Sunday, February 4, 2018

Super Bowl Thoughts!!

1)Look, I dont hate the Patriots like some people. I am a Bears fan. The Patriots mean nothing to me. So if they win the game today, ehhh, big deal, bring on the death of Jack!

Eagles fans are the worst. I get that. Drunken hooligans that would give the Brits a run for their quid. Im sure Patriots fans are Boston lunkheads who arent all that wicked smahht either.

But Ive been to Philly and where these lowlifes you see throwing full beer cans at a team bus and at Vikings fans as they simply try and get to the stadium live I have no idea. The Philly people I encountered were perfectly nice folks and was so pleasantly surprised I want to go back someday. So for this game I say Fly Eagles Fly. Besides, Max is a huge Eagles fan (why I have no idea) and he needs the win.

2) The Memo. This has Donald Trump Junior, future felon and current leech, all in a lather. Junior, whose main job seems to be tweeting every 5 minutes whatever talking point some Trump goon feeds him, cant stop hollering "Squirrel" to the millions of Dougs out there that follow Trump almost as closely as they follow their own tails. Junior misrepresents the bullshit in the memo so much its almost believable that this pinheaded waste of sperm actually doesnt have the brainpower to see what he's doing. The day that this birdbrain is indicted will be a great day for America, not to mention a great day for his treasonous father who will gladly throw his kid into traffic to save his own ass.

3) Speaking of football. Vince McMahon, a Trump in his own way, a con man and liar and a bully, has announced plans to bring back the XFL. You remember the XFL, a short lived football league attended by dozens, with a national TV contract and stocked with marginally talented players tghat existed in the early 2000's. The XFL, as football league where instead of kick offs, two players sprinted from each end zone to be the first to grab the football on the 50 which actually wasnt a bad idea.

But Vince's new XFL will be a football league fit for 2018. No "criminals" allowed, no kneeling for the anthem, and I assume helmet to helmet cracking encouraged to satisfy the Knotheads who will make up the "crowd". In other words, this will be a football league for whites and quisling blacks. That's it. This "league" is nothing more than another excuse for McMahon and Trumpers to make America white again. Here's to another huge failure.

4) I did not watch one second of the State of the Union screed. I wanted to avoid buying a new TV which would have been destroyed had I seen more than one standing O for the Orange Slime in Chief. The thought of seeing from left to right on my screen, a horse molester, an Orange Traitor, and an empty vessel of Satan smugly looking on as a lying Fascist carried on would have been too much. So we watched the Marvelous Mrs Maisel on Amazon Prime. Fuck, that made me enjoy the best SOTU night ever. Rachel Brosnahan is one great shikse. Mekhaye!

Fly Eagles Fly!

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