Thursday, February 15, 2018

Not Again!

Yeah its all you kids fault for not being meddling enough. Trump the moral leper took time off from watching Fox News and its moral creeps to tweet out a blame game tweet blaming the kids for not ratting out a troubled teen. For chrissakes, if every troubled teen was turned in to the cops, well there'd still be full high schools cuz the cops wouldnt do a damn thing once they found out the troubled teen was white.

Fuck all you complicit Congressional cowards who see this mass murder of America's children on a weekly basis and do nothing except shout out your worthless thoughts and prayers while at the same time counting your NRA blood money. Mitch McConnell is a moral midget who deserves whatever hell brings him and Paul Ryan, a cold hearted inhuman monster who not only conspires with the NRA to slaughter America's young but cannot wait to starve the elderly into an early grave also deserves the worst the Earth can bring to him.

If this constant destruction of innocent children by limp dicked losers who are allowed easy access to assault rifles by the likes of Trump and his puppet masters in both Russia and Congress doesnt bother you, no infuriate you, you belong in a cage like the animal you are.

Trump and his handlers are bad enough when they are cutting health care or giving money to their rich sociopathic donors or cutting food stamps while putting together a Russian type military parade or looting the United States Treasury or beating women or lying on a daily basis or paying off porn stars or threatening nuclear war on a pissant nation or groping his own daughter or calling people juvenile names or repealing everything the black president did, BUT TO REPEAL OBAMA ERA LAWS THAT MADE IT HARDER FOR THE NIKOLAS CRUZ'S OF THE WORLD, THE MENTALLY ILL, TO OBTAIN FUCKING ASSAULT RIFLES IS A SIN. Its a sin against humanity and Im not talking about the bullshit religious idea of sin, but the basic sin of being a cold blooded prick with no shame and no concern for anyone but yourself.

I am still beside myself over this lack of basic decency shown by Congressional whores who value NRA money over lives of children. And they do, oh they do. These cowards are the worst of this society. The absolute slags of America. These clowns you vote for are desrving of nothing but your scorn and ridicule. Respect is earned and these untouchables deserve none.

Next Town Hall, show them what you have. Compassion for kids, and absolute disgust for them. They deserve nothing more.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Full Speed Backwards!

This is the story of Nebraska Trump. A man so childish and arrogant they he thinks that when things dont go his way, he can throw a money tantrum and buy his way back to being his way. Hey, it works. So why shouldn't our Trump, Governor Pete Ricketts, Governor Death Penalty, get his way even when it comes to appointing Admiralships in the Nebraska Navy. Yeah, The Nebraska Navy. A totally mythical organization that allows a Governor to hand out funny little certificates to various people and everyone has a good laugh. Hell, its not that hard to become an Admiral in the Nebraska Navy. All you need is to have one of its citizens, like me, to send in your name for nomination, and voila, you soon have a fake title like Worlds Greatest Chef or Worlds Best Mom and can hang it on your wall. But lets get back to the start of this story all about Nebraska Trump.

Back in the fall, empowered by something, I'm not sure what, a college sophomore set up a table on the University of Nebraska campus for Turning Point USA (throw that USA in there of course), an organization the rats on college professors they feel are too liberal, you know like professors that oppose white nationalists. But I'm again getting ahead of myself.

This college sophomore, a young woman from Colorado, set up this booth to get people to sign on and "monitor" the University professors to make sure they dont teach anything bad to impressionable young people. You know, like the earth is round or there was actually slavery at one time in this nation's history, or god forbid, that Donald Trump is an uncouth loud traitor. A demonstration began involving people who think this young woman may have been in line with the Charlottesville gang of punks very fine people who killed a woman by running her over with a car. Words got exchanged. One grad student got a bit honest carried away and screamed at the young snowflake and called her a "neo-fascist". This caused the young sophomore to cry. Another demonstrator, an actual professor holding a "Turning Point: Put Me On Your Watchlist" was caught on video comforting this poor little sensitive conservative. Then it all ended.

This incident caused 3 state senators to throw a shitfit that their point of view was being stifled by libtards people on the UNL faculty. That's when the Governor, Pete Trump Ricketts stepped in also to begin threatening the university budget, as long as it didnt affect the 4-8 football team of course. Ricketts, who got every bit of his fortune from his Daddy, started to open his wallet which scares the shit out of any Nebraskan who doesnt want to be ruled by an autocratic trust fund baby.

The grad student, also a lecturer, was asked not to return to campus. The Professor went on with her year, knowing there was some squealing snitch someplace monitoring her every move.

This is where the Nebraska Navy comes in. A Nebraska gadfly nominated both the Professor and the grad student for Admiralships and as 99.9% of the nominations, they were both granted by Governor Trump Ricketts. Certificates were sent out and that was that. Or so any normal human being would think. It's like buying a "Golfer of The Year" certificate at a gift shop. Its a fucking joke. Oh but its not a joke for Governor Pete Ricketts, the Nebraska Trump who never lets a slight go unpunished.

For example, the Nebraska Legislature, attempting to keep under control Governor Brownback Ricketts humongous budget deficit, repealed the death penalty in the state. Ricketts, who ran for the job just so he could someday kill someone, threw a tantrum after his veto was overridden. He opened his wallet and spent almost a million dollars of his Daddy's money to start a petition drive to get the issue on the ballot where he knew "pro-life" Nebraskans would reinstate the archaic, expensive practice so they could kill execute some Mexicans and blacks. They did, of course cuz we are a "Pro-Life" state as Ricketts says about 50 times a week no matter what he's yammering about.

Example 2, when the legislature gets a bit uppity and doesnt go along with what Ricketts wants, he simply spends his own money to get his puppets elected. And it fucking works, because in this state we vote for whoever's name youve heard the most in TV ads. And Daddy Ricketts has a lot of money to buy TV ads to elect his son's sheeple to a job that pays $22K a year.

Back to the Nebraska Navy. Once Governor Trump was informed, probably by one of his snitches, that he had granted the "honor" to these two women, he immediately sent letters to them demanding the certificates be returned as they were granted due to "clerical error". Huh?

Admiralships in the Nebraska Navy have been given to murderous dictators, scam artists, religious phonies, tax cheats, women abusers, and even my liberal father. Yet not once has one of them been revoked. Not one. Until now. Because a couple of strong women made a little conservative dotard student cry Ricketts wants them to return the certificates.

As you can see from the above picture, one of the "honorees" aint giving it up, The only problem is that Ricketts, like Trump, has a goon squad of bodyguards and a gang of Trumpanzees willing to do anything to enforce his will. So we shall see what happens if Governor Trump Rickets, a talking hard boiled egg per John Oliver, decides to push it.

Oh and a PS. The University of Nebraska has a full fledged self aggrandizing Nazi on its campus. This, however, is a matter of freedom of speech and University officials, in fear for their funding, can do nothing to eradicate the white nationalist scum from its campus. Yell at a conservative cream puff and you are asked to leave campus. Espouse Nazi ideology on You Tube, participate in white nationalist rallies in Charlottesville, and its all a matter of free speech.

This is Pete Ricketts' Nebraska. His own little fiefdom, his own little plutocracy where you do what he wants, or he'll buy his wants.

He's running for re-election folks. And he will probably win because he has unlimited money to influence the western part of this state with his TV ads.

I feel like Nebraska is going the way of Kansas. Run into the ground, or rather run straight into an iceberg by a man in a little dictator suit.

Where the hell is an Admiral when you need one?

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Tuesday And I'm Thinkin Again!

My father spent 45 years in the stock game. From stock broker to account executive to financial planner he always said all those titles were bullshit. I'm a salesman he'd proclaim, almost proudly. The other two things my old man said in his 45 years pushing stocks on a daily basis was "stock market goes up, stock market goes down" and of course, "I was just about to call you" whenever one of his panicky investors would call and interrupt his newspaper reading.

The stock market plunged the last two days after Wall Street realized we have a goddamned maniac running the country. Just a warning. To those of us versed in history, we know, that when Republicans get control and cut taxes to the rich and run up the debt what inevitably happens is 1929, 1987, 2007 and perhaps 2018. The fucking market crashes bigley and regular people suffer. My 401K lost 40% in 2007-2008 thanks to the permanent tax cuts passed by the Cheney Administration and I havent really recovered. Others can say the same thing.

Beware, America. The third thing my Dad said was "Democrats are good for the market, Republicans are bad for the market". The stats prove him correct. Abortion dont mean jack on Wall Street. Unless they are aborting your investments. Vote accordingly.

The Blabberer in Chief went off to some manufacturing plant in Ohio to get his huge ego and tiny hands a workout. Speaking in front of some of the blindest and most brainwashed cultists, oh lets face it, white racists, the "Billionaire" in Chief told these idiots what they wanted to hear, Gus Greatest Hits tour. He's not "braggadocio" , he loves workers (and the poorly educated), no black radicals football players kneeled at the Super Bowl for which he took credit, how one side of the aisle went crazy at his SOTU speech while the other side sat on their hands which is "Un American" and when some poorly educated idiot loudmouth worker hollered "treasonous" the Fascist in Chief shrugged and said "why not?".

I'll tell ya why not, Felon to Be in Chief.

No I wont. What I will say is the imbecile who yelled that at the rally should move to fucking North Korea if he wants to worship a Dear Leader. Cultists like the cretin who hollered "treasonous" about someone who thinks the Lazy Asshole in Chief can say nothing that should not be worshiped and written in a tiny tiny book even Trump's tiny hands can get a grip on should get it over with and drink the cyanide that inevitably will come to his lips.

Tom Brady threw for over 500 yards in the Super Bowl. He was virtually unstoppable. The only problem was Nick Foles was better. So to tell me Brady is done is asinine. Congratulations to The Eagles. Max was ecstatic.

Then white Philadelphians took to the streets to act like assholes. Smashing windows and overturning cop cars. All in good fun, right? Imagine had the vast majority of the revelers been black. Think about it. Be honest. What would have happened? You know the answer.

Finally, reality hit us all in the face on Monday when Max's Mom's Mom passed away in her sleep. Sally had a tough life, indeed. She survived aneurysms and cancer and heart attacks before her body and spirit just wore out. Though not without her flaws, as we all have, Sally was one tough broad. She suffered no fools and took no shit the last few years of her life. Sally became my pseudo Mom after my Mom, another tough broad (sorry Mom), passed away. So long Sal Gal. You were one of a kind!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Super Bowl Thoughts!!

1)Look, I dont hate the Patriots like some people. I am a Bears fan. The Patriots mean nothing to me. So if they win the game today, ehhh, big deal, bring on the death of Jack!

Eagles fans are the worst. I get that. Drunken hooligans that would give the Brits a run for their quid. Im sure Patriots fans are Boston lunkheads who arent all that wicked smahht either.

But Ive been to Philly and where these lowlifes you see throwing full beer cans at a team bus and at Vikings fans as they simply try and get to the stadium live I have no idea. The Philly people I encountered were perfectly nice folks and was so pleasantly surprised I want to go back someday. So for this game I say Fly Eagles Fly. Besides, Max is a huge Eagles fan (why I have no idea) and he needs the win.

2) The Memo. This has Donald Trump Junior, future felon and current leech, all in a lather. Junior, whose main job seems to be tweeting every 5 minutes whatever talking point some Trump goon feeds him, cant stop hollering "Squirrel" to the millions of Dougs out there that follow Trump almost as closely as they follow their own tails. Junior misrepresents the bullshit in the memo so much its almost believable that this pinheaded waste of sperm actually doesnt have the brainpower to see what he's doing. The day that this birdbrain is indicted will be a great day for America, not to mention a great day for his treasonous father who will gladly throw his kid into traffic to save his own ass.

3) Speaking of football. Vince McMahon, a Trump in his own way, a con man and liar and a bully, has announced plans to bring back the XFL. You remember the XFL, a short lived football league attended by dozens, with a national TV contract and stocked with marginally talented players tghat existed in the early 2000's. The XFL, as football league where instead of kick offs, two players sprinted from each end zone to be the first to grab the football on the 50 which actually wasnt a bad idea.

But Vince's new XFL will be a football league fit for 2018. No "criminals" allowed, no kneeling for the anthem, and I assume helmet to helmet cracking encouraged to satisfy the Knotheads who will make up the "crowd". In other words, this will be a football league for whites and quisling blacks. That's it. This "league" is nothing more than another excuse for McMahon and Trumpers to make America white again. Here's to another huge failure.

4) I did not watch one second of the State of the Union screed. I wanted to avoid buying a new TV which would have been destroyed had I seen more than one standing O for the Orange Slime in Chief. The thought of seeing from left to right on my screen, a horse molester, an Orange Traitor, and an empty vessel of Satan smugly looking on as a lying Fascist carried on would have been too much. So we watched the Marvelous Mrs Maisel on Amazon Prime. Fuck, that made me enjoy the best SOTU night ever. Rachel Brosnahan is one great shikse. Mekhaye!

Fly Eagles Fly!