Sunday, February 21, 2016

Evil, Eviler, Evilest!

Geezus this is my dream. The self destruction of a political party I have abhorred since I reached the age of reason in about 1972 or so when I decided Dick Nixon was the most evil man ever created. Of course now, Dick Nixon is a guy who would have dropped out of the Republican primary cuz he isn't hateful and dishonest enough. This 2016 Republican party is being run by the inmates and the administration of the asylum are desperately attempting to get a hold on their own version of Attica. "Respectable" Republicans like Mittens Von Romney are out to save this party from the inevitable loss that's coming by endorsing the perceived least objectionable loser in the robotic lazy man, Marco Rubio. Rubio is cute, dumb, and will appeal to uhhhhhh, I'm not really sure. Rubio is that guy who says something dumb, but you don't get angry, you just pet him on the head as he chugs a bottle of water and say, ahhhhhh thats so cute.

This party is beginning to panic. They have the white bigot vote locked up, always have, but in the past it was always a hand picked corporate stooge with a story of either bravery (McCain,Dole,Bush I,Ike), of pragmatism (Romney, Bush 2) or of white revolt back when the demographics were there for the exploiting (Reagan, Nixon). Now its white revolt again, but the demo is gone, and it has gone crazy. Like someone called a racist or bigot or a creep so many times they actually let it out and become what they are (kind of like they would deny others), these jackoffs are now loud and proud. The powers that be are sweating. They are faced with a potential nominee who can be whatever it is the adoring crowd wants him to be or a another potential nominee with a personality so grating that even the big wigs can't stand him. That leaves Rubio. A truly dumb man with a drinking problem. But he's not a carnival barker or an asshole. Yeah yeah we can work with this.

Meanwhile Trump continues to get closer and closer to his own worst nightmare. The nomination he does not want. There is no doubt in my mind this
reality show host got in this to feed his own ego and get some free pub and make some money. And now, no matter what he says, or does, or tries, he can't get out. Criticize the Pope, no hit. Insult everybody, women, Hispanics, blacks, Muslims, Republican royalty, and he can't self destruct his way out of this. He is fucking winning. And he can't stop. As much as Trump tries, he can't lose. If he came out at a rally in a KKK hood, his numbers would rise. If he actually did say he wanted to screw his daughter, his numbers would go up. Trump is trying to lose, at least subconsciously, but he can't do it. Now in Trump's own diseased mind, this is proof positive that he is the biggest winnahhhh evahhhhh and everybody else is a loozerrrr. A gigantic war is raging in Trump's brain between his intelligence and his ego. The intelligence part tells him this is nuts, you're out of your league here, you need to get out. The ego part is telling him how much he is loved and admired. What's a con man to do?

The Republicans are in a quandary. They wanted Jeb, or Kasich, or even a second run by Mittens. They wanted Republican respectability to be their legacy in 2016. They know they are going to lose because of those pesky demos, unless they can cheat of course, but never can they be ashamed of their choice. But now, wooooooo, the white trash has taken over. The country club has been infiltrated by the help. What's a Republican to do?

Go with the cute guy, the help of course, but a guy they can manipulate. At least till they get hammered by the chick or the commie.

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