Monday, May 31, 2010

Thanks And No Thanks!

Thanks to the men and women who have died in the nation's wars. No thanks to the politicians and war profiteers who put them in that position.

Happy Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bye Planet!

All right, I've had it rooting for giant, irresponsible corporations to succeed at something. Well, let me rephrase that. I still hope those criminals at BP succeed in stopping this diarreah of the sea.I just hope when, or if, this gushing of toxins and death ever stops,these wankers are held accountable.

Mr.Cool, President Obama, needs to drop this "I got this, chill the hell out" persona and start getting pissed. I mean "enraged", like he said Saturday. I don't see the rage, but who knows. I'm enraged at this nightmare and the only oil spill I have to deal with is on my garage floor.

Hey, now that the top kill has failed, what now? More golf balls? Tires? Is the Sham Wow dude available for ideas?

In the meantime, as BP executives continue to do the Hugh Grant impression and charm their way out of the worst environmental fuckup since Chernobyl, let's play Did You Know?

1) 11 human beings lost their lives because of this quest for profit. That's a homicide. Does anybody remember that?

2)British Petroleum, in a pseudo plan to clean up a theoretical oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico, listed "walruses" as a "sensitive biological resource". Hey, BP , as any fifth grader can tell you, walruses live up in the Arctic. Guess you're not smarter than a fifth grader.

3)When the Exxon Valdez sprung a leak up in Alaskan waters, only 14% of the spilt oil was ever recovered.14%. So times that by 50 or 60 or who knows, this spill, errr, volcano of crap, is 86% there forever. That's a good 40 to 50 millions barrels of oil splashing around out there for-freaking-ever.Enjoy your shrimp while you can.

4)The Minerals Management Service, a division of the Interior Department, in a Gulf Coast office, had employees attending sporting events paid for by oil companies, snorted coke and meth, watched a lot of downloaded porn (hello SEC), and falsified safety reports. Nice. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar needs to go bye-bye. Stop catering to these Republicans with these nominees for anything, Mr.President. And get more pissed.

5)Can you imagine what happens when hurricane season kicks in? Winds blowing water is bad enough. Winds blowing poisonous water? Those people are screwed.

6)Transocean, the owner of the rig, you know, that company that moved to Switzerland to avoid paying American taxes, has made a profit off this bad dream. They insured the Deepwater Horizon for twice its value and has made a cool $270 million profit off this crime. Where's the outrage at these ghouls?

7)Survivors of the explosion on the rig, were placed into solitary confinement and offered $5000 each to shut the eff up and say nothing. Who signs that kind of deal? Oh I don't know, people who have been tortured like John McCain might sign something like that. People who came this close to being killed might. Who are these BP freaks?

8)The Obama Administration, since the gusher in the Gulf started, has approved 17 more deep water drilling permits, most for deep water drilling. Are Bush and Cheney still in office or did we vote for change? I guess we got lots of change, the kind of "change" you can deposit into your campaign coffers.

9)The "acoustic trigger", a device which shuts off the oil when manual efforts fail, was removed as a proposed regulation in 2003 by the Bushies because they cost the oil cartel too much. About $500,000. How's that lookin' now, Daniel Plainviews of the world.

10)BP head hack Tony Hayward had better be happy he didn't do this to China. Those folks would take him out back and put a bullet in his curly mop and then bill BP for the bullet. We aren't so inclined. In fact, there are actually United States Senators trying to keep BP from having to pay over the $75 million dollar damage cap. Yep, there are actually Republican politicians in this country doing BP's dirty work by blocking BP's liability from being raised. Unforgivable.

I can't go on. I'm getting more outraged by the minute. Too bad I have no power to do anything other than vent on a blog. The guy who has the power needs to stop being too cool for the room. Maybe Michelle can take the point on this one.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Am No Longer Lost!

The best show ever. The best finale since ever. It was a helluva 6 year ride and worth every second of it. We Losties may be geeks, but we had a lot of fun. Sorry if anybody missed it.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stinkin Lincoln!

Omaha South High School is a majority (60%) Hispanic school here that is down on its luck as of late. Labeled as an underachieving school of dolts, slackers and gangsters(white people translation) the place needed a jolt of energy, anything positive at all and it had it this past week when its soccer team went to the state finals for the first time ever. It would have been South's first state championship in over 20 years in any sport.

The South High soccer team is 17/18 Hispanic. These kids, the seniors anyway, graduated from school and ran in their robes, to the soccer stadium to take part in the state championship game against Lincoln East, a suburban school full of white kids.

The stadium was packed. The largest high school soccer crowd in state history. The game was tight. It went to overtime. Lincoln East won. Yippee for the Spartans! The East students rushed the field in glee.

And then it happened. A number of Lincoln East students, in a premeditated display of boorishness at best, and blatant racism at worst, threw pre-made "green cards" at the South players. Green cards? At a predominately Hispanic soccer team? Wow, that's funny. If you're a moron. Or a fan of comedian Rush Limbaugh.

A shitstorm has erupted over this incident. Clueless white people say what's the big deal, outraged South parents want the Lincoln East team to forfeit. All in all, it's a big freaking mess.

Hey, kids will be kids. Some of them are dumb, and will stay that way. The kids who threw the green cards are dumb. The kids who waved the American flag at the South team are dumb, despite their disingenous claims of "patriotism". Anybody who thinks the act was funny is dumb. There's plenty of dumb to go around.

I can see that immature decisions can be made. I can see that nobody got killed and nobody got physically hurt, but the thing that bothers me most is this act was done AFTER the East team won. That's being a bully. That's what dittoheads do. Pick on those perceived to be further down the social scale. It's cowardice, plain and simple.

To be fair, there are a LOT of Lincoln East students and parents and faculty members who are appalled by this act. The kids involved have been suspended and apologies are being made. That's good. It restores my faith in people.

Look, bullies are chickenshits. It takes no guts to become one. Just self-loathing and insecurity. I remember at my all boys high school the standard joke used by other teams was to wave soap on a rope at us. Hilarious! But that was years ago. It still goes on today because bigots really have no creativity. They just repeat what good old Dad did when he was in high school 16 years ago.

Congrats to Omaha South. Maybe next year you guys can get it done. I'm rooting for you.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BP Stands For Bastard People!

Watch CBS News Videos Online

If you haven't watched this 60 Minutes Report on the BP Oil spill, please do. It breaks it down so that even a teabagger can understand what happened. It's fascinating.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

3 Meet 2 Or Is It 2 Meet 3?

I saw Ironman 2 with Max today. Starring Robert Downey Jr. as Rocky Balboa and Mickey Rourke as Clubber Lang. Yeah it's basically the plot of Rocky 3. Champ gets soft, challenger gets all buff and scares champ. Champ refocuses and kicks upstart's ass. There ya go. You've now seen Ironman 2.

Two horrific moments that will scare the hell out of you and I'm not sure which one is more terrifying. Larry King on a bigscreen in all of his 76 year old suspendered glory or Bill O'Reilly pontificating on a fictional superhero?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Three Jews And Six Catholics Walk Into A Bar!

Oh my, Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is unmarried, childless, has short hair and per Rupert Murdoch's financial rag, The Wall Street Journal, she once played softball about 30 years ago. Gosh, what a lez!

The speculation on this woman's personal life is the latest in the stupiding down of America. If we don't have serial plagiarist , Ben Domenech (whoever the eff he is), blogging on that she's "openly gay", we have British-hatched conservative nancy boy Andrew Sullivan telling eveybody he's been told she's gay. I'd say who the hell cares but it's so goddamned obvious that's the only proper reaction I'm ashamed to say I even typed it.

Hell, I'm more concerned she's not a leftwing bomb thrower like Marshall or Douglas or even Stevens. She's not even as lefty as David Souter (hey wait on minute, wasn't he not married and childless?). We need one of those again instead of these jello-spined moderates these Democrats keep nominating.

Oh she'll be confirmed, I believe, as the lies of Hannity, Beck, Limpblob fall by the wayside. O'Reilly will "defend" the woman by claiming he doesn't care if she's gay, over and over and over. The moon-howlers who love their Jesus will keep saying "Gay Marriage" over and over in between calls to But in the end, she'll coast on in and take her seat and occasionally vote on the wrong side. That's the way we Democrats roll, baby. The Republicans nominate kooks and fascists and errand boys and they get through. Democrats nominate wishy washy pragmatists. Blah.

And besides, if the Chief Justice, John Roberts, got confirmed with that photo above out there, we may already have an , uhhhhhhhhh, alternative Justice on the court.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Following Takes Place Between Preposterous And Revolting!

Oh it's Jack Bauer caught with his pants down again. That script from last night's 24 made me wish I'd have pulled my pants up over my face in shame for admitting I still watch this show. 24 was a great show. A great fantasy of one man taking on bad guys from Serbia and Russia and Mexico and China and unnamed Middle East countries and from right here in the good old USA. This show has had Presidents who were black, and women and one crooked white guy with a crazy wife. That one was too real. But 24 has it's nasty side and it reared its ugly head last night in a way so gratuitous and plain wrong, I am announcing that after this season I will never watch it again. Unless they make a movie.

24 has always been a conservative's wet dream. Jack Bauer just walks in and shoots people who won't talk. He tortures people who won't talk. He YELLS at people who won't talk. He's sort of like Bill O'Reilly, if O'Reilly had any brains. Unfortunately, this fictional show, and man is it ever fiction, makes conservatives delusional with their belief that Jack Bauer is a real guy. Oh no, he's not a creation of Kiefer Sutherland in between drunken brawls, he's a real guy and we need more real guys like him. This is why teabaggers are so freaking dumb, they created the term "teabagger" without even knowing what it meant. To them, Jack is real. To war criminals like Dick Cheney, he may not be real, but he should be and to Fox News, of course he's real, he's on Fox, the same network as that talking cartoon baby.

Last night on 24, (sounds so Kiefer-like), Jack decided to torture a guy for fun. Using pliers, chemicals, a blowtorch, and eventually a knife, Jack went nuts. Oh, the guy deserved it, but really? On network TV? Porn for teabaggers and neo-cons? Really? Was it necessary to lay that out there? Now we'll have the morons who think Glenn Beck actually believes what he cries out, and the 70 year old pseudo tough guys who watch the Bully O'Reilly Factor have more things to think about and enjoy in between their waving the Don't Tread On Me flags (by the way, if you wave one of those flags, you may as well be waving a misspelled sign telling everyone you're crazee).

24 has been on for years. It's one of the most ridiculous shows ever. But it's like a Twinkie, no nutritional value but damn good. But if you eat the Twinkies all up, and you like them too much, you get fat. Like 24 has become. Fat. Like the space between the ears of the right. Fat. Dammit!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Password Is Wasilla!

Do you know David Kernell? He was convicted in a Tennessee court of a misdemeanor of unauthorized access to a computer and a felony of obstruction of justice. What did he do? Well way back in 2008, when a snowbilly from Alaska was running for vice-president and being Governor of a state full of fugitives, David got into Caribou Barbie's yahoo e-mail account by guessing her idiotic password, "Wasilla". Yes, the woman running to become a melanoma away from the White House came up with a password that was so effing easy to guess even SHE may have been able to hack into it without looking at her hand.

Kernall faces 20 years in prison for this act of prankiness. Despite the fact Governor Mooselini was illegally using this yahoo account for government business, this Inherit The Wind jury of fellow hillbillies decided to nail this hacker to the outhouse door. Probably because the "author" herself and her baby mama daughter showed up to testify in person against this nefarious bastard, how could the jury not be dazzled by the mere presence of Fox News' dumbest contributor (and THAT is saying something)?

Mrs.Failin facebooked herself into a victim, the biggest victim since The DNC was burglarized by G.Gordon Liddy back in 1972. Watergate? Really? She continues to overestimate her self worth.

Now when James O'Keefe, that right wing punk who likes to try to tap the phones of United States senators, dress up like a pimp and infiltrate Acorn, or get a handie from Sean Hannity, got nailed for his crime, there was praise for him on the floor of Congress, on Fox News, and laughter from the left on his incompetence. Now Mrs.Todd thinks Kernell is the second coming of E.Howard Hunt because she's a dope unable to properly protect her yahoo e-mail account? What did she do, change her password to "Wasilla1"? "Alaska"? "Rogue"? Let's hope she changed it to something nobody would ever guess. Like "Humble".