Sunday, February 28, 2016

2015 In Film!

Oscar time. Leonardo DiCaprio is the biggest lock since Jeb Bush! to win an Oscar and we all get to watch. Yippee.

Anyway, movies are my hobby, well since I stopped ruining my knees by running around with crowds of people who pretend they like this "hobby". Her are my Top Ten for 2015:

10) Tomorrowland--

Lots of people missed the boat on this one. Oh yeah, an overblown Disney creation with George Clooney. But that wasnt really that bad a thing. This time. The message was very Feel The Bern in fact. We are destroying ourselves. Please stop.

9) Phoenix--

This is Austrian. It's in German. You have to read. But it's actually one of the best Hitchcock movies since he died years ago. Con job by all characters going on. A survivor of the Holocaust returns. What happens during this mystery is captivating. The ending is fantastic. And it's free on netflix.

8) Brooklyn--

Saoirse Ronan is one of the best actresses out there. If you can ever figure out how to pronounce that first name, please tell me. But this tale of an shy Irish girl immigrating to 1950's Brooklyn and then going home again is really captivating. Think a lot of Mad Men combined with old fashioned love story. It's great.

7) Creed--

It's basically Rocky 6 with a fresh set of eyes. Throwing a bone to Ryan Coogler and Michael B Jordan for Oscar nominations would have been really nice. And really deserved. This tale of an old Rocky Balboa and a young Creed is really a 2016 version of the original film. And is makes one realize how wonderful the original was. So is this.

6) Steve Jobs---

Michael Fassbender is beyond great in this tale of the innovator of the 20th century. But the underrated delight here was really an unrecognizable Kate Winslet. She keeps this thing together. The glue. I hope she wins for it. And Jeff Daniels sure can play that Will McAvoy well.

5) The Stanford Prison Experiment

Featuring an array of the best young male actors out there, this film about that 1970 experiment where students were made inmates or guards in a psychology study at Stanford had to be sought out at the local art theater. But if you took the trouble, it was well worth it. Man follows orders or abuses power they suddenly have. Period. Experiment over.

4) Sicario--

Wow. That's all I can say. Emily Blunt is an idealistic cop and Benicio Del Toro is bent on revenge. This clash is thrilling from beginning to end. If I had to watch a 2015 movie again, this would probably be my first choice. Just the one shot of a caravan of SUV's flying thru the streets of Juarez is a film geeks delight. Benicio was every bit as good here as he was in Traffic. He was robbed of a nomination.

3) Me And Earl And The Dying Girl--

Now we are onto my Top 3. Movies that move me win all the time. If I feel inspired, or saddened, or feel anything, I think its not been a waste of time. This tiny film about exactly what the title implies made me laugh and cry. It did its job. Very well.

2) Inside Out--

If you don't start crying at the end of this Pixar classic when Riley comes home, you have no heart. If you don't cry when Bing Bong fades away, well you have no heart. The fading away of childhood is something we all experience, unfortunately. This captures it perfectly.

1) Room--

An hour in a room as a captive. Another hour in the real world trying to get over it. That's this movie. Brie Larson as Ma was kidnapped as teen by a bad guy and kept in a room as a sex slave. When Jack comes along a result, they grow up together. In a Room. Eventually they escape. And try to cope. And if you don't cry when Jack escapes and helps free Ma and they are reunited, well you have no hope and enjoy voting for Trump or Cruz.

I loved this film. 9 year old Jacob Tremblay as Jack is so goddamn good you can't believe this kid was 9? Not only a classic child acting performance but maybe the best acting performance of 2015 period. Brie Larson will win the Oscar for this movie I am sure. It's just a shame young Jacob won't also.

Other films I liked in 2015

Bridge of Spies-- Hanks and Spielberg
Slow West--Michael Fassbender in a western
The Danish Girl-- Eddie Redmayne is one brave actor
Black Panthers-- hey, they really weren't that scary
MacBeth-- Michael Fassbender and Marion Cottilard do Shakespeare
Ex Machina--who is this Alicia Vikander? You'll know
Spotlight--Its probably gonna win the Best Picture
The Big Short--it was fine, but it didn't move me as much as it should have
Mad Max-- two hours of mayhem, if I was forced to watch something after Sicario, this may be it
Trainwreck--Amy Schumer is hilarious. So is Jon Sena
The Gift-- very clever thriller
Love and Mercy-- hey, Paul Dano can really act. Who'd have known?
Spy--Hey Jason Statham gets it. Who'd have known?
The Man from Uncle-- Best Bond movie of the year. Who is this Alicia Vikander again? you'll know

And finally the Worst Movie I Saw in 2015

God how I hated Jurassic World. You have to be kidding me. Chris Pratt as an action hero? Nope. Absolutely awful.


Sunday, February 21, 2016

Evil, Eviler, Evilest!

Geezus this is my dream. The self destruction of a political party I have abhorred since I reached the age of reason in about 1972 or so when I decided Dick Nixon was the most evil man ever created. Of course now, Dick Nixon is a guy who would have dropped out of the Republican primary cuz he isn't hateful and dishonest enough. This 2016 Republican party is being run by the inmates and the administration of the asylum are desperately attempting to get a hold on their own version of Attica. "Respectable" Republicans like Mittens Von Romney are out to save this party from the inevitable loss that's coming by endorsing the perceived least objectionable loser in the robotic lazy man, Marco Rubio. Rubio is cute, dumb, and will appeal to uhhhhhh, I'm not really sure. Rubio is that guy who says something dumb, but you don't get angry, you just pet him on the head as he chugs a bottle of water and say, ahhhhhh thats so cute.

This party is beginning to panic. They have the white bigot vote locked up, always have, but in the past it was always a hand picked corporate stooge with a story of either bravery (McCain,Dole,Bush I,Ike), of pragmatism (Romney, Bush 2) or of white revolt back when the demographics were there for the exploiting (Reagan, Nixon). Now its white revolt again, but the demo is gone, and it has gone crazy. Like someone called a racist or bigot or a creep so many times they actually let it out and become what they are (kind of like they would deny others), these jackoffs are now loud and proud. The powers that be are sweating. They are faced with a potential nominee who can be whatever it is the adoring crowd wants him to be or a another potential nominee with a personality so grating that even the big wigs can't stand him. That leaves Rubio. A truly dumb man with a drinking problem. But he's not a carnival barker or an asshole. Yeah yeah we can work with this.

Meanwhile Trump continues to get closer and closer to his own worst nightmare. The nomination he does not want. There is no doubt in my mind this
reality show host got in this to feed his own ego and get some free pub and make some money. And now, no matter what he says, or does, or tries, he can't get out. Criticize the Pope, no hit. Insult everybody, women, Hispanics, blacks, Muslims, Republican royalty, and he can't self destruct his way out of this. He is fucking winning. And he can't stop. As much as Trump tries, he can't lose. If he came out at a rally in a KKK hood, his numbers would rise. If he actually did say he wanted to screw his daughter, his numbers would go up. Trump is trying to lose, at least subconsciously, but he can't do it. Now in Trump's own diseased mind, this is proof positive that he is the biggest winnahhhh evahhhhh and everybody else is a loozerrrr. A gigantic war is raging in Trump's brain between his intelligence and his ego. The intelligence part tells him this is nuts, you're out of your league here, you need to get out. The ego part is telling him how much he is loved and admired. What's a con man to do?

The Republicans are in a quandary. They wanted Jeb, or Kasich, or even a second run by Mittens. They wanted Republican respectability to be their legacy in 2016. They know they are going to lose because of those pesky demos, unless they can cheat of course, but never can they be ashamed of their choice. But now, wooooooo, the white trash has taken over. The country club has been infiltrated by the help. What's a Republican to do?

Go with the cute guy, the help of course, but a guy they can manipulate. At least till they get hammered by the chick or the commie.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Harper Lee!

Harper Lee died yesterday. That is the story of the week. The death of a woman who said what she had to say long before anyone else had the balls to say it and then stopped (forget that money grab of as "sequel" that sent so many people into apoplexy).

To remember Harper Lee as one of the more courageous white Americans ever is not stretching it. Hey watch this and not feel moved. Yeah yeah it's a movie, but Harper Lee was the one who wrote this in 1960. 1960. Before everyone suddenly got nutsacks and went south and wrecked that wretched system the Ted Cruz's of the world look back at fondly.

Written before the little girls were murdered in the 16th Street Baptist Church, before the Bull Connor police riots , before Schwerner, Chaney and Goodman were buried in a dam, before Selma, before John Lewis was beaten to a pulp, before the Freedom Riders bus was burned, before Medgar Evers was gunned down by another Dixie coward, before Jimmie Lee Jackson was murdered sheltering his mother from racist cops, before Viola Liuzzo was murdered by KKK chickenshits, before Oneal Moore, a police officer, was murdered by white men who refused to respect him and before the Reverend James Reeb was beaten to death for being a white minister devoted to the cause of equality. Harper Lee wrote about all of this before it even happened. And for this reason, this woman should be the one lying in state in Washington DC alongside a man who would have dismantled all she helped change. Ya know, again, fuck that guy.

I know its all hip to say To Kill A Mockingbird is the best book you ever read. That it changed your life. That it is the most important book of the 20th century. But, dammit, sometimes the overblown hype and windy bullshit you have to endure is worth it. I know one helluva lot of people are full of crap when it comes to this book. But others are not. And those are the ones that make the eye rolling on the rest of them necessary. This IS the book of the 20th century. Because again, Harper Lee wasn't some Johnny Come Lately to an issue America at one time seemed so ashamed of, but now wants to embrace it as nostalgia and the good old days, she had foresight the majority refused to see. But like Rosa Parks, she deserves to be remembered.

When people like Harper Lee, or MLK, or Malcolm X, or Rosa Parks, or Thurgood Marshall die, their lives need to be honored.

What a man does for others, not what they do for him, gives him immortality...Daniel Webster

Yeah Harper Lee, what he said.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Senate Day Care!

Is it racism that makes Republicans believe that President Obama is the little child who must be looked after and allowed only to do what they want? You are absolutely goddam right it is. These Republican pricks, cheered on by a gang of white trash intent on calling the corporate stooge that Obama actually is, a commie., a socialist, a Marxist, a terrorist, and worse things not said in public, think they have a line on him. But they really don't. That is, if the people who actually voted for the guy would rise up out of the easy chairs and let these Republican hooligans know what it is.

Look, the loudmouths who make up about 25% of this country, the ones who really have no idea what they are talking about, the ones buoyed on by the flaming tire fire called talk radio, are a small minority. But their collective voices, and their easy access to guns, and of course their blatant bigotry, make a lot of fucking noise. This scares these Republican phonies, none of whom give a shite about the nation. These Republican pricks, all of whom are concerned with their next money making scheme only, need to be destroyed. And by destroyed I mean thrown the hell out of office in the 2016 election.

When the Republicans nominate a talk show host, or a foreign operative, or a jug eared punk, the Democrats and Indies need to vote and vote often (see I threw that in for the racists who make up State Secretaries of State who want only white men to vote). To vote is to have power, and the power is ours. If voting turnout is high, these jackoffs lose the Presidency, the Senate and possibly the House, which is so rigged even Wall Street goes whoaaaaa that's rigged.

So get out there. I don't care if you vote for Bernie, or Hillary or hold out for O'Malley for some weird reason. Just do it. And when Hillary wins the nomination , be pissed for a couple of weeks and then get out there, hold your nose, and tell these Republicans you are going to proverbially Benghazi their asses. It'll drive em nuts. Also tell them you are tired of hearing about her damn e mails. That makes em crazy too. And then repeat the Chris Rock line about the economy was so great under Bill Clinton there should have been a line out the door to give him a blowjob. That really drives em nuts.

When the next saint, Saint Scalia, was smothered by either Obama thugs, or Hillary goons, or by God himself, the racist right lot their minds again, a weekly thing. Scalia was a neanderthal, pure and simple, with his 1783 view of the world, his calling voting an "entitlement", at least for minorities, his comparison of gay rights to "flagpole sitting" (oh once a frat boy always a frat boy), his denial of global warming (How DARE you sir correct me cuz I am a 10 year old st heart)), chrissakes, there are so many 18th century statements this alleged genius of the law came up with it is baffling he lived to be 79, as you would have thought one of those cure all bloodlettings would have killed him long ago.

So Mister President, nominate somebody for this clown's seat soon, drive them all crazy, let the black out. Like you did here.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Step Right Up!

Apparently the Republican lurch into Wrestlemania has now taken an even bigger lurch as even the crowd of screeching goats that make up the audience decided to start hollering and booing and acting like a gang of boors much like their candidates. That display of buffoonery last night in South Carolina was in my mind, disgraceful. With a stage filled with 4 children, an adult and a sleepwalker, this crowd of well dressed rednecks decided to boo and screech and roll their eyes back in to their head whenever somebody not to their liking tried to speak. Now I am not a fan of PDA's (Public Displays of Asshole-ery) and thus this 2 hour version of American politics was particularly painful, like being punched in the brain by some meathead.

When Donald Trump makes sense and states the first facts of his campaign and a crowd full of snake handlers boo lustily I can only wonder what have we become? When a moderator weakly calls out a Canadian interloper onstage for lying and a crowd of Noah fans screams for his head, oh not the lying Canadian but the moderator stating facts, what have we become? It is South Carolina, the place that decided to start the treason in 1861, so perhaps I can cut it some slack for the genetic mutation that permeates that state, but booing facts?

When a robotic like jug eared pretty boy continually thinks he's running against a guy leaving office, and gets into a I speak Spanish and you don't tiff with a Canadian, while standing between a well know bigot, what the hell is going on?

When a dullard named Bush seems more worried about what his Mommy will think than what matters and gets accused of wanting to moon a crowd by a carnival barker, all he can do is drop his jaw and look perplexed, what the hell have we become? Of course, the proper reaction would have been to drop his mike and go over and beat the shit out of the reality show host right there, but again, what would Mommy think?

When the adult in the room, the esteemed Goldman Sachs killer, and current Governor of Ohio, seems unable to reason with the day care, despite being a right wing kook himself, what is going on?

When the sleepy doc makes up some quote from Joe Stalin, and starts a twitter hashtag (#AsStalinOnceSaid) and is so out of it nobody even cares, what is going on?

The Republicans have become a WWE sideshow. It is to be expected when the front runner is a guy most comfortable pretending to be what he isn't and the others are befuddled by the crowd he draws. The Republicans have become a circus of tight rope walkers and creepy clowns. Good lord, I dont wanna hear that party of Abe Lincoln bullshit any longer. Even the corpse of Reagan, ass kissed by a certain programmed computer with a mouth, would be ready to say wellllllll, what the fuck, I'm outta here.

It's a circus, folks. Where's PETA when you need them?

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


What more can be said? As I speak the reality show host is onstage claiming unemployment is 42%. Coincidentally 42 is also the average IQ of his supporters.

What the fuck?

Monday, February 8, 2016

Another Stupor Bowl!

Can Newton is a poor sport. He's a baby, a sore loser, a dancing fool. and a crybaby. Did you see him get up and leave the press conference after the game? Geez, he wouldn't even answer the stupid fucking questions of a pack of jackals living off expense accounts and being half drunk. Wow, that Cam Newton is sure a bastard.

Then we have Peyton Manning, the golden boy, the wily old veteran ready to go out on top. What a class act. Peyton has been nothing but classy throughout his illustrious career despite sounding like a cross between Huckleberry Hound and Forrest Gump. Peyton won the Super Bowl in probably his last at bat. Oh celebrate America, the All American boy has gone out on top.

All of this is of course 100% unadulterated bullshit.

Peyton Manning went out like the whore he is. Kissing a right wing drunk named Papa John and then shilling for a brand of horse piss that comes straight from the urinary system of a Clydesdale. Manning, instead of enjoying his moment of glory thanks to the Denver defense, decided to come off as a pitchman and a flipping carnival barker. I am surprised he didn't sing that fucking Nationwide jingle "Nationwide is your best defense" while accepting that trophy. Yep, he's your hero, America. Just don't tell the truth about him, or he'll send his goons after you.

Hey, I have no skin in this game, I hate both of these teams. Denver Broncos fans are piss bomb throwing baboons who enrich the husband of a plastic faced woman who has no idea what football even is. Carolina Panthers fans all look like some mullet wearing bounty hunter swilling shine out of a mason jar. So I really couldn't have cared less who won that overblown shitfest. The highlight of my Super Bowl day was watching a 30 for 30 about the greatest team ever, the 1985 Chicago Bears, being appalled by a puppymonkeybaby, or pumping my fist for Beyonce's tribute to the Carolina Black Panthers. So that boring ass game didn't matter to me.

However, the different reactions to Cam Newton's hissy fit and Peyton Manning's whoring drive me crazy. What possibly could be the difference between an angry young quarterback and a 39 year old ho? Hmmmmm, I wonder.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Rubio Blows A Gasket!

The Republican hierarchy, stunned by the popularity of a loudmouthed reality show host who says out loud what they say in private, and by the win in Iowa by a slimy Canadian nobody likes, panicked early to jump and thrust forward a candidate clearly not ready for the limelight. A Senator from Florida with a shady story and a thirst for well, water. Marco Rubio, a young looking dope who will clearly win over the classy Republicans and put that Republican trailer trash back in their place. Rubio, baby! He's the man who will carry them to a crushing defeat in November but, like Romney before him, will lose and look good at it. Not like those other two lumps, who will go down hollering like louts and embarrass the entire party.

This is the Republican way. Cater to the unwashed morons, solidify their votes, and then move on with a guy comfortable at the cigar bar and at the cocktail parties. Rubio is all they have. Cute, young, somewhat articulate, and not somebody who calls everyone else a loooozer or repels his own family.

Only one problem. Rubio is not only a dope, he's also a wimp. Faced with a bully named Chris, Rubio attempted to fend off the bullies taunts with a canned speech so utterly devoid of logic you'd have thought it was written in 1967 by Jerry Garcia. Rubio not only cowered in the corner as Chris attacked, he damn near started crying. In fact his head almost exploded, like a motherboard in his head went out. You could almost see the smoke coming out of his ears. In fact, he'd have been better off to tell Chris to bite his shiny metal ass. But he didn't. Back to the anti-Obama America is great bullshit over and over while Chris called him out on it.

Rubio may actually still win the nomination of this pathetic party, because quite frankly, they have nothing else. But Rubio, when faced with experience and confidence, will fold. Drink a lot of bottled water, but fold.

Jesus, Republicans. I used to think that Kasich was your only hope. But now I'm throwing in the aforementioned bully into the mix. Not the reality show host, who pays people to bully for him, but the guy from Jersey. For chrissakes, if a guy who gets into bumfights with teachers, and closes bridges just to be a prick, takes down your guy that fucking easy what have you got?

Rubio-bot. 2016! Is it too late to get Romney back in this thing?

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Round One!

Well this is what we have come to, as usual. While 70-80% of the young uns broke for Bernie Sanders on Monday night in Iowa, the Clinton machine brought out the Buicks and the Town Cars and the olds fell into lockstep with the chosen candidate of the establishment and she on by a margin that was razor thin. I guess it depends on the definition of razor thin because whenever you get an actual process to pick the leader of the sort of free world relying on such scientific methods as flipping a fucking coin, you understand it is a flawed process.

Iowa is done and another worthless state takes over the spotlight. New Hampshire. Great. How did this happen? Oh fuck it, its the way it is and the rigged game rolls on.

Hillary Clinton, the chosen one of the Wasserman Schultz's and other Democratic weasels content with talking a good game while quietly accepting the bribesPAC money, after one goddamn caucus, has 362 delegates bought pledged to her though she bafrely won that one caucus. You know that rigged economic system Bernie talks about? Well it isn't half the rigged game the apparent coronation of Hillary Rodham Clinton is gearing up to be. 362 "super delegates"? These are the assholes who after you've waited in line for hours to get into a rally to see the President are sitting up front cuz they got let in the back door because they are so super. Hey don't get me wrong, I will be there with the other olds caucusing for Hillary on March 5th here in Nebraska. Oh no I won't, I'll be over with the people who aren't content with the same old shit and fighting for my fellow old guy, Bernie Sanders.

The complicit media, declaring Hillary a winner and content with doing the dirty work of calling Bernie a Bolshevik, moves onward with the story the they want. The woman against the creep. whether he be a creepy Canadian a creepy reality show host, or a creepy thirst dog. While MSNBC shills for Hills and their host of so called libs gladly point out the word "socialist"in all its stupid misinformed glory, Bernie Sanders rolls on in the mile after starting a half mile behind. I'm with ya my man Bernie. Right up to the time I hold my nose and mark the circle next to Hillary Clinton's name in November because the alternative is pure unadulterated evil.

On the other side, the Republicans just get worse and worse. The evangelical trolls who dominate Iowa Republican caucuses decided the reality show host wasn't quite as bad as the weirdo from Calgary, Rafael Tedward Cruz, the man everyone hates. The Dr Seuss quoting bomb thrower who sounds like a cross between Peter Lorre and that slithering Wisconsin lawyer, Ken Kratz, is so utterly bad that Iowa Republicans stuck a giant rod up his ass and destroyed his chances because thats what Iowa Republicans do. Pick losers.

76% of Iowa Republicans said fuck you to the reality show host and 77% said fuck you to the lapping Chihuahua Marco Rubio. Hell, 72% said fuck you to that blood sucking Canadian.

So what can be made of all this Iowa nonsense?

As usual, nothing.