Sunday, September 4, 2016

Thanks Oklahoma!

I am sitting here in the Midwest, home of tornadoes and floods and other natural disasters like endless Republican morons winning elected offices, but never something as California as an earthquake. But there I am, at 7:02am on a Saturday morning, working in a 12 story building on floor 8 when my desk begins to rock back and forth. I became disoriented, thinking I was entering the last stages of life by having some sort of stroke or something, and the floor is swaying, the windows begin rattling and my fellows workers begin to say collectively, what the fuck is going on? This lasts a good 15 seconds, slows and then picks up again for another 5-10 seconds. I hold onto my desk waiting to perish as the entire building collapses in a pile of rubble. Then it stops.

You want to talk about helpless. I have never felt that in all my life. Oh we have had tornadoes and floods and Republican lamebrains fucking up this state for years but all the while the ground never felt like it was going to open up or the building I sat in never felt like it was going to collapse into a heap of dead overtime workers. This is serious business.

Oh yeah, thanks a lot Oklahoma. Your fucking welcome of fracking into your red dirted wasteland caused all this. And all your laws denying it cannot stop facts. Oklahoma is owned and ordered around by oil and gas corporate monsters. It's Republican dominated lawmaking body , when it's not tacklin the tough issues, like using fetuses in food or banning Sharia law, has been carrying the buckets for the oil and gas industry of self centered creeps for years.

Hell, Oklahoma's answer to fracking concerns is to ban cities and counties from banning fracking. Nice. You don't like spewing poison into the air, or land, or water supplies, fine, we'll just ban you from banning that, Now where is my donation?

Oh and please, stop with the wastewater disposal isnt fracking per se' bullshit. Fracking is the reason the wastewater exists. So all the Daily Caller and Breitbart semantics crap and professors at universities in Oklahoma and Texas paid to deny fracking concerns and Republican whores of the gas industry can all go straight to hell. Hopefully when the earth opens up beneath their University offices and takes them and all their fucking dirty money with them.

Earthquakes in Nebraska caused by Oklahoma nit wits? I havent seen that in years.

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