Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Round One!

Well this is what we have come to, as usual. While 70-80% of the young uns broke for Bernie Sanders on Monday night in Iowa, the Clinton machine brought out the Buicks and the Town Cars and the olds fell into lockstep with the chosen candidate of the establishment and she on by a margin that was razor thin. I guess it depends on the definition of razor thin because whenever you get an actual process to pick the leader of the sort of free world relying on such scientific methods as flipping a fucking coin, you understand it is a flawed process.

Iowa is done and another worthless state takes over the spotlight. New Hampshire. Great. How did this happen? Oh fuck it, its the way it is and the rigged game rolls on.

Hillary Clinton, the chosen one of the Wasserman Schultz's and other Democratic weasels content with talking a good game while quietly accepting the bribesPAC money, after one goddamn caucus, has 362 delegates bought pledged to her though she bafrely won that one caucus. You know that rigged economic system Bernie talks about? Well it isn't half the rigged game the apparent coronation of Hillary Rodham Clinton is gearing up to be. 362 "super delegates"? These are the assholes who after you've waited in line for hours to get into a rally to see the President are sitting up front cuz they got let in the back door because they are so super. Hey don't get me wrong, I will be there with the other olds caucusing for Hillary on March 5th here in Nebraska. Oh no I won't, I'll be over with the people who aren't content with the same old shit and fighting for my fellow old guy, Bernie Sanders.

The complicit media, declaring Hillary a winner and content with doing the dirty work of calling Bernie a Bolshevik, moves onward with the story the they want. The woman against the creep. whether he be a creepy Canadian a creepy reality show host, or a creepy thirst dog. While MSNBC shills for Hills and their host of so called libs gladly point out the word "socialist"in all its stupid misinformed glory, Bernie Sanders rolls on in the mile after starting a half mile behind. I'm with ya my man Bernie. Right up to the time I hold my nose and mark the circle next to Hillary Clinton's name in November because the alternative is pure unadulterated evil.

On the other side, the Republicans just get worse and worse. The evangelical trolls who dominate Iowa Republican caucuses decided the reality show host wasn't quite as bad as the weirdo from Calgary, Rafael Tedward Cruz, the man everyone hates. The Dr Seuss quoting bomb thrower who sounds like a cross between Peter Lorre and that slithering Wisconsin lawyer, Ken Kratz, is so utterly bad that Iowa Republicans stuck a giant rod up his ass and destroyed his chances because thats what Iowa Republicans do. Pick losers.

76% of Iowa Republicans said fuck you to the reality show host and 77% said fuck you to the lapping Chihuahua Marco Rubio. Hell, 72% said fuck you to that blood sucking Canadian.

So what can be made of all this Iowa nonsense?

As usual, nothing.

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