Sunday, February 7, 2016

Rubio Blows A Gasket!

The Republican hierarchy, stunned by the popularity of a loudmouthed reality show host who says out loud what they say in private, and by the win in Iowa by a slimy Canadian nobody likes, panicked early to jump and thrust forward a candidate clearly not ready for the limelight. A Senator from Florida with a shady story and a thirst for well, water. Marco Rubio, a young looking dope who will clearly win over the classy Republicans and put that Republican trailer trash back in their place. Rubio, baby! He's the man who will carry them to a crushing defeat in November but, like Romney before him, will lose and look good at it. Not like those other two lumps, who will go down hollering like louts and embarrass the entire party.

This is the Republican way. Cater to the unwashed morons, solidify their votes, and then move on with a guy comfortable at the cigar bar and at the cocktail parties. Rubio is all they have. Cute, young, somewhat articulate, and not somebody who calls everyone else a loooozer or repels his own family.

Only one problem. Rubio is not only a dope, he's also a wimp. Faced with a bully named Chris, Rubio attempted to fend off the bullies taunts with a canned speech so utterly devoid of logic you'd have thought it was written in 1967 by Jerry Garcia. Rubio not only cowered in the corner as Chris attacked, he damn near started crying. In fact his head almost exploded, like a motherboard in his head went out. You could almost see the smoke coming out of his ears. In fact, he'd have been better off to tell Chris to bite his shiny metal ass. But he didn't. Back to the anti-Obama America is great bullshit over and over while Chris called him out on it.

Rubio may actually still win the nomination of this pathetic party, because quite frankly, they have nothing else. But Rubio, when faced with experience and confidence, will fold. Drink a lot of bottled water, but fold.

Jesus, Republicans. I used to think that Kasich was your only hope. But now I'm throwing in the aforementioned bully into the mix. Not the reality show host, who pays people to bully for him, but the guy from Jersey. For chrissakes, if a guy who gets into bumfights with teachers, and closes bridges just to be a prick, takes down your guy that fucking easy what have you got?

Rubio-bot. 2016! Is it too late to get Romney back in this thing?


Jerry Critter said...

Rubio is definitely a light weight with a weak coaching staff. He was unprepared for an attach that Christie had telegraphed from miles away. He would be destroyed in a presidential debate were he to make it there.

Max's Dad said...

Yes, he is definitely Quayle 2016