran out of space and the bomb went off in July of 1967. The first 45 minutes of the movie involve cops killing people and the people looting the stores and the chaos in the streets. Quite frankly its rather slow and cliche' and I began to wonder when something was going to happen.

And then BOOM!. The next 45 minutes will have you shaking your damn head and cringing as the police home invade the Algiers Hotel, kill a man for running away, and round up the remaining people partying for a long road of torture and brutality. Facing the wall with their hands in the air, the people caught up in this craziness are subjected to beatings and mock executions as the standard police psycho attempts to either get the name of a "shooter" or just be a dick. Then something goes terribly wrong and the "game" becomes real.

Three people were murdered at that hotel on that night and the cops were indicted.

The remaining 45 minutes change from the scariness of what the hell will happen to these people at the hotel to what will happen to the cops who murdered the 3 people. The trial.

Defended by a sleazy lawyer, Jim Halpert, the witnesses are again subjected to another type of brutality. The unfair court system which favors white authority because it's run by white authority. No spoilers here on what happens but you'd have to be a Charlottesville White Supremacist to be dumb enough to not know.

This film, like most Bigelow films, has its detractors, those sticklers who get pissed because the movie isnt 6 hours long and tell a story that the critics feel is more important. The torture in Zero Dark Thirty, the Peoples Tribunal in this one. But Bigelow is a filmmaker, one of the best working today. This movies isnt Zero Dark Thirty or even The Hurt Locker, but its the 2nd best movie of the year behind Dunkirk.

If you want to see a movie, not a history lesson, that may make you want to learn more about the Algiers Hotel murders, by all means see this movie. It'll piss you off and it'll make you despair when you realize nothing has changed in 50 years. But the most important reason to see this movie is to give it money, and then they then may make more movies like this. Something that will whet your appetite to learn more about neglected American history and neglected American heroes.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

"All Sides???

Yeah. Hate and violence on "many" sides.

Donald Trump is a fucking disgrace to this nation for emboldening these belly crawling snakes to crawl from the swamps and declare that they have small dicks.

I am so tired that I cannot keep up right now. I am watching a man so blinded by his own ego and controlled by a Nazi and a Russian that he actually attempts to blame all sides for a white nationalist riot? A group of khaki wearing punks carrying tiki torches and chanting obscene racist chants attack a group of protesters and come back the next day dressed as riot police with their Star Wars shields and selfie sticks and home made pepper gas I assume they made with their wrung out underwear and attack again? And the President of the United States blames "many sides"?

Fuck Donald Trump. Period. How much longer can this go on?

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Good Old Days!

I was an idealistic teenager in 1973 when the Watergate hearings dominated the summer. I hated Nixon, absolutely hated the man. He was a paranoid liar who made me crazy. And then he was gone in 1974 and was I happy. My hatred went away and I realized that Nixon was a sad figure with really bad people fueling his paranoia. The real assholes were the Haldemans, the Ehrlichmans, the Mitchells, the Segrettis, the Liddys and the Agnews. And with the benefit of hindsight, Nixon was a fucking progressive compared to these backwards thinking brain deads who dominate the Republican Congress nowadays.

The last 48 hours have seen the meltdown of a fucking lunatic who is putting this nation into grave danger. How much longer can this orange pile of goop be allowed to continue?

Monday morning started with the Pervert in Chief posing for pictures with the White House interns, many of whom Im sure he was scoping out for future dating privileges. There were two black guys, the rest were white boys and girls, over a hundred of these dimbulbs standing there next to the Statutory Rapist in Chief. When a female reporter hollered at the Traitor In Chief a question about the Attorney General, Trump began making faces and hilarity ensued. The cute lil interns all laughed (they better, Im sure the tape was watched) and Trump told yet another female to "be quiet".

Monday afternoon featured the Swine in Chief speaking in front of a group of "victims" of Obamacare. More like zombies as they stood behind the Imbecile In Chief as he implored the Congress to repeal Obamacare because after all it was championed by that black guy he wants to erase from the history books. The black guy who joked about his stupid show and made him run. The zombies in back, with their unblinking eyes and the goofy stares, had no idea they were being used by a man perfectly willing to fuck them over also. I am really not sure why anyone would stand there and listen to soulless vessel of Satan tell them yeah you losers will be out in the cold with no health care plan also. Losers!\

Monday evening the The Evil Doer in Chief went to the annual Boy Scout Jamboree, a place where a bunch of scarf wearing homophobic adults try and entertain a group of young boys by building fires and handing out badges ad nauseum. The Cult Leader in Chief began his speech by stating who wants to listen to politics and then began to talk of nothing but how great he was, how much he won by, how repealing Obamacare was essential, how much he won by, how everybody hates him, fake news blah blah blah. And then the Lout in Chief gizzed up the puberty battered boys by implying his buddy bought a yacht and had a lot of orgies on it, Very interesting times, Yeah get it , Trump's buddy screwed a lot of babes on that boat and yep Trump probably did to. Wink wink! But getting a group of young children to actually boo a former Presidents name and a former Secretary of State's name may have been the lowest of the lows and there are literally hundreds of low moments in this Creep in Chief's reign. Great example for your future Trump Youth.

Tuesday evening The Hustler in Chief flew on our dime off to blue collar heaven. Youngstown,Ohio for yet another rally in front of his cultists who did not disappoint. As the Con Artist in Chief rolled his eyes and swiveled his bloated head and claimed he was "presidential" and joked about putting his blimpish head on Mount Rushmore (though from the reaction not sure the dopes who went got it) and claimed he won every precinct in Youngstown. Well no, Liar in Chief you in fact lost every precinct in Youngstown but who gives a shit about facts anymore? Huh? The massive handjob that the Degenerate in Chief got from these inarticulate losers was enough to make him tweet about "records" being broken in attendance. Hey Hallucinogenic in Chief, the arena only holds 7.000 idiots at a time so the only "record" you may have broken is the Lowest Collective IQ in an arena at one time.

But Wednesday morning was an even lower moment than getting a bunch of glorified nerds to boo a former President. The Bigot in Chief blindsided everybody by declaring that transgendered human beings will not be allowed to service in the military. In an attempt to cater to his stupid base and to his stupid Tea Party assholes in Congress, the Fiend in Chief attempted to turn back time by tweeting a discriminatory policy so backwards that even a one celled Senator like Joni Ernst (Cackler-Ia) went huh what? This cruel desperate attempt to get funding for his fucking border wall had turned this Maniac in Chief into more than a Dickens villain, he is a danger to this country and its people.

While the Draft Dodger in Chief was avoiding STD's (I'm beginning to think unsuccessfully since untreated syphilis seems to be eating his sick mind) transgender soldiers have been defending this pig's right to be the pig he is. The transgender soldier has every bit as much right to serve their country as anyone else, something the Trump family has no idea about.

So I long for 1973. Maybe the one time when the "Good Old Days" weren't so bad after all.

Monday, July 24, 2017


British soldiers are bombarded with leaflets urging surrender courtesy of the advancing enemy in a small town in France in 1940. The gunfire begins and they run like hell. All are cut down except one who with the help of French defenders backed up to what turns to be the English Channel. This is the beginning of Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk and it only gets increasingly tense from there.

Now most people know the ending of this historic event of World War 2 but nonetheless this movie is breathtakingly tense. Combined with Hans Zimmer's musical score and the triangle of out of sequence stories this film will have you saying I have seen the best movie of 2017 and I'm not sure anything will overtake it.

The dialogue is almost non existent and when someone does speak the words are often overshadowed by the noise of dive bombers and explosions and the chaos of warfare. But I tell you that you will feel it and know exactly what is going on.

300,000 British and French soldiers are trapped on the beach of Dunkirk as the advancing Germans threaten to wipe the entire British Army out of the war. The British naval vessels are too large to pick anyone up, the Germans are picking them off from the air and their only hope is to have civilians sail over from Britain in their pleasure crafts to evacuate the trapped soldiers.

Mark Rylance plays an older man who takes his sons and heads for France to so his part. This is one story. Picking up a shell shocked Brit along the way only contributes to the difficulty of this mission.

Tom Hardy flies his Spitfire into action to take on the German bombers and fighter planes that are sinking ships and killing men on the beach. Hardy has only a limited amount of fuel and one mate to take on the Germans. The ticking clock in the soundtrack that hits you whenever the Spitfire is onscreen only adds to the edge of your seat tenseness.

And will newcomer Fionn Whitehead and his mates, including Harry Styles, survive sinking ships and increasing paranoia to get home?

This is great moviemaking. Nolan has done this kind of time warp stuff before with Inception and Interstellar but this time it seems so real because it was. I could be persuaded this is Nolan's best effort and I idolize Inception.

Look, there a few directors that hit a home run everytime. Fincher, Bigelow, and Nolan seem to do that. Dunkirk is a fantastic movie pure and simple.

I can imagine this film winning an Oscar without one acting nomination. The film itself is the star. Kudos to Nolan for that.

Paul McCartney!

Paul McCartney hit the stage about 20 minutes late which is a hell of an improvement from the other two times Ive seen him. The show is basically the same but who gives a damn. The guy is THE legend. He's a Beatle for chrissakes and that is all that matters. To see Paul McCartney is to see history. The man, fairly or not, started it all. See him while you can cuz lets face it, people are leaving us everyday and it sucks. I missed Chris Cornell 3 days before the demons got him and I'll never get that chance back.

Paul hit the stage and that famous note from the beginning of Hard Days Night rang out and it was on. Almost 3 hours of hits, near hits, new songs, speed bumps, Wings stuff, Beatles stuff, Quarrymen stuff, a short rendition of Foxy Lady, exploding fireworks during Live and Let Die, acoustic versions of Blackbird, And I Love Her, Yesterday, oh my god it was wonderful, again.

Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan are the only two individuals I will see every single time I get a chance. McCartney satisfies my longing for my youth because he plays songs I know from the time I was 7 until now. He plays them the same way each time and sometimes thats what I want. Dylan is just Dylan. He may honky tonk his way through Tangled Up In Blue and thats fine with me cuz he's Dylan and he's earned that right. But Paul is Paul. A pleasant man with a longing to please. His voice is 75 years old and it shows on rare occasions. It cracks every now and then and it does not matter because he is who he is. Oh yes you can argue if you wish that it aint the same as 1964 or 1968 or 1972 or 1976 and its old and tired. Yeah if you are old and tired. I dont care if its not 1973 any longer and Band on the Run is being played for the millionth time, I still feel like a kid again. I dont care if its not 1967 any longer and Paul attempts a rendition of Being for the Benefit of Mister Kite that doesnt even make sense. It here and now and its Paul McCartney and I will like being alive and seeing and hearing it.

As stated before, I have seen him 3 times now. Being from flyover country we dont get to see him that often. So when we get a chance, its a must.
Max's Mom had never seen him before. She loved every second of it and knowing someone else is experiencing what I experienced the first time I was in the presence of greatness is mind boggling good. I mean when I saw Paul do A Day In The Life in Kansas City a few years back I honestly felt this right here is THE best moment of my musical life. I was almost in tears. Knowing John was gone but Paul was still here was just about too much. Im sure Max's Mom had that same feeling at some point.

Highlights for me

1) The last 10 minutes when Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight and The End are playing. Thats the pinnacle. Period
2) Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five..yes you have to put up with that snoozer Valentine but its worth it. Its my favorite Wings song
3) Being for The Benefit of Mister Kite...yeah it was weird and awkward but dammit he took that chance and it worked in my head
4) The piano songs......Maybe Im Amazed, The Fool on the Hill, Lady Madonna, Let it Be, Live and Let Die and Hey Jude
5) Love Me Do...I never ever listen to that song, but when its live I love it
6) Band on the Run...McCartneys ultimate voice challenge and he did it well
7) the entire rest of it....


NONE cuz he's Paul McCartney

The End

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Too Spicey!

1) Sean Spicer is out. I mean out. He aint dead, he just finally had enough proving even a lapdog like Spicer has his limits. The appointment of an anti-Trump hedge fund creep to run the White House communications department because the moron in chief likes him on TV sent Spicer into a tizzy. Out he goes, apparently with a mini-fridge used by low level staffers without meal privileges under his arm. So stop with the praise for this liar finally standing up. The weasel lied for 6 months, got skewered by Melissa McCarthy, lied some more, and lied some more before the hillbilly Sarah Huckleberry took over for good. Spicer isnt a stand up guy, he's a thin skinned little man just like his boss. So fuck Sean Spicer. Good riddance.

2) Trump apologists are a funny lot. Not haha funny, none of them could ad lib a fart as Groucho used to say, but funny as in self delusion. The time line of this whole Russia meeting involving Junior and a bunch of collaborators like Jared and Manafort is fascinating. To Trumpers it goes a little like this.

a) there was no meeting with Russians
b) yeah there was a meeting with Russians but it was about adoption and the Traitor in Chief was in Florida
c) there were only 4 people at this meeting
d) no 5
e) no 6
f) no 7
g) no 8
h) Why didnt the Secret Service stop the Russians implying the Bitch in Chief was there in the building
i) yeah there was a meeting with Russians and Junior said via email he loved it cuz of the potential Hillary dirt
j) yeah so what if there was a meeting with Russians
k) ok so we met about dirt on the opposition, everybody does it
l) big deal, collusion isnt illegal anyway
k) it was Obama's fault
l) alls fair in love and treason

Yeah, a real "funny" lot

3) This whole health care deal is a fucking disgrace. The Republicans in the Senate are so content on winning they dont give a rats ass about throwing 32 million of their fellow citizens into the streets of poverty regarding health care. Dont forget they made goddamned sure they exempted themselves from this debacle. These immoral miscreants are so beholden to their donors and getting them more tax breaks that they have lost complete perspective on life. Oh I know none of them care because they know with every fiber of their devilish being that the red state Republicans who live in the dying towns and long for the 1950s will vote for them anyway no matter what they do to them. Take away my health care and give tax breaks to your donors? At least you are not a Demoncrat. Take away Medicaid so granny gets booted from the nursing home or the nursing home shuts down? Well at least you aint one of the libtards. This is rural madness. As usual. We have one of those here running in 2018. Her name is Deb Fischer and she is a as worthless as using logic on Trump. In other words, a shoo in.

4) The police shooting in Minneapolis of an Australian woman who had actually called 911 is another example of inept people being given a gun and told to enforce the law. Many in white America make judgement solely on the color of the cop and the color of the shootee. Philando Castile was shot because he reached for his ID and was a licensed gun owner. NO it was cuz he was black. Eric Garner was choked to death for selling smokes. Terence Crutcher was shot and killed by an Oklahoma police firing squad. The list is endless of cop shootings of unarmed black men and women and the subsequent acquittals of white cops. There is hope, however, since two cops who shot and killed a 6 year old boy in Louisiana were convicted of manslaughter. Oh wait. What was the difference there? The cops were black and the kid was white. Very different. I wonder what will happen to the black cop in Minneapolis who shot the white Australian woman? We shall see.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Iron Maiden!

Ive never seen Iron Maiden live, Until last night in Lincoln. Now Bruce Dickinson's screeching vocals are something you either appreciate or you dont and I do but I went in wondering if his vocal talent had diminished over the years. It hasnt. At 58 years old Dickinson can still holler with anybody on earth and win and his sprinting around the stage made me jealous with me recovering from a busted leg and all.

Iron Maiden rocks. Period. The guitar interaction alone is worth the price of admission and the drumming of Niko McBrain on the largest drum set Ive ever seen keeps it all going. But Dickinson's vocals, even with the crappiest sound mix ever in the Vault, were amazing. Relying heavily on the latest album Book of Souls, the classics were generally ignored. We did get Dickinson in a military uniform waving the Union Jack during The Trooper and we did get Fear of The Dark and Iron Maiden before the encore of The Number of the Beast with a crowd chanting 6 6 6 at the appropriate times. The Book of Souls Tour is short on classics, damn I wanted No Prayer For the Dying or Run To The Hills, but it was long on musicianship. Screw those keyboards and horns, this was pure British metal and it was jolly good.

Swedish weirdos Ghost opened the show with a 45 minute set of Iron Maiden inspired lyrics and surprisingly melodic metal. Fronted by a masked skeleton pope hatted "Pope Emeritus II" and driven by masked demons on guitars, a keyboardist you could barely hear and a hard working drummer banging his skins like a 19th century blacksmith, Ghost won over the crowd quickly with Square Hammer, a I hate to say it, catchy little tune that had my foot tapping. This continued virtually the entire set until a growling song put an end to it. I hate growling songs, they are so uhhhhh American. Stop growling. It sucks.

I once had a coworker who loved Ghost, saw them numerous times, paid for VIP tickets, showed me videos and pictures ad nauseum. I dismissed her as a 20 year old chick with bad taste. Uhh I was wrong.

Now about the crowd. Never have I been around a nicer group of white trash, and I include myself in that description. Maybe because we are all now old and lack the energy to be an asshole. Oh there were some stereotypes living up to the moment, like the guy who was manhandled by the cops when he started a fight on the floor or the couple wearing t shirts for some shit band called Cradle of Filth that proclaimed "Jesus is a Cunt" and "Fuck Off" but all in all it was decent crowd of 8,000 or so.

Hey go big or go home? Both bands went big. And loud. My ears are still ringing.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

The G19!

Well there we are, America. All alone, ignored by the world, isolated, no friends, other bullies licking their chops at the opportunity, and all because of that lonely loser "elected" last by a substantial minority of greedheads, hillbillies, racists, and dopes.

Donald F Trump took the United States on a lonely path of obsolescence this last week when attended the G19 G20 conference over there in Socialism Land and made a mockery of the all of us. Who has to apologize to anyone not from here for the "election" of this trashy buffoon? Who face palms on a daily basis at this circus clown's antics, his big mouth or his toilet inspired tweets?

Trump began his week in Poland in front of a crowd of so called dignitaries and a group of hired, or rather coerced, group of non English speaking charlatans who chanted "Don-alt Trump" whenever directed to by a Polish thumb breaker. Trump spoke eloquently on how being crushed in two directions by Russians and Nazis must have been "tough". Wonder if he got permission from his Russian and Nazi "advisors"? It was during this scripted by Stephen Miller (Goose Stepper-NC) that the Whitey in Chief uttered the 14 words that give Trumpers a gigantic stiffy. "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." Well he didnt really say that verbatim , Miller and Bannon arent that dumb, but thats what Trumpers all over the world heard. Bark Bark whistle whistle! Trump then got lost on a stage. Somebody get the nurse, Gramps is wandering again..

Trump then took America on a journey To Hamburg, where he was forced to meet the actual POTUS45, one Vladimir Putin. Attended by only 6 people, this meet and greet featured Russian puppet Trump, Greedy Sell Out Russian opportunist Rex Tillerson, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, a couple of translators and of course President Vlad. Trump allegedly asked Putin about Russian hacking of the election, with permission I assume, and of course Putin denied it and there my friends is all our beloved Puppet In Chief needed. It didnt happen or rather hey I dont know, it could have been a 400 lb guy on a bed somewhere. What else happend in that 2 1/2 hours is beyond me as US officials left outside attempted to break up the "meeting" and even sent Melania in to try and stop Trump from handing over the nuclear codes.

The implications of this are truly frightening. Trump trusts a Russian dictator over his own intelligence agencies, Or rather it is in his own selfish interests to "trust" the country that made sure he "won" the election. Wow what will we find out in the coming months that will shock us to our shoes, except of course the Trumpers who openly would collude with the enemy to make themselves feel powerful for once in their miserable lives. What else was "discussed" in that meeting?

Yet the moment that should truly disturb any true patriot would be the moment Putin, one who doesnt yell Fake News all the time when he hears something he doesnt like but instead is so lucky that the offending journalists end up dead, points at the press ans asks if these are the ones who insult you to which our Stooge In Chief said yes. Open the floodgates folks. Here come more death threats from the Trumpers to CNN or MSNBC or sick little children. I've always believed America had a substantial number of authoritarians, people mostly on the right, who cheer police brutality and riot police beating protesters and dead journalists, but I never knew it was so many. The coming to power of this tool of Russia has allowed these slithering creeps to crawl out from the darkness. When will anyone do something?

Trump, after getting his marching orders and pee tape threats from his handler, moved on to other things. Like being ignored. These G19 G20 leaders want nothing to do with this servant of Putin. Trump is so irrelevant that when he got tired (no stamina) and let his daughter, shoe saleswoman Ivanka, sit in for him, nobody gave a shit. Except some of us back here who are appalled this family of frauds are allowed to do anything. Can you imagine if Chelsea Clinton has been allowed such "power"? I mean she at least has a degree in International Relations as opposed to a degree in selling shoes and clothes bound for the Goodwill. Ivanka Trump sitting there with the same stupid look her father champions was just the ultimate embarrassment for this nation.

When Trump and his crime family left Europe the G19 all sighed in relief that the Patsy in Chief was gone. Now to get down to real business. Intelligent, detailed and nefarious discussions on how to divide the world's wealth among themselves rather than some bloated clown in a red hat pushed around by his Nazi advisers . Europe had enough of that shit 75 years ago. You could sense the relief of Angela Merkel as she realized the weight of the past being lifted off her shoulders as the American wannabe tyrant waddles away.

We must do something to rid ourselves of this incompetent fool, America. Unfortunately its up to a crowd of collaborators called the GOP Congress that has the power. Journalists, buckle up and get this done, fake news or not. As Press Hillbilly Spokeswoman Sarah Huckleberry says, ya'll gotta fight fire with fire, y'all.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Trump Trailer Park!

For the hundredth time it needs to be said, and its not fake news, that this man, Donald Trump, is a disgrace to the United States of America. Not only as President (shudder) but as an American citizen, and lastly as a human being. And now it's time to say this. If you still think this man is funny, or right about his classlessness, or an effective leader, or you just like him cuz he pisses off "libtards" well then you are also a disgrace to this nation and to your humanity. I wouldnt say you are all stupid, though woo, watching you Trumpers speak out loud on television doesnt help your IQ case much, but you do have a choice. You're either just plain dumb, or you're just a plain old bitter asshole. Your choice MAGA maniacs.

The pundits who proclaim that Trump's tweeting is just a diversionary tactic to take the attention off his Russian problems are incorrect. Oh that may be whats happening but its not because Trumpski has some sort of grand plan, its because his tweeting is who he is. A raunchy man child bent on revenge over every slight he's every received or thought he'd received. He is, after all, a pretend billionaire from Queens who moved to Manhattan living off Daddy's slum lord money and immediately was rejected a low rent and crass, which of course he is. His desire to be accepted by the very people he insults and trashes and lies about like a coward on Twitter is simply a primal lash out from a yucky Queens commoner who never will be welcomed by the Bloombergs, the Hamptons crowd, the Broadway crowd or the Hollywood types he pretends to loathe.

His appeal to the rich greedheads is easy to understand. They just want money. Lots and lots of money. If you are poor or middle class or hurting, tough shit, you should have just inherited money like they did. But the appeal to the poor white people is just baffling. Maybe not so baffling a year ago when their naivete may have kicked in and they thought this crass barroom brawler was on their side and was going to stop the browns and the blacks and the women from taking their 19th century jobs away when it was really just progress and greedy corporations ready to cut them loose. But now, after this repugnant pig has proved time after time its all about winning, no matter who gets hurt the support is just self destructive. And this complicit Republican Congress and its using this vulgar clown to dismantle government and enrich even further their stingy donors and thus enrich themselves is also ignored by these people who apparently have let their racism and every other ism take control of their sour minds.

Trumps personal tweets about a morning cable TV show started a storm of real outrage from decent people and a lot of phony outrage from his conniving Congressional conspirators. These Congressional pricks feigned their disappointment and within one day began to conspire to remove 50 million people from the health care rolls. See Ben Sasse (Dangerous-Ne). This soft talking goof wants to repeal the ACA NOW and not even replace it. Instead he proposes holding hearings in DC the entire month of August which of course he knows will never happen. And the vile POTUS jumped onboard that scheme because after all, Winning.

Trump is a gross mysogynistic monster. Ryan is a misanthropic monster. McConnell is an ungrateful monster. Thats why resistance to this pseudo fascist regime must continue. I know we all are tired of all of this shit and cant wait for 2018 when perhaps this can come to an end by cock blocking this Russian controlled sexual predator with one branch of government but we have to keep the energy alive. We have to fight.

Maybe the Russian thing will get him. Maybe his entire grifter family will go down for their obvious attempt to raid the Treasury and make themselves even more wealthy. From Donnie Junior's low minor league attempts to emulate his smutty father on twitter, to Eric's lame ass attempts to dehumanize his scuzzy father's opponents, to Ivanka's blatant attempts to pimp her Goodwill bound line of whatevers, to Jared's meddling into all sorts of things over his dumb ass to mask his real goal to become his debt ridden grungy father in law, to Barron's upcoming signing by Arsenal, this trailer park dime store billionaire brood of degenerates will never stop. They will not stop shoveling unearned money into the rental truck until they are stopped. The Congress wont stop them, hell they have their own rental over there, so its up to us.

Call your corrupt traitorous Congressional critter and leave them messages until the voice mail is full. Keep hammering. This country, and perhaps the world, is in deep shit.

Meanwhile, enjoy the "billionaire" hayseeds tweets about women and their bleeding. Could Canada grow a pair and just invade us?

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Women In TV!

Enough about this Republican plot to give tax breaks to the rich at the expense of the poor children. These motherfuckers have proven to be subhuman creeps bent on destroying the nation, get rich doing it, and still get re-elected by cult members indoctrinated by Fox News, right wing radio and their own bigotry. For now, fuck em all.

Television is great nowadays. Its so damn good that you dont have enough time to watch it all. But 3 shows out there are so dominated by women who soar far above everyone else that they are not to be missed.

House of Cards (Netflix) is getting a bad rap because the crazy scenarios dont seem so crazy any longer. It is a compelling show that has just gotten better as far as I am concerned. But one person has stepped up and taken over the show even as Kevin Spacey's Francis Underwood has grown a bit stale. Robin Wright has gained control of this show every bit as much as Claire Underwood has gained control of the country. Now I have not seen this entire season yet because I dont binge anything except crap that makes me fat or drunk, but from what I've seen thus far, Robin Wright deserves every Emmy she's ever received. Oh wait, she's never got one? Christ on a cracker thats insane. Well at least that orange pile of melted bronze, Donald F Trump, has none either. Robin Wright is absolutely the reason to watch this show. You cannot stop both hating her guts, and wishing she was real. If women werent their own worst enemies in the voting booth, Claire Underwood would already be running the show.

The Handmaid's Tale (Hulu) is the tale of Mike Pence's America. Based on the Margaret Atwood novel, the Hulu series studies what would happen if a theocratic maniac, like Mike Pence, ever came to power and put the broads in their place. Elizabeth Moss dominates this show mostly out of the fact she's in virtually every scene and she's damn good at it. Never once will you scream less Moss, more Joseph Fiennes. Moss plays the role of the Handmaiden with a sadness and a sense of rebellion that you cant stop watching. She's the anti-Claire Underwood, powerless yet yearning to be free. I did see the entire series and thought it got better and better and cannot wait for the next set of episodes. I'm going to break my rule here and say, not scream, less Moss and more Alexis Beidel. Her character disappears halfway through the season and made me wonder what happened because I refused to admit she may be dead. But since Beidel has been made a regular for next session, this show may even get better with age.

Orange Is The New Black has dropped on Netflix and I have seen a few of them. This show has been so up and down with me I often wonder why I stick with it. I mean I swear to Christ that when Piper and Alex or that fucking Brook is onscreen I lose all interest in not only the show but in life itself. Those characters are a gigantic snooze. But when the remainder of the cast is onscreen it really is a fascinating study in women characters. I love the backstories, I love the characters, I love the fact the inmates are all scholars. On the other hand I hate that horrid opening song and I despise Piper, Alex and that fucking Brook. Bit I still watch because of Tasty and Red and Caputo and Crazy Eyes and Diaz and Morello and Nicky and Cindy and Yoga and Pennsatucky and Sophia and Boo and Judy and those two meth heads and the whatever happened to Lori Petty. So I will eventually find out if this riot takes up the whole season. I still want more. Even if do catch a short nap every now and then.

But before I go, lets me hail one woman who has dominated a great show for years and that is Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison in Homeland. Danes has carried that show for 6 seasons now and shows no sign of letting go of her crown. She has two Emmys for Homeland and each is well deserved. Not to mention Danes has the unique ability to say the word fuck as naturally as a DeNiro, a Pesci or a Pacino. From the first time I heard her exclaim about the Pakistani Spy Agency "I dont trust those fuckers" Claire Danes has a spot in the fuck Hall of Fame. And that is a great honor. Claire, you're fuckin great!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day!

I have no idea what my Dad is doing here but I'm sure it had something to do with if you get this penny into this bottle Nixon wont win.

Happy Father's Day Dad. We all miss you.

Is It Too Soon?

Is it no longer too soon? To talk honestly? Or are we supposed to stand down and let the Republicans continue on their closed door mission to take away health care from millions, stomp on non-Christians, back off on progress in the attempt to take a nation back 75 years, closet the gays, and starve the poor? Uhhhhh no.

Republicans were practicing for an annual meaningless baseball game they play against Democrats on a ball field in Alexandria, Virginia when shots rang out. There was a gunman attempting to pick them off one by one. Representative Steve Scalise, a bigoted white nationalist from Louisiana, went down from a bullet to the hip. Two members of Scalise's security detail sprung into action. Crystal Griner and David Bailey both engaged in a gun battle with the Bernie Bro (cant leave that out or Donnie Junior will cry)and were hit themselves. The gunman was killed and Scalise was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and is expected to recover and get back to being an asshole very soon.

Crystal Griner is a black gay woman married to another woman. The kind of person who people like Scalise abhor for whatever reason lies in their sick minds. David Bailey is a black man. So when a black man and a black woman save this right wing kook's life, you may think that a lot of views may become murky. Gun nuts who favor mentally ill domestic abusers being able to walk into any gun store and buying whatever the hell they want may think a bit more about their definition of freedom. They may think a bit more about accepting money from a terrorist organization like the NRA. They may think that since a black man and a black gay woman saved the life of a powerful House member maybe their views on gay rights and civil rights are outdated and plain wrong. Maybe they will think of the danger they faced that day and stop being pricks and love their fellow man no matter their color, their sexuality, their religion or their gender.

Christ what am I thinking? Of course thats not happening. Scalise will meet with Griner and Bailey, get his picture taken with them, put it in his fundraising letters, and get back to suppressing their rights just as fucking soon as he can. Guys like Scalise dont change. They are motivated by money and adulation from fellow white nationalists whining about "special rights" and "white male oppression". Look, I am glad Scalise wasnt killed and hope he recovers fully. I am recovering from a broken leg and at my age am afraid I'll never be the same so I identify with severe injuries. I also hope Scalise does have an awakening to his past behavior. His "I am David Duke without the baggage" days. But I doubt it.

These times are volatile. The right jumped on this shooting so fast to whine about the left and its "hatred". Donnie Junior went crazy on twitter blaming the lefties, I assume because Daddy's phone had been hidden by the adults in the White House. Sean Hannity and the other media creeps cried about leftist hate, Kellyanne Conway wept about how 50% of twitter would cheer her shooting. Cmon Kel, you aint that important and besides it would be more like 75%. But the right loves this shooting. Its the event they have been wishing for for years, that and another 9/11. Now they have it. A Bernie Bro shot one of their own. Yippee! Meanwhile another shooting actually killed 4 people the same day in San Francisco and not one of them gave a shit. Paul Ryan stood there and did his best impression of a human being by decrying the shooting and then went back to his Ayn Rand man cave and plotted to starve old people.

The shooting of these people was horrid and it is terrorism. Terrorism that is preventable by not allowing domestic abusers and crazy people to obtain guns. But they will do nothing. As usual. So to hell with all of them who fail to act.

Meanwhile, Nikos Giannopoulos, Rhode Island Teacher of the Year, doesnt give a damn what Trump's America thinks about him. And quite frankly, neither Trump nor Melania seem to care either and that is what makes this whole administration so deplorable. Nikos Giannopoulos teaches high school kids in Woonsocket (what a name) and is, gasp, a proud gay man. My goodness, Mike Pence must have moved even further back in his White House closet like office to avoid such nonsense such as honoring one of his own them. People like Nikos, who dont hide who they are, are the key to stopping this administration's lurch back into darkness.

Much like I hope that Scalise comes around to sanity. I hope America dismisses the nutjob 30% and comes to say no more. We have come a long way in my lifetime, not far enough by any means, but it is better than when I was a child. This whiplash type nonsense to go back to when white men were king and the rest stayed in their place will eventually be crushed. Progress is inevitable.

Good job Nikos.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Philando Castile And A Cast Of Thousands!

I mean my eyes are bad, real bad, so bad I need glasses so thick you could cook a steak with a well placed sun. But even my lousy eyes saw a man murdered in his car by a cop with a gun up in Minnesota.

Philando Castile was by all accounts a decent guy, a good guy, a guy loved by students at the school he served as cafeteria supervisor. But Philando Castile had one "flaw". He was born black and for that he was gunned down in the passenger seat of a car driven by his fiance and with her 4 year old daughter watching from the back seat. Diamond Reynolds had the smarts to live stream the entire sickening affair on Facebook. Officer Jeronimo Yanez of the St Anthony Police Department, the shooter, was acquitted by a jury of his peers yesterday of manslaughter in the killing. Now again, I'm blinder than an NBA referee but watching that tape pretty much showed me a man shot numerous times for telling the truth to a police officer that he had a registered gun and was going to reach for his license. BAM! Philando Castile bled out in that car as the officer already began covering his own ass screaming that he told him NOT to do something he apparently did tell him. In front of a 4 year old child. And again, nothing will be done.

White people have the prevailing attitude that being a cop is one tough job and it is. The attitude is if you're not doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about. Well thats pretty much true, if you're white. But its not true if you're black or Hispanic or in the case of Omaha, Nebraska, a Native American. You are constantly under police surveillance. Hell I think Castile had been pulled over 46 times for some strange reason. This crap has to stop.

Speaking of my bad eyes, I know I have seen videos of people, mostly minorities, being murdered, killed, subdued by the cops. But how many convictions? You guess,

I have seen James Boyd killed by police in Albuquerque, Richard Ramirez shot in Montana, Jason Harrison shot in Dallas, Eric Garner choked to death in New York for selling loosies, Kajieme Powell shot in St Louis, Charly Leundeu Keunang murdered killed by LAPD, Walter Scott shot in the back by a dirty cop in South Carolina who had a drop gun, Tamir Rice gunned down by cops who never even bothered to get out of their car.

Do my eyes deceive me? Only if I'm on a jury apparently.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Comey Don't Play!

Sometimes having a job sucks. I mean not only is it an activity so awful they have to pay you to do it, it takes 8 hours or more out of your day. Then you cant watch James Comey tear Donald F Trump a new comb-over in front of a gang of Trump apologists and a smaller band of super heroes bent on saving America from this cyclone of ineptitude called the Putin Trump Administration.

So I listened as much as I could. Things I learned from James Comey today.

1) Donald F Trump is a liar

2) Donald F Trump is under investigation for collusion with Russians bent on electing him their puppet president and for obstruction of justice.

3) Donald F Trump is such a slimy pile of scum, that grown men who are 6 foot 7 are begging others to not leave him alone with him ever again.

4) John McCain is a senile old crank. Talk about #Sad.

5) Republicans are throwing their hands in the air defending Trump and coming up with an even newer excuse. Donald Trump is a dumbfuck. Cut him some slack.

6) Donald Trump Jr is a pale imitation of his father on twitter. He tweets as fast as his crooked old man, but the content is only 39 year old crazy, not 70 year old syphilis crazy.

7) Idaho has elected some real boneheads to the Senate but Senator James Risch may be the boniest head of all.

8) Little Marco Rubio has no pride left in his lil body.

9) Senator John McCain watches late night Arizona Diamondbacks games proving he is a senile old crank

10) A liar like Sarah Huckabee Sanders defending a liar like Donald Trump is just so precious. Just like her Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm dress.

11) Jim Comey knew Trump lies like a 12 year old dog because he took notes after meeting with the Liar In Chief

12) Mike Pence and Jefferson Beauregard Sessions are just as guilty as the Spy in Chief

13) The Russian hookers definitely peed on Donald Trump or as Comey referred to it as "salacious" things he couldn't discuss in open hearings.

14) Trump is so lonely he has dinner with dullards like Tom Cotton

15) While Comey was telling the world what a complete slimy gob of algae Trump is, The House was making it easier for the big banks to fuck over the economy again

16) "Lordy I hope there are tapes" is as good as anything Alexander Butterfield said

17) Senator Roy Blunt (House Plant-Mo) asked a great question "“If the president hadn’t fired you, would you still be the FBI director?”. But it begs the question. How may times a day does Mitch McConnell have to water that idiot?

18) Senator Angus King (Mighty Mustache-Me) not being able to beat Comey to the punch with “Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?” was the moment Trump went HUH? the loudest. Ya see Trump is a dumbfuck. See #5.

19) Trump's shyster lawyer, Mark Kasowitz, definitely tans at the same place Trump turns orange. And lose the Andrew Jackson hair. Or is that how you got the job? Because Trump admires genocidal maniacs?

20) James Comey may turn into the John Dean of this inevitable destruction of a putrid administration. For that all real Americans, not Russian puppets, should say thanks a lot.

Monday, June 5, 2017

The Week I Wish It Wasn't!

Another crazy week has ended and another one has begun. This last 136 days of absolute chaos has been a nonstop descent into the cavern of irrelevance this country voted for. Well, again, not really, but whatevs. Nice going , hillbillies.

Conservatives became all pearl clutching earlier in the week by a picture posted by shock comedian Joan Rivers Jr Kathy Griffin of her holding the bloody severed head of one Donald F Trump. Conservatives, nahhhhhh I'll cut them a break, it was Trumpers, who are simply hateful cult members led by an orange tub of goo, became all offended as they tend to do whenever their Jim Jones leader is called a name or in any way dissed, went crazy. Like a band of hyenas engorging on a wounded wildebeest , these Ted Nugent loving gangs of human wackiness demanded apologies, demanded firings, hammered Griffin's employers, demanded things that could never happen so they could stay all pissed, the natural state for white nationalists Trump voters.

We heard from Donnie Junior, who seems to have taken point in defending his slap happy sperm donor. Donnie Junior attacked relentlessly. CNN, Kathy Griffin, CNN, CNN, CNN. When CNN eventually fired her from her 4 hour a year gig, it wasn't fast enough for the slayer of endangered species. Donnie Junior has learned, I'll give him that. He is becoming his father. A totally dishonest baby pool of orange slime.

Kathy Griffin then did what she should have NEVER done. Hold a presser with a publicity seeking lawyer and turn herself into a victim. Jesus, Kathy, the Trumpers already hate you, why piss off your fans by crying and turning yourself into yet more Trump debris? The Kathy Griffin I know and love would have apologized and then said no I meant to do this, hold up the phony severed head of a bloody Donnie Junior. Kathy let me down.

Bill Maher comes across to me as a complete asshole. I doubt I would like him in real life. I cringe when he attacks Islam, I roll my eyes when he shoves his atheism down my throat, but he's the voice of reason in so many ways, I watch him anyway. Maher dropped an N bomb while speaking with a neanderthal Senator from my state named Ben Sasse (Watch out-Ne). Now Sasse is likable, he comes across as reasonable, but when he asked Maher to come to Nebraska and "work the fields" Maher said he was more of a "house n***a" and moved on. Shit, Bill, cringe to the umpteenth power. What the fuck? You cant say that.

Cue the conservative outrage again. While most of the Trumpers were convening their Bund meetings and talking smack about towel heads and beaners and lezbos and homos and n bombs, the fact a libertarian said n***a made them spit out their Pabst. Oh my, the Trumper boners were raging as they could go apoplectic on a couple of comedians they hate in one goddamned week? What the hell? Heaven for Trumpers.

Maher also apologized after claiming his lack of sleep was causing him to drop the house n bomb. Well that and the fact Ben Sasse (Con Artist-Ne) is so charming he thought he was in friendly company. Now Bill has been in trouble before, and will be in trouble again, thats who he is. But this time he brushed the third rail. I hope he recovers, just as I do hope Kathy recovers. But it is going to be a rough few weeks for both.

London experienced another terrorism event. The world was outraged, again. Three mentally unstable criminals decided to run down people on a bridge in a rented truck, hop out and start stabbing innocent people. London police within 8 minutes shot all three of these creeps and the carnage was over. London went on with business. They upped police presence, the investigations of these criminal cells continued, and the Brits, stiff upper lip and all, and the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, told the world the truth. All Foreign leaders expressed their support for the British people and gave their condolences to the dead and injured. Well almost all.

Donald F Trump moved on this tragedy like he moved on bitches asking for it. He first pimped his travel ban. THEN he expressed sympathy. THEN he hammered the Muslim Mayor of London by taking a quote out of context. The slimy POTUS, elected with 3 million less votes than his opponent, then began a twitter tirade about his so called travel ban. Like a whiny ass teenager who knows he's beaten, Trump doubled down on the "travel ban" saying his Department of Injustice Justice was a bunch of pussies and that his unconstitutional original travel ban was the way to go. This of course is nothing more than a shout out to his base of bigots, gun nuts.Nazis, idiots and low IQ low information fans. The Supreme Court must be face palming over this. At least some of them are, right? I just dont know any longer.

NBC News, in its never ending quest to be liked by the righties (give up for chrissakes), unleashed Megyn Kelly onto America as a kind of desperate attempt to grab the crowd under 60 who doesnt watch 60 Minutes. Now Kelly, she of the soon to be late Fox News, is really nothing more than a right of center news reader who got onto the wrong side of the band of thugs called Donald F Trump fans by actually asking him a relevant question at a debate. Kelly caused a crowd of baboons to laugh and cheer as she noted Trump's misogyny and the downhill slide at Fox began. So NBC overpaid her to do what she does.

What she does is cover for the power structure, and ask softball questions of a murderous dictator who has the POTUS in his back pocket. Oh that damned pee tape again. Kelly is now the woman who got run over by a bunch of cultist hoodlums in the United States and run over by a hoodlum running Russia and by proxy, The United States. And for this, NBC pays her millions. Millions.

Looks like NBC News has given Megyn Kelly and early Christmas with their millions. That interview with the President of the United States Russian leader was so soft you could say it was mighty white of her.

Friday, June 2, 2017

The Pittsburgh Accords!

Mark it down. June 1,2017. The day the United States of America gave up any moral leadership they may have had in the world and simply became a very large bully whose only claim to fame was we can bomb the shit out of you. What did anyone expect? The country somehow elected a 70 year old bloated ignoramus to lead it into this isolationist bubble. The somehow can be debated endlessly as Trump supporters use their great math skills to scream how 67 million is more than 64 million and how an affirmative action electoral system did its job by installing white supremacists into office or how upset they were by their racism cultural anxiety bigotry homophobia sexism Islamophobia economic anxiety over their jobs being outsourced to foreigners like Obama.

Donald F Trump is the goddamned fucking Anti-Christ and I dont even believe there's a Pro-Christ. This man, bent on settling personal scores, has become a danger to not only the United States, but now to the entire world. By pulling out of the Paris Accords in an attempt to turn the country back into 1940's Pittsburgh by appealing to a bunch of coal miners still destroying their lives willingly cuz Daddy was a coal miner and grandaddy was a coal miner and by gawd my kids will be coal miners too. Anyone with any sense of the future knows that coal is dead. There is no such thing as clean coal. Green is the way of the future. But Trumpski, the Putin puppet, will never stop catering to dummies clinging to the past. He has convinced them that up is down, left is right, Russia is our buddy and Germany is our enemy, and that a bad Kathy Griffin joke is far worse than a great Obama "joke".

I will not tell everyone I know all about the Paris Accords. I just assume people a whole lot smarter than me, like scientists and dummies like that, put the data together and other people smarter than me examined it. They then put it into an accord signed by every nation in the world other than Syria, in the midst of a revolution and led by a murderous despot, and Nicaragua, who though the Accords were drawn up by a bunch of pussies not willing to go far enough. And now us. A nation led by a Toddler In Chief who felt slighted by other leaders because they excluded him from building a whole lot of golf courses in Europe to make him even more money. That and the speculation that Putin told him to pull out to further a rift between our Allies of 70 years and us. Oh that damned pee tape.

Donald F Trump has to be stopped. The only people who can stop him are the Republicans. Thanks to gerrymandering and voter suppression, this party of greedy moral dwarfs owned by special interests won the Congress again. Two years is a long time. 2018 is the only hope we have left. To rid ourselves of this band of corporate puppets, soulless zombies, racists and outright idiots from any role in leading this nation into being an island of ignorance while the Russians and the Chinese take advantage is paramount to our survival as a world power. Yeah sure, we can drop bombs on people and kill thousands of innocent civilians ISIS fighters anytime we want. So what? That doesnt make you a "power". It makes you a bullying asshole everybody hates and eventually they band together to take down. To do so means partnering up with other bullying assholes who at least pretend to be on your side. We cannot let that happen.

So on June 1, 2017 this overgrown orange pile of fungus has withdrawn us from the world. We can only hope that Mayors and Governors and responsible business leaders can tell the orange pile of toxic sludge to go pound coal with his base. For the next 18 months, its our only task. Throw these government hating pricks out.

Just dont get body slammed by petulant billionaires. Instead punch back. Punch hard..

To Pittsburgh I say, you are a modern thriving city insulted by an orange pile of soot. So enjoy your second straight Stanley Cup. You've earned it after that insult.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day!

My father went to Europe 75 years ago to fight Nazism abroad. Thats him in Germany in 1945.

My Dad was and stayed a liberal Democrat his entire life. In fact, as he got older he became even more liberal.

He fought Nazis in France and Germany. Now, we have Nazis in the White House.

It was his birthday a few days ago. He would have been in his late 90's. Had he lived, this current state of affairs wold have made him crazy. I can hear him say, what the hell did I waste 4 years of my life for? To see THIS???

So, Dad, thanks for your service, and I promise to fight these creeps too.

Thanks to all who fought Nazis and Japanese imperialists back in the day. Your sacrifices will not be in vain.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Emboldened!

Lets talk about Memorial Day coming up on Monday. While we hear about heroes and the brave men and women who have lost their lives defending their country in the military and that's fine and dandy and thanks for your service but lets talk about other heroes.

Like 23 year old Taelisin Myrddin Namkai-Meche and 53 year old Ricky Best and 21 year old Micah David Cole Fletcher all of Portland. While some Nazi piece of shit, no doubt emboldened by the election of a loudmouthed con man last November, started to rant at couple of teenaged girls in hajibs on a Portland train and began to approach them. As he became a threat to these kids, Taelisin, Ricky and Micah all stood up and defended these children from this pile of garbage (no names here of this creep fuck him) and two of them paid the ultimate price for their heroism. Taelisin Myriddin Namkai-Meche and Ricky Best were killed by this waste of air and Micah David Cole Fletcher was stabbed but lived. The train stopped, the girls ran for their lives, and the killer ran until he was captured by police. The video shows him asking to be shot by police which is why I am not a cop because I am so nice I'd have granted him his wish. I'm not posting a link to the video because this hunk of Nazi dung doesn't deserve any publicity whatsoever.

Yep these three guys are heroes. Nobody will say so tomorrow but they are. They fought the fucking Nazis every bit as much as my Dad did 70 years ago. The difference is my father had to get on a boat and go to Europe to do it. These three had to do it in the United States of America. If you have a few bucks to spare, Help these families out.

Richard Collins III was minding his own business on the University of Maryland campus, waiting for an Uber ride. When some piece of manure walked up to him and said something along the lines of move if you know whats good for you. When Lieutenant Collins (yea he was in the Army of the United States of America) stood his ground and said no, this degenerate pulled out a knife and stabbed Lt.Collins to death. The killer then ran away, probably to go brag about him killing a black man to his Alt Reich Facebook creeps.

Lt.Collins was due to graduate from Bowie State University within days of being lynched murdered by this Alt right garbage heap (again no names) who no doubt feels emboldened by the election of a fellow alt right jackass who surrounds himself with literal Nazis (fuck that alt right crap). Lt Collins was an outstanding man according to everybody. His family accepted his diploma with his cap and gown draped over an empty seat. If you have a few bucks to spare, donate in his name.

A woman goes on a racist rant at a Wal Mart to a Latina woman simply trying to reach around her to get something off the shelf. A black woman intervenes and gets called a n*****. Whoever this racist wench is must also feel emboldened by the election of a racist grifter last November who threatened to deport anyone and everyone his base doesnt like. You know his base? That racist witch above. And racist Wal Mart lady, thats a load of toilet paper you have in that cart proving you really are full of it. To Wal Marts credit and that doesnt happen here much, they threw her racist ass out, maybe forever.

Some guy in a wheelchair gets all offended because he hears a man speaking to his mother in Spanish because she lives in Puerto Rico. The highly articulate gimp cripple handicapped man , obviously emboldened by the election of an orange bully, wouldnt let it go as he rolled around showing his English pretty much consists of calling people names and racial slurs. Hey wheelchair asshole, the man you are insulting speaks two languages, which is one and a half more than your dumb ass does. And lastly, wheelchair guy, remember this from your hero?

Theres many more of course. Since the election of this heartless prick last November, these people have crawled out of the woodwork because they feel emboldened. Hey if the POTUS can say it, why cant I? The problem is many of these morons are violent. So watch yourselves when you see one of these Trumpers blow their tops.

Meanwhile in the White House, Donald F Trump, the instigator of all of this, tweets away about "Fake News" and brags about his doing Russia's work to benefit Russia America and praising the election of a thug in Montana to Congress. But not one fucking word about any of this killing by his minions of innocent people. Not one tweet, or word, or a plea for sanity, NOTHING.

So when I see this orange glob of cattle droppings honor the dead (many of whom fought against guys like the ones he has surrounding him) I may just switch to something cheery and uplifting. Like 13 Reasons Why.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Keepers!

Back in the 1960's while I was doing time in Catholic school we were surrounded by nuns, dressed in full nun regalia, who were our teachers, principals and tormentors.

This is why The Keepers on Netflix is so captivating to those of us who lived in that time. A 26 year old nun named Sister Cathy Chesnik was found murdered in Baltimore back in 1969 and the case went cold. Her head was bashed in, her car was found near her apartment, her body had been moved, an abuse victim was allegedly taken to her body as a warning. It's all here. Except it really is true.

Who killed Sister Cathy? This is what this fascinating 7 part documentary is all about. The Catholic all girls high school called Keough was rife with sexual abuse of young girls by a a Father Joseph Maskell, who served as Principal of the school. Sister Cathy had taught at the school and the implication was she knew of the abuse by Fr Maskell and may have murdered to keep her quiet. Or not.

Some of the women who attended the school in the late 60's and early 70's decided they had to figure this mystery out because it was obvious the Baltimore cops, the Baltimore DA or the Archdiocese arent going to tell you anything.

The Keepers doesnt necessarily stay on the road it starts out on. You will be disgusted with the Archdiocese moving a pedophile like Maskell around to keep him from blowing the lid off a brewing scandal. You will be brought to lows as you listen to these former Keough students all now in their 60's talk of their abuse in graphic detail. You will cringe not knowing what happened to people who feature prominently in the story. It really is Making A Murderer 2.

Perhaps it may be more in my wheelhouse because of the characters involved are basically my life from age 5 to 17. Priests, Nuns, Jesuits, brainwashed Catholics with their heads in the sand. It's all here.

Who killed Sister Cathy? You may not get the answer in the 7 parts but you will definitely have a theory. There are suspects you dont suspect at first and then go hmmmmm, There are those you say yep he did it and then go how? You will bounce around like a ping pong ball.

The women who are digging into this very personal crime are relentless. They arent going to stop. They want to know who killed their favorite teacher and why. Better watch out whoever did it. It shows people over 60 dont have to sit in a chair and accept corruptness and lies. People over 60 can topple this institutionalized garbage if they so choose. Not all of them are zombie eyed Trump voters longing for a time when priests did get away with murder and child abuse. Longing for a time when things were simple because everyone chose to be ignorant. It was just easier that way.

It's really worth the time you invest.

Friday, May 26, 2017

America First Baby!

Just a day or so after making the Pope take numerous showers to wash the stench of an talking orange Lucifer off his holiness, Donald F Trump went to Brussels, or as Trump calls it, a hellhole to meet with NATO leaders. You know, NATO, France, Germany, England, and a bunch of others we promised to defend back after the Rooskies took over Eastern Europe back after the Big One?

Trump, of course, feels much more comfortable being around goons and thugs like the President of Turkey, The Saudi King, Bibi Netanyahu, the Filipino murderer, Putin, Greg Gianforte. Trump wants to be them so much, a tinpot dictator body slamming journalists, murdering his opponents, shooting drug dealers, having his private security creeps beat up pesky Belgian protesters, building walls keeping the brown people out, and beheading people on Pennsylvania Avenue. Oh what a life Donald F Trump wants to lead.

But meeting leaders who actually got more votes than their opponents is strange to a narcissistic toddler like our fearless orange pile of compost. Hey he prefers leaders who didnt get as many votes yet seized power anyway. Cuz Donald F Trump is a tough guy. A tough guy standing up for Barney Badass American who lives in a craphole small town someplace in rural America and hates all things faggy, or Euro if you prefer to be PC.

As Trump pushed the President of Montenegro out of his fucking way because he stands behind no man named "Monte" and its all America First, the rest of the civilized world (apparently urban America and Canada and Europe) stood aghast at how this guy could make things worse each and every hour.

Trump could not even lie for once and express support for Article 5 of the NATO treaty which states an attack on one is an attack on all. Nope, his Russian masters would not stand for that and they have the tape to keep Trump in line. Hey dipshit, you DO know that all the European allies have sent troops to help out in Afghanistan and Iraq? Christ,our drones and planes have even friendly fired a few of them. Thats something you can look up, or have someone brief you on for 20 seconds or so before you start daydreaming again.

To stand there and call our German allies, the new leader of the free world, evil was bad enough. To tell the French President that he was "my guy" all along was a blatant lie. Hope Putin didnt hear that.

To any Europeans out there, look, most of us didnt vote for this orange hunk of dung and most of us hate his guts. Unfortunately with his Russian masters and a bunch of Republican Quislings also in his corner, we cannot do anything at this time. We are trying. Unfortunately, fucknut states like Montana (why that beauty is wasted on a band of thug supporting lamebrains is beyond me) keep throwing a wrench into the plan to rid ourselves of this national embarrassment. But we will keep trying.

In the meantime, enjoy the presence of the Best of America.

Keep showing the crowd sizes to see Former President Obama. It will make Donald F Trump very sad.

Pope Meets Dope!

The Orange Embarrassment went overseas in the past week and last time I looked outside there wasnt any scorched landscape or zombies wandering around so I guess on the low bar that Trump has set, it was a great week.

Trump sucked off Saudi Arabia, told the Israelis he was just back from the "Middle East", got hand slapped by the Abused Wife in Chief twice and then went to the Vatican where a delighted Pope Francis got to meet the man who appointed Newt Gingrich's umpteenth mistress and third wife as an Ambassador to the Holy See. Trump met with the Pope, probably after asking who he was and make your answer less than 15 seconds, and the Pope couldnt have been happier. The Pope, a man who joked with the former President like they were on the Borscht Belt, looked like he was forced to meet with the fucking Devil himself. Oh Pope Francis, you have no idea. We Americans are a dumb sort who somehow let this overgrown child throw all the plates on the ground while Mommy and Daddy cheered and praised his uniqueness.

The Pope, as fine a Pope as Ive ever seen, gave Trump a copy of his encyclical calling for nations of the earth not to fucking destroy the earth with fossil fuels and pumping toxic materials into the water and air. Im sure Trump used the blank pages to play hangman or something but nonetheless Trump got an earful about health care and peace and all that libtard pussy shit and told the Pope, I wont forget what you said even though we all know he forgot the minute he walked out and stuffed his red tail back into his big boy pants.

But what this inhuman monster we are forced to call POTUS did to his Press Liar may give you an insight into Trumps empty soul. Sean Spicer is a miserable man. He is forced to go out and defend a pathological liar on a daily basis. He has been neutered by Melissa McCarthy. Spicer has hidden in bushes to avoid lying again. He truly looks like a man who wishes he was anyplace else but needs the gig. Basically he's all people who work for a shitheel of a boss and have to put up with it to eat. He doesnt enjoy what he does, you can tell. He's not like that hillbilly Sarah Huckabee Sanders who truly enjoys lying and being an openly disdainful Jezebel.

Spicer is a devout (except for that lying part) Roman Catholic who got drug around by the nose on the overseas Scorch the Earth Tour 2017. But Spicer went along for one reason. To meet the Pope. I mean come on, I retired from Catholicism 45 years ago (the pension sucks and so does the installed guilt), but if I got a chance to meet the Pope, fuck yeah!! Donald Trump, a truly disgusting man who thinks Jesus H Christ was a snowflake who needed a haircut and is still trying to call Pontius Pilate to congratulate him on the great job he is doing, refused to let Spicer meet the Pope because he'd rather drag himself and his dreadful Omen like family in for photo ops. And as you can tell, the Pope was thrilled to meet the dastardly Donald's Tribe of Villains.

Yes, Donald Trump, an orange glob of cowplop, wouldnt let his main liar have even a taste of his dream. And in being the total prick he was born as, Donald Trump, an orange pile of ooze, made the press actually feel sorry for Spicer.

So now its up to you Sean. Spit in this fuckers face and either quit, or come out and tell the truth. It would be better than meeting the Pope. In fact if you do that, the Pope may come to meet you.

Donald Trump is a non human immoral lunatic.

Pax Christi y'all!

Sunday, May 21, 2017


Donald Trump's low energy speech to a room full of fellow miscreants.

Let's go to war with Iran, who's with me?

What the fuck?

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Joey Alexander Trio!

There arent many 13 year old kids I'd pay money to watch do anything. Oh there are exceptions, I mean Im sure a 13 year old Michael Jackson was pretty damn talented. I do pay for Netflix which means I sort of pay to watch 13 year old Millie Bobby Brown do her thing on Stranger Things and I would definitely pay to watch a 13 year old Barron Trump kick his old man in the balls, sometime in 2019.

Joey Alexander is his name. He's 13. He's from Bali in Indonesia. He was discovered by Wynton Marsalis or Herbie Hancock or some other jazz legend playing the piano by ear. Wow, can this kid play.

Theolonius Monk or John Coltrane can be very difficult to interpret, but this kid does it. The Joey Alexander Trio opened a concert last night here in Omaha with Monk's "Epistrophy", a song that goes all over the place, from sounding just like three musicians making noise to a grooving jazz number and then back to the noise. It really is something that non jazz fans might give up on, but to stick with it is ultimately rewarding. Joey and his two fellow members, bassist Alexander Claffy and drummer extraordinaire Willie Jones III, also tackled Coltrane, gospel songs and original compositions written by the wunderkind. It was a magical evening watching a boy genius and a couple of adult musicians at the top of their game.

Sitting so close to the stage is really the only way to go at jazz concerts. To see the facial expressions and the improv that jazz demands up close cannot be beat. The drumming of Jones was so fascinating to watch. I mean the man had all four extremities going in all directions at once, Whisk drumming with his left hand, keeping rhythm with his right, kicking the bass drum with his right foot and cracking the cymbals with his left foot, Jones may have been the most amazing drummer I have ever seen. Claffy played the upright bass with an intensity that made him shed his sport coat almost immediately and visibly sweat right thru his shirt. They both were fantastic.

But Joey. With an awkward stage presence to go along with the brilliant piano playing, you could not stop realizing this kid is only 13. The brilliant playing, then the stooped over shy banter of a child speaking to a crowd of people put you into discovery mode that you may have been witnessing the start of a legendary career. When he was pounding the ivories, he often stood while playing and made eye contact with his band mates and smiled, kind of like a damn this is fun look.

Yeah Joey. It was fun. Thanks