Thursday, February 18, 2016

Senate Day Care!

Is it racism that makes Republicans believe that President Obama is the little child who must be looked after and allowed only to do what they want? You are absolutely goddam right it is. These Republican pricks, cheered on by a gang of white trash intent on calling the corporate stooge that Obama actually is, a commie., a socialist, a Marxist, a terrorist, and worse things not said in public, think they have a line on him. But they really don't. That is, if the people who actually voted for the guy would rise up out of the easy chairs and let these Republican hooligans know what it is.

Look, the loudmouths who make up about 25% of this country, the ones who really have no idea what they are talking about, the ones buoyed on by the flaming tire fire called talk radio, are a small minority. But their collective voices, and their easy access to guns, and of course their blatant bigotry, make a lot of fucking noise. This scares these Republican phonies, none of whom give a shite about the nation. These Republican pricks, all of whom are concerned with their next money making scheme only, need to be destroyed. And by destroyed I mean thrown the hell out of office in the 2016 election.

When the Republicans nominate a talk show host, or a foreign operative, or a jug eared punk, the Democrats and Indies need to vote and vote often (see I threw that in for the racists who make up State Secretaries of State who want only white men to vote). To vote is to have power, and the power is ours. If voting turnout is high, these jackoffs lose the Presidency, the Senate and possibly the House, which is so rigged even Wall Street goes whoaaaaa that's rigged.

So get out there. I don't care if you vote for Bernie, or Hillary or hold out for O'Malley for some weird reason. Just do it. And when Hillary wins the nomination , be pissed for a couple of weeks and then get out there, hold your nose, and tell these Republicans you are going to proverbially Benghazi their asses. It'll drive em nuts. Also tell them you are tired of hearing about her damn e mails. That makes em crazy too. And then repeat the Chris Rock line about the economy was so great under Bill Clinton there should have been a line out the door to give him a blowjob. That really drives em nuts.

When the next saint, Saint Scalia, was smothered by either Obama thugs, or Hillary goons, or by God himself, the racist right lot their minds again, a weekly thing. Scalia was a neanderthal, pure and simple, with his 1783 view of the world, his calling voting an "entitlement", at least for minorities, his comparison of gay rights to "flagpole sitting" (oh once a frat boy always a frat boy), his denial of global warming (How DARE you sir correct me cuz I am a 10 year old st heart)), chrissakes, there are so many 18th century statements this alleged genius of the law came up with it is baffling he lived to be 79, as you would have thought one of those cure all bloodlettings would have killed him long ago.

So Mister President, nominate somebody for this clown's seat soon, drive them all crazy, let the black out. Like you did here.

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