Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Colin Kaepernick!

Number three
You have the right to free speech
As long as
You're not dumb enough to actually try it

The Clash said it years ago. And never is it more true than right here is in the USA U S A U S A!

Athletes are notorious pussies. Most are so concerned with endorsement deals and image, that they dont say shit. While in the past we had Ali and Carlos and Smith and Russell and Kareem, today we have nothing.

Well except Colin Kaepernick, the totally mediocre quarterback of a lousy football team. When he decided to take a stand, or rather a sit, in support of Black Lives Matter and against police violence against black folks and brown folks and humanity in general, by not standing up for the National Anthem before the meaningless football game. Of course, when anyone disses the anthem by either not taking off their goofy hat, or talking during it, white people go fucking crazy.

Yes, the same white people who listen to a carnival barker tell them America sucks are the most upset at the other guy who tells them America sucks. It really is amazing. And so typical of the right, the alt right, the white supremacists or whatever the fuck they call themselves now.

Kaepernick, who is rich and crummy at his job. both of which disqualify him from having an opinion different from real Americans, decided that the blank check the police get for beating the shit out of you, shooting you, or being complete assholes to you is not really what America should stand for. So he sits down for the National Anthem which affects nobody. Hell, nobody even noticed the first two times he did it. But now, all hell has broken loose.

Fox and Friends, the den of dim bulbs that passes for morning entertainment for old people who have been up since 4am, expresses surprise because Kaepernick was raised by white parents so why doesnt he act all normal and shit?

Tony Stewart, a car driver, called Kaepernick an "idiot". This expert opinion from one idiot who actually killed a guy is precious. Stewart apparently sees actual tape of cops shooting unarmed black people and thinks the facts show them not shooting someone. Kaepernick has a "dumbass mouth"? Stewart has a dumbass brain.

Jim Harbaugh, a wild eyed self destructive maniac, who used to coach Kaepernick, says he doesnt respect the "motivation" behind the protest. Think that went over well among Harbaugh's black players? Guess not since he changed his opinion. Harbaugh is an asshole.

And finally, Donald Trump. Trump went complete dumbfuck by going to the old and tired love it or leave it card. I understand it if he's talking to that crowd of lame brains he normally cons out of $20 for that goofy hat. But Trump is running for President. I think.

If Kaepernick truly believes what he's doing is right, who gives a shit? Years ago I heard Kansas City Chiefs drunks scream Home of the "fuckin Chiefs" instead of "the brave". So thats ok?

The discussion Kaepernick's protest should start is not about some silly song and appropriate behavior but about cops and blacks and browns and their behavior towards each other.

Somehow I doubt that will happen.

But then again, to the right, you have the right to do as you please, if they approve. And because you are rich, or lousy, or fat (sorry Michael Moore) you have forfeited your rights to free speech. Unless of course you are rich, bankrupt and wear a goofy hat.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Pigs And Bikers!

Nothing both cracks me up yet infuriates me more than Iowa. Iowa's obsession with agriculture and its pigs just floors me. Hey, I lived there a couple of years way back when and trust me, I know of what I speak cuz nothing has changed since I was there in 1979-81. Terry Branstad had a dark mustache and was lieutenant governor back then.Chuck Grassley was only 80 years old or so and about to get swept into the United States Senate back then. So in 2016 nothing has changed about Iowa. Branstad is still the Pope of Iowa and Grassley is running again at age 115 or whatever and he will be re elected because like I said, NOTHING ever changes in Iowa. See now I'm getting infuriated because I see the Wicked Witch of Pork Products, Joni Ernst, in her mom jeans sans witches hat. I know she will be re elected forever and I also see the wild eyed bigot, Steve King, sans his hood. And I know HE will re elected ad nauseum.

But the wannabe Bigot In Chief came to the annual Iowa Roast N Ride yesterday, again with that goofy hat, to dazzle 1800 white folks with his views on race and pigs and hand gestures. Hey man, you cannot get ANY whiter than this crowd of pork enthusiasts and bike riders who all show up on their Harleys without helmets and wearing shorts cuz of freedom!

Donald J Trump, loser, a man who earlier in the day had attempted to take advantage of a murder in Chicago of a young mother of 4 pushing a baby stroller down the street by tweeting out a VOTE TRUMP request to "African Americans", flip flopped again on immigration because his white crowd of pig eating bikers wouldnt stand for any "pivoting" on easing up on them Mexicans they all want deported. Trump bellowed that within one hour of his taking the oath of office with his hand on one of his books he would begin deporting all the illegals which of course drew a loud cheer and a Steve King boner. Ernst stood there with that creepy smile nodding her head and stifling a cackle. Pope Branstad the First and Last, actually a reasonable man, stood there with a goofy hat on his head, presumably to hide his face, and gently moved farther and farther away from Trump as The Loser In Chief ranted on and on the 1800 chain walleted Trumpers made nooses.

Trump, again speaking to 1800 whiter than white alleged farmers, hollered about race and how much he wants the black vote and how he will get the black vote. Yeah, and the Martian vote and at least two of your 5 family members votes.

But the meat, the pork so to speak, of his speech is immigration. Cuz those alleged farmers hate those Mexicans who all come over the border just to sell drugs and murder white women and speak funny in their presence. Trump rolls his eyes under that goofy hat and gestures wildly as he gizzes up the Iowans who really want to get rid of the foreigners and eat a pig sandwich and get back on their bikes and ride around with no helmet cuz of freedom! What was that he said 24 hours ago? Pivoting? This really IS a joke, right?

But the real infuriating part is Trumps exploitation of a family that is still coming to grips with a tragedy that took their daughter from them the night she graduated college here in Omaha. The Roots, a family whose daughter, Sarah, was killed, not "murdered", but killed by a drunken Honduran illegal who slammed into her car at 2am. The Honduran was booked and released on bail and took off. Nobody knows where he is. The whole thing is a fuck up of monumental proportions. But Trump, a man so self possessed he takes advantage of any tragedy to further his own egomaniacal joke of a candidacy, brought that family onstage, AGAIN, to use them as his own personal see I am right people.

God knows no American ever gets drunk, gets in a car, and kills anyone. No American ever shoots an innocent woman pushing a stroller down the street. Damn, this horrible man is getting to me again. And speaking in a state full of self righteous inferiority complexed nothing ever changes white "farmers" about blacks and hispanics and how he's going to "help" them is just nothing more than wrong. None of that crowd of 1800 gives two shits about blacks or Hispanics other than they dont want to be around them. And dont forget to cash those welfare,errrrrr, subsidy checks there,sport.

Fuck Donald Trump. Like Iowa, that will also never change.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Pearl Jam!

Wrigley Field. Pearl Jam. Chicago. What more can I ask for? Other than the inevitable Cubs choke that is.

Max and Max's Dad road tripped to Chicago this weekend to see one of Pearl Jam's final shows on this leg of the 2016 tour. The Saturday show at Wrigley was the one to see because, of course, we were there. Now I think of me at nineteen and how my Dad would have never road tripped with me to see Boston, or The Stones. Maybe Benny Goodman, which would have been fine cuz I love the big bands. Oh how times have changed. Either that or I need stop hanging on to my youth. Naw, road tripping with the kid is a blast. I wouldnt care if we were off to see Aerosmith. Because that would never happen,

Wrigley set up for a concert is so cool. The stage is in front of the famous bleachers. Which means our 6th row seats on the third base line sucked. Great for a game. Great for a Pearl Jam concert. We were in the stadium!

When the show finally started a half hour late, the place went wild. The setlist as follows:

1) Low Light--opening with a track from Yield has to be weird. Not exactly a rocker but definitely not a dirge. Most people I know who are fans say this one grows on you.

2) Release--Max said this is the one he wanted to hear. This song came out when my Dad was still here. It meant something to me in 1991. It means something else entirely 25 years later now that my Dad is gone. On a rocking horse of time. Beautiful song.

3) Rain--a Beatles cover. But its not raining any longer. Guess it seemed like a good idea early in the day when it was fucking pouring. Still a Beatles cover? How can you go wrong?

4) Elderly Woman--I stood in line at midnight to buy this album. Hearts and Thoughts they fade, fade away. How can a kid of 25 write shit like this? Unreal.

5) Do The Evolution--from that high pitched screech at the beginning to the end, this is my favorite Pearl Jam song. He is the first mammal to wear pants, yeah! This one is their classic. It;s their Sympathy For the Devil. It really is that good. I am rocking out.

6) Last Exit--from Vitalogy, I also stood in line at midnight to get this one....This song is not the reason why. Meanwhile the 110 lb chick next to me is starting to crowd me with her Elaine type "dancing"

7) Lightning Bolt- from the latest album that I did not stand in line to get. Hey I totally would but there are no record stores any longer and midnight to me is about 9 pm now. The dancing chick is getting closer.

8) Sad-- from the Lost Dogs release. Usually lost tracks are shit nobody wants to hear but not these guys. But a lot of people head out to get beer.

9) Amongst the Waves---From Backspacer. Something good is coming. I can feel it. Elaine is getting bored cuz she hasnt known a song since maybe Eddie was screeching about wearing pants.

10) Even Flow-- oh its the song everyone knows. The one Eddie phones in. But the band turns it into a jam and saves it. Remember the video where you saw this long haired kid with the bass voice swinging from the rafters and screaming at some guy named Josh and you said whoooooo in the fuck is THIS guy? I do. Like it was yesterday. So this song started it all. Keep playing it.

11) Light Years--from Binaural. But before it starts, an unusually talkative Eddie tells the story of Gord Downie of a Canadian band named The Tragically Hip doing his last show up north and having brain cancer. I have no idea who this guy is, but I am very sorry he has brain cancer. I hope he recovers.

12) I Got ID-- Merkin Ball has two songs on it. This is one also known as I Got Shit. I got a drunk chick invading my space and I am getting annoyed,

13) Mind Your Manners-- Catholics cringe at this one. Or they should. All I can do is scream "Mind your manners" at the appropriate time.

14) Unthought Known-- from Backspacer. Another beer run for a lot of people. Elaine is not dancing. Thanks for small favors.

15) Masters of War-- I love this song. Nobody covers this Dylan rant like Eddie Vedder. The intensity builds and builds as Eddie gets angrier and angrier. All the money you made wont buy back your soul. You go boy. The dancing chick has no idea.

16) I Am A Patriot-- Jackson Browne wrote it, Steve Van Zandt made it famous. Pearl Jam lives it. I love my country cuz I got nowhere else to go. About sums up most patriotism. Elaine is not dancing.

17) Daughter--from Vs. ya know that one I stood in line for. Yeah yeah I was younger and dumber. Its fairly well known. Dont call me Daughter. Its a chick song. Elaine is back and crowding me again. Ugh

18) Jeremy-- another one I feel they phone in. Who can blame them? But its a classic. They are sick of playing it but everybody demands to hear it. Me included. Max's name would have been Jeremy had....oh its a long story....I'm glad he's a Max. The drunk chick is out of control.

19) Better Man--- like Thunder Road by the Boss, Eddie doesnt even need to sing this one. The crowd does it for him. He spots a woman in the crowd with a "unfuckwithable" t shirt and tells her the song is about her. And his daughter. And then......they are done...For now...

They leave the stage for about 10 minutes or so giving me a chance to sit down, but the dancing chick has crowded me over so much I sit on the arm rest and hurt my ass. Damn Elaine.

20) Bee Girl-- yes its a Lost Dog and is about the Blind Melon video. Its just Eddie and Stone acoustically. He tells the story of how he worried at the time of the sudden fame of Bee Girl and also of the 12 year old who played Jeremy in the video. Some drunk Bro behind sarcastically claps and hollers for more rock n roll. Elaine seems tame now.

21) Just Breathe-- Eddie had been looking for an Army guy in the crowd. He found him. He brought him and his gal pal onstage. Her favorite song is Just Breathe. They sit onstage. and then it happens. The Army guy proposes. Now I know most people, well most women anyway, melted at this moment. I got sick of it real fast as they made out onstage while a great song was being played. Get a room. I know I am an unsentimental oaf. I still love Just Breathe.

22) I Believe In Miracles--no not the Hot Chocolate you sexy thing song. Its a Ramones cover and unlike most Ramones songs, it actually lasts more than 2:00. The drunk Bro behind me is getting angry cuz he hasnt rocked out for 20 minutes so he starts smoking.

23) Let Me Sleep-- its Christmas single time. you see, Pearl Jam used to send Ten Club members a 45. Thats a disc shaped black thing, oh never mind. So nobody knew this one. More beer runs. The Bro is getting downright exasperated and Elaine is not dancing.

24) Inside Job-- from the Avacado album. You have to be taught to hate. Steve Gleason, the ALS stricken former New Orleans Saint, wheels out to speak thru a computer and says he feels "fucking awesome". I really hope so. "How I choose to feel is how I am".

25) Comfortably Numb-- fucking awesome. Ive seen Roger Waters do this live. This is one of my Top 5 songs of all time and Pearl Jam does it as well as anyone. I screeched the lyrics into Elaine's ear as revenge. She had no idea. Mike McCready's solo was also fucking awesome.

26) Interstellar Overdrive/Corduroy -- another Pink Floyd cover. And then launch into Corduroy. From Vitalogy, Corduroy is the sort of rant everyone knows. I would rather starve than eat your bread.

27) Porch-- From 10. Little played but it gets the Bro up and rocking out. Smoking and swilling beer while Elaine dances and crowds me out. I begin to tire, like one of my front running horses. I feel like I am getting to old for this shit.

Then they leave again. But they come out before I can sit on the armrest again. Probably for the best.

28) Go---from Vs. Its a rocker. The Bro is happy, still smoking but happy.

29) Black-- From 10. I know people go ape shit over this song. I never got it. That whole oaf thing I guess. The cell phones are out all over.

30) Surrender--yes the Cheap Trick cover. Hey its a great rocking pop song and Eddie and the boys do it proud. I sing out loud again right in Elaine's ear. Mommys all right Daddys all right....

31) Alive--another must do from 10. Another song where you went who the fuck IS this guy back in 1991. The backwards baseball cap, the cherubic face, and then that voice. Wow.

Then the ballpark lights come on like a get the fuck out moment but he comes out again. And he talks about the Cubs. And he talks about the Cubs. And he brings out his favorite ballplayer from way back, Jose Cardenal. Damn, I am the one impressed now.

32) All The Way-- its a song about the Cubs maybe going all the way. yeah right. Lots of Cubs highlights during the tune. I have my thumbs down going. Not for the song. For the idiotic Cubs fans.

33) Baba O'Riley--yep another cover. The Who. But Eddie screams it well enough to make Max happy. Teenage Wasteland.

And then they leave for good. Abruptly. Like the city threw them out. Or the Ricketts family threw them out.

Oh man. Pearl Jam is a must see. I cannoty emphasize that other then The Boss and the E Streeters , nobody works harder than these guys.

And to Elaine and the drunk Bro. You failed to ruin it for me cuz I was with my son. And nothing ruins anything I do with Max. Period.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

What It Means!

Whatever happened to the protest song? Well, this band of southern white guys has come up with the best song in years. There is nothing in this tune that is not true. Despite you own set of "facts".

Sorry, the truth hurts...............Accept it.

Thank you, Drive By Truckers.

Stop Telling Us The Truth!!!

As the Trump campaign implodes, or as Trump makes absolutely sure he loses, only the true believers are now going to his rallies. Respectable Republicans, oh yeah there are plenty, are beginning to understand that defending this guy is pointless and he is truly a trainwreck, are now staying away from Trump rant fests and leaving the only constituency Trump has left to attend. People even Trump wants nothing to do with, yet craves the attention so much as a hand job to his fragile ego, are flocking to his crap fests and letting their true feelings be known. You have your racists, your sexists, your homophobes, your genetic Republicans and your old bitter white people who cannot stand being told the truth. It's the old blame the messenger defense. As Maxwell Smart used to say, I asked you not to tell me that.

As Trump becomes more and more irrelevant, more and more crazy, more and more appealing to a niche crowd who will love his message of bullshit, these Trump rallies are getting dumber and dumber and who even thought that possible?

Obama founded ISIS. The press are liars. The fix is in. Crooked Hillary blah blah blah. The truly dumb buy it all because "their" country is gone. The white privilege is still there and these idiots are too dumb to enjoy what few years of it they have left. Blacks on TV being all rude and shit. Hispanics in their hoods fixing roofs. Homos running around ruining their lousy marriages somehow. Whatever happened to nice polite white society? You know, like that guy above.

Trump is trying to lose. We all know that. He was a joke from the start. A joke that went very wrong. Back in 2015, 17 egomaniacal Republicans felt they were the way to eliminate blacks from the White House. Trump's dumb loudmouth racist uncle character then got 20-30% of the vote every Tuesday, eliminating the others one by one until only Trump's dumb guy persona and a crazy Canadian whack job was left. Nice going Republicans. That 2012 autopsy, telling Republicans to make an attempt to appeal to blacks and hispanics, never took into account what lies beneath the surface. Since 1964, a grimy undertone has always been the Republican base, Yeah its only been 20-30% of the voters but not strong enough to overcome the hand picked candidates chosen by the country club set intent on keeping their money away from the big bad government, who would take it and give it to the unwashed. As long as you had a Nixon, or a Reagan, or a Bush, a Dole, or a McCain or a Romney, no Buchanan or Trump or Bachmann could ever last beyond a few months. But, when you have 17 splitting it all up, and Trump's 20-30% grows as the bandwagon jumpers come aboard, you have made a major error in judgement.

Trump came onboard calling Mexicans "rapists", calling for "law and order", code for keeping the blacks in their place, banning Muslims from entering the country "until we can figure out what's going on" and generally shooting off his mouth like a drunk at a state fair who just saw a mixed race couple minding their own business.

Yep, you get what you have been asking for for 52 years and now you cant handle it. Hey "those people" weren't actually supposed to get any real power. They were supposed to make a lot of noise then fall back into line to support whatever stiff we chose. Get em back in line with the abortion bullshit, the anti gay shit, the never fails gun grabber garbage, man these people are dumb. But this time it backfired. The idiots you took for granted won. Now deal with it, Reince.

Hillary is going to crush them. And as Trump descends into his self destructive madness, intent on losing and getting back to hosting TV shows and screwing over contractors , these people will lose interest. Knowing Trump is a looooo-zerrrrr, many of these people will stay home. They will be content to sit in their houses and bitch. Turn on the talk radio, keep the Fox News looping 24/7 and not vote. What's the point? My guy said it was rigged. And only the truly dangerous will be left.

Hell. I hope this happens. Stay the fuck home, Trumpites. Then the Democrats win. And your version of America nobody wants goes away for good.

And to that man above. You are hilarious. Go home and fret. Hey and dont forget to enjoy that Social Security money and the Medicare most of us dont have. Yeah socialism sucks.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Two Reactions, No Three!

One last thing here. Notice the difference in stage rushes? When Trump had some nut rush his stage from behind he reacted as most of us would. He about shit his pants. I said at the time it was time for this flim flammer to just stop cuz someone is going to die. Well it hasnt happened yet, thank goodness, but this kind of attention grabbing loser is out there. Looking for a national presence to justify their loserdom.

It happened again this week in Nevada to Hillary. Animal rights protesters rushed Hillary in some sort of scream for attention. Look at the difference. Oh yeah she looked puzzled but the woman didnt flinch. She even had to presence of mind to quip about Trump's animal murdering sons. Why were these assholes rushing HER again?

The woman is fearless. The man is concerned about #1 only. You make the choice based on just those two reactions.

Hey neither one was as ballsy as Mayor Sly James of Kansas City. He looked at a stage rushing fool like he was going to put him over his knee and spank the motherfucker. Sly James is THE man.

I'd ask him to run for President but the nation is going to have to absorb a chick president next. To make America accept yet another black dude would be just too much. The nation would crumble into a nation crying little bitches. More so than we already are.

Trump Bunch!

Who ARE these people? People who support for the highest office in the free world a reality show clown with no knowledge of anything other than fucking these very people over. It really is amazing that no matter what lies this grifter tells, they double down and scream about the liberal media and the conspiracy theories and go even further off the edge. It's almost like these people are so frightened by their future. or lack thereof, that they suddenly believe in a Pied Piper of Bullshit who has absolutely zero chance of becoming anything other than a television con man who goes back to "firing" people just as rich as him. Who ARE these people?

Well of course you have the racists, and the dumb, and the old people dreaming of their youth when their white privilege was a given. It seems when the black guy became President a collective "short circuit" took place in their confused minds and their America was in grave danger. Thus was born the 2010 Tea Party, a collection of phonies posing as concerned citizens worried about the debt and the deficit and how it would affect their kids and grand kids. Now we all know that is 100 proof horse crap because they didnt give two shits about this debt and deficit when a Republican President was running up the debt by funding a Medicare Part D program and starting wars to further enrich the defense industry. Nope, didnt seem to mind. Hmm what happened in 2008? Oh yeah, that Kenyan socialist took over and proceeded to fix stuff. Worst President ever! Destroying America! Dangerous! Ask them why? No fucking clue! Not one. Just uhhhhhhhh that Obummer is there making America communist! Now give me my Medicare Part D Part A Part B and anything else I am owed!

Now the clueless have their man. A so called billionaire promising to restore their America. The America here they are the ones on top. They work hard, they have gotten nowhere. Someone must be to blame. Who is to blame Mister Trump? Well we know. Its Mexicans and Muslims and anyone else you want to blame. Who ya got says Mister Grifter? I'll scream about them to your heart's delight.

Sorry. Trump supporter, the only ones to blame for your lack of success is not your fellow Americans, the blacks and the browns and the gays and the religiously suspect, its that man who you listen to with a gaping mouth. Trump is such a con artist, much like most of the Republican hierarchy and their talk show surrogates , they have succeeded in convincing you to help them protect their wealth by looking down instead of up. Prejudice is an easy thing to install. Especially on the frightened. Trump has done it too well. Even the 1%ers who make up the Republican party are appalled by these events. The screeching of racial slurs, the threats on people's lives, the crassness brought on by King Crass himself.

I will not go to the 1933 Germany card. Trump is not going to win. But how much of this hate is also due to the misogyny of this bunch. Throw in the racism, the cluelessness and the hatred of women, and it becomes truly disturbing. Watch that video. These people live next door to you. I am of the opinion that these mass shooters all share one thing. A lack of success with women. Rejected and scorned, eventually they have had enough. And easy access to guns gives them power. These Trump people arent going to mass murder anyone, but I am positive the thoughts are in there. How cool would it be to kill a bunch of libs? Dont tell me it isnt in there someplace.Add in mental instability and you have danger.

Oh well, they are here, have always been here and there's nothing I can do about it. Go ahead, blame people with even less power than you. Do Trump and his cronies bidding for them.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Little Willie!

You know if some guy has THAT many pictures of Saint Ronald Reagan on his wall, there has to be something going on. Either he's really stupid, or he's hiding something and overcompensating for his own weaknesses.

Well in the case of the man above, Nebraska State Senator William "Sexy Time" Kintner, its the latter. As usual, the loudest mouths of the conservative movement have a lotttttttttt to hide. With all that anti gay rhetoric, the calling of his fellow senators "monkeys", the facebook posts, the fact this guy is a fucking visigoth, none of this is surprising.

Well hell, Max's Dad, what did this Republican christian low rent Donald Trump do? He decided to take his state laptop to Massachusetts for some reason, and engage in cyber sex with a woman he's been conversing with on Skype. I guess Kintner is one of those guys who considers cheating on his cancer stricken wife (oh the pattern here is so familiar) to not be cheating about what, 7 or so rivers over? The only problem this christian man of faith had was as soon as he was done spilling his seed all over the state issued laptop, the hot chocolate on the other end of Skype tried to extort $4500 from him cuz eh done taped it. Chrissakes, I would pay $4500 NOT to see this tape of an old Republican pounding little Bill into submission.

Kintner, apparently a hypocrite, a degenerate AND a fucking cheapass, contacted the Nebraska authorities he was being extorted. The authorities not only found out that Bill The Bad was beating his meat to a woman not his cancer stricken wife, but also doing it with state property. You know, owned by the government he so despises, unless of course he can use it to pleasure himself to some "Hot bod" on the Ivory Coast.

Kintner is in full damage control. He was fined $1000 for the violation of using state property for not state business, unless of course, forcing Lil Willie to vomit all over a keyboard is an official State of Nebraska policy.

Kintner, a real creep, is also hammering home the diversionary tactics of "confessing" his sin, talking how God wants him to stay in the legislature fucking everything up, and how much the "monkeys" he works with spew up anti police rhetoric and encourage violence against police whenever they bitch when a cop kills an unarmed black guy, Oh by teh way, the "monkey" he is referring to happens to be black.

All of this while posing underneath two gigantic portraits of Reagan, which of course fools only the 30% so mind damaged they will believe anything is a liberal plot. And in Sarpy County, Nebraska's version of the Russian section of Berlin circa 1948 (papers please), this version of Kintner's bullshit may fly. Sarpy County is so full of double dipping retired flyboys who hate the very gubmint that pays them for serving their country, Kintner is a hero. He "tells it like it is" which of course means he spouts off his racist bullshit with no filter. He recently told the gays who live in Nebraska , yeah theres some who havent fled yet, that if they dont like the hostile atmosphere here in the heartland, get the hell out and move somewhere else. Then Kintner probably went home to be "appalled" by Grinder.

Even our trust fund boy Governor, he of the Ricketts family (how the fuck did this asshole get elected?), a man who will say anything at all to get elected , a man who will spend untold amounts of Daddy's money to get what he wants even when the legislature tell him to fuck off, a man so devoid of morality he wont accept federal Medicaid money to help the poor, a man who will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money (??) just to restore the death penalty so he can preside over killing someone, a man who will spend untold amount of his own money to keep gambling out of Nebraska, a man who will not even acknowledge his own sister's right to marry another woman. Yes, our worthless Governor, has told Kintner to get out (after he did a focus group of course).

So yet another christian man, shoving his alleged morality in your face, while at the same time shoving his conservative worm into a camera on the internet, is about to go down into the hell that is Republican phony-ism. All the pictures of Ronald Reagan aint helping you now. In fact, even Reagan wants you to go away. He told me that right after God told me he was just fucking with you.

Even that lil fireman on your desk is appalled by you. His helmet remind you of anything? Or is that microphone gettin you all worked up? The Nigerian princess is calling. you dumb fuck.