Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Colin Kaepernick!

Number three
You have the right to free speech
As long as
You're not dumb enough to actually try it

The Clash said it years ago. And never is it more true than right here is in the USA U S A U S A!

Athletes are notorious pussies. Most are so concerned with endorsement deals and image, that they dont say shit. While in the past we had Ali and Carlos and Smith and Russell and Kareem, today we have nothing.

Well except Colin Kaepernick, the totally mediocre quarterback of a lousy football team. When he decided to take a stand, or rather a sit, in support of Black Lives Matter and against police violence against black folks and brown folks and humanity in general, by not standing up for the National Anthem before the meaningless football game. Of course, when anyone disses the anthem by either not taking off their goofy hat, or talking during it, white people go fucking crazy.

Yes, the same white people who listen to a carnival barker tell them America sucks are the most upset at the other guy who tells them America sucks. It really is amazing. And so typical of the right, the alt right, the white supremacists or whatever the fuck they call themselves now.

Kaepernick, who is rich and crummy at his job. both of which disqualify him from having an opinion different from real Americans, decided that the blank check the police get for beating the shit out of you, shooting you, or being complete assholes to you is not really what America should stand for. So he sits down for the National Anthem which affects nobody. Hell, nobody even noticed the first two times he did it. But now, all hell has broken loose.

Fox and Friends, the den of dim bulbs that passes for morning entertainment for old people who have been up since 4am, expresses surprise because Kaepernick was raised by white parents so why doesnt he act all normal and shit?

Tony Stewart, a car driver, called Kaepernick an "idiot". This expert opinion from one idiot who actually killed a guy is precious. Stewart apparently sees actual tape of cops shooting unarmed black people and thinks the facts show them not shooting someone. Kaepernick has a "dumbass mouth"? Stewart has a dumbass brain.

Jim Harbaugh, a wild eyed self destructive maniac, who used to coach Kaepernick, says he doesnt respect the "motivation" behind the protest. Think that went over well among Harbaugh's black players? Guess not since he changed his opinion. Harbaugh is an asshole.

And finally, Donald Trump. Trump went complete dumbfuck by going to the old and tired love it or leave it card. I understand it if he's talking to that crowd of lame brains he normally cons out of $20 for that goofy hat. But Trump is running for President. I think.

If Kaepernick truly believes what he's doing is right, who gives a shit? Years ago I heard Kansas City Chiefs drunks scream Home of the "fuckin Chiefs" instead of "the brave". So thats ok?

The discussion Kaepernick's protest should start is not about some silly song and appropriate behavior but about cops and blacks and browns and their behavior towards each other.

Somehow I doubt that will happen.

But then again, to the right, you have the right to do as you please, if they approve. And because you are rich, or lousy, or fat (sorry Michael Moore) you have forfeited your rights to free speech. Unless of course you are rich, bankrupt and wear a goofy hat.

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