Monday, November 28, 2016

Panic Button!

Its getting to be time to hit this because day after day it is becoming more and more apparent that 46% of this country elected a goddamned mad man as President. Now I understand the 46% is all concerned about their economic uncertainty and is really anxious about their blacksmith job going away in 2016. That and the fact that they are all pissed off a black man was elected in 2008 and did one helluva job with what he had to work with. The 8 years of watching that black dude made them so crazy that they ignore the fact that the Great White Dope is a fucking lunatic who may end the world and WILL end this nation soon enough.

The Kook In Chief Elect is such a thin skinned child that he now just makes shit up about wining the popular vote IF you deduct the "millions" of votes cast illegally. Of course "millions" of "illegal" votes simply means the votes of blacks and Hispanics and others that the cheating Republicans couldn't suppress. So get ready Dying America, that claim of the Asshole in Chief Elect is the first salvo in the coming charge to suppress the vote even more. When you have a fucking Nazi as your adviser, a man who has said he wants only property owners to be able to vote, and a flat out bigot with only two K's in his name who has spent most of his miserable life running all over the country writing laws to empower white men and make red states bleed redder, it doesnt take a room temp IQ Trumper to figure it out. The electoral vote is fixed by the fear voting of white people about to get royally fucked. Next up, the popular vote.

The Psychopath In Chief Elect is becoming more unhinged by the day. So wounded by the fact 54% of this country said fuck you to him is really getting under his thin skin.

Prove that voter fraud didnt happen to deprive the Cuckoo Bird in Chief Elect of his "win". This is his latest rant. Prove I didnt win! I won! Prove I didnt!

Well prove you aren't a deranged maniac then Herr Trump!

This man is a danger. Hit that fucking panic button in any way you can. This man, his handlers, his minions, his loony bin supporters cannot be normalized.


Saturday, November 26, 2016


They are empowered now and normalizing these people is only going to make it worse. My fear is exactly what happened here. Nobody stood up to this drunken moron.

Stand up and fight for chrissakes.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Jill Not Hill!

First off...Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Enjoy getting into fights with Trumper family members and hating them tonight even worse than you did this morning. Breathe hard.. And remember, they are dumb and lazy at best and a racist, misogynist, xenophobic bigot at worst. And they will not change with your stupid science and facts and shit. They are now empowered to be the loudmouthed dumbfucks they always were. So keep that in mind. Ok? Yeah that aint gonna work. Fuck em! Firmly establish yourself as being on the right side of history. And hit em with basic math. Yeah genius, how does a team get 2 million more "points" than another team, yet lose? Let the stupidity begin

Now second of all. Jill Stein is still nuts. But Jill Stein didnt cause Hillary to lose. First of all, Hillary did not lose.She got 2-3 million more votes than Herr Trump. Hillary lost because Republicans do one thing better than anyone else. They cheat. They suppress the votes of minorities and the poor thru bullshit ID laws. The install fear and bigotry into people already fearful and bigoted. And they flat out use foreign governments to hack.

Jill Stein is raising money for a recount of the swing states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. So far, a goal of $4.5 million has been set, and as of right now, $3.1 million has been raised to do this thing. So think about giving up a fiver.

Now Hillary has again proven to be the roll over and play dead political hack us Bernie Bros always knew she was. Quietly conceding to a fucking fascist vulgarian who had promised to "lock her up" for the last 6 months. So if Hillary wont fight for herself and this nation, to hell with her.

If Jill Stein has to be the one to fight, so be it.

Dont accept fascism in any form. Normalizing these evil bastards is my greatest fear. "Oh come on, give him a chance" makes me fucking crazy. NO! You dont let Il Douche have a fucking chance. You destroy him before he has that chance.

Jill Stein's plot may not work. In fact, I doubt if the powers that be will allow it to work. Crank up the Russians, comrades. But EVERYTHING must be done to stop this movement. I refuse to be a Good German and go along without a fight.

So get in your Trumper family members face. Make goddamn sure they know you aint standing for any of this. If you sound nuts, so what. In a few years, you will be the one who stood up to it. You didnt go along. You fought! They will be the moral equivalent of segregationists and genocidal maniacs. They did nothing while others were oppressed.

There are consequences to voting for Trump. There really are. And if ridding your life of these people is the cost, think long and hard.

Go Jill Stein. It is a Hail Mary for sure. But sometimes those work.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Who Will Notice He's Gone!

Yeah yeah, my life is miserable what with the nation I live in voting for a fascist and my inability to grasp anything a Trumper says or does or why they even exist.

But the good news is that the broken down, who gives a shit reign of Jay Cutler appears to be over in Chicago. Bye bye to an experiment that failed and is a scene of things to come with the entire country. An uninterested incompetent running the show.

Good riddance.

Now when I can say that about.........nope sticking to football for now.

Saturday, November 19, 2016


Donald J Trump admitted he is a fraud yesterday by "settling" his Fuck Trump U lawsuit for a reported $25 million. Will it matter? Hell no. The Trump voter is perhaps the most tolerant human being alive. That is as long as you arent black or gay or Hispanic or a feminist or buy into that equality crap.

So as our President elect (I cannot believe this) moves closer and closer to becoming a big motherfucking nightmare and the rest of the shitstorm that is Trump's miserable existence becomes known, how tolerant will the lynch mob be?

Well considering that the mob actually marked a ballot for a misogynist, a racist, a bully, a vulgar creep, a 70 year old child, did I mention racist, and they all knew it I assume though who knows what the fuck Facebook tells them (not on it cuz I prefer truth), they will be pretty goddamned tolerant.

Does the fact Ivanka Trump and her opportunistic hanger on husband, the son of a jailbird, sits in on the Fascist in Chiefs meeting with Japanese government officials matter? Unethical as hell but nahhhhhhh no big deal.

Does the fact the Liar in Chief talks to world leaders on unsecured phones because he's too fucking arrogant or ignorant to know why thats wrong matter? Nahhhhh no big deal.

How about he settled a lawsuit in which people accused him of defrauding them out of millions, did I mention that? After he said he would never settle? Will that matter to the mob? Nahhhhhhh just a business decision.

Will it matter that the Russians may have hacked this election? Nahhhhh it went our way.

Will it matter that Hillary got more votes by 2% than The Fraud in Chief when this is over? Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh she had emails.

Will it matter that no matter what the Loopholer in Chief tries, like "hiring" his son in law but not really because he isnt paying him, everything has an angle meant to benefit the Ego In Chief? Nahhhhhhhhhhh cuz uhhhhhh JFK did it too and I am too lazy to know that in 1967 it was deemed illegal to hire your relatives.

Will it matter that a white supremacist has the ear of the Racist in Chief? Nahhhhhhhhh cuz he's white.

Tolerance. I never knew a lynch mob could be so tolerant of others.

Somehow it doesnt make me feel any better.

Wake Me Up!

Protesting Trump is as about as American as you can get. Now I know the lynch mob that is in charge now thinks that protesting is all anti-American now that they perceive of the Great White Fascist America they believe they have created. They never protested when that Halfrican Obama won in 2008 and again in 2012. We just accepted and moved on. Yeah sure ya did.

Getting into the streets and stopping this fascist takeover is the only way to stop it. Oh Max's Dad, everything will be ok. We have survived guys like this before. No we havent. Me being a white male may skew this thing a bit, as I know minorities and gays and women have ALWAYS lived under this type of fascist bullshit, but progress was being made. Chrissakes, gay marriage is legal. Black Lives Matter was making a lot of us think disrespectful murderous cops are a big problem. A woman won the Presidency by getting 2-3 million more votes than a fascist reality show clown. HUH???

So I fear a coming complacency. This anti-Trump movement will peter out as daily lives begin to take hold again. And this ignorant vessel of Beelzebub that white working class Americans put into office will be molded like Silly Putin Putty and a white nationalist government of evil pricks will become just the way it is.

So stay out there. I'm with ya when I can find a red state protest to attend.

This NOT happening!

RIP USA 1776-2017!

I still am refusing to believe this. I am so shell shocked by this not a day goes by when I dont want to wake up and find this is not happening.

Its been over a week now since white working class Americans expressed their economic frustrations and took it out on Democrats because only the Republicans are looking out for them and Donald J Trump is the man to save their christian moral way of life. Nobody was listening to the white working class. Hillary certainly wasnt listening by telling them to retrain for another line of work. And she had that whole e mail thing that the frustrated white working class read all about on their Facebook pages. The white working class has been ignored for about 50 years now and the party of Trump is who is looking out for them and they finally spoke. Donald J Trump, just a cool guy who talks like them , is the man to stop all the changes that have engulfed this great nation of ours...............

Oh fuck this, I cant play mainstream media asshole any longer. The white working class grabbed their torches and guns and went out into the streets of America on November 8th and did what pissed off white working class people do when in a big cowardly mob. They lynched somebody. In this case they lynched The United States of America. Figuratively speaking, they lynched Barack Hussein Obama, a President who the Facebook tells me is really bad cuz he's black a Marxist born in Kenya. I mean look around, how can things get any worse for white working class America? Obama was a disaster what with his creating 14 million new jobs and not starting wars based on lies (though yes he did keep them going) and being black all uppity arrogant and smart and shit.

This nation is fucking finished. RIP USA 1776-2017. It's been a good run.

I'm going back to pull the covers up again. I cannot believe any of this.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Veteran's Day!

Oh and one more thing.

Happy Veterans Day. You all deserve our everlasting thanks and kudos for your service in defending us from evil.

Too bad it was all for nothing. Sorry, Dad. You spent the 4 worst years of your life fighting fascists and Nazis. Now look. Your kids have elected one.

To all of us Baby boomers I say.........fuck us.

I Apologize!

Much as all Muslims are terrorists and need to speak up against it and all blacks are thugs and need to speak out against it and all Hispanics are rapists and illegals and need to speak out against it and all Asians are sneaky and need to speak out against it and all Native Americans are drunks and need to speak out against it and all women are screechy harlots and need to speak out against it I must apologize to all of them that we whites are all racist assholes. I'm sorry. I don't condone it.

There, all you Trumper jackoffs feel better? Now stop being pricks because you dummies are going to be so sorry. You have no idea what you created.

It's alive!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Decency Dead!

I apologize to everyone for deep down in my cynical self that Americans are a decent people. Obviously I was wrong.

So go ahead America. Be a crude racist, misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic asshole. Your leader has empowered you.

And gawd forbid anything happens to the Pussy Grabber In Chief in the next 4 years. His Veep is an even worse human being.

Buckle up, normal decent America. I wonder if Putin has given the Misogynist in Chief his marching orders yet.

Congrats America. You have surrendered to the Russians after the Cold War was won.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Il Douche!

It is your choice, America. Il Douche or Her. She is far from perfect. Very far. But she is not a fascist. She is qualified. He is not. She knows how to talk to foreign leaders, he simply takes his marching orders from one and insults the others. She believes in people's rights. He does not. If you insult her she laughs it off. If you insult him, it's a years long grudge at best and revenge at worst.

This isnt even a choice. It's a must.

The nation is in the balance.

Monday, November 7, 2016

I Remember!

If for NO OTHER REASON, this is why Donnie T serves nothing. You condone this? ANY other candidate goes bye bye after this. This man is one step away from the White House. I remember this and will never forget it. If you vote for this man, you condone this horrible behavior. Unforgivable.

Defeat Trump!

This has gone on long enough. Agreed? So let's get to it and crush this movement of white bitters and outright white nationalists before it starts to fester.

The kid above is gone. Gone. Probably brainwashed by parents who were brainwashed by their parents and probably it all comes back to a weird and sick interpretation of religion. The gays are bad, the women are bad, the minorities are bad, the Mexicans are bad, the Muslims are bad, the Africans are bad, and a reality show host with a big mouth,a small mind, and zero religious core has told em what they want to hear. That poor kid makes my heart break. He's probably a good kid, a nice kid, treats his parents with respect, treats his fellow man with respect, but when a hollering asshole tells him what Mom and Dad have told him for years, he becomes just another screeching asshole looking to blame people not like him for some unknown slight. Something tells me if you interviewed that child, you would get answers far more involved than any of those others at that Trump rally in Nuremberg Colorado. Answers that would involve warped reason and logic that would make you go what the fuck is he talking about? I see InfoWars and nonsensical Republican bullshit about FBI investigations and Clinton Body Counts and hidden terminal illness crap and Bill is a rapist and lock her up and she has a body double and she is a liar all over that kid's face. All that while listening to the lying-est candidate who has ever seen the light of day in America. Cuz he tells that kid and the rest of those numbskulls what they believe and want to hear. Their lives suck because of somebody else. And that somebody else is not a giant Corporate Profit Sucking God or a billionaire class that pays less taxes than they do or a system of government that is for sale to the highest bidders, nope, its Mexicans and Muslims and blacks and gays and anybody else who doesnt feel as you do. That kid is gone. I hope I am wrong. That kid is why Trump must be crushed.

Khizr Khan,a man whose son died a hero, a fucking hero who saved American lives by giving his own is with Her. Sticking that pocket Constitution up Trump's ass at the Democratic Convention was great enough but Trump's reaction was just mind bending. Attack! Insult Mr.Khan's wife for not speaking. Get his racist surrogates to tweet and say horrible things like Captain Humayun Khan was actually helping the Taliban and not saving American lives. The basket of deplorables slithered out of the basket on that one. Mr and Mrs.Khan are Americans who deserve, no demand respect for their loss. To be ignored or ridiculed and even lied about by that side of the aisle, who really has no respect for anyone, is a fucking disgrace to this country. The Khans have given more to this nation than that whole bunch of Trumpers at any rally anywhere at anytime. I really wouldn't want to hear anything any of those people say on camera if asked about Mr. Khan. It scares me. Even Trump's Russian masters thought attacking Mr.Khan was over the line.

Trump and his minions need to not only be defeated, they must be crushed and their put into the trash compacter and reduced back to the 20% level of nutjobs that make up any group of people, and that includes you too, Bernie Bros (the Jill Stein hack hollering at Bernie Friday night in Omaha was just precious). I wont go as far as to panic and say a right wing coup is about to occur as Bill Maher stated the other night. The coup that would occur is Russian. We would be governed by a Russian operative taking his orders from Moscow. . And if the Republicans retain Congress with a President Trump, we are finished. But of course, this wont happen IF the decent folks get out and vote.

Please vote! It is absolutely essential to beat this man. He has to be Neganed because Trump and his followers ARE Negan. So vote and take the proverbial Lucille with you. Destroy this cancer before it metastasizes.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Hacksaw Ridge!

Mel Gibson is hardly subtle. In fact some say he is downright nuts. His new movie is anything but subtle. But what it is is moving, thoughtful and fascinating in a car wreck sort of way.

Hacksaw Ridge, named after a cliff that American soldiers had to climb in the 1945 Battle of Okinawa, stars Andrew Garfield as Desmond Doss, a Virginia kid who enlists in the Army during the war yet refuses to handle a weapon of any kind during basic training. This of course leads to beatings by his fellow soldiers, resistance from the brass, and a court martial that goes nowhere. So Doss is unleashed on the Japanese, making a last desperate stand at Okinawa, as a weaponless medic.

The first hour or so of Gibson's movie is surprisingly thoughtful as we come to know Doss, his dysfunctional family and his new bride. We also get to know his fellow soldiers who all scoff at his religious objections to killing fellow human beings. Now in any war movie we know the guys who hate him the most will turn out to be the ones who love him the most.

The last hour or so is the first ten minutes of Saving Private Ryan tenfold. The brutality of war, in that Gibson graphic detail, is almost too much for anyone to bear. Doss saves man after man, dodging the Japanese bullets and amazing his wounded comrades. The suspense is pretty intense, now we know Doss lived but we dont know if the rest do.

Garfield is fantastic as the soft spoken Doss and surprisingly so is Vince Vaughn as the tough sergeant.

I warn you. If massive realistic violence of war is something you cannot take, dont go. I had times when I had to close my eyes and at one point fought back tears because it was emotionally draining. But that is what makes great film making to me. It made me think and it made me feel.

Stay for the credits. You get to see the real people talk about the heroism of Desmond Doss, the only conscientious objector to win a Medal of Honor. Bravery like Doss is unheard of. I wanted to know more.

It really is as good as Saving Private Ryan.

Facts Are Biased?

I know everybody has had it. Enough! But I havent HAD it with "both sides" as the media tries to say. The media, the people who bend over backwards to appear "fair" so as not to offend a particular section of society. Those sensitive souls who love their Jesus and guns and believe the lies of a thuggish brute con artist. The people who think the media is biased against them because an opportunistic political party, fast losing its grip on a growing diverse America, came up with the myth years and years ago. When we lie, which is a lot, and a media calls us on it. It is BIAS. LIBERAL BIAS. Yeah thats it! It works with a lazy society. A bunch of people also losing grip, powerless people, buy it because what other choice do they have? Things not going your way? Bias. Like every sports fanatic out there. My team got screwed!

Well, one side of this ugly ass Presidential shitfest is about to get "screwed". And despite the fact this lying scammer had screwed himself with his big fucking mouth, his cruelty, his racism, his misogyny, his bullying, his incestual leanings, his lying, his ignorance of all that is foreign, his threats, his meanness, his total lack of respect for anyone who dares to call him out on his bullshit, 40 percent of this nation, basically white people, is still going to vote for him. White women are going to vote for him. White men, of course, will vote for him. Guys like the young white man we saw outside the Bernie Sanders rally for Hillary on Friday night, with his camo vest, his Hillary For Prison sign featuring Pepe, the racist frog is going to vote for him. What the hell a young person thinks that makes them throw their future away, their dreams of what the want to be, to vote for this doomsayer hooligan is just beyond me. Old bitter white people, baby boomer losers, used to being given everything for free, I get it. White America is dying. It's really not, but when 2008 came and that colored man Halffrican foreigner Muslim oh lets just say it N bomb took office because of Acorn the fact a heavy minority turnout combined with progressive whites sick of racism and homophobia and the ways of the past can do wonders in moving this nation forward, they went fucking crazy.

So I haven't HAD IT with both sides. I've had it with one side. The side that lies and intimidates. The side that believes anything they are told by con artists looking to sell goofy hats and conspiracy theories. The side that thinks foreigners are coming here to kill them and not better their lives for their families. The side that yearns for the 1950's when the blacks and the gays and the women knew their place. The side that seizes control of a major political party by nominating a 70 year old punk with not a care on earth for any of them. The side that allows a loud mouthed bandit say anything he wants in public and cheers because he "tells it like it is". Well it isnt, dumbfucks. Maybe at your house, or at the local bar, or at the church you phonies go to worship that hippie socialist it is, but it isn't that way out here where the normal people live. And you are all about to find that out. In a big way.

And I am going to keep saying that right up to the time a 70 year old deceiver takes the oath of office with one hand on the Art of The Deal and the other on his daughter's ass.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Ramblings Of A Mad Man!

Good Gawd we have entered the final 5 days of this shitfest and I've had it. Random thoughts:

1) Melania Trump not much of a fan of cyber bullying. As First Lady (LOL) she would dedicate her reign (LOL) to stopping children, like her 70 year old man child future ex-husband, from saying mean and nasty things about others on social media. Is this woman even breathing? I know she's been busy preparing her November 9th divorce from a yelling pumpkin, but even she knows enough English to comprehend what she was saying. Right? As John Fugelsang said after the speech by Melania, or was it Marla, and now, Eva Braun will teach us all about Hanukkah.

2) The Cubs win! As much as I sat on pins and needles hoping like hell the 108 years of sucking wouldn't end, now that it has, great. Now Cubbies fans, shut the fuck up. Ive been to Chicago and been to Wrigley many times and each time I became less and less of a Cubs fan. The incessant whining, the constant reminder that they were lovable losers, the 22 year old drunk lamenting how she had waited her "whole life" for this, the worship of what is essentially a 104 year dump of a stadium, the hipster factor, the North Side snobbery, it all just turned me so off I damn near began to like the White Sox. Hey Chicago, whatya say, the Cubs are gonna win today? I think the Sox won back in 2005 and nobody lost their shit. So good for you Cubbies fans. Now you are just another rich ass baseball team and in another year everybody is going to hate you. As on the cutting edge Ive been with the Cubs, sitting there with 2500 people watching them lose in the daytime back before 1984, I am now going to be on the cutting edge again, The Cubs are now the Yankees. Let the hating begin.

3) Cubs fans all over are so fucking happy. Except for this guy. Poor bastard will never remember any of it. When you've lost for 108 straight years, and you finally win, in another city, and beat another team from a city that hasnt won in 70 years, dont talk shit. It's just not smart. And that Indians fan who had had enough of "Sandberg's" trash talking? Hope you enjoy jail you violent creep unable you verbally punch that moron.

4) The FBI is a political arm of the Trump campaign. So many heads should roll for the blatant Trumping of this campaign I cannot wait For President Hillary to clean house of this band of Hoover licking neanderthals. Fuck you, FBI. And fuck you Rudy Giuliani, you Trump sucking mental case. To base baseless accusations on a book written by a right wing con artist funded by Dead Breitbart by the people who run federal law enforcement is disgraceful. We really are going back in time when Tricky Dick used the FBI as his own personal revenge mob. Yeah, back when America was great. Back when the term "ratfucking" was coined. The FBI. Ratfuckers extraordinaire.

5) The Trump voter. Not racists, sexists, dummies, or assholes. No they are just frustrated hard working white people. Screwed over and looking for somebody who will listen to them as their 19th century jobs go bye bye thanks to oh I dont know, Hillary Clinton. Who will listen to their very real concerns? Yeah that's it. A "billionaire" con artist who ships their very jobs overseas on a daily basis. A man who pays less taxes than they do. A man who spouts forth statements that reflect their own minds. A man who is a Russian puppet. Hey Trumpies, remember this from your favorite "comedian"? Anyway, frustrated Trumpers expressed their frustration this week in ways we should all consider "legitimate". A Trumper in Des Moines, who had a liking to taking the traitor flag to high school football games to taunt black kids, decided to express his white disenchantment by killing a couple of police officers. Ahhhhhh, poor Donald Trump, he wasnt a black assassin . Damn! Another Trumper had to express their disillusionment with the status quo, ya know a Republican dominated state like Mississippi, the status quo, by burning down a black church and writing Vote Trump on the singed outside. Yeah, we must listen to their concerns.

6) How much are we, or I, gonna miss Barack Obama? I mean this guy is such a charismatic man, a hip man, and a man who cares, who can deny it? Other than the frustrated white working class who has a legitimate beef with his color policies. This is what we have now, a funny man who knows how to make a point, and is fucking hip to the room. Now what? A total asshole and pandering hack ? I'll take the pandering hack of coure, but oh my god. President Obama, despite white people's concerns about your race policies , this white person is going to miis the hell out of you. If for no other reason, this and ESPECIALLY, THIS.

7) I now mute political ads when they come on TV. I dont give a shit who they are pimping. In the "nice" Midwest where we are all polite and respectful, unlike you East Coast assholes and West Coast hippies, the ads are absolutely horrible. The Demoncrats are big spenders who will surrender your daughters to ISIS and give your family farm to the Federal gubmint once you die cuz of that death tax and force you to get health care and kill your kids with illegals aliens who drive drunk. Those nasty Demoncrats have been fucking with you for years with their total control of all things government. Hey, dont look at your actual government, dominated by Republicans. Thats not fitting the narrative. Obama, that Marxist who has taken all your guns and raised your taxes. His blackness policies have been dictatorial. Now go vote for the Republican incumbent cuz he's such a change artist.

5 more days of this shit. At least the TV part of it. Once Hillary wins, and the Trumpers all fall into line to support America, all will be well. That is until the frustrated white working class with totally reasonable concerns about Hillary's gender policies decide to grab their muskets.

Good luck to us all. We will need it.

PS......Watch this........My Cub hating all went away..for a couple of minutes......

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

See You Next Tuesday!

Good Christ....7 days and this thing will be over....

Sid Miller, an actual elected official, an Ag Commissioner , oh he's from Texas.......tweeted that earlier today and of course blamed it on being hacked and then blamed a staffer and then of course deleted it cuz calling a woman a "cunt" probably even offends 10% of Trump's female self loathers.

Sid Miller is one of those tough talkin Texans full of shit and a walking Texas stereotype that any thinking Texan despises. So him calling the next President of the United States a "cunt" is not really stretch for Ol' Tex there.

Miller once said he wanted to slap people who said "Happy Holidays" cuz of course he loves him some Jesus and that's Jesus' birthday and shit. So if ya say "Happy Holidays" to Sidney, he may whack ya, just like his hero Jesus would do.

Sid Miller once compared human beings to rattlesnakes. Oh yeah, they were them brown Syrians and shit but still, rattlers? Refugees from Syria will bite ya just like rattlers will. Ya know, refugees. Like Jesus hated.

Sidney once said making peace with them Mooslims is one of his biggest priorities. Make peace? Ya know like his buddy Jesus would. By dropping an atom bomb on them ragheads.

Farmer Miller once used campaign funds to go to Mississippi to go to a rodeo. The bigger question may be Mississippi? But yeah, Ag Boy used campaign funds to go watch fellers rope cattle and laugh at those hilarious clowns.

Sid Miller also once went to Oklahoma to get a "Jesus shot". A shot that will take away all the pain in your life forever. I'll pause to let Jesus regain his composure and check the fucking holes in his hands. Oh by the way, Miller is so fucking stupid he let some ex-con scam him out of $300, rather scam Texas taxpayers out of $300.

So if we kick Sid Miller in the nuts now, no pain? Let Hillary give him a Jesus shot right in his grapes.

Sid Miller, an elected official in Texas y'all, also authored a bill telling women they had to have a sonogram 24 hours prior to an abortion and some doctor has to play her a tape of a heartbeat to make her feel all murder-ee and shit. This "empowers" women. Ya know, by forcing them to undergo unnecessary medical procedures in an attempt to make more little Texans.

So Sid Miller calling Hillary Clinton a "cunt" is hardly hacking or a staffer.

It's Sid Miller extraordinaire. Grasp it Sid. Take ownership. It's YOU man. Go for it.

You fat motherfucker.