Sunday, September 25, 2016


Time for contemplation.

1) The Charlotte shooting has so many things unanswered even after the release of the video by Keith Scott's wife that have to be addressed. And now that the Charlotte police have released part of the video, ya know the part they want you to see, just what the hell? What I see is an officer blasting some guy who may or may not have had a gun, in an open carry state by the way, and then handcuffing him to keep him from whatever and telling everyone yeah I'm good. Well aint that great, you're good.

Charlotte police have already gotten to the trash the dead guy stage, thrusting out the black police chief to do it, by making absurd statements like this:

"When [my officers] see a weapon and they see the marijuana they say ‘uh oh, this is a threat to the public.”

Really? The "marijuana"? Why dont you show us a gigantic picture of all that "marijuana" that is such a threat to the public? Oh, they did? Marijuana exhibit D. Oh and an ankle holster? OK. So, an ankle holdter, legal thanks to the NRA whores running North Carolina, and a tiny little blunt, the scourge of North Carolina.

Say if Keith Scott had been white, gotten out of his truck swigging a bottle of Jack, had an ankle holster, and lets say even offered to show the cops his shiny new weapon, would he have died? Well of course not, because they never would have hassled him anyway. Remember, Keith Scott was not the target of this paramilitary force and its hell bent intent on arresting somebody. Had Scott been a white guy, none of this would have happened. In your heart you know this is true. And if your heart says different, enjoy voting for Trump.

2) Three Nebraska football players kneeled during last night's national anthem. It's reached Red America folks. But, if you are masochistic enough to read the comments from Red America at the bottom of the article from the Facebook Freaks, Red America aint happy.

A high five to Mohamad Barry, Michae Rose-Ivey, and DaiShon Neal for their display of bravery.

3) Gennifer Flowers to attend "debate" and be in Donald Trump's corner. For chrissakes, 1992 called and wants your worthless ass back. Really, Trump? THIS is what this has come to? Oh I know, Mark Cuban is such a threat to your lil feelings that something had to be done.

Mark Cuban truly came up from nothing with ideas and creativity and a desire to succeed. Cuban knows what a fraud Trump is. And it bugs Trump, a man who succeeded from Daddys money. much like most other Republican leeches like our Governor Voldemort Ricketts.

Gennifer Flowers is a right wing attention whore living off 25 year old stories that werent stories then, except to degenerates like Sean Hannity.But hey, if Trumpski wants to go there, let him go there. A serial adulterer like Trump calling out a wife of another a serial adulterer? The logic is pure Trumpian. In other words, there isnt any logic. And the Trump supporters go YAYYYY.

Christ, I may kneel during the entire debate. Or catch up on Peaky Blinders or finish up Aquarius.

4) The Ricketts family. Joe Ricketts is a right wing kook who shafted the taxpayers of Illinois into upgrading Wrigley Field so his Cubbies could play in a nice old ballpark with all the modern conveniences. Ya know, like giant big screens with advertisements. And brand new shiny bathrooms uh what? Yeah, communal troughs from 1914 cuz its so traditional. Standing there with 100 other dudes pissing into a trough. Oh the nostalgia.

Anyway, Ricketts, the "small government" racist prick that he is, has an interloper in his family. No not his own version or Eric Trump, our esteemed Pete Ricketts, but his daughter Laura. Laura, not an Ivanka, showed up up at Wrigley Field, sat in the prime behind home plate seats because she like owns the place, and wore a hat, blue, lets see now, is that a Cubs hat? Oh no, it has an H and an arrow on it. Wow, those playoffs where the Cubs blow it yet again should be interesting. Keep an eye out for Laura Ricketts.

5) Finally to my previous point about Keith Scott being dead because he's black. Period.

I bring you this from the white state of Oregon. A whole bunch of white guys carrying guns stood in front of the Oregon state capitol and burned an effigy of the Governor because she's a woman and obviously trying to take their guns away, but mostly because she's a woman.

Yes, carrying weapons into the state capitol, burning the Governor in effigy, and acting like a bunch of assholes. How many got shot?

Yep, you are correct. Zero.

Your honor, I rest my case.

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