Sunday, September 25, 2016

National One Hit Wonder Day!

Hey everybody, its National One Hit Wonder Day! Finally!

Who doesn't love one hit wonders? From your youth those songs that hit you over the head and then you never heard from the artist again. Love em.

Since I am really old and cant remember any music past 1999 or so, I have my own list of one hit wonders. A Top Ten so to speak. It is purely subjective of course. I'm not sticking Vanilla Ice or Bow Wow Wow or Haddaway or The Trammps on there because I think they should be. It's a list of songs I like. My own particular ear and brain like.

10) Rock and Roll Part 2 (1972)

Gary Glitter is a pervert. He's a pedophile and he's doing time I think. But he wrote this song. Hey!

9) Steal My Sunshine (1999)

Maybe it should be called Steal Andrea True's 1970's hit More More More but nonetheless Len, a brother sister act, made my ear happy with this one. If Dr.Evil parodies it, you win.'

8) Don't Leave Me This Way (1976)

I hate disco. Generally. But this one I have to admit. Thelma Houston. 1976. Hey it's no Sylvester, but its my #1 disco song.

7) 867-5309 (1981)

Tommy Tutone is the epitome' of a one hit wonder. Who didnt call this number in 1981, or give shit to a Jenny? And does that dude remind you of John McEnroe?

6) Take On Me (1985)

Known more for its innovative video perhaps. But who else doesnt try and hit that note? And it goes horrible wrong. Right? A Ha.......And by the way, he can still hit it. His name is Morten Harket in case anyone cares.

5) Electric Avenue (1983)

The dreads, the reggae. The accent. Hey, I hate reggae. I am not a fan of Bob Marley. But Eddy Grant is the bomb.

4) Cars (1979)

Disco is ending. New Wave is starting. My own personal introduction to new wave was this. And The Cars also. A what is THIS moment. Gary Numan. Hey, I wasnt that into Bowie yet.

3) 99 Luftballoons (1983)

Ah ja, Nena. 1983. Reagan. Nukes. And please, only the German version. Or if you insist.

2) Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye (1969)

Steam. Yep, a group called Steam made this song every sports fan sings at the end of a win, when a player fouls out, or just cuz you like the song.

1) Spirit in the Sky (1970)

Norman Greenbaum, a Jewish dude from Massachusetts, made this fuzzy guitar anthem back in 1969. John Lennon loved it for its simplicity. So do I.

There's others that might make the list depending on my mood, my ear, and my brain. But today, On National One Hit Wonder Day, this is the list.

And by the way, #1 will never change. Unless Norman Greenbaum comes up with another hit, that is. Or this becomes a hit.

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