Thursday, April 28, 2011

Birthers Are All Fired!

Here's what the government provided scooter ridin' pudgepops are thinkin' about that socialist Kenyan colored guy's birth dealie.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Is That Why They Call it Skunkweed?

Even more "hip" than listening to Arcade Fire is asking who the fuck IS Arcade Fire? Yeah yeah, the Gaga crowd and the Kings of Leon crowd went all bonkers when Arcade Fire won the Grammy for Best Album a couple of months ago, but for some of us, it was perhaps the best Grammy ever.

I first heard of Arcade Fire back in 2004 when I happened upon a video showing a group of youngsters walking through a town playing a guitar, beating on drums, and playing violins. I stuck with the 6 minute video just to see where the hell these people would end up. That was the video for Rebellion, a song from Arcade Fire's first album, Funeral. I loved it. It was unique, quirky, and just weird enough for me to want more.

In September of 2007, after the release of Neon Bible, their 2nd album, Max and Max's Dad drove to Kansas City to see them at the Starlight Theater, a really cool outdoor venue. The place was about half full tnat night. Max was a wee lad of 10 and I was a big lad of 50 or so. I loved it, Max thought it to be too loud. Who's the kid here?

Last Wednesday, fresh off their Grammy win, this Canadian band was back at the Starlight and this time, it was packed with "hipsters", including the 14 year old Max and still 50 or so Max's Dad. Migawd this band is cool. This band is up there with U2 in its devoted fans. You never ever know what you're going to get when the 8 member band gets going. Hey, she's playing the accordion, now she's playing drums, now the pipe organ. He's playing guitar, now he's beating on a snare drum, now he's shouting into a megaphone. She's playing violin, now she's on keyboards, now she's blowing some sort of horn. It is crazy up there. And this old Beatles,Doors,CCR,Who fan loves it.

Arcade Fire is the freshest new band out there. It's such a unique experience to see them. And their fans drink, oh do they drink. And smoke weed. Just ask 14 year old Max. His first pot smell occurred during Read To Start, AF's second song. His reaction? "Will I get high from smelling that?" Only if you're lucky, kid. His second reaction? "If I get drug tested, will I get caught?"...Yeah yeah, Max is a bit uptight, but we love him.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Some Of My Best Friends....!

No, the Tea Party isn't full of racist jerk offs. No way. The above knee slapping picture was sent by a member of the Orange County, California (shock!) Republican Party SS Committee to her fellow 19th century humor enthusiasts.

I won't mention her name because she's old and stupid and I feel sorry for old, stupid people. Unlike her probable hero, Paul Ryan. More on that shitstain some other time.

Anyway, to reiterate. Teabaggers are not racists. They are just old and stupid.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Trump's Tower Of Babble!

Donald T Rump is an amusing fellow. At least when I'm watching the Celebrity Apprentice so I can actually believe there is a human being more self absorbed than Sarah Whatshername, he amuses me with his fragile ego and bully boy demeanor. But he's becoming less amusing by the day as he fleeces dumbass teabaggers into becoming even more paranoid and delusional.

Trump is no dummy, though somehow going bankrupt while running casinos and owning Manhattan real estate is making me doubt what I just wrote. But this birther bull he's riding? Why, Donnie boy? What can this possibly get you? You are not running for President. You are not picking on Rosie O'Donnell. You aren't really even firing "celebrities" (who the fuck is NeNe Leakes?).

Year ago I regularly read a magazine called Spy. In it they constantly referred to Trump as a "short fingered vulgarian". The greatest description of a douche nozzle like Trump ever. Because it's true.

Trump is just another carnival barker in a long list of charlatans that "run" for President every four years. He's getting attention from the dildos that make up TV news. He's plugging his little fake business show (I still want one fired "celebrity" to leap the boardroom table and grab that bale of hay off Trump's head). He's feeding his massive ego. And he gets to sit next to Ivanka, the daughter he said he'd be "dating" if she wasn't his daughter. Right up the birther crowd's alley.

President Obama is a smart man. Just let tiny mouthed narcissists like Trump keep talking. It only helps the re-election train pick up speed. I disagree with Bill Cosby who told Trump to shut up. Keep flapping those non existent lips, Mr.Trump. It only helps the President. His re-election margin is going to be "YOUUUUUUUU-GE".