Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!

And thank God we can now say "Merry Christmas" again. I mean unlike THIS asshole

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Can The Peace Corps Please Work Here?

"The ignorant mind, with its infinite afflictions, passions, and evils, is rooted in the three poisons. Greed, anger, and delusion."

Bodhidharma--he was some Buddhist dude who probably never existed

"He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have."

Socrates--some Greek dude who probably never existed

"Greed is a fat demon with a small mouth and whatever you feed it is never enough."

Janwillem van de Wetering - a Dutch author who did exist and must have known about a prick named Donald Trump

What kind of people are these Republicans in Congress? The tax bill currently being rammed through Congress is about to pass and these alleged human beings are about to fuck this nation up perhaps forever.

Yesterday a grinning pompous Ayn Rand fan in his 40s named Paul Ryan stood on the dais of the House of Representatives with a giant carnival gavel and announced the passing of this horrendously cruel tax giveaway. Meanwhile a band of bought and paid for shitheels stood and applauded as if they had just gotten away with armed robbery which of course they had. The so called genius speaker, the aforementioned Paul Ryan, a well known taker of taxpayer money as a teen when his father died just to get away from his miserable self satisfied son, walked away after achieving just part of his life long dream of impoverishing most of America. As this vicious moral pickpocket walked back to his office, presumably to jack off to his Ayn Rand poster, he grinned again at the press in an oh so smug way that screamed I am so smart I am so smart and just wait, I'm now coming for your Medicare and Social Security as fast as I can before the indictments come down.

Fuck Paul Ryan. Fuck Bob Corker. Fuck the entire House. Fuck Susan Collins. Oh sorry, was that sexist?

Now that I have that out of my system let me attempt to explain why I watch the opening of Designated Survivor with fondness. Oh I kid. No I actually watch Mars Attacks with glee. Love ya Sylvia Sidney.

1) 13 million American citizens will lose health insurance coverage because the bill removes the individual mandate from the ACA. You think oh well doesnt affect me. Wrong. Say hello to premium increases, perhaps double in 10 years.

2) Medicaid is cut by billions to pay for some of this monstrosity. Oh well doesnt affect me. Bullshit. It will affect millions of old people and millions of children. Now the old people may have been the ones to vote these fucksticks into office cuz they hate the blacks and Mexicans but the fact remains if you have souls, they are vulnerable and thats not very Jesus like. A Jewish globalist guy who probably never existed.

3) The estate tax is repealed. This helps perhaps .02% of Americans. Despite the Republican horseshit of calling it a "death tax" and slobbering over poor farmers not being able to pass on their failing farms to Junior who wouldnt stay in Rubeville if you paid him, this repeal only benefits one type of person. Trump. All this so Junior, Vampire and the hot daughter/wife soon to be jail widow will be rich when their bloated orange sperm donor spits the bit and heads off to Hades.

4) 83% of the tax cuts go to the wealthiest 1% of Americans. This is up from the original intent of giving "only" 62% of the tax cuts. Somehow after the Senate voted to pass this pile of shit, the House, led by that misanthropic hateful cheesefuck Paul Ryan pulled the rug out and raised it to 83%. Get ready middle class, you will be subsidizing these moneyed fucks soon enough.

5) Medicare will be cut $400 Billion over the next decade so if you are over 55 and voted for Trump, you are truly deserving of this. However, the rest of humanity shouldn't have to suffer because of your ignorance and bigotry. Remember those bullshit "death panels" pushed forward by that Alaskan dummy? She may have stumbled into an actual truth. Want to stay alive, Gramps? Give that rich guy even more money. Oh wait you dont have any because a vile creep from Wisconsin cut your Social Security.

6) Give a $400 billion tax cut to offshore tax cheats dodgers. You know like Apple and Microsoft, who routinely stash cash offshore and refuse to pay taxes.

7) Real Estate moguls, like our illustrious Traitor in Chief, get a huge tax cut. I cant even describe what a "pass through" is but trust me, it benefits the 1%ers bigley. Quite frankly, its a payoff to the Grifter In Chief.

8) Foreign tax profits made by American corporations are to be taxed at a far lower rate than before. You know what that means, Trumpers. The outsourcing of your fucking job is even more appealing to your corporate masters. The only wall being built is the one keeping you from their gated communities.

Yes its a depressing day in America. The Republicans, who really dont even have to pretend to give a rats ass any longer, are screwing you over and then smirking. They truly are who we in the know have been telling you for years. Complete assholes without a shred of human decency.

So today when the Cotton Candy Haired Sexual Harasser in Chief stands there with his complicit cads twirling their fake mustaches I can only hope the people of this nation have had enough and assure every one of them standing there there have no job come 2018, 2020 or better yet 6 months from now.

Welcome to the Third World. You asked for it.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Pai Wow!

Net neutrality. Yeah I dont really understand it all that well until I get a 20 year old to explain it to me. You know, cuz I'm old.

From what I understand net neutrality was instituted by the Obama Administration to level the playing field as far as access to the internet. So lets say that a giant corporation wants to control the search engines by paying extra to have your internet provider steer you their way and slow down the competition that cannot afford to pay the extra. From what I was told this is basically it. Oh that and the fact Obama had something to so with it makes it bad. Freedom! Freedom to pay more for what you have now. America! Fuck yeah!

When FCC chairman Ajit Pai, a real asshole, was appointed by Donald F Trump (your father you felonious dipshit Donnie Jr), another real asshole, to head the FCC in January of 2017, net neutrality entered the danger zone. Since Corporate America had their Russian puppet in place, a complicit Congress in place, and a dick like Ajit Pai in place, no better time was had to put the internet in their hands to pass out as they saw fit. And thus, last week, despite overwhelming opposition and bolstered only by millions of fake emails in support of the repeal of net neutrality, Pai and his two Republican ass kissers on the FCC voted 3-2 to get rid of another Obama era regulation.

Ok fine, to the winners go the spoils. I get it. The Goo in Chief can appoint anybody he wants to whatever he wants and the Senate can take Trumps dick out its mouth for as much time as it takes to confirm them.

However, Ajit Pai, an Indian version of Trump, a man of incredible amounts of smirk and smug, made a speech while about to destroy fairness that would have made me hate him even if he was speaking on behalf of abused puppies. Ajit Pai is a condescending ass of monumental proportions and if you watch his speech, see his taunting videos, or read his smarmy statements, you too cannot possibly not want to punch him in his incredibly punchable grill.

Destroying net neutrality is just another thing that this disgrace of a President will do because Obama put it in. The Republican desire to erase anything Obama is not only blatantly the wrong thing to do, we all know why its being done.

It's being done by the Bloated Clod in Chief because of that dinner in which Obama made fun of his utter nonsense of a TV show and put him in his place as a clown, a joke, an irrelevant vulgarian. The Traitor in Chief made it his lifes work to get his sick revenge. Whether it be birther bullshit, tweetstorms, or catering to his racist base, the Bigot in Chief ya gotta admit, got it done. Thanks Amerikkka.

It's being done by the Republican Party because Obama is black. Period.

So there we go. A smarmy, snobbish FCC chair doing Trump's dirty work in an oh so Trump way. By being a prick.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Baby Doomers!

I feel sorry for anyone under 40. the millennials or whatever they are called. This group of folks, I call them kids, long derided as slackers, entitled brats and lazy by a generation of baby boomers currently sucking the life out of this country with their own sense of entitlement and their lack of knowledge of anything past their own noses are getting set up for lifetime of hurt. Due to the baby boomers voting into office a group of the most self centered bought and paid for whores of all time, the young of this country face a future of paying for the upkeep of this rotten generation of narcissists who not only refuse to accept any sacrifice, but in effect yell gimme gimme gimme under the guise of protecting their grandchildren.

Yep, this is my generation. The bottom end is in their mid 50s and the top end is hitting 70 and they vote. Vote for misogynists and racists and robber barons and homophobes and child molesters and whatever else kind of "ist" there is. The same generation that refused to allow themselves to be used as cannon fodder for an illegal, immoral war and and helped bring down a corrupt and evil administration has now turned into the thing they used to hate. Installed an evil, corrupt, traitorous administration in order to prevent a woman from assuming power. Brainwashed for the last 20 years by a television network full of liars, nutjobs and idiots bent on enriching themselves and apparently scoring with a lot of unwilling chicks, my generation is a bunch of people I simply want to exit as quickly as possible.

This country is becoming a country I really dont want to live in. A country of mean people belonging to tribes of fellow mean people, living in a bubble, hearing only what they want to hear, denying facts, and blaming people outside of the bubble for their problems. You know, problems like lack of education, obesity, diabetes, and the NCIS franchise. But I am going nowhere. I want to stay, join up with the young and stop my selfish group of peers from ruining everything.

This administration has destroyed government little by little to the point where any thinking person would have to prefer a system of government where you can call for new elections when things get that bad. I mean we already have this insane system where a person gets 3 million more votes than a vulgar traitor yet loses because a band of rubes from the hinterlands are given too much power. This administration and its opportunistic appointees, along with a complicit Congress, is looting the Treasury of this nation as we speak to enrich themselves and their donors before the inevitable fall from grace. They are also destroying the planet.

So good luck, people under 40. Your future contains nothing but doom. Taking care of a generation of selfish creeps who set this up for you under the promise of a bright future. Get off your ass and do something, before its too late.

Soylent Green sounds good.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


A kiddie diddler running for Senate in Alabama, endorsed by the President of the United States, endorsed by the Republican National Committee,endorsed by alleged Christians better than you, endorsed by 70% of old white crunchfaces everywhere, endorsed by closeted homophobes all over, endorsed by some "Jew" lawyer working for the kiddie diddler, lost. Lost to a man who threw Klansmen in prison for murdering little girls and doesnt deny climate change, who believes in evolution and actually wants to insure children, not hit on them.

It makes me laugh like I havent laughed in months to know that a state known for its backwardness, a state rated 47th in education, mobilized its best citizens to put a stop to the Roy Moore Rush to the 19th century. Alabama's young people, its black citizens, its Latino citizens, its progressive white citizens all banded together to make the dream come true. His name is Doug Jones and for at least 3 years, he will make most of us not laugh at Alabama. Thats ok, we always have Mississippi or Oklahoma or for that matter, Nebraska to go what the fuck is wrong with those idiots?

For those of you pooh poohing this monumental win by saying wow a 1.5% win over a child molester I say fuck off. Jefferson Sessions won this seat in 2014 with 97% of the vote. Jefferson Sessions is now running the Justice Department by vehemently going after the most pressing issue of our time. Discrimination against white people. This win in fucking Alabama is huge. If a Democrat can win in Alabama, a Democrat can win anywhere. All we need to do is allow the Trump base to vote in primaries. They will choose the kook everytime. The child molester, the sexual harasser, the closeted gay basher, the loudmouth coward, the blowhard will win the votes of the moral lepers who make up the Trump cult. And at that, the Democrats can win.

Explain 2016 Max's Dad. Well all of that above is true, unless the Democrats nominate a heavily wounded has been corporate hack to oppose the Republican cretin. And thats a possibility all the time with the Democrats, the Cleveland Browns of politics. Nominating these old people over and over, totally distancing themselves from the young, the poor, the rural voters, and quite frankly, me. If I have to see Schumer or Pelosi or Feinstein or (gasp) Bernie one more time I think I may lose hope. You folks had your time, its time to go away and let people under oh say, 60 into the game.

Doug Jones isnt young, I know, but he's not a 70 year old Bible thumping pervert with a tiny little gun and a great big cowboy hat. So the choice was clear there. Thanks to the young folk of Alabama, the Senate is not stained with a 70 year old degenerate who likes em young. Oh its stained with hacks and idiots and bought and paid for miscreants, but as far as I know, they are simply old fashioned greedheads and leches.

Thanks to the good folks in Alabama, Senate pages are safe.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Get Me Away From This Creep!

Babies and animals know. They know a nasty soulless person by instinct and observation. Animals and babies can sense danger. I just wish adult humans could.

There is no doubt that there is a deranged madman currently residing in the White House. A mad sociopath who leaves no slight forgotten and will tirelessly avenge the slight by scorching the earth. Just this week, the Lunatic In Chief has used a racial slur in front of American heroes to avenge a slight by a woman who has his number. He has re-tweeted out phony anti-Muslim videos he obtained from the British version of the Klan putting American diplomatic personnel in danger all over the world. He got into a twitter pissing match with British prime minister Theresa May who had expressed her dismay with the tweets. By the way, The Moron in Chief tweeted at the wrong Theresa May at first, just as he had tweeted at the wrong Lee Greenwood earlier.

Trump also accused Joe Scarborough of murder, drawing a strong rebuke from Mika Brzezinski , who suffers no fools like The Temper Tantrum In Chief. Mika said "the president crossed another deeply disturbing line with his attack on Joe. The chief law enforcement officer of the United States of America advanced a false conspiracy theory to intimidate the press and cause a chilling effect on the First Amendment. Joe and I are not intimidated. And his bizarre behavior contravenes both the Constitution and basic moral judgment. This is all we’re going to say on the matter."

All that was missing was Mika shouting Fuck You Crackpot In Chief.

The Rockhead In Chief ended his insane day by reverting back to the schoolyard taunting of another kookburger by hollering Little Rocket Man at him while Little Rocket Man stands there with a missile in his tiny little Trump like hands.

Im telling you this crazy daughterfucker is beginning to make me uneasy. As this dementia, syphilitic infected danger to the planet continues to spiral down the drain the threat to take us with him is getting sweat inducing. The people who have the power to stop this mentally ill mental munchkin wont do it because their greed and insane desire to enrich themselves and their donors takes precedence over any survival instincts they may possess. This Republican Congress and this Trump cabinet will not do what is right. They will watch this country descend into chaos and anarchy before they will stop him. By then it may be too late.

I just wish humans knew what babies and animals know. Donald J Trump is a fucking monster.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


What kind of man stands in front of a portrait of famed genocidal maniac Andrew Jackson with a group of American heroes, real Americans not us interlopers, and blurts out a personal insult involving a racial slur? Why of course its the Racist In Chief.

The Bigot in Chief yesterday "honored" a group of Navajo code talkers, men who during World War II spoke Navajo to baffle Japanese code breakers. Forcing the American heroes to stand under a portrait of Andrew "Trail of Tears" Jackson, the Custer In Chief carried on in a somewhat civil manner until his sick mind flashed him a picture of some uppity woman he is obsessed with, Elizabeth Warren, and he had to make a Pocahontas crack because its NEVER a bad time to make something about HIM.

My gawd, the Wounded Knee Enthusiast In Chief, in the presence of a group of men who put aside their deserved bitterness to help win a war for a country that tried to wipe them from the face of the earth less than 50 years prior, could not even put aside his misogyny, his narcissism, his mental illness, his racism for 5 minutes without taking a shot at a perceived enemy. Using the racial slur, Pocahontas, in front of people he was "honoring" AND insulting cannot be a mistake. The Creep In Chief has to be doing this on purpose, a kind of wink wink to the horrible people who make up his base. The Deplorables left waiting for the orders from the Cult Leader In Chief to drink the Kool Aid are the modern day equivalent of The Peoples Temple cultists. Following a bad bad man who promises them paradise by oppressing others and then picking their pockets at the same time, these idiots thrive on The Felon To Be In Chief and his bigotry.

There have been some low low points in this disgusting administration, way too many to mention, but this one, using a racial slur right in front of the race he's slurring may be the lowest of the low. At least today anyway.

The idiocy of his son, the dumb one, ya know, Eric, calling out Disney for making millions with its movie about Pocahontas, while dismissing his father's nasty slur was particularly stupid. Congrats Eric, you have pulled a length in front of Donnie Junior in the Dumbest Trump Derby.

But the dismissal of the slur by Hillbilly Press Liar Sarah Huckabee Sanders by again, hammering Elizabeth Warren, was lower than that. Eric Trump is a dope. Sarah Sanders, a chip off the old block of cheese, has no soul left to be saved. Jesus Christ, at least Lee Atwater repented on his death watch for his nastiness. Looking at Sarah Sanders and the sneering manner in which she lives her life, I cant see that happening. May the Huckabees and the Trumps enjoy a personal hell where Native Americans constantly outwit the Trumps by opening better run casinos and outwit the Huckabees by outdriving them in the Weekly Hell 500.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Person Of The Year!

A 71 year old temper tantrum throwing Toddler In Chief lies yet again about his importance and screeches for attention by claiming Time Magazine told him he would PROBABLY be named 2017 Person of the Year. Whats new? He says it, the subject denies it and 40% of the country believes the chronic liar.

This is getting exhausting.

Juli Briskman speaks for us all. You win, Juli. You are Person of the Year as far as I am concerned.

Normalizing Nazis!!

Look at all those happy Nazis having fun in between gassing innocents. Just a normal bunch of guys and gals you'd be proud to be neighbors with.

Well thats apparently what the New York Times seems to think with its profile of yet another "normal" Trumper who lives in Ohio and actually goes grocery shopping I assume for only white meat turkey and white gravy & white chocolate. I dont know his name, I dont care what his name is and I dont give a shit what suburb he exists in. But the continuing normalization of these disgusting creeps is getting out of hand. When a "regular" guy speaks in subdued tones, waves at his neighbors, cuts his lawn and then publicly says crap like Adolf Hitler “really believed he was fighting for his people and doing what he thought was right”, who the hell wants that in their lives?

The Times story on this 29 year old welder from Ohio goes out of its way to, hell I dont know, is it a warning to the rest of us, is it a plea for acceptance from a dying media, is it a shout out to a dangerous white supremacist who is in the Oval Office? The story talks in a not even ironic way that this lamebrain loves Seinfeld and listens to NPR. The description of this lurching confused person from “from vaguely leftist rock musician to ardent libertarian to fascist activist” who marched in Charlottesville is very telling. 29 year olds who have suddenly gone from Bernie Sanders to David Duke in 10 years are just not mentally sharp. They are also not mentally ill, or stupid. They are impulse shoppers gone mad. Confused, not confident, easily manipulated, apt to see bright lights and whistles as much more interesting than thinking. I understand a gradual lifelong move from idealism to conservatism. I do. I didnt fall for that in my aging as I think of things more like I dont have much time left to make this world better and better does not mean Nazis and white supremacists turning my nation into a country full of dopes and lazy assholes who think equality equals oppression.

This Times story has taken a lot of criticism for its soft balling of a impressionable bigot and it should. Hey Times, this is not a "very fine person". I have no trouble with stories on Trumpers and what they think and why they think it. We get that garbage every fucking day as the mainstream media tries so hard to make these delusional trolls the norm for whatever reason including this constant bending over backwards to appear "fair" while state run media trashes them as "biased" and "anti-Trump". The Times story is yet another plea for readers from that other side of the spectrum that under no circumstances will ever read anything they've been told is "Failing" or "biased". So just stop.

Stop it now. From the first normalizing of these monsters by a late night talk show host to the constant CNN and MSNBC panels of Trumpers intent on sticking to their guns and being trolls knowing they are making "libtards" madder and madder, journalism has got to call these bigots out. Fairness is not good enough. To be called "biased" in regards to Nazis and white supremacists and robber barons and evil bigots is a goddamned virtue.

Look, Times, these people already hate you. They will never not hate you because state run media has told them for 20 years to hate you specifically. So stop pleading for acceptance from an abusive ex. It aint coming. Ever.

And oh yeah, Fuck that Ohio Nazi because. He's a fucking Nazi!

Sunday, November 19, 2017


Let me take a bit of time between resisting to tell you about Molly.

We were blessed with Molly one day in April of 2016 when the stars aligned and we were just 5 minutes ahead of another family when we saw her in the local animal shelter. Her name was Baby, she was 11, she had cancer, she had been used as a breeder dog, and she had just been spayed. And there, in a cage, stood the most beautiful spirit I had ever laid eyes on, at least for a dog, and about 99% of humans. Baby was up for adoption and I immediately wanted her to come live with us. We changed her name to Molly, paid the fees. and took this 58 pound Golden Retriever home to enrich our home. Man, did she ever.

Molly loved the back yard to roam freely for perhaps the first time in her 11 years. She loved her treats. She loved to eat. She loved to play when her age let her. She loved to go on walks with her "brother" Jack. She loved to lay around and be brushed. She loved to be petted. She loved to fart and belch and make goofy faces. Molly was the sweetest most loving dog Ive ever had.

But Molly was now 13 and slowing down. She didnt get up as much as she used to, The last time she went for a walk she barely made it a half mile and threw up when she was finally finished exploring the woods of the park. She drank water constantly. She became incontinent to the point we had to put puppy pads all over the house. And then last week, she basically stopped functioning. She panted so deeply it was scary. She drank bowls of water at one time. She developed diarrhea. Yep, the vet said she had a fever of 105 and had become diabetic. She weighed 41 pounds down 17 from when she adopted us. The vet said everything except put her down but the implication was there.

We began to give her insulin shots, anti biotics and incontinence pills. It worked for a couple of days. She began begging for people food again and ate her canned diabetic food.

It didnt last and yesterday she stopped eating. She threw up her pills. She threw up her water. She went to the back yard and laid in the leaves far away from the way back inside. She was miserable. But we persisted to allow Max to come home and say goodbye. Hopefully she'd last until Thanksgiving vacation.

Late last night, she came into the bedroom as she had for 18 months to be petted. But this time was different. She looked up at me with cloudy eyes and a heavy pant. She got her love and then collapsed to the ground. She panted heavily and then raised her tired body up and threw up whatever she had in her stomach for the last time. She laid her head down and groaned. You could feel her suffering. I cried for her as I laid next to her on the floor and made a decision that she should suffer no more. I told her that I would make it stop. We called Max to come home and say his goodbyes. He arrived and her tail wagged in greeting. I damn near lost it again.

We drove her to the 24 hours Emergency Pet Care and carried her in. She laid on a table and panted heavily. Her eyes seemed to come back to life being surrounded by her family that loved her so much. I almost said forget it she's going home but my senses overcame my selfishness.

The vet came in and gave her a sedative to calm her suffering and heavy breathing. We petted her and kissed her and bawled like babies as the final sedative was administered. I looked into her bright eyes and smiled at her. Max's Mom felt her heartbeat speed up and then stop, I saw her eyes go from bright to blank. She was gone. Our lives were not better. Hers may have been.

Last night at around 5am I heard steps on the deck where Molly would go outside and go down stairs to roam her kingdom back yard. The pattern was hers, like a horse clopping on the cement. Her collar, which I had removed and put on a TV stand, suddenly fell to the ground. It made me sit up and freak out a bit.

Yes, Molly, so long. Say hi to Pete, Bear, Cali, and Flakey.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Thinking On Monday!

Donald Trump, the Embarrassment In Chief, cannot stop. Over the weekend while in Vietnam getting his marching orders from his boss, The KGB Thug In Chief. Trump stated he believed Vladimir the Impaler when he was told that he, Vlad, did not meddle in the 2016 election while at the same time calling US Intelligence Chiefs "political hacks" and disbelieving them. You know, all those Obama era patriots who had the country in mind. Putin, much smarter than our Orange Creep In Chief, simple stated NYET, I never told him that. Trump then backtracked from his previous statement, well sort of, by saying how great HIS Intelligence chiefs are, not that other guys.

Trump then went on to the Philippines to honor another murderous tough guy. Now there no doubt Trump fantasizes at night about whacking journalists and his political opponents just like his heroes. And if he started his own Plumbers Unit to do so, there is not a doubt in my mind the Republican Congress would do nothing, Trumps base would go Fuck Yeah and most people still wouldnt vote.

Remember when the Dixie Chicks dissed George W Bush on furrin soil and bumpkins all over steamrolled CD's and banned them from radio and birdbrains sent the Chicks death threats? Oh yeah, me too. Where are those rubes now? Oh yeah, destroying $200 Keurig coffee makers because the company pulled ads off a child molester defenders TV show. Thats what the Trump base has left. Jackasses who would rather kick down the barn instead of solving the problem. I'd buy a Keurig, but sorry, I'm a Mountain Dew guy. Coffee tastes like muddy water to me. But Im sure if I liked Muddy Water it would be Keurig.


Goddammit I want Joe Biden to run for President. I know he'll be 77 in 2020 but I dont care. Watching him today on Megyn Kelly's shitfest of a TV show, I fell in love with the man all over again. As Megyn shifted back to her Fox News self and hammered Biden on his views and his age and the fact that blue collar Trump voters still love the Grifter In Chief, Biden simply responded with, "They love me more". Yeah Joe, cuz you are one. Unlike a rich Inheritor In Chief who was born on 3rd base, Biden comes from Scranton and though yes, there are "Scrantonites" who will never leave their Cult Leader In Chief no matter what, there are plenty who will. Because Joe Biden speaks their language, without the vulgarity and name calling. Besdies, Biden isnt a fucking traitor.


Mind Hunter on Netflix is one dark show. The story of two FBI agents who become the first profilers of serial killers, this show set in the 1970s reminds me so much of other David Fincher projects like Seven or The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. If you are a serial pessimist with an optimistic core like me, this show is a must. It's dark, depressing, uses real serial killers as a base, and turns an otherwise dreary night into something even drearier. It stars nobody of any note (other than the legendary Anna Torv, you know from Fringe? Never mind) but the whole 70's darkness and the Chevy Novas and the music all bring it together as these two FBI profilers descend into the abyss of depravity. I cannot wait for Season Two so maybe we'll at least know what the hell happens in PARK CITY, KANSAS. Watch it.


Roy Moore (Fondler-Al) is exactly what the Republican Party is. He's a bible thumping phony intent on making white supremacy the religion of America. Despite his fondness for adolescent girls, 37% of so called Evangelicals in Alabama are MORE inclined to vote for his kiddie tickling ass than before the allegations were made. Read that again. 37% of white Christians who perceive their "values" as being superior to yours actually think allegations of child molestation are a positive? That is a frightening stat. Now whether they actually think that or its a fuck you to Yankee agitators or its a Alabama male saying what if I had been in that position would I have gone for it too I have no idea.

The fact remains these Republicans who are publicly denouncing Moore as a perv and are "bewildered" on what their party has become had better just step back and realize their party is a Frankenstein monster they helped create. Over the last 50 years, this party has appealed, on purpose, to the rednecks and the racists and the book burners and the snake handlers and the economic losers who refuse to look up at the real culprit and instead look down on fellow economic losers with a different color skin. Thus we have reached this point after 50 years. The Monster is rampaging the countryside and instead of villagers with torches trying to kill it, they are marching in lockstep behind it. We have reached a point where being accused of sexual assault, or making fun of the disabled, or being accused of child molestation does not matter as long as you have that R next to your name on a ballot.

Yeah, World, we have met the enemy and its us. Please come pick up the debris.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Veteran's Day!!

Thanks to all Vets for your service. Especially the ones like my father who defeated fascism and Nazism only to see it defended by the 45th President of the United States. I doubt if my old man found many "very fine people" trying to kill him and everyone else he served with.


No Moore!

Pedophile Judge Roy Moore is about to speak at a Veterans Day breakfast someplace in Alabama where I'm sure gravel grits are part of the menu. The place is packed with child molesting Judge Moore advocates, 99.9% of them white, and full of men who I'm sure are just itchin to shoot a pedophile at some point in their lives, preferably a minority pedophile. But Judge Moore aint one of them child gropers cuz he's a God fearin judge and besides the girls were legal and at least it wasnt a boy and the Washington Post is full of Jews globalist reporters and he aint a Democrat who prosecuted Klansmen who killed 3 little girls maybe and he aint a Democrat so I'm voting for him so there.

Meanwhile, MSNBC is covering the speech, CNN is covering the speech, and Fox is talking about how tough The Groper In Chief will be on Russia.

9:07 am--Joy Reid asks a local Alabama Moore apologist who refers to "Weinberg" and the "House of Cards guy" and says that Alabamans dont like outside agitators. Wow does that sound familiar to us over 50.

9:12 am-- Roy Moore takes the stage to speak to his child molestation Senate advocates.

9:20 am-- Alabama Moore apologist speaks about how the Republicans are the party of McConnell and Pence and how much the Republicans win locally and talks about "urban Americans" not being able to overcome "rural Americans". Translation- well you know.

9:23 am-- Professional clown Jack Kingston defends Moore by talking about "Menendez" and "Clinton" as if that absolves child molestor Judge Roy Moore from any responsibility for hitting on a 14 year old girl. Kingston says the mother of the girl approved of Moore "dating" her. I have no idea why this clown is on.

9:32 am--Moore is speaking but nobody will tell us what he's saying as Im sure its all nonsense

9:33am-- Moore says The Washington Post endorsed his opponent and is desperate to derail his campaign. Moore claims its untrue that he molested dated a 14 year old and besides it was almost 40 years ago. Moore goes all in by denying he prodded 14 year old girls with alcoholic beverages. He's been investigated by tons of people (gee I wonder why) and everybody's out to git him.

9:35am-- Moore calls his victims accusers "grown women" and asks why they waited 40 years to much applause from his child molesting Senate advocates.

9:37am-- Moore keeps repeating the timing of his accusations as strange and calls it "fake News" which Billy Bob loves. Some guy with a bucket hat leaps to his feet.

Judge Roy Moore, a truly despicable man even without his penchant for groping 14 year old girls, is all in. The sad part is if he somehow is not forced out before December 12th, he, an accused child tickler, will defeat a man who put three murderers in jail for killing three little girls in a church for a Senate seat.

Oh and phonies like Ben Sasse who talk a good game, will denounce Moore and then gladly accept his votes for tax cuts for billionaire donors and taking health care away from the very children they profess to protect.

This a disgusting time to be an American. To paraphrase Bill Walton, I also apologize on behalf of the human race.

Friday, November 10, 2017

The Party Of Lincoln!!!

The Party of Lincoln. Yeah, ok. Though we all know had this bunch of Republicans, the base, existed back in 1860, Lincoln would have been called Lil Abe and accused of catering to Slave Lives Matter and being anti-business and disrespectful to rural rubes.

As I conjure up the ghost of America's 2nd best Republican President ever (right behind Bill Clinton) oh Hi Abe.....heres what your party stands for 157 years later.

1) Child molestation is ok. Who cares what little 14 year old temptresses say? Child molestation, when in the defense of tax cuts for the wealthy and to piss off libtards, is no vice. As our wonderful Statutory Rapist In Chief said, catering to the Solid South, if Ivanka wasnt his daughter he'd be dating her.

2) Going to hookers and wearing diapers while at the same time portraying yourself as a family values homophobe is just fine. Because going to brothels and wearing diapers in the defense of tax cuts for the wealthy and pissing off libtards, is no vice.

3) Assaulting journalists is just fine because anything negative about Republicans is the truth fake news.Because assault and battery in the defense of tax cuts for the donors and pissing off libtards , is no vice.

4) Treason isnt really treason if it allows you to win an election. Treason only applies to the opposition. Because committing treason in the defense of tax cuts to the wealthy and being able to openly be a bigot, is no vice.

5) Raiding the United States Treasury by your loyal lackeys is just good business. Creating a cabinet full of millionaires and billionaires who can now grab as much taxpayer cash as they can before resigning in the defense of tax cuts for themselves and making libtards mad is no vice.

6) Appointing a National Security Advisor who may have participated in a plot to kidnap a cleric and deliver him to a brutal dictator for $15 million is just more good business. Because buddying up to brutal dictators by committing crimes that would put you in prison for life in the defense of tax cuts for the wealthy and ticking off libs, is no vice.

7) The murder of children and innocents who go to school, a concert, a nightclub, church or work is the price of freedom. To deny a citizen his right to own a weapon of mass destruction is to deny freedom. First graders, concert goers, students, club attenders, church attendees and co workers ought to just arm themselves if they want to stay alive. Because dead first graders in the defense of tax cuts for the wealthiest and pissing off reasonable people gun grabbers is no vice.

8) Being a puppet to a foreign power as long as you win is to be expected. If the opposition had any brains, they would have aligned with a foreign government and tried to win also, Talk about lazy. Besides, its all the truth fake news. Because colluding with a foreign enemy to win an election and do the foreign enemies bidding in the defense of tax cuts for the rich and pissing off the libs is no vice.

9) Misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia, islamaphobia, white supremacy, and being an idiot is the litmus test for being a good Republican. Because being a moron and a bigot in the defense of tax cuts for the wealthy and making snowflakes angry is no vice.

There ya go Abe. Thats your party. A party full of John Wilkes Booths.

Friday, November 3, 2017

The Rockslide Begins!

Its all begun this week. When Bob Mueller indicted Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and his flunky Rick Gates Monday the first rock fell off the Mount Trump. Now Manafort and Gates are just your run of the mill crooks, just like Spiro Agnew was in that pile of filth called the Nixon Administration. While the rest of the gang was colluding and hacking and lying and attacking opponents and catering to racists, Manafort, Gates and Agnew were just pocketing money. Good old fashioned bribery, money laundering and greed. But the rock fell and knocked another rock loose.

That meeting pictured above may be the biggest gathering of criminals since the meeting of the crime families in The Godfather. See that third guy from the left, John Dean, George Papadopolous, a coffee boy according to Don Trump. Well he, being 29 years old and all, didnt really want to take the fall for a bunch of old men with a prosecutor on their crooked asses. so he may have worn a wire. For about 90 days or so. What was recorded on that wire will come to be seen. But it may take down every single person in that meeting of miscreants. A perjuring elf named Jefferson, an orange racist named Don and the rest here on Papadopolous Island.

Sessions, truly a man who rose too high in life, apparently thinks lying under oath as many times as you wish is perfectly legal. Not sure what law school he went to, but Im sure its the one where they teach you the end justifies the means. As long as you are a Republican. Sessions is every bit the liar Trump is. Its what they have in common. The law doesnt apply to them. Regular rules dont apply to them. Sessions is without a doubt a bull in the law china shop. How he avoids disgrace is beyond me. That is until Alabama puts him back in office someplace.

The whole thing is House of Cards for real. This entire swamp is so disgusting all Mueller can do is drain it. There ya go Trumpers, the swamp you created is about to become the old swamp you all hated when you voted for your Svengali.

Meanwhile in other news, some brain challenged misfit up against the wall of life decided to mow down bicyclists on the West Side of New York. Thats what ISIS is good for. It enables other criminals with damaged minds to do its dirty work. Look, ISIS isnt religion based any more than the Klan is religious based. ISIS is a band of killers, rapists, and other criminals looking to commit their acts of misanthropy without consequences. At least until Obama got to them. Now they are on the run, mostly dead, yet still influencing other murderers without the means to travel. Whatever this assholes name is rented a small truck and made a conscious decision to run down innocents out for a ride before plowing into a school bus, a little bonus for him I guess. Goddam was this good news for The Exploiter In Chief! After ignoring the Las Vegas NRA hero who mowed down 8 times as many with a good old American machine gun because he didnt want to alienate his white gun nut base, The Racist In Chief jumped into action. Calling our justice system a "joke" and a "laughingstock" (which it will be if the Traitor In Chief gets away with any of this) The Orange Goop In Chief called for "swift" justice, called for the death penalty and even suggested sending whatshisname to Gitmo. Never has a POTUS been so wrong is such a short period of time. You may have tainted a jury pool, Genius In Chief, and called for an unconstitutional resolution all in one fucking sentence. Meanwhile at a Colorado Wal Mart a loser white guy shot and killed 3 more innocents. Not a word from the Race Baiter In Chief.

This morning in his daily tirade to divert attention from his impending demise and his obsession with women who stand up to him, and one in particular who kicked his miserable ass by 3 million votes, The Misogynist In Chief went back to the golden oldies, the knee slappers his base loves, the Stand by Your Man of insults, byy referring to Elizabeth Warren as Pocahontas, Hillary Clinton as the legendary Crooked Hillary and wrongly quoting Donna Brazile, or as he says "Donna B", about the "rigged" Democratic primaries (for fucks sakes, we Bernie Bros need to move on, I have). How dare Hillary help keep the party afloat financially. In fact I think Bernie did the same. I have no idea why Donna B has decided to go out of her way to start this bullshit Bernie Hillary crap over again. She had to have know that the Lowest Common Denominator In Chief would pounce. But whatever dude, it sets the agenda for every right wing propaganda radio and TV show for the next week.

Trump is off to Asia, hopefully to never return, and everyone is scared shitless he'll pull a Yuli Gurriel. The Guy At The End Of The Bar In Chief is ready for action. Running off to avoid Mueller and his imminent bye bye wont save this Creep In Chief's butt.

The Rockslide has started. Get out of the road.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Flipping Off Drumpf!

According to all sources, Monday is the day the dismantling of this corrupt, putrid South Vietnamese American administration will begin when Jared Kushner someone will be the first indicted by a grand jury led by Bob Mueller. All rock slides begin with a single rock and if the first rock happens to be a son in law campaign manager person who the Traitor in Chief will then deny knowing so be it.

Meanwhile over at Pravda state run Fox News the panic has set in. Sean Hannity has flipped his flat head by reaching for the stars and screaming uranium and going all Jan Brady by hollering Hillary Hillary Hillary. The morning show that helps get mush brains in pure mush form , Fox and Friends, has been setting the agenda for the Lazyass in Chief and setting off the racists internet trolls by running Tom Steyers impeachment ad.Last night on her weekly nervous breakdown, Robert Durst failure, Judge Jeanine Pirro went full rabid dog by calling for Hillary Hillary Hillary to be "locked up". For what? Who knows, I didnt listen because I already have two barking dogs driving me crazy.

Pravda State run Fox News is in full defense mode defending their Puppet In Chief by diverting attention from Trump's collusion with a foreign entity to win an election to a long debunked "story" about Hillary Hillary Hillary and Russian uranium. How ironic the side that bellows Fake News everytime something doesnt look good for the Cult Leader In Chief, now relies on Fake News to attempt to save his bloated orange ass.

This weekend is also rumored to be the weekend that the Republican thumb breakers try and slander Mueller into quitting. Firing Mueller, Trumps long held dream, to fire Mueller, would be political suicide, at least I think so, Trump IS a fucking zombie after all, thus the evil doers, the rest of the Republican robber barons who want tax cuts for billionaires, call for the one man standing between them and an oligarchy, Bob Mueller, to resign. Not a chance, assholes.

The call to action is clear. Its been almost a year since Trump lost the election yet somehow was installed as the Great Leader thanks to a bunch of cheese eaters, deer hunters and lake dwellers in three states. Oh yeah, that and an archaic system of elitism, a voter suppression effort, a Russian hacking scandal and plain old racist, sexist, homophobic shitheads who crawled out from under the rocks they live under with a bad case of economic anxiety. We mustnt fall asleep, become apathetic, give up in any way.

Like that hero pictured above. Give the finger 24/7 to this thieving administration of crooks, white supremacists, incompetent stooges and infiltrators bent on destroying you and me. Oh the state run TV addicts will never ever understand whats going on because brainwashing knows no cure, but the rest of us do.

The only thing worse than that bicycling hero for that motorcade is us. Or rain that ruins the Duffer In Chiefs golf game. Then they have to find him something to do. Like tweet about Broadway. Or getting into fights with war widows. Oh to hell with it. Just give the motherfucker the finger.

Friday, October 27, 2017

More Kneeling And Mediocre TV!

1) Not only are those two "patriots" wrong about their choice of cult leaders they are also wrong about the football team they choose to support. Who gives a shit what Browns fans think? Who gives a shit what Browns fans think about politics either? Trump cultist, strike one, Browns fan, strike two, wearing bucket hats, steerike three. Hey nice going Indians by the way.

The owner of the Houston Texans, one Bob McNair, a rich asshole who gave a million dollars so his buddy. The Groper In Chief, could have a nice inaugural in front of dozens of fans, said that in regards to NFL players kneeling during a fucking song, “We can’t have the inmates running the prison". What? Ok Warden Norton whatever you say.

A privileged prick like McNair making that statement tells me all I need to know about Mister McNair. He sees himself as a modern day Edwin Epps keepin his slaves players under control. Guys like McNair, who see themselves and all their money and power as the arbiters of all that is holy and patriotic, will never ever understand and nobody should expect them to. Now McNair non apologized for his Trumpian statement equating all kneeling athletes with criminals with the proverbial "if I offended anyone I apologize" shit so popular nowadays. You see, its YOUR fault for being offended you pantywaists.

Meanwhile in Oklahoma, Betty Shelby, you remember her, she's that "hero" first responder cop who shot an unarmed black man named Terence Crutcher. Crutcher, who had the gall to put his hands up obviously reaching for a gun in the clouds, was killed by Betty Shelby and oh yeah, it was on tape. Yet an Oklahoma jury saw fit to cover their eyes and acquit the Oklahoma shooter of manslaughter in the manslaughter of Terence Crutcher. NOw Shelby is back. And so is a judge who so helpfully ordered the "smear" on Betty Shelby's record, you know, the "smear" of killing a man with his hands up, sealed from view. So any background check on Betty Shelby you know, like Jefferson Sessions might run when Trump hires her as the head of the FBI or something, wont show up. Oh yeah, Betty Shelby, no record, no arrests, no trials, she's just one helluva cop. Yer hired.

So with a overseer like McNair, and a modern day Rainey and Price both free to spew their white privilege crap and shooting unarmed black men, if you still dont understand the kneeling, well quite frankly go fuck yourself.

2) I may be one of the few who think Stranger Things is one of the most over talked about shows on TV, but it really is. I watched it, and liked the kids in it as actors, and liked the guy playing the cop, and Matthew Modine, but for the love of Heathers why Winona Ryder is even employable at this point is beyond me. The scenery chewing alone is enough to make me long for the days of The Crucible, the last thing she was decent in. Thanks Daniel Day Lewis for the making people better. But Stranger Things is like a fading memory. I honestly cant tell you what the hell its even about. I have forgotten and though some of that may be my rapidly advancing Trump dementia, the rest is on them. Oh eventually I'll watch it for the kids, but Im in no hurry. Enjoy, everyone else.

3) Today is the birthday of Lee Greenwood, the only man alive who can make a song worse than that jingositic God Bless America. God Bless The USA is a truly dreadful song. It was played at a football game I attended years ago, and the Lee Greenwood had been given more cash to sing it in person. I didnt stand then, I didnt put my hand over my heart, I didnt remove my hat just as I would never do for the almost as dreadful God Bless America. Now today the Idiot In Chief tweeted out Birthday wishes to the wrong Lee Greenwood and that surprises nobody, so I too wish a Happy Birthday to Lee Greenwood, the wrong one by the way, because thats what I do. Just make sure that Happy Birthday is the only song we have to hear.

4) Speaking of God Bless America, in inning 7 of World Series Game 1, the announcer told fans to rise and remove your hats for the singing of this commercial song. Uhhhh, no. Now me as a straight white old male, THAT would be my kneeling moment.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Waiting!

Ok, it just doesnt get any better than this. Seriously it does not.

His Name Is Sgt La David Johnson!

Every week it just gets worse. Whenever you think a new low cannot be reached, along comes tomorrow. This Clod In Chief cant even make a condolence call to a grieving family without fucking it up. "He knew what he was getting into..." I mean I get it. Nobody ever likes tghose type of speeches, those types of talking, giving condolences to a person who has lost someone is awkward as hell. To screw it up is human. But the difference is while you or me apologize and beg forgiveness for our awkward statements which we didnt mean, that came out wrong, sorry about that what I meant was, this Sociopath In Chief has no such gene. He's right, if you didnt get what he meant, fuck you. Not only that, he rallies the troops, the sycophants, the fellow sociopaths and racists, the white supremacists and clueless assholes who work willingly for this man to not only not apologize but to attack. Attack Attack Attack. Divert Divert Divert. Make it about somebody else. In this case, a cowboy hat wearing Congresswoman named Frederica Wilson who happened to be listening as the widow of Army Sgt. La David Johnson took Trump's forced condolence call on speaker phone. Oh yeah, all of these folks are black which makes it even easier for the Racist In Chief to attack. While his base focuses on a black woman wearing a hat, and sees no hypocrisy at all about their favorite hat wearing Sheriff calling her a "buffoon", Trump continues to avoid the inevitable fall from grace.

In the meantime, the clusterfuck in Niger is never explained. Four brave Americans died doing what they were ordered to do. Who knows if they believed in what they were doing but I doubt being ambushed and being at the mercy of a private contractor to get them out was what they believed in. From the information available at this time, the four Green Berets were killed by ISIS inspired criminals in a country far away that 99% of America dont even know exists, and when they do they probably make an N bomb joke. It seems three of the four Green Berets were killed immediately while a couple more had been wounded. An unarmed French helicopter owned by a private contractor flew in to evacuate the remaining troops and get the dead out. Unfortunately, private contractors dont give a fuck about not leaving anyone behind because the focus is profit, and thus Sgt La David Johnson was left behind alive. What happened to Sgt Johnson is unknown , but considering his widow was advised to not have an open casket I can only imagine. To not feel tears coming on as the pregnant young widow hugged her husbands casket is to be a soulless empty vessel of nothingness. You know, like The Empty Vessel In Chief.

I cannot tell you the fury I feel over private contractors participating in warfare. People like Erik Prince are profiteering scumbags who have no honor, who dont give a shit about anything except robbing the United States Treasury of all they can get before the wheels come off. To leave Sgt Johnson behind is unforgivable.

To quote a man named George Washington "Let us therefore animate and encourage each other, and show the whole world that a Freeman, contending for liberty on his own ground, is superior to any slavish mercenary on earth".

George may have been a slave owning founding father, but in this case, he was right on

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Go Big Red!

Allow me to be provincial for a bit.

The first game of any kind my Dad took me to was in 1963. It was the University of Nebraska football team playing South Dakota State in Lincoln. The Huskers won that game 58-7 (some things you just dont forget) and I as a little kid began an emotional relationship with a sports team that I cannot abandon no matter what. Oh theres other teams I came to become fans of, The Chicago Bears, The Golden State Warriors, the Oakland A's, the San Francisco Giants, the Minnesota Twins, the Niners, Nebrasketball, the Cubs when they sucked (pre-Ricketts), but no team anyplace has the effect the University of Nebraska football team has on me. I went there to school, I have had my heart broken by them, Ive celebrated 5 national titles with them, and Ive watched them win or lose for 55 years.

But last night in Lincoln was beyond heart breaking.THE Ohio State University brought a team full of future NFL players to town and were 24 point favorites. In Lincoln. 24 point faves. A point spread that lopsided has not been installed for game in Lincoln since 1957. I refused to believe it. We dont fucking lose at night in Lincoln (though I had witnessed that happen just 7 days ago when Wisconsin battered us into submission).

I entered the old gray stadium full of hope. Within 3 minutes of the start of the game, the hope left me and I hoped for at least a close game.

Nebraska was destroyed in Lincoln on October 14,2017 by a football team from THE Ohio State University who was bigger, faster, and better coached than anything we have in Lincoln. By far. It was childs play. It was men vs boys. It was the Breeders Cup vs a claiming race. It was intelligence against Trumpers. It was a disparity in talent the world hasnt seen since Trump ran against Hillary. Thus, my hope.

People who are Nebraska fans are loyal to the end, as you can tell by the above picture of the stands after halftime. Well I am anyway because I stayed until my ill advised decision to wear shorts to a game where the temps dipped into the 40's won out with less than 4 minutes to go.

Nebraska fans have sold out that stadium every game since 1962. Wink wink. But the mass exodus last night was unprecedented. And the anger was unprecedented. The sight of the "Greatest Fans In College Football" abandoning ship so early pained me. You see, I believe in loyalty. I believe in all that. Oh I understand fair weather fans who would rather go drink than watch a dismantling of their favorite team. I get it. You arent that emotionally invested like some of us. You only like it when things are good. The tough times make you leave. I get it.

But last night, at my age when life things are wayyyyy more important than football, I had doubts. The Nebraska football team, one of the top 10 teams of all time in number of wins, is bad. Very bad. Not mediocre. Bad.

That make me sad. The future is uncertain. They already fired the Athletic Director. The football coach, Mike Riley, is a nice man, a good coach at programs who need teaching, but is he out of his league here? The last coach was a screaming, foul mouthed, temper tantrum throwing asshole who finally got sent packing but won 9 games every year. Should he have been fired after all? Fuck yes, probably 4 years earlier than he was. But we at Nebraska hire against form. Bo Pelini was an embarrassing child and Mike Riley is the guy everybody wants to live next door.

Somewhere in the middle is the answer. Being October, I feel a Frost coming on.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Trust me on this. I'm no rap fan, I'm not the demo, I hate the n bombs and the misogyny and the stealing sampling of truly great music.

But this, whoa. I give Eminem props. This fuckin guy has balls.

While NFL players are about to kowtow to a tinpot dictator and stand for an anthem that was written when their ancestors were owned by miscreants, this rapper risks it all by telling his fans you're either with me or you're with Trump and if you're with Trump, fuck you.

I'm not running out to buy any Marshall Mathers CD's (see Im obviously old I said CD) any time soon but this guy's courage is admirable.

So while California burns, and Puerto Rico starves, and Las Vegas reels, and Green Berets die in Niger, the President of the United States tweets about an ESPN host, and football players kneeling, and ratings, and gets called a fucking moron by his own Secretary of State for wanting to increase nukes tenfold cuz little boys like to play war, a courageous rapper calls him out.

Oh, Trumps base wont care. They are just learning that Eminem is white. They will get their marching orders from Fox News and Breitbart to decide what to say. Wife beater, druggie, white trash. Those are the insults coming.

So if a line in the sand has been drawn by a rapper. Fine. It takes somebody to draw it. I'm ready to stand with Marshall Mathers. Just dont expect me to listen to Slim Shady.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Cooch Ditka!

Iron Mike Ditka. Hall of Fame tight end. Super Bowl winning coach and legendary knucklehead.

Despite being a Chicago Bears fan since I was a little kid in the 1960s (and they sucked so this is no bandwagon) I never gave Ditka credit for that one year when he followed Buddy Ryans defense and followed the Bears to a Super Bowl win. Nope, it wasnt that knothead who won the Super Bowl, it was Buddy Ryan. Everything else the lunkhead Ditka did in his career was a fucking disaster. He constantly lost playoff games he should have won once Buddy Ryan moved on to Philly. He ruined the New Orleans Saints after taking over that franchise as the Savior from Chicago. But boy did he fool those dumb Bears fans. Idolized Iron Mike. Cooch Ditka he won us a Sooper Bowl. He da man. Da Bears. You Bears fans do realized SNL was making fun of you, right?

But lets face it. Mike Ditka is a lamebrain. Ditka is a rich dumb brickhead who forgets from where he comes. But like most narcissists used to having their ass kissed by dumb people, Ditka allows the unwashed to kiss his ring. The ring Buddy Ryan got him.

Political Ditka is an even bigger rockhead. In tghe late 1980s when NFL players had some balls and actually went on strike, Iron Mike lashed out at his players for not crossing the picket line. Iron Mike's daddy was a welder in the 1930s and 1940s and I assume a union member. But once Mike makes some money its all about Mike, a proud NFL Players Union member. Hey you scabs, lets play some football.

It really is all about Mike. His nitwit 7th inning stretch singing at a Cubs game should have been an embarrassment that made Chicago hate his guts but no, Cooch Ditka won us a Sooper Bowl. He's been arrested for DUI, called a heckling San Francisco fan a "fag", let a clown like the Refrigerator Perry score a Super Bowl touchdown and not legendary Bear Walter Payton, traded every draft pick he had in New Orleans to get marijuana enthusiast Ricky Williams to barely play for him, and once was thinking of running for the United States Senate seat against Barack Obama. There is no doubt in Ditka's cement head he wold have beaten Obama and spared the country from 8 years of President Blackenstein. He said that in 2012 when Obama was kicking human statue Mittens Romney's ass.

But as clueless as Mike Ditka is, nobody thought that the most overrated football coach of all time was this clueless.

Ironhead Mike Ditka stated last night, in public, out loud, "All of a sudden, it's become a big deal now, about oppression.There has been no oppression in the last 100 years that I know of. Now maybe I'm not watching it as carefully as other people. I think the opportunity is there for everybody. ... If you want to work, if you want to try, if you want to put effort into yourself, I think you can accomplish anything."

Huh? No oppression since 1917? Well of course not at least as far as rich white guys goes. But Jim Crow and the NAACP and the Browns in Topeka and Emmett Till might disagree. Ditka is such a boulderhead he sees nothing but himself. Like that other overrated bully, Bobby Knight, Ditka has turned into that cranky racist uncle that about 32% of your family will never admit is a moron.

But he is a moron. Until Bears fans who cant forget dat Cooch Mike won us a Sooper Bowl, admit it, Ditka will continue to be a blowhard who never has to answer to his idiocy. Christ, the Bears fired the jackass n 1989 cuz once Buddy left, he sucked the life out of them.

Get over it, Ditka worshipers. It was 32 years ago he stumbled into a win. He's been stumbling his whole life. Its about time somebody let him fall.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Jemele Hill!

Lets get this straight. Jemele Hill dont take shit from nobody. She is the host of a show on ESPN along with Michael Smith that actually discusses subjects deeper than who oughta be starting quarterback for the fucking Chicago Bears.

You may remember Jemele Hill as the person calling the White Supremacist In Chief a white supremacist via twitter which pissed off the white supremacist so much he sent his hillbilly spokes hick out to demand her firing. But Jemele survived. Wow I guess the truth will set you free. Right?

Today ESPN, one of the foulest networks of all time, suspended her for two weeks for stating more facts. Jerry Jones, the plastic faced owner of the deplorable Dallas Cowboys, bellowed that any player who "disrespected the flag" would not be allowed to play. Hill stated via twitter that Jones had put a lot of players in a tough position and that perhaps boycotting the Cowboys sponsors may be an option to combat this forced patriotism. She didnt call for a boycott but put it out there.

Considering a lot of the sponsors of that despicable Cowboys organization are also sponsors on ESPN, the worldwide leader in cowardice, the network sat Jemele Hill down for two weeks.

Now think what you will about kneeling during the anthem, or whatever, but forcing someone to show "respect" doesnt work. Trust me on this. I went to Catholic School for 12 years and was forced to show "respect" for an antiquated sexist organization for many years until the "respect" became disdain and eventually became open hostility. Your forcing of young black men to stand during a song about bombs and warfare aint no different than your forced conversion of slaves to your Jesus.

So fuck you ESPN and Jerry Jones. While the cost of allowing allegedly free Americans to express themselves is $0 and the cost of allowing a phony white haired Puritan phony to stage a walkout to impress morons is millions of dollars, America doesnt disappoint by choosing the expensive option. Whether it be sacrificing lives for a lie, or suppressing the minorities from voting, or catering to a fascist prick like Trump, this country needs to grow up fast.

We are losing it. An Aryan run autocracy may be the goal of the wealthy, but that aint gonna work well either.

Today we should all be Jemele Hill.

Mike Pence And Mother!

Like Bill Maher aptly said "Mike Pence looks like the guy who chased the Von Trapp Family into the Alps". Yeah he does, and he would have, because Mike Pence is a shameless phony with a fake Christian faith that excuses his bigoted hateful views.

Yesterday's stunt, in which Pence flew at taxpayer expense from Las Vegas to Indianapolis and then back to California was so utterly phony and staged that only 32% of America is dumb enough to fall for it. If youve been under a rock, or have no interest in the NFL (me either) and do not know what Pence attempted to pull off, here's a timeline.


Mike Pence goes to Las Vegas to shed fake tears over the massacre of American citizens by a 2nd Amendment enthusiast. He praises the police which in this case is 100% warranted. He pretends to care about the hundreds of victims of a man who loved the 2nd Amendment. The hundreds of victims whose lives have been shattered by a madman a patriotic gun loving American, who are saddled with medical bills they will never pay off, bodies that will never be the same, and dead friends and relatives who shall never return, are all so uplifted by this man who would gladly take all their health insurance away, put weapons of mass destruction into even more hands in the name of freedom, and generally doesnt give a fuck about any of them. But at least his donors would get a tax cut.


Mike Pence flies to Indianapolis to watch the Indianapolis Colts play the San Francisco 49ers. Peyton Manning is getting his jersey retired, hoo boy, all Colts fans get big stiffies over Peyton Manning. He got them a Super Bowl trophy by beating the Chicago Bears which cuz it was the Bears shouldnt even count. Mike Pence knows that the 49ers are the team that started this whole hey cops stop killing unarmed black people disrespect for the flag and troops and military and Donald Trump and apple pie and fine people Nazis by kneeling during the National Anthem.

Mike Pence tells reporters to stay in the press van, I wont be long. Mike Pence and Mother stand during the anthem, hands over hearts,waiting for half the 49ers to kneel. They do, again protesting police murder disrespecting the flag and the nation and the troops and the military and the fine Nazis who gathered in Charlottesville again the night before.

Mike Pence and mother leave the game. They will NOT subject themselves to this disrespect. Mike Pence tweets this. Donald Trump, not the center of attention gets mad and tweets yeah that was my great idea, for Pence to leave if the Niners kneeled. Mike Pence tweets some more, no totally spontaneous, not planned.

Mike Pence rides to airport in taxpayer funded limos, with taxpayer funded Secret Service to the airport where he flies to California, at taxpayer expense, to raise money at a 6:30 pm pre planned fundraiser.

This stunt cost taxpayers over a million dollars, if not more. Now if you actually believe that Mike Pence's publicity stunt was real, well then go get an MRI because you are really in danger of forgetting to breathe.

Look, I cant argue this any longer. The kneeling has nothing to so with troops or flags or nation or fucking jerking off to the 2nd Amendment. It has to do with unequal treatment. Period. If you suffer from white privilege and succumb to the bullshit out of Trump's mouth and the stunts of an Aryan Supremacist like Mike Pence, well then good for you. You are lost. You are the 1933 Germans who allowed the Nazis to take over.

But to the rest of us, this kind of propaganda is right out of 1930s Germany.

What Mike Pence did yesterday is simple. He flew, at taxpayers expense, to wink at a 32% base of white voters who hate blacks. Yeah, Clem, we are with you. We hate them also. Watch. They disrespect our flag and veterans and are not like you. See, we are patriots. They are not. We will putr a stop to them and return power to you. Wink wink.

Mike Pence may have well worn a Colts jersey with the N word on the back.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Tom Petty!

Well some say life will beat you down
Break your heart, steal your crown
So I've started out for God knows where
I guess I'll know when I get there

Well he got there. Tom Petty died and part of me went with him. Like John and George, like Jim and Jimi, like Roy and Del, like Waylon and Johnny, like Kurt and Layne, like Warren and David, like Leon and Greg, the death of yet another rock star has bummed me out like Ive lost a relative.

Tom Petty first came into my life when I saw him on Midnight Special or something back in the mid 70s. Hey, who is this guy? Hes the 2nd coming of Roger McGuinn and the Byrds. Breakdown was the song. And that began a long stretch of music from a man with something relevant to say. When he tells the whole wide world to shove it, or makes Stevie Nicks actually listenable during Stop Draggin My Heart Around. sings in the greatest supergroup ever, sings about the good girl who loves Elvis and Jesus, just rocks out in a bizarre fashion, or lays it out there that 0, Tom Petty never let me down. Never. But the song that hit me hardest and still makes me lose a connection to the horrible reality of the world is the one about Learning to Fly.

I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings
Coming down is the hardest thing

No shit, Tom. Thanks man.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Low Bar!

Just when you think the Son of a Bitch In Chief cannot sink any lower, well ya know it happens.

His disgraceful tweets about the people of Puerto Rico wanting "everything done for them" and his battle with the Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulin Cruz, calling her "nasty' (wow what is it about women willing to stand up to his bullshit) and playing golf while a 21st century epidemic of cholera threatens American citizens has sent the bar to be POTUS so low, whats next, a rabid raccoon being nominated by the Republican base?

Trump is such a fucking embarrassment by now, only the most racist idiots among us can possible support him. Thus I have no qualms about refuding to "understand" these morons. Fuck off, Trumpers. Your support of a man who ignores a crisis because the Americans involved aint white abhors me. And thats what it is. And you fucking know it.

The pictures above are of one person who expects everything to be done for them and the other picture is of the Mayor of San Juan.

When will this end? It will end. Oh you Trumpers, this is going to end and not well. History is going to judge every one of you.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Even Kneel!

Lets not lose focus on why this started happening. American Police kill numerous people a year, many justified, but many just because they can. For whatever reason an unarmed person is gunned down by jittery cops the fact remains a great disproportionate number of these dead folks are black, Hispanic or mentally ill. Selling loose cigarettes which got a man choked to death on tape kind of started this sudden realization that hey, cops kill guys on tape and it means nothing. Juries or cops themselves will not do a damned thing about cops shooting people in the back or killing men with conceal and carry permits reaching for their wallets after being ordered to do just that.. Christ, after a cop makes the ultimate error, killing someone because they are "in fear for their life". and gets acquitted by juries of their peers (scared white people), they get freaking rehired. Cops can shoot deaf Hispanic men and though to be fair, no action has yet been taken, who really expects these cops to have any consequences whatsoever.

This is why Colin Kaepernick kneeled and pissed off white America. Not about the flag, not about the country, its about police getting away with murder, mostly the murder of minorities. Colin Kaepernick now faces more consequences for an act of courage than Betty Shelby faced for killing Terence Crutcher. And now the White Supremacist in Chief weighs in at his Friday night Klan rally political speech by attempting yet again to get black people fired. Cheered on by his fellow white supremacists cult members as usual, no matter how fucking stupid his statement happens to be, the Traitor in Chief rolled his eyes and bloviated about not only firing black men who kneel at football games, but in blatant disregard for their safety, rambled on about how football has become pussified for not allowing gigantic strong men try and destroy the brain of other strong men. Again, the morons rally attenders cheered mightily the violence they crave. Maybe I'm being unfair to the assholes crowds that attend Trump rallies. They would probably cheer if their Svengali in Chief called Ronald Reagan a corporate hack. They dont listen. They just screech because they know libtards are all smart and shit and idiocy bugs the hell out of us them.

Today at NFL games all over it will be interesting to see how many of the players, coaches and fans take a knee to tell the Grifter in Chief to go fuck himself. Its not about the hundreds of unarmed minorities and poor whites murdered killed by cops any longer, at least today its not. Today its about the Dictator in Chief attempting to squelch the freedom of speech of black men and women who dare to stand up and say no more . Trumps paid hillbilly mouthpiece, Sarah Huckleberry, attempted to get Jamele Hill canned from her job at ESPN for getting so fed up she tweeted the truth about the White Supremacist in Chief. The already hate filled response to a black woman being on TV and talking about sports intensified from mostly sexist comments from knuckle draggers to racist rants from Russian bots and idiots.

The fact a white President attempts to interfere in private industry to get black men and women fired and blackballed because his fragile ego is offended is deplorable. The cheering by his cultists is deplorable. The whole fact this regime exists is deplorable. But of course SHE tried to warn us but what do chicks know, right?

So today, please kneel. I am so happy that conservative Christians took the lead today by kneeling all morning to protest the Speech Oppressor in Chief. Wait what? It was to worship a God that condones racism, sexism and personally interfered to put a thrice married con artist into the Oval Office to keep white privilege intact. Oh well, they may think that, but I'm taking it as fuck off to an Orange blob of scum.


Monday, September 18, 2017


Vietnam. If you werent around when that war raged on you dont know nuthin about division. Oh we have division now between dummies and non dummies and white supremacists and normal people but thats not what went on back then. Ken Burns latest is a must. His past documentaries have been fascinating and this one should be just as great. Burns may be the James Patterson or Thomas Kincaid of documentarians but you cannot deny his passion or attention to detail. His Baseball doc and his Jazz doc were the ones I looked forward to for years and neither disappointed. Vietnam wont either.

Vietnam was the event that "radicalized" me. Before 1968 I cared about baseball. The 64 Series with Bob Gibson, the 65 Series when my Twins lost, the 67 American League pennant race when my Twins lost on the final day. That was it. That was my list of what I cared about. Then came 1968.

1968 I was in 6th grade. I was oblivious to what was going on. I remember LBJ quitting on a Sunday night and my grandma expressing surprise. I remember Bobby Kennedy coming into a presidential race I knew nothing about. I remember MLK being assassinated and Bobby Kennedy going into a black neighborhood and telling them what had happened, an act of courage and compassion that has never been duplicated in politics. But Vietnam? That was just a war far away and one we had to win. Just like WW2, the war my father fought in. Hell yes I was for the war, why wouldnt I be? I was a kid raised on WW2 movies and TV shows.

One day Sister Julie asked us in class who supported the Vietnam War. Now in a suburban Catholic school in 1968 Sister Julie was different. She played guitar for chrissakes and was young. In retrospect of course she was asking the question for a reason. The hands that went up were almost unanimous in a hell yea we support the war. One girl openly gasped at the support. "what why?" she gasped..."oh noooo you guys" she wailed. 1968.

I went home that night and talked to my parents about what happened. How could that girl be against the war? And then my Mom said something I cant forget. "Im not for the war" HUH?? Mom what? Dad chimed in with the same answer. So I began to research as much as a kid could.

Welcome to liberalism. Welcome to radicalization. Welcome to realizing that young people were being sent to their deaths for lies. And hey, I learned other than WW2, thats how ALL of America's wars worked. Lies.

Then Bobby Kennedy was killed, Hubert Humphrey won the nomination at the Chicago convention. My Republican mom was appalled at the chaos. My Democratic Dad's political hero was called horrible names and my Democratic Dad's political anti-hero Richard Nixon won the presidency. I was sickened.

Vietnam became my nightmare. What in the fuck were we doing there? I argued thru 8th grade and 9th grade about this atrocity. To be honest I knew just thissssss much more than anybody else. And I let em know. Thus my 4 year fight through a Jesuit high school. I became a pariah in that school. Known as the guy most likely to firebomb the place, it was a struggle. And it was all cuz of Vietnam.

I knew I'd never be forced to go there so that wasnt a problem. I could hide out in college for years if I had to because I was white and had that opportunity. Not to mention my Dad saying with my lousy eyesight and bad attitude I'd never make it past the draft board. But the draft ended and it didnt affect my hatred of that war at all. I still think it was America's initial road to irrelevance. Bad choices doubled down on lead to more bad choices and wow, have we made some horrible choices since 1975 when we officially lost.

Presidents have come and gone since then. The first Vietnam era guy was Bill Clinton, who used his intelligence to avoid being sent to that crapfest. George W Bush used his connections to avoid being sent there, Barack Obama was 10, and finally Donald Trump used his bone spurs and connections to avoid it. Vietnam vets dont win elections. John Kerry and John McCain prove that fact. Christ, even Mitt Romney was laying on French beaches pushing Planet Kolob nonsense during that trying time.

Vietnam was a huge failure. Watch the series. If you still believe it was a "noble cause" well good for you. Have fun at your Trump rallies.