Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Whole Lotta Dumb!

The only thing that could make this dumber is if Trump called in. Or if Gronk showed up.

Monday, January 22, 2018


I see some old man taking a tour of the White House got to sit at the big boy desk and get his picture taken with his fake phone call....oh wait, thats an actual picture released by the White House allegedly showing the Coot in Chief "working"? This IS the funniest White House ever, well anyway 2nd funniest next to that zany Nixon White House.

This government shutdown, 100% the fault of an evil triumvirate of The Racist in Chief, a shitheel named McConnell, and a punk named Ryan, goes on and on because one Stephen Miller, the white supremacist in Trump's ear, insists it go on. This appeal to the white ignorance that makes up Trump's base has no consequences for a Nazi prick like Miller how will go to the mat to show his perceived superiority to browns, women, blacks, furriners, and decent humanity.

The end of the shutdown, the #TrumpShutdown, has been held up over two things. The Democrats insist on a solution to the DACA problem, the settling of the issue in which people brought to the USA as children and know nothing else but to be American, be allowed to stay. The Republicans, led by human garbage like Miller, insist on a fucking Wall to keep Mexicans Hispanics, people from shithole countries brown people illegal aliens out. That and immigration reform which only allows white people in, and then only white people with 99% and higher Northern European DNA tests.

This total shutdown is, unlike 2013, a total shutdown. The Republicans, who have morphed into a white nationalist party over the last year 50 years, will do anything to keep The Fool In Chief in office to do their dirty work, which is pure malevolence and hateful. Turn back the clock to re establish complete white heterosexual male dominance by taking away rights from the chicks, the gays, the blacks, the browns, the Native Americans, oh sorry they have never been given anything, just taken from.

People like Mitch McConnell (Drawling Turtle-Ky) and Paul Ryan (Randian Punk-Wi) lie with such lack of effort, its not only nauseating but almost admirable. They talk of funding CHIP which they could have done 3 months ago and accuse the Democrats of hating children, They accuse the Democrats of holding the military hostage. They accuse the Democrats of everything THEY are doing, knowing a substantial portion of American morons will buy it.

Yet when Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri cities) offers up a chance to fund CHIP and pay the military by unanimous consent one Kentucky Kreep objects. This same Kentucky loggerhead, a known cheat, offers to put DACA up for a vote within 3 months, which anyone not a rube knows is a fucking lie.

So it goes on. The Clueless Debaucher in Chief continues to lumber along like a Frankenstein's monster, all 280 239 lbs of him, paying off porn stars, neglecting his son and escort wife, playing golf, sending out an unscrupulous hillbilly to lie for him, catering to a white nationalist and threatening nuclear war with a Korean version of himself.

Marching on Saturday is getting old. It's like being in your own bubble. It has accomplished nothing except catharsis. But it still needs to be done to energize us. 2018 can be ugly for the White Nationalist Party. But only if we make it that way by going to the polls.

Sunday, January 7, 2018


This "Interview' with a talking toadstool named Stephen Miller lasted over 12 minutes yet all you need to see is the last 30 seconds. Miller spent 12 minutes with Trumps dick in his mouth calling him a "genius", attacking CNN, and generally doing exactly as Tapper said, trying to please one viewer.

To those who criticize CNN or MSNBC or whoever for bring these grunting toads on are missing the point. We dont watch Fox or Fox and Friends where these ass kissing soulless creeps live and breathe, being asked questions they already have seen. We watch other networks that sane people watch. To see these liars in action is essential. They are in power and refusing to admit that is suicide. We must see them and see their idiotic spewing of Trump vomit, Nazi bile and racist dog whistles, We have to. Or we dont get angry and we dont vote.

I applaud CNN and Jake Tapper for doing this interview. This tiny con artist must be seen. It pissed me off. Im ready to get rid of these totalitarian traitors NOW. NOW!

Just remember who this miniature blockhead really is. He is a man who leaped onto a track during a high school girls track meet and outran the girls to the finish in some sort of weird attempt to prove his superiority over women or something.

This is also the itsy bitsy "man" who was thrown off a high school stage for yelling that he shouldn't have to pick up his own trash because there are plenty of janitors paid to so that for him.

Keep him out front CNN.

He is, after all, one of the most revolting human beings on the planet.

One more thing. More kudos to Jake Tapper for coming back after the break with "Welcome Back to Planet Earth".

Monday, January 1, 2018


OK America this has to be THE year to rid this nation of the filth that runs it.

Ready Set Go!