Sunday, August 7, 2016

Trump Bunch!

Who ARE these people? People who support for the highest office in the free world a reality show clown with no knowledge of anything other than fucking these very people over. It really is amazing that no matter what lies this grifter tells, they double down and scream about the liberal media and the conspiracy theories and go even further off the edge. It's almost like these people are so frightened by their future. or lack thereof, that they suddenly believe in a Pied Piper of Bullshit who has absolutely zero chance of becoming anything other than a television con man who goes back to "firing" people just as rich as him. Who ARE these people?

Well of course you have the racists, and the dumb, and the old people dreaming of their youth when their white privilege was a given. It seems when the black guy became President a collective "short circuit" took place in their confused minds and their America was in grave danger. Thus was born the 2010 Tea Party, a collection of phonies posing as concerned citizens worried about the debt and the deficit and how it would affect their kids and grand kids. Now we all know that is 100 proof horse crap because they didnt give two shits about this debt and deficit when a Republican President was running up the debt by funding a Medicare Part D program and starting wars to further enrich the defense industry. Nope, didnt seem to mind. Hmm what happened in 2008? Oh yeah, that Kenyan socialist took over and proceeded to fix stuff. Worst President ever! Destroying America! Dangerous! Ask them why? No fucking clue! Not one. Just uhhhhhhhh that Obummer is there making America communist! Now give me my Medicare Part D Part A Part B and anything else I am owed!

Now the clueless have their man. A so called billionaire promising to restore their America. The America here they are the ones on top. They work hard, they have gotten nowhere. Someone must be to blame. Who is to blame Mister Trump? Well we know. Its Mexicans and Muslims and anyone else you want to blame. Who ya got says Mister Grifter? I'll scream about them to your heart's delight.

Sorry. Trump supporter, the only ones to blame for your lack of success is not your fellow Americans, the blacks and the browns and the gays and the religiously suspect, its that man who you listen to with a gaping mouth. Trump is such a con artist, much like most of the Republican hierarchy and their talk show surrogates , they have succeeded in convincing you to help them protect their wealth by looking down instead of up. Prejudice is an easy thing to install. Especially on the frightened. Trump has done it too well. Even the 1%ers who make up the Republican party are appalled by these events. The screeching of racial slurs, the threats on people's lives, the crassness brought on by King Crass himself.

I will not go to the 1933 Germany card. Trump is not going to win. But how much of this hate is also due to the misogyny of this bunch. Throw in the racism, the cluelessness and the hatred of women, and it becomes truly disturbing. Watch that video. These people live next door to you. I am of the opinion that these mass shooters all share one thing. A lack of success with women. Rejected and scorned, eventually they have had enough. And easy access to guns gives them power. These Trump people arent going to mass murder anyone, but I am positive the thoughts are in there. How cool would it be to kill a bunch of libs? Dont tell me it isnt in there someplace.Add in mental instability and you have danger.

Oh well, they are here, have always been here and there's nothing I can do about it. Go ahead, blame people with even less power than you. Do Trump and his cronies bidding for them.

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