Thursday, September 22, 2016

Let Us All Kneel!

Ok lets do this yet again. Cops shoot unarmed black people. Nothing happens to them. Sean Hannity and the police unions then begin the defaming of the victim and clueless white folks are appalled. Not by the unjustified shooting of minorities but by the demonstrations and the inevitable looting by those pesky minorities. Remember how utterly appalled the whites were by that CVS burn down in Baltimore? For goodness sakes, where shall I get my prescription heroin?

Yet it goes on. Virtually every other day some guy gets whacked by a cop someplace in this nation, usually while doing something bad, yes, but on occasion doing nothing but sticking his hands in the air and trying to figure out why the 4 cops have their guns out, are forming a firing squad. and are going to execute him for the crime of being large,black, and having some chopper jockey high in the air hollering that he looks like a "bad dude".

The Indiana Fever, thats a WNBA team, yeah yeah I know because you havent heard of them, they are women, and they are women, that their protest is stupid. And the NFL players who kneel are slandering the military and pissing on the graves of men and women who died in the nations wars to protect the defense industry's profitsrights we all enjoy as Americans. And all those MLB players who kneel for the anthem, oh yeah, none of them do because baseball players are notoriously dumb.

Anyway, we shouldnt have to go thru this every fucking week trying to explain to suburban whites why this is happening. Maybe when Cody or Madison or little Trevor starts to get pulled over and exterminated by black cops who claim they were afraid, oh hell, thats never going to happen once Trump builds that wall.

Look we all know racism was non existent before 2009 when that foreign born socialist used Acorn to defraud America of a fair vote, but for chrissakes, walk in somebody else's shoes once in your bubble living life. This police behavior would not be tolerated if it were happening to white people. And some athletes, mostly college educated football and basketball players, have had enough. Shit, Ive had enough.

Now there are two types of voters who will determine our next President. There are these people and then there's the rest of us.

Unfortunately, the rest of us are not all that motivated. Yet. So to stop this bunch of deplorable whackjobs from making America white great again by electing a first rate con artist who has no intention of winning. we must get serious. Because if we don't, the reality show host will realize his greatest nightmare and we will get a moron like Mike Pence running the show.

Haha. I'm kidding. The grifter in charge isnt going to win. But for him to even get close is disastrous, and he is closer than I ever thought possible.

So fuck this guy. Seriously, put this asshole in his place. Let his fellow assholes have him. Stop saying you are going to vote for Aleppo Johnson or that creepy anti-vaxxer Doctor who draws every crazy person in town to her rallies in ballrooms and strip mall rent a rooms.

Just say you are voting for Hillary Clinton. Period.

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