Sunday, August 14, 2011

Next Year He's Going To Nathans!

Congratulations to Congressnut Michele Bachmann on paying enough overweight Iowans to vote for her in Saturday's straw poll.

To celebrate, Marcus Bachmann decided to give in to his natural urges.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ben Nelson For Senate?

I never thought anything or anybody could get me to vote for Ben Nelson. But, folks, this is the tool who would replace Ben Nelson in the Senate. Jon Bruning is the Republican Attorney General of this state and he wants to unseat Nelson for being a commie socialist. Hey, Bruning made Ben Nelson look like Steve King (Moron-Ia) back when he was a young law student at the University of Nebraska back in the 1980's with his pro-choiceyness and his liberaliness and stuff. But Bruning soon figured the road to political success in this state, at least the part of the state anywhere west of Lincoln's airport where the genetic Republicans breed, was to get all pro-lifey and anti-homoey and stuff. So he did, and won by default the Attorney General's job which is controlled by the Repugs ever since some colored guy Democrat somehow took it over back in the 1990's for a short period of time and got the Republicans in the West all scared he was gonna let all his thug buddies out of jail and come rape their daughters Tomasina Osborne and probably Roberta Devaney too.

Bruning is the guy who once proclaimed he was against gay marriage because the next thing you'd see is some guy "marrying his chair". Yes, that's a quote from this turd burger , but after listening to that idiot speak in the above video, that wouldn't surprise anybody.

Before you ask, yes we do make people of questionable intelligence wear red shirts with an N somewhere on them in this state. The N stands for NUT. That's so you can tell where they are at all times. This state has about a million and a half of these "nuts" walking around at any moment. You see them all over. It's almost like they're proud of being "nuts".

And one more thing about this Bruning nitwit, does anybody find it ironic he compares raccoons and welfare recipients while yapping to a bunch of welfare recipients? Here, they call them "farmers".

Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm Runnin' This Tea Party!

The classic case of the tail wagging the dog, or perhaps Flounder running the Delta House. Why are the Republicans, most of whom have been in office for years, allowing a small number of first year teabagger economic illiterates tell them what to do? I had hoped that the Boner would grow a pair and put these first year dipshits into a time out room and let them throw their tantrums alone, but he didn't and they now have won, and are drunk with power. Or perhaps drunk period. What else can explain these financial nincompoops and their stupid radio talk show caller views? These are the kind of dimwits who call into the local yokel radio show and complain that if we just cut off all furrin' aid everything would be fine. Or the infamous I gotta manage my budget, why don't Warshington argument that you hear out of that next door dope right before he charges his Disney cruise on the old Discover card.

I have to admit, never in my life have I gotten to the point of hating a group of people more than I have have gotten to hate these tea party jackoffs. They brought the country to the brink of economic collapse to get that black guy out of office. Oh yeah, I went to the race card. But teabaggers have this racism gene so far buried up their ample asses they don't even realize the sight of President Obummer (so funny everytime I hear one of them say this out loud like they just made it up) sends them rushing to wash their sheets even though they aint even dirty. They don't get it. Why I like that Herman Cain fella, they say. Right! Pizza Man has no chance of ever getting close to any kind of office. I like that Alan West. Of course you do, he's insane and the most self loathing black man I've encountered since the last time I heard Wally Williams fill in for the four times married drug addicted child molester on the radio. I forgot that guy's name. Limpblob or something. So stop even denying your disgust that a black man has inhabited the White House. You should LOVE this particular black man, teabaggers. He is so not angry, he makes me angry. The man is so middle of the road he lets himself get run over by total limpwrists like Mitch McConnell. I wish he would become angry black guy. It'd be a welcome.

The dumbest member of Congress, no not Michele Bachmann, at least this week, Steve King of Iowa (whats up with that Iowa??) went onto the floor of the House and railed against free birth control. King, who I seriously think may be mentally challenged said the following, out loud, in public, with TV cameras rolling, with his constituents watching, with his family watching, with fellow retards like Rep Louis Gomert watching, :
"They’ve called it preventative medicine. Preventative medicine. Well if you applied that preventative medicine universally what you end up with is you’ve prevented a generation. Preventing babies from being born is not medicine. That’s not— that’s not constructive to our culture and our civilization. If we let our birth rate get down below replacement rate we’re a dying civilization."

Our culture. Our civilization. You know, shhhhh, white culture. And that is the teabagger mentality. Oh all this bullshit about their kids debts and grandchildrens debt and socialism and Nobama and light bulbs and abortion comes down to one thing. Us whiteys are losing ground. To a teabagger thats unacceptable. King let it out. And King is just too stupid to keep it under wraps. I can hear the teabaggers now shrugging their shoulders and asking, "what's wrong with what King said?" Right before they hopped on the old Medicare bought scooter and headed off to the drag races.