Monday, November 28, 2016

Panic Button!

Its getting to be time to hit this because day after day it is becoming more and more apparent that 46% of this country elected a goddamned mad man as President. Now I understand the 46% is all concerned about their economic uncertainty and is really anxious about their blacksmith job going away in 2016. That and the fact that they are all pissed off a black man was elected in 2008 and did one helluva job with what he had to work with. The 8 years of watching that black dude made them so crazy that they ignore the fact that the Great White Dope is a fucking lunatic who may end the world and WILL end this nation soon enough.

The Kook In Chief Elect is such a thin skinned child that he now just makes shit up about wining the popular vote IF you deduct the "millions" of votes cast illegally. Of course "millions" of "illegal" votes simply means the votes of blacks and Hispanics and others that the cheating Republicans couldn't suppress. So get ready Dying America, that claim of the Asshole in Chief Elect is the first salvo in the coming charge to suppress the vote even more. When you have a fucking Nazi as your adviser, a man who has said he wants only property owners to be able to vote, and a flat out bigot with only two K's in his name who has spent most of his miserable life running all over the country writing laws to empower white men and make red states bleed redder, it doesnt take a room temp IQ Trumper to figure it out. The electoral vote is fixed by the fear voting of white people about to get royally fucked. Next up, the popular vote.

The Psychopath In Chief Elect is becoming more unhinged by the day. So wounded by the fact 54% of this country said fuck you to him is really getting under his thin skin.

Prove that voter fraud didnt happen to deprive the Cuckoo Bird in Chief Elect of his "win". This is his latest rant. Prove I didnt win! I won! Prove I didnt!

Well prove you aren't a deranged maniac then Herr Trump!

This man is a danger. Hit that fucking panic button in any way you can. This man, his handlers, his minions, his loony bin supporters cannot be normalized.


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Steven Lingard said...

I have a feeling you may be correct!