Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Is This 1973?

Even the ghost of Tricky Dick Nixon is spinnin in it's crypt with the last 5 days of this putrid administration's first 10 days? 10 fucking days?

Back in '73 when Nixon was wiping his ass with the constitution there was something called checks and balances,kids. Checks and balances means that if a guy acts like fucking emperor and starts to act crazy wandering the halls talking to portraits and deciding his enemy was not Russia but Dan Rather then the responsible adults can take action and tell the emperor wannabe to go rest someplace and we got this.

But this aint '73 any longer, kiddies. It's 2016 and the people who were uninterested kids back then are now crusty old fucks with a sense of white entitlement that are afraid of their own shadow. They also tend to elect lying miscreants who convince them their oxy addiction is due to sharia law and and there's a black guy in the White House. Thus, checks and balances does not exist any longer. Because party wins out over country in this day and age, a madman puppetmaster can manipulate a lazy dope to sign whatever he puts in front of him with his EKG signature. The party over country weasels will then go along and do nothing except clink bourbon glasses and say bottoms up.

Nixon was done in by responsible adults who were adult enough to realize this man was out of control and had to be replaced. The responsible adults are few and far between in the entertainment age we live in. And thus, a speed freak wanders the halls of the White House, watches cable TV looking for perceived slights, and signs papers written by white nationalists he hasn't read and shows them off with hand picked sycophants staring into space in the background. Responsible adults would already have concluded that the worlds oldest democracy is in bigley trouble because the dummies in three states had a whole lot of economic anxiety about their 19th century job and the fact a black guy was POTUS and voted for a vulgar talking cutie. Responsible adults would have stopped this long ago. But they did not and apparently have no intention of righting the capsizing ship before they accomplish their goal of impoverishing 99% of America and making the peasants grateful for anything they throw to the ground. But ABORTION!! GUNS!!! SOCIALISM!! TERRORISTS!!! BROWNS AND BLACKS!!! SQUIRREL!!!

Last night was so reminiscent of Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre it made me long for the days of Mott The Hoople and American Motors. Generalissimo Donaldo De Trumpo dismissed American hero and acting Attorney General Sally Yates for saying she would not enforce the Muslim ban that terrified so many children that Trump needs to be locked up for child abuse. Yates, much like Elliott Richardson before her, decided the law and the constitution was more important than a white supremacists bid to keep America white and defied Trump the talking tanning bed. So Trump accused Yates of "betrayal", a particularly galling term coming from a walking talking deadbeat like Trump, and fired her, replacing her with yet another white male bootlicker with a name I dont care about. Yates is one of the responsible adults and of course this being a fireable offense to a man child she is gone. Hey, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions the Third, she just did what you asked her before you approved her you fucking Klansman. Trump then proceeded to fire the ICE head as long as he was canning people, what the hell? The motherfucker was just jonesin for the Celebrity Apprentice.

Look the Muslim ban was as bad of a Presidential order since 1942 and totally against everything this country stands for, but in pandering to the ignorant fraidy cats who make up Trump's base, this talking pile of hair is every bit as bad in other areas too. This glob of melting orange is such a tool of self described Leninists and white supremacists and oligarchs and plutocrats and regular old Scrooges that the country hangs in the balance more so than at anytime in 150 years. Remember, back in '73 there was Howard Baker and Sam Ervin and Lowell Weicker and other responsible adults ready to end that reign of criminality. Nowadays we have widow peaked empty eyed liars like Paul Ryan and slow witted jelly fish like Mitch McConnell running the show who are enriching themselves while making sure their clueless base remains in the dark in regards to the real agenda. ABORTION!! GUNS!!! BLACKS AND BROWNS!! TERRORISTS!!

The only hope is that the consciences of people like Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski and John McCain and Lindsay Graham and Rand Paul and Ben Sasse and Orrin Hatch and Lamar Alexander take back over and realize the errors of their ways. I am not holding my breath here and fully expect a second Battle of Gettysburg in the near future, but one can hope. Look, sane America, we did it before, we can do it again. #Resist #Impeach #Indict.

Friday, January 27, 2017

The End Of The World As I Know It And It Doesn't Feel Fine!

When you get laid up with a busted leg you have way too much time on your idle hands. Proof follows.

The March For Life 2017 is going on in DC as I type away. This annual march draws an endless supply of wide eyed Catholic school kids getting extra credit and trying to get laid, old white men with their old white women, religious fanatics taking time off from their bondage dungeons to show the neighbors how pro lifey they are, and rock ribbed right wing misogynists. All in all, it draws at least 8 billion people per year. And today, the highest ranking government official ever came out of hiding to talk to these fantasy land dwellers. Mike Pence, 46th POTUS to be, gladly got up and yammered on about how much he likes little embryos. Pence loves them so much while governing Indiana into the abyss, wanted a funeral for each and every dead embryo, whether ended by abortion or by Gawd's abortion clinic, Miss Carriages Abortion Land. Listening to Pence has proven to be dangerous in the past since he thinks cancer is not a side effect of smoking. Shit, the only thing Mike Pence has going for him is he's not an pontificating orange glob of placenta. He's a silent pasty glob of placenta. I watched for a bit and then heard a woman claim that Orange Mussolini brings "Godliness" back to the White House. Bye Felicia.

Emmitt Till's actual killers are long gone and rotting in the earth but the one who lit the match is still rotting above the earth. You remember way back in 1955 that Emmitt Till, a 14 year old black kid from Chicago, was for some reason visiting the Mississippi shithole town of Sumner. He was accused by 21 year old Carolyn Bryant, a white mother, of whistling at her. So Carolyn's hubbie and some other redneck did what was mandatory in 1955 Mississippi. They abducted the kid, beat him, shot him, beat him some more, tied him to a cotton gin (invented by a black man you fucking idiots) and threw his body into the river. When he was fished out, horribly disfigured, and taken back to Chicago for a funeral, something I'm sure Pence and those phonies marching around today wouldn't think necessary for an actual human, his mother insisted on an open casket to show the world what racism and bigotry had done to her son. The two white killers were of course acquitted in an hour by the all white male jury and Carolyn Bryant lived on. It seems now at age 82, perhaps on her last legs, she is expressing regret. Well lah dee fucking dah, Carolyn. Have a nice trip. Your empty soul will not live on.

American Intelligence Agencies have determined that Russian hacking was in fact done during the Great Election of 2016. How they determined this doesnt take a fucking genius. It's called espionage. Now why a mental case like Trump doesn't buy it and thinks some 400 lb guy in Mom's basement may have done it is beyond comprehension but nonetheless, again, American Intelligence says yes. It happened. Trump, America's version of Putin's mistress, still refuses to admit it. Why? Hmmm. Yesterday 4 Russian intelligence officers were taken into custody and charged with treason. The question and perhaps the most important question of this young century is this. Who gave them up? I am not pointing fingers, comrade, but as Trump is reportedly getting ready to lift sanctions on Russia for some reason, and these guys got nailed less than a week into this putrid administration's reign of terror, I have to ask. Did Trump use the unsecured phone or not? If this doesnt bigley concern you, you are either stupid or beyond hope. This is fucking frightening.

3 to 5 million illegal votes is ridiculous and insane. Saying you predicted Brexit when its on tape of you saying you didnt even know what it was is insane. Claiming you had the biggest crowd at an inaugural ever when the photographic evidence proves it not only wrong but laughably wrong is insane. Walking around the White House like a modern day Howard Hughes muttering to yourself and becoming enraged at perceived slights on TV is insane. Signing executive orders like they are I agree Apple conditions, after condemning his predecessor for signing the same, is insane. Bringing a gaggle of paid goons to every speech to applaud and then claiming you hit a home run is insane. Even talking to a bootlicking lunkhead like Sean Hannity is insane. Lying virtually everytime you speak out loud yet being able to pass a lie detector test is insane. Having an entire government hate you so much they set up rogue Twitter accounts to counter your bullshit and censorship is insane. The whole world hates your guts,Little Donnie. Please get help, before you kill us all.

And oh yeah, Steve Bannon is a fucking white supremacist, remember?? When will this nightmare end?

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Nebraska Has Set A Trend!

That hunk of Ronald Reagan loving manure is State Senator Bill Kintner of Nebraska's 2nd District which consists of a bunch of double dipping military retirees and dying hick towns on the wind swept Plains. Kintner, a crude vulgar human being with a penchant for leaving the state with his state issued laptop and jacking off online with chicks from Africa, resigned from our own house of hissing possums called the Unicameral.

You see because we are such a progressive state, we did away with the two house system of government way back in the commie 1930's and went with a 49 person Senate only. This crazy move was inspired by one George Norris, The Fighting Liberal. Whoa wait a minute here. Fighting Liberal, from Nebraska? Yeah we used to have those here way back when people were not brainwashed into voting against their own interests. But even Norris was eventually run out of town because he switched parties to Demoncrat during the FDR years and that, is against all that is holy out west on the windswept Plains. Nah actually they switched to a one house lege because the people here are notoriously cheap. Period.

Kintner, a Republican in case it wasnt already obvious, has been a loudmouthed lunkhead his entire time down in Lincoln. He regularly sends out crude texts, calls his fellow legislators "monkeys" though I think he had only one in mind when he did that. Kintner also has said God himself put him in a State Senate seat here in Nebraska, the most populous state in the world and what the whole world looks to for advice. Even that made the invisible guy in the sky crack a few thunder booms.
He has demanded that any immigrant who is Muslim be forced to eat pork before admittance. He has posted gruesome beheading videos on his Facebook page, He has called refugees "insects". He has used the term "wetback" numerous times while bloviating on the floor of the Unicameral. Hey what'd I say? He has sponsored anti-LGBT legislation and then told anyone objecting to leave the state if they dont like it. Yeah get out ya pansies, only room here for us cyber beater offers and then only to chicks. And only hot ones!

Kintner, already almost expelled last summer for that cyber sex encounter in which he was so fucking stupid as to allow himself to be taped whacking his god loving weenie (ugh show me a beheading video before that please) with a young con artist from the Ivory Coast. She then blackmailed him (duh) by threatening to show everybody Big Bill playing with Little Bill. Bill is married to a woman with cancer which only gives him someone else to divert attention to when he's caught. Hey she has cancer how dare you say something bad about me. Kintner survived that last straw because the Republicans were already dealing with another vulgar creep named Little Donnie Whinypants.

Guys like Trump Kintner never learn because their piggishness is in their DNA. They cant help being who they are, Fueled by a religious based delusion of male superiority, a kind of need to show themselves what they perceive as a real man, a disdain for their fellow human beings especially the ones who are not white males, and a sickness that requires therapy or a lobotomy. Kintner finally resigned yesterday, quoting the Bible, Dick Nixon, lashing out at liberals and Ernie Chambers (he's black thus not chosen by Gawd to be Nebraska State Senator).

Oh wait! Why did God's own Bill Kintner finally resign? Well because after all those Vagina-Americans and their pussy boys marched all over last Saturday protesting a misogynistic liar being sworn in as leader of the free world. Billy Kintner, funny man that he is, retweeted an Uncle Larry Elder tweet implying three women in a photo werent hot enough to be sexually assaulted. Get it? Hilarious! Sexual Assault is so fucking funny cuz get it, like those three women were like old and overweight and hahahahahahahaha who'd sexually assault them?

Bill Kintner, like 99% of conservatives, are not funny and dont recognize funny. They punch down, not up. They are not able to make fun of themselves. They are not funny. Just watch this if you disagree. The alternative fact here is that was funny. Or that any other conservative is funny. Jesus its just painful to watch them flail like a dying fish trying to amuse others.

But Kintner is gone. He resigned only because it was going to be a virtually unanimous vote to expel him. Not that it will make any difference as far as the groups Kintner insulted are concerened. Our Governor, a trust fund baby, will simply appoint another neanderthal willing to fuck up a state for 20 grand a year. So it only matters on a local level,

Hey America! We here in the windswept plains got rid of a talking blob of mucus and replaced him with a silent blob of mucus. You can too!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Fracture! Leg And Country!

I have not quit or been shipped to a Trump re-education camp just yet. Unfortunately the Sunday before the country went and inaugurated a goddamned mentally ill mental midget I threw myself down the stairs and broke my leg to get out of laundry duty. The fucking things hurts, its got a 15 lb cast weighing my leg and hip down to the point I want an amputation, but it hasn't kept me from watching this shit storm evolving before our eyes.

How bad can this get? You have a President of the United States so delusional and sick in his empty head that he one ups himself on his lies daily. If he truly believes that 5 million voters illegally voted in this past election, none for him, and believes he has evidence supporting it, the man belongs in a straitjacket before he hurts himself in addition to untold billions of people.

Donald Trump is the poster boy for narcissistic personality disorder. He also qualifies for the textbook definition of cult leader. Now we know his cult members are basically motivated by race, gender, and a repressed sexuality so deep in the closet it cant be found among the cobwebs and atrophy of the brain. But it's the leeches, the vultures, the sycophants, the opportunists who see Little Donnie Whinypants as a vessel to turn America into The Road.

So back to taking care of my busted leg. Christ I couldnt even march with the women last Saturday and get into a verbal brawl with a bunch of repressed frat boys(Damn look at those douchebags). So I feel worthless, helpless and afraid. And that has nothing to do with my broken body. RESIST!!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Taking A Trump!!

After last night's eloquent moving speech from President Obama sank in and you realized that America is finished because a vulgar buffoon is assuming power, perhaps you said to yourself, self, it cant be that bad? Then came today when a crass, orange cult leader held his first press conference since he asked his Russian masters to hack the DNC. And as crazy as it may seem, Il Douche was worse than ever.

Pointing and gesturing and speaking at his normal 5th grade level, remember he loves the poorly educated, this talking pumpkin lived down to his incoherent image by speaking directly to the his core constituency. The poorly educated.

Playing the poor victim card as usual, this waddling narcissistic personalty disorder poster boy began this morning on the Twitter machine by bashing the intelligence community and asking if we lived in Nazi Germany? Well no, but we are one hell of a lot closer to it than before you decided to play this sick fucking joke on the rest of us.

Trump strutted to the podium to start the tragedy that will become American history by bashing fake news, ya know like Breitbart. Fake news, which can be argued elected this yammering troll, is a cancer on an American society dumb enough to believe it. And Buzz Feed is part of it. Buzz Feed is the website that published the "fake news" that Little Donnie T loves him Russian hookers and golden showers. Excuse me while I compose myself, I am so outraged somebody would say that about the President Elect. How dare they push forward nonsensical garbage like Trump's team met with their Russian handlers in Prague as late as August 2016. Why my goodness, Trump lawyer Michael Cohen proved that false by showing us all a picture of his unopened passport and stating "Ive never been to Prague". How dare BuzzFeed do that? Get back to the Which Trump Cabinet Member Are You? By the way I am 100% Ben Carson. I am sleepy AND clueless.

Then the Inane Elect bragged about the inauguration. How the "movement" is the biggest thing ever. Yeah big movement. Like the day 62 million disturbed human beings, 3 million less than us normals, took a big dump on the country and wiped their ass with the flag. Big movement indeed.

The Moron Elect moved on to almost admit it was Russia that hacked the election process. But backed off when his earpiece voice told him to back off and blamed everybody else too. Oh we all do it. Whats the big deal? Then the Dope Elect blamed the DNC for its lousy security and pretty much asked for it. No, Dummy Elect, YOU asked for it back in June. Remember? And by the way, Brain Dead Elect, The RNC was hacked. You are going to find that out when your handlers remind you of it.

The Gullible Elect then asked a simple question. Do you really think Hillary would be tougher on Putin than me? Uhhhhhhh, yes you Dumbfuck Elect, thats why the Russians wanted you to win and did everything in their power to help you. Remember that Prague meeting? Oh sorry.

The Bribe Taker Elect then bragged how Dubai offered him a $2 billion dollar bribe deal this weekend and he had the moral scruples to say no. Hey BuzzFeed, get on this one will ya?

The Tax Cheat Elect than allowed some sleazy lawyer to yack legal mumbo jumbo about why he has no conflicts of interest and how the framers of the Constitution had no idea about the 21st century and how a sleazy orange witless lunkhead would win the Presidency and be so successful at business that the entire economy would collapse if his bankruptcy loving business went into a not at all blind trust.

And then The Brownshirt Elect strutted back up to the podium and began throwing the Nazi card around and call BuzzFeed a "failing pile of garbage" which is about the only thing this talking tangerine has ever said that is remotely true. Bash CNN a bit and then it happened.

CNN reporter Jim Acosta attempted to ask the Ignoramus Elect a question since the Loony Bird Elect was bashing his employer and the Mussolini Elect started his meltdown.

Not you.....Not you....Your organization is terrible...fake news.....and Acosta was silenced by the Fascist Elect. And the Dingbat Elect got applause from his hired goons for squashing the reporter just like his boss does over in Russia. This was truly disgraceful in this nation. Can you even imagine what would have happened had Obama cut off a Fox News hack with the same disdain? My god the right wing snowflakes would still be clutching their pearls.

We are truly fucked, normals. Until this orange blockhead is stopped, and he will be stopped at some point (probably by himself) we are traveling down a rough road towards those same paid goons who applauded today at a reporter being silenced actually beating up the voices of dissent.

I am actually uneasy that the 62 million poorly educated who elected this Half Wit Elect havent realized the error of their ways. Or have they?

Monday, January 9, 2017

The Devil Wears Ill Fitting Suits!

Meryl Streep is God. And Donald Fucking Trump is the devil.

The bravest and greatest acceptance speech ever. Meryl Streep dont give a damn what a man child like Donnie T thinks. And she told the Bully Elect exactly that.

So watch it and realize that some people are not willing to roll over and take it from the Pussy Grabber Elect.

Meryl Streep is my hero!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Stop Them!

Getting so close to the end. The conservative hard on is raging. The 19th century mindset is arrogant, confident and fully set on installing a political structure which will kill the middle class, the poor and enrich themselves for the remaining time they have left. A unity of money grubbing Republicans without a moral bone in their body and the kooks who think Jesus is coming and wish to help it along. The crusade of greed and delusion is starting already even before the Fraud Elect has even begun his reign of error. Chrissakes, the disrespect for the current black President can never be matched. When another fraud named Rick Scott (Medicare Crook-Fl) ONLY speaks with a Clown Elect about yet another mass murder committed by a madman with a gun and ignores the guy still in office it is very clear that the disrespect and outright racism will never stop.

What is going on?

Well we know the House Republicans, led by a widow peaked Bro with a disdain for everyone but himself, attempted to do away with the Ethics office cuz they were so concerned the non partisan office was catching too many of them scamming the system. Whether molesting pages or taking bribes or torching the family values they all say they believe in, the Ethics office was picking on these creeps too much. So instead of reining in the behavior, why not just get rid of it? But the Bro of the House didnt count on a fact they ignore. That Creep Elect got 3 million less votes then the email Queen and they let them know. Ethics is not something to be fired. So fuck you you beady eyed Bro. Error #1

The Russians hacked the DNC because they asked for it. This is the strategy invoked by the Russian Puppet Elect. Their defenses were not good. So apparently if you leave your car unlocked and it gets stolen its not a crime. This is the Operative Elect's morality? Not only that but after he finally fucking went to an intelligence briefing and was informed the Russians hacked the election and it wasnt some 400 pounder in a basement the Liar Elect went out and began blabbing that the hacking didnt affect the election. You can read the report online that the investigation did not include anything about whether the election was affected but that is what the Narcissist Elect got out of it thus proving the fact this man is going to kill us all at some point because he hears only what he wants to hear. How can a man be told one thing and hear the exact opposite? Because the Manchurian Candidate Elect is a sick man. What other conclusion can one make?

The Delusional Wing of the Politburo is intent on bringing on a myth called the rapture. By cutting embassy security by 50% the kooky wings of the Republican Party is going to bring it on baby. Unless of course the Israeli embassy is moved to Jerusalem and the wet dream of fairy tale believers is fulfilled. Hey guys, Benghazi? You seemed to really flail about and cry over that clusterfuck for the last 4 years, wasting money and finding nothing. But now, cut security by 50%? You guys belong in a rubber room.

Repeal and replace Obamacare. Now we know that all the economically anxious white people who voted for the Cult Leader Elect all hate Obamacare but love the Affordable Care Act right? Just ask them. It has the word "Obama" in it so it must be all black oriented and shit. Our own Senator, a welfare rancher named Deb Fischer (Self Loathing Female-Ne) somehow made repealing people's health care option and leaving them uninsured and vulnerable to bankruptcy a plus. She's fighting for YOU, just remember . For YOU. By taking your option away. For YOU. Considering the brainwashing done here in RedStateistan she will win re election with 75-80%. For YOU! My sense of Schadenfreude is intact enough to admit a part of me wants to see the result of coal miners losing their Black Lung benefits. You voted for it. Congrats on your own self rat fucking. Now get back down there and make the 1% even richer.

Defund Planned Parenthood. The misogyny of this band of cult leaders is beyond pale. Led by old white men and post menopausal self loathing bitter old white women, this goal has been incessant for years. Planned Parenthood is in direct contrast to God's will. When in actuality ist really just about old men and old women are just pissed that somebody somewhere is having more fun than they ever thought of having. It really is nothing more than a hatred of youth, a jealousy of youth. These women haters really are still angry at the young chick who rejected them back in 1963 or 1973 or whatever. It's a sick sick desire to stop any young woman from being anything but as miserable as they are. These people are fucking sick. So are their cult members.

This nightmare gets closer to reality each day. This band of self centered maniacs is out of control. They CAN be stopped. IF the Democrats, you know thew people who got wayyyyyyyyy more votes than these cheating creeps, can grow a pair and fight.

It also is possible that those of us who voted the winning way stop for a second and make 30 second phone calls to these assholes. They dont actually ever answer the phones, they are cowards, but they do hear you concerns. Leave a message. Tell them you know what they are up to. Tell them you are watching them. Only if they think you dont care do they get away with their nefarious plan.

Someone once told me to Give Him A Chance. Fuck you. I do NOT accept any of this. Ever! You should not either.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Good Riddance To 2016!

Good riddance to 2016 we all say. Oh it seemed like the worst year ever for deaths of people we know and love but it probably wasnt. Oh it WAS the worst year ever as it put the world's shining light on the hill firmly in Russian hands for 2017 and beyond but still, shit is still shit. 2016 was shit.

Muhammad Ali died. The Greatest passed away after years of being silent after the years of telling it like it really is. That death was tough. NOt unexpected but still tough. Childhood heroes dying bring your own mortality to mind. That aint fun.

Carrie Fisher and her mom going away within a day. Gene Wilder. Arnold Palmer. Florence Henderson.Gary Shandling. John Glenn. Christ stop!

But it's musicians who affect me most. They bring joy to me. They say what I want to say but lack the talent to express. And many of them left us alone. Yeah 2016 sucked.

George Michael died on Christmas. A cruel joke. George Michael was one of those guys who came along in the 80's who us rock n rollers didnt accept as anything more than a pretty boy. A force only to young girls swooning over that beard and those teeth. Of course he was gay as we told every young woman fan we could. That's what those of us facially challenged say about anybody prettier than us. But by all accounts George Michael was a kind and generous man with demons. And as much as I hate to admit it, this may have been the best pop song of the 1990's. We are not better off with him gone.

Prince Rogers Nelson

I dont get it still. Prince was not a musician I appreciated. He was obviously a genius and a true gift to the world but I never got it. Biut when they found him dead on that elevator at age 57, wow. That was shocking. How could that happen? His greedy handlers took most of his music away so they could continue to suck money out of his corpse, but Prince may have written the best pop song of the 1980's.

Glenn Frey

Anybody who saw that documentary History of the Eagles could conclude nothing else except that Glenn Frey was a total prick. Between he and Don Henley the Eagles must have been a total pain in the ass to deal with. I hate the fucking Eagles man. I really do. But that does not mean I wish death on a man who brought joy to clueless music fans willing to fork over hundreds to see a 1970's band that meant so much to them. They just suck. Though Already Gone was pretty cool blasting out of my dorm room.

David Bowie

David Bowie left us. For chrissakes man, this guy was the shit. With that androgynous glam rock of the early 1970's getting more and more forceful, Bowie was the man. I mean come on man. Who doesnt love this? Hey man. Good god, even after he got sick of the whole Ziggy Stardust he reinvented himself into a suave sophisticated no gimmicks rock star. I never got a chance to see Bowie live. But seeing this could have made my year.

Leonard Cohen

I was late to the party on Leonard Cohen. That haunting baritone voice. Yeah he wrote Hallelujah which was covered by everyone. It was and is a beautiful song. Leonard Cohen wrote it. But his most haunting and meaningful song means even more to me now. Everybody Knows. Yeah Leonard, we know.

Maurice White

Earth Wind and Fire. What else do you need to say? I saw them for the first time this last November with Chicago. Maurice was gone by then. So though Phillip Bailey is still great, it lacked something. It lacked Maurice White.

Leon Russell

Mad Dogs and Englishmen at the age of 12 or so introduced me to Leon Russell. Though it was a Joe Cocker show, I loved Leon Russell. Then came the Concert for Bangladesh. Wow. Leon's rockin gospel revival show was unbelievable to a white suburban kid in the 70's when he brought it to Lincoln. It almost made me want to go back to church. As long as Leon Russell was there.

Paul Kantner

The Airplane was Slick and Kantner. It never flew so high as when those two were in charge. Sorry, Marty Balin fans. When Grace Slick would let that powerhouse voice loose and Kantners hippie guitar would shoot forward, it was never better. I miss Paul Kantner a lot. He never sold out and he never compromised.

Others gone include the legend himself, Merle Haggard. Merle never ever said anything other than what he was thinking at the time.

Rick Parfitt died. He was the guitarist in Status Quo. Who you say? Maybe this will jar your memory.

Pete Burns died. Who? Dead or Alive? No? He spun around a lot? Oh come on!

And finally.

Sir George Martin

The man who made the Beatles the gold standard they are. Sir George kept them in line. He roped them in when they needed it and he let them go when he thought they should be let go. Martin was the brain behind the unstoppable machine. Akll that weird shit, the great stuff, was a combination effort. Sir George Martin a mere technician? I'll let John take it from here.

2017 is going to suck too. People die. Baby boomer musicians are old and decrepit. Trust me I know. We can only enjoy what they did and are still doing. Grim Reaper, stay the fuck away from Willie and Paul and Ringo and Chuck and Keith and Roger and Pete and any person who still plays jazz. Please.