Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Some Stupid With A Flare Gun Burned The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame To The Ground!

Hey,there's a lot wrong with this world and changing it is very difficult. But one of the biggest wrongs on earth is the fact these guys are NOT in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Deep Purple is not there, folks. It's the most unbelievable thing about that place. This year's nominees include such rock icons as Eric B & Hakim. Is that a morning zoo in Kalamazoo? Guns N Roses? The Cure? Chaka Khan? Ugh!

Deep Purple was my first concert back in 1973 in Lincoln's Pershing Auditorium. When I heard the start of Highway Star back on that Friday night I was hooked. I've seen some shit since then, including many groups IN the Hall of Fame I hate. I'm not going to argue that Guns N Roses doesn't belong there, but if it's true that the reason Deep Purple can't get in is because Ritchie Blackmore is an asshole, what the hell is Axel Rose doing there? Look up that word in the dictionary and you see that headbanded Halloween masked freak's picture. I am outraged!

Come on. Deep Purple is the bomb. Still is. Who doesn't learn guitar by strumming Smoke on the Water? You think the fact Michele Bachmann won a straw poll is outrageous. Deep Purple being snubbed AGAIN is really an outrage. Disagree? HUSH!

Monday, September 26, 2011

I Want You For Class Warfare!

Class Warfare? Really? Are you guys serious this time? I'm all for it. Where do I enlist? Because I'd really like to kick that drunk Andrew Breitbart right in the franks and beans he wants 90% of us to subsist on.

Everytime you see the inevitable talk of raising tax rates on the wealthiest individuals, you hear that term "class warfare" shouted from the castle berms and repeated by the useful idiots down below who think the drawbridge will soon come down to let them in. "Class Warfare" has been waged on the middle class for about 30 years now by the castle dwellers and they are kicking our ass. They call it "trickle down". I call it pissing on me and telling me it's life sustaining water.

The class warriors from above have been destroying the middle class, destroying the unions, destroying the right to vote, destroying the right to sue negligent corporations, destroying the environment, destroying the educational system and destroying my eardrums with their media friendly bullshit for years. And it's time it stopped. It's time to fight back for once and stop being afraid the big bad job creator will ship your job to China or Vietnam just plain eliminate it and make your co worker do twice as much. I have news for you. They'd cut your throat and tell you it's elective surgery tomorrow if it made their bottom line go up a dollar. They hate you. You are a lazy, unqualified sot who steals from them by even demanding a salary. The problem is, a lot of you do their dirty work for them. I see it everyday. $30K a year Republicans, convinced they are just thissssssss far from getting that big promotion and a free ticket to the corporate skybox to see Stevie Nicks. Ha. You people. WTF.

The latest villain is Warren Buffett. The billionaire with the inexplicable want for fairness is now the subject of the talk radio cretins bile. If I hear one more of these radio faces and their listeners say "well Warren Buffett is free to write a big check to the IRS if he wants to pay more taxes" I will ask that the drawbridge be dropped right on my head cuz I can't take it anymore. It's not original, it's not clever, it's not funny and it's also not relevant to the discussion. Buffett simply wants reality when it comes to fixing this fucked up economy. Reality, the fact that the wealthy pay less of a percentage of taxes as their wealth goes up. Reality, that if you cut middle class taxes, the money gets spent and the economy prospers. Reality, that if you cut the wealthy's taxes, the money gets holed up offshore and does no good. Reality, that the wealthy being taxed 4% more is not going to make them throw up their hands and say I'm done. I quit. Right, Bill O'Reilly?

So let the warfare begin. Tax the enemy from 35 to 39%. See what happens. Carnage in the streets? Millions of deaths? Torture? Nope, a gigantic collective shrug from the rich. Like a fly has buzzed their Chablis. Kind of like they think of us now. Flies. Stop letting ourselves get swatted and start biting back.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Why You Little........!!!!!

Oh it's been a long month, a long year, a long two years. Selling a house is a bitch, especially when you have incompetents, including me, running the show. But it's done. Thanks, Bush and you Republicans for fucking up the economy and pretty much forcing us to give the damn house away. Anyway, enough of my personal pissing and moaning. Onward.

I just keep getting angry. These Republican nincompoops running for President are bad enough with their ass kissing and flip flopping and desire to suck up to the dregs of society,otherwise known as the teabaggers. I hate to sound like a one note Max's Dad here by continually harping on these pricks, but it has to be done or my head is going to explode and turn this state even redder than it already is.

Look, the candidates running for the nomination of that party of privilege are all a bit off. Whether it be the wild eyed craziness of Michele Bachmann or the lack of principles of Mittens Romney or the shucks y'all Bushit of Rick Perry or the froth spewing from a body opening of Rick Santorum (dont google him)or the philandering pablum of Newt Gingrich or the house boy capitalism of Herman Cain or the who the hell is that Limbaugh spouting Gary Johnson or the suddenly seems sane compared to the rest of them but still right wing crap of Jon Huntsman it still doesn't even compare to the mouth breathers whom they drop to their knees for. The Tea Party.

Late in August while running through a park here in Omaha, I wandered upon the Tea Party Express parked in a gravel lot. There were vendors selling borderline racist bumper stickers and t shirts to the lawn chair sitting blue hairs who drove the Buick down to listen to the "wisdom" of these scam artists. I stopped to listen, inevitably wandering over to the 6 or so protesters and asking if this was the "cool" section. Onstage, yacking to the government subsidized oldsters who applauded any time one of them said "one term president" were a group of folks who one by one, took the stage to holler about debt ceilings and deficits and socialism (how ironic that 3/4 of these idiots were on Medicare and Socialism Security) children and grandchildren and oh yeah, to proclaim over and over and over and over they were not racists. Geez, who said ya were, guy with the Obama as an African chief T shirt. Hey, if you say that you are not something after nobody accused you of being it, like when Larry Craig said he wasn't gay after nobody said he was, then you are. Well when the third straight blabberer started off by saying she wasn't a racist, I ran off before I called her a fat cracker.

I used to think these teabaggers were misinformed, talk show brainwashed, or just plain stupid. But after the last three Republican "debates", I am convinced they are all three. And also black hearted sociopaths.

Three debates back when Bush Junior, Rick Perry, was asked about his sleeping habits after whacking more humans legally than any other person in US history, the audience of souless cro magnons cheered wildly. Ok, they don't like murderers, who does? But killing them, guilty or not, is a-ok with this bunch. Yeah, fry 'em. ok, teabaggers, now shut up and go to church were you can get erections at the sight of your lord and savior being executed.

Two debates back, when Ron Paul the Anarchist was being asked if he would let an uninsured person die rather than give government help, horned devils in the teabag audience hollered Yeah! Nice. This was THE most appalling thing I have ever seen in American politics, and I've seen a lot. Pat Buchanan's 1992 cross dressing Nuremberg speech. Ronnie Reagan the Saint honoring SS soldiers at Bitburg. Our own Governor Mini Me Heineman vetoing Medicaid funds for pregnant women because they may be illegal right before he signed some bullshit abortion law cuz he's so pro-life. APPALLING all but nothing like that audience sheering a hypothetical death due to lack of funds.

And then last night. The BOOING of a gay soldier for daring to ask the obvious question of Man on Dog Santorum (dont google) if he would repeal DADT. BOOING? A soldier? Your precious military men? BOOING a guy who has risked it all so you fucking morons can go and act like chimps? Fuck you Tea Party. I really can't say it any other way. May you all rot in hell you compassionless assclowns. And yeah I know there's no hell other than being in the same area as these assholes bu they don't. Little do they know that the only devil that exists is right there inside of them.