Saturday, November 19, 2016

Wake Me Up!

Protesting Trump is as about as American as you can get. Now I know the lynch mob that is in charge now thinks that protesting is all anti-American now that they perceive of the Great White Fascist America they believe they have created. They never protested when that Halfrican Obama won in 2008 and again in 2012. We just accepted and moved on. Yeah sure ya did.

Getting into the streets and stopping this fascist takeover is the only way to stop it. Oh Max's Dad, everything will be ok. We have survived guys like this before. No we havent. Me being a white male may skew this thing a bit, as I know minorities and gays and women have ALWAYS lived under this type of fascist bullshit, but progress was being made. Chrissakes, gay marriage is legal. Black Lives Matter was making a lot of us think disrespectful murderous cops are a big problem. A woman won the Presidency by getting 2-3 million more votes than a fascist reality show clown. HUH???

So I fear a coming complacency. This anti-Trump movement will peter out as daily lives begin to take hold again. And this ignorant vessel of Beelzebub that white working class Americans put into office will be molded like Silly Putin Putty and a white nationalist government of evil pricks will become just the way it is.

So stay out there. I'm with ya when I can find a red state protest to attend.

This NOT happening!

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