Monday, February 27, 2017

Ryan's Dope!

"Nobody knew healthcare was so complex." or so said the morally bankrupt shithead who calls himself POTUS, at least for now.

No you prancing nincompoop. It is not that difficult. If you know how to read that is. Perhaps you should go to a doctor sometime to get that sick mind of yours evaluated and find out if one of the gold-diggers from the 70's 80's or 90's you were laying around on your bed waiting for to stop barfing into the gold toilet gave you a parasite. You know, like your sons.

Look, there is no Republican plan to replace the Affordable Care Act. There never has been, never will be. That is unless you consider getting sick and dying a plan? Paul Ryan, possibly the worst excuse for a human being on the continent and certainly in the Bottom 10 throughout the globe, is a vicious bastard intent on establishing an Ayn Rand amusement park where the rich can get their jollies by making sure their generation is the last generation. Ryan's alleged plan is basically eliminating the individual mandate, eliminating subsidies for the poor and middle class, eliminate Medicaid by giving it back to the states (Good luck to any state with a trust fund creep running your state), bringing back the pre-existing conditions and of course that age old Republican idea, the good old Health Savings Account where you simply take all that money you have left over at the end of the month and put it away for a rainy day so when you get sick you are loaded. Where do Vampires like Ryan come from? Well when Paul Ryan's father checked out of his life when Little Paul was just starting to fantasize about killing old people, like his father, Little Paul got Social Security, which he saved for college. You know like those Health Care Savings Plans you folks can all rely on once the dead eyed Soylent Green advocate gets his way. But Paul Ryan doesnt like Social Security anymore since he already milked it for what he could get out of it.

Paul Ryan, the beady eyed motherfucker too cowardly to show up for a Town Hall, is the real danger to the nation. That loggerheaded fucker who runs the Senate is harmless compared to a widows peaked beastmaster like Ryan. And that dunderheaded syphilitic narcissist in the Oval Office is nothing compared to the treacherous misanthrope keeping his slimy hands on the nation's purse strings.

Paul Ryan is the danger. This Wisconsin cheese fuck is the man who will force seniors at some point to choose between insulin and the five dollar pizza that has to feed them for a week. And he will do it gladly, because Paul Ryans mind is so full of hate for humanity. Where that hate came from is beyond me. Maybe it came from the fact that when his father died and left Paulie to go on the government dole, it so affected his ability to get a boner looking at his Ayn Rand poster he never recovered.

So wake up America! Uncle Joe knew what a piss ant this DairyLand twit was back in 2012 when he sat there for 90 minutes listening to his bullshit. God do we another Joe Biden to put this dead souled empty vessel out to pasture.

Please Democrats. Fight this creep. Dont make me turn to these assholes.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Oscar Time 2017!

Its Oscar night and even though watching it is a chore due to the speeches from sound people and costumes designers and lame skits, I'll be there and rooting for some and hating others. And though this busted leg has kept me from seeing movies like Hidden Figures and Silence and Nocturnal Animals, I hope to hear more Meryl Streep or Casey Affleck type speeches but anyway, my Top 10 of the year goes as follows:

10) Captain Fantastic

starring Oscar nominee Viggo Mortensen as a father of lots of kids who live off the grid because of freedom. It's like if Bernie Bros actually had personalities. Captain Fantastic tackles a lot of issues from the unfairness of modern economics to the obesity epidemic in America. It's kind of preachy and Trumpers would hate it but I found it to be much like the 80's film The Mosquito Coast but with a lead actor who didnt play a total asshole.

9) Everybody Wants Some

I will say nobody and I mean nobody captures moments in time better than director Richard Linklater. Dazed and Confused is the best movie about the 70's youth culture ever made and Everybody Wants Some captures the early 80's perfectly. Of course it helps if you actually were a youth in the 70s and 80's to see it and say ohhhhh yeah! This film follows a college baseball team coming together in the 4 days prior to school opening. Yeah its male oriented but hey I'm a male so it made me go ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh lots of times.

8) Sully

I base a lot of movies I see on emotion. Did it make me laugh? Did it make me cry? Did it make me feel anything? Sully, with Tom Hanks and Aaron Eckhart with 2016's best mustache playing the pilot and co pilot who landed the airplane in the Hudson made me tear up a bit at the end when you see the actual Sully and his passengers come together. Yeah, director Clint Eastwood made some stuff up for dramatic purposes but this movie did its job. It was very underrated.

7) Dont Breathe

This tiny horror picture was truly a horror picture because it was real. Starring actors you see and go where do I know them from this story is simple. Dont try and rob a blind veteran who knows his own house inside and out and has the ability to kill you. The tenseness as the youthful invaders are picked off one at a time by the blind killer played by Avatar's Stephen Lang also contains the year's grossest scene. I mean its just fucking disgusting. Just disgusting enough to make it that much better than crap horror pictures catching 2016 buzz like The Witch.

6) Sing Street

Some movies you just like for no reason other than the characters are appealing, the music is appealing, the story grabs you, and you just like it. It's not Raging Bull or Citizen Kane and you wont ever argue with someone that its better than La La Land, which it is, but Sing Street grabbed me. The story of a bunch of poor Irish kids who form a band to get a girl is just so damned cool. The music is pop catchy and the fact the song Drive It Like You Stole It wasnt nominated for Best Song is crazy.Its the best song from a movie in 2016. Period.

5) Hell Or High Water

This was my favorite movie of the year until the fall when all the Oscar bait movies came out. The story about two Texas brothers robbing banks and being pursued by Sheriff Jeff Bridges is captivating and clever as hell. Chris Pine and Ben Foster are hot and cold as the two brothers who keep eluding the law by seconds until the inevitable fuck up. Bridges is his usual crusty lawman self and this movie is smart. Very smart.

4) Arrival

This is very much like Contact in the sense that you almost have to see it twice, no you do have to see it twice, to let it fall into place. Starring Amy Adams (denied an Oscar nomination why?) and Jeremy Renner as people who can communicate with an alien force that stations a bunch of eggplant ships at various spots around the globe. It's covertly political as the aliens warn us of our impending doom. But the twist is there to be figured out. It's all about second chances.

3) Moonlight

I just saw this last night. It is story of a young black man who also happens to be gay trying to survive in the streets of Liberty City Miami during a period of about 15 years. The story takes us from a young 9 year old Chiron, to a gangly teenaged Chiron to a buffed up adult Chiron. I cannot rave about this movie enough as it is so full of unknowns who can really get it done. Mahershala Ali is going to win an Oscar for his role as the drug dealer who takes the young Chiron under his wing but be warned he isnt in it that much. But there is so much more to this movie. Janelle Monet is not only a kick ass female James Brown singer, she can act her ass off too. But Trevante Rhodes as the adult Chiron just blew me away. His subtle way of showing vulnerability despite being buff enough to kill anyone who he wants was so heartbreaking. His trip back to his past at the end was so perfect.

2) Lion

This movie is #1 at times in my mind. This story of a young Indian child who falls asleep on a train and gets lost only to be adopted by a well to do Australian family never drags. Google Earth causes the young man to wonder of his past. Where did I come from? Who is my real family? Dev Patel should win the Oscar for this role of a lifetime. He is both joyful and melancholy in his deep desire to abandon his new comfortable life to look for his roots. The journey is well worth watching. And this years Jacob Tremblay (Room) is young Sunny Pawar as the young version of Dev Patel's character Saroo. He is not only so cute, he starts the engine and merges this film into traffic for Patel to take the wheel.

1) Manchester By The Sea

Grief. Guilt. How it can destroy you. Casey Affleck shows those emotions in such a realistic way as the Boston father whose children die in a fire and thus destroys his life, his marriage and his soul. Forced to take care of his nephew after his brother dies and forced to come out of his shell to do so, Affleck acts his ass off. Everyone talks about his scene with Michelle Williams in the alley where they finally talk about the tragedy and it is certainly one of the year's best but there is one moment in the film that damn near made me burst into tears. That moment is when he tells his nephew "I cant beat this". Yeah, how could you? I wont reveal the reason he feels such grief and guilt as that moment comes about halfway through and is gut wrenching enough, but if one movie this year made me both laugh and cry it was this one. I hope it wins. At least I hope Casey Affleck wins cuz he deserves it.

Now about the elephant in the room.

La La Land was a fine movie. It entertained me. But that SNL skit waso right on. People that just LOVE La La Land annoy the shit out of me. Tell them yeah it was ok sends them into apoplexy. Chrissakes, tghis movie wasnt even the best Ryan Gosling performance of the year because that was him in The Nice Guys. Emma Stone was fine. But La La Land didnt grab me like it did others. Sorry.

Hacksaw Ridge

The last hour of this movie is like the first 20 minutes of Saving Private Ryan. Except its an hour. And by the end of that hour you are mentally exhausted. You know I said a movie has to get me to feel something for it to be truly great in my mind? Well in moderation please. I wanted to leave this one. It is intense and not in a good way. It's bloody and disgusting and its so Mel Gibson. He is after all batshit crazy.

I did like other movies this year.

Florence Foster Jenkins--Meryl Streep was great as was Hugh Grant
Free State of Jones--featuring a with hair Mahershala Ali on an unknown Civil War story
Allied- the best looking cast of the year with Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard
Hail Caesar-- oh come on Coen Brothers geeks, it was a fine movie full of religious overtones
Cafe Society--was a good flick even considering a sleepy Kristen Stewart and an even sleepier Jesse Eisenberg
Loving--told a great story about the court case involving biracial couples being allowed to marry. Hey it happened in my lifetime. In MY lifetime

The WORST movie of the year that I saw and I dont purposefully see crappy movies was

The Purge: Election Year

This thing was trash from beginning to end. Just like the real Election Year. The real one was even scarier as we actually do have an evil cartoon villain in office. '

Screw it, I am going to go watch Sing Street again.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Fahrenheit 38%!!!

Today the enemy of the American people banned journalists from what was another bunch of lies from that woman pasty faced beady eyed badger of a press secretary, went and spoke to a band of angry white goobers waving Russian flags, and refused to admit the terrorist attack last weekend in Sweden was another one of his fucking lies.

The enemy of the American people today told CNN, the New York Times, the LA Times and Politico to stay away from the daily presser led by that soulless ginger portrayed accurately by a woman comedian late at night on Saturdays, prime tweeting time for fat bloated fascists lonely old fossils whose wives hate them and flinch at their touch.

To ban news organizations from the White House because you dont like the truth, or are so syphilitic that you dont know what the truth is any longer, is pure totalitarianism. This cannot be allowed and one day the dorks who worship this foul mouthed tawdry ignoramus will realize this and turn on him also. Already the bankrupt dope is at 38% approval after 24 days of smelling up the Oval Office with his polluted screeds. How much farther south can this dreadful worm sink?

This is dead serious. This indecent louse is making this nation a laughingstock and now he's banning news organizations because he doesnt care for what a total deceitful shitheel they truthfully say he is. Christ, the Deceiver in Chief is causing the tourism industry to take a hit because people from countries that have real leaders dont want to come here and put up with a 70 year old rug rat and his poopy pantsed cultists.

The rest of the world is laughing as the greatest power in the history of the world implodes from within because of band of clodhoppers threw a temper tantrum and elected a perverse lunatic to the highest office in the land. The greatest power in the history of the world needs help. For some reason, a bigot with bats in his belfry who got 3 million less votes than his opponent won. Explain that to the rest of the world.

Maybe next election, and we have one here in May, the rest of the world can send observers to keep the shenanigans to a minimum. In fact, a band of third graders have the math skills to tell you 65 is more than 62. Spare me your electoral college bullshit since that founding fathers check on a rube like tantrum electing a Russian controlled fruitbat has failed miserably.

Its Panic Button Time.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Oklahoma, Where The Wind Blows Right Thru Your Ears!

First of all, anybody and I mean anybody who votes for a shitheel wearing that hat for any public office should lose their right to vote for anything, including online Donald Trump "polls". Now that's voter suppression ID laws I could get behind.

That distinguished goat roper gentleman is Justin Humphrey (R what else-Ok), a member of the Oklahoma House of Reprehensibles Representatives. He has introduced a bill in that body of Oklahoma Einsteins that would require women to get written "permission" from the man who implanted the darling little fetus in her lady parts to get an abortion. After all, according to the respecter of all the Lady-Americans, they are just the host to the future little Oklahoma darlings that keep Oklahoma the backwards ass Trump cesspool it is. Now keep in mind that Justin The Vessel of Douchebaggery's science inspired brain thinks a pregnant woman is a "host" which would logically make the darling little fetus a "parasite". But Justin, the representative of Northern Oklahoma metropolises like Choctaw and Anoka, doesn't see things in that way.

Representative Justin thinks that this bill would give abused men, tempted by harlots interested in their double wide, a say in what the harpy does with her own body because of the inherent evil that is femaledom. Humpty made the following statement:

“But after you’re irresponsible then don’t claim, well, I can just go and do this with another body, when you’re the host and you invited that in.”

Invited that in? Irresponsible? Justin is truly a lover of all women, as long as they are a parasite in some strumpet's uterus. Congratulations to the fine state of Oklahoma, the most pro-life state in Trump's America. As long as you arent yet born of course. After that fuck you. Humphrey is one of those morons who think the "parasite" label only comes AFTER you breathe air.

Yet Justin the Terrible isnt even close to being dangerous since his moronic bill will never pass constitutional muster, at least on any level other than Okie level.

Now the real danger blowing out of Oklahoma is not some rural rube in a stupid hat introducing insipid misogyny bills into a lawmaking body of halfwits.

It is one Scott Pruitt, the Attorney General of Oklahoma, being about to be confirmed by 51 bootlickers in the United States Senate as the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Now Pruitt, whose idea of protecting the environment is making sure no part of the environment isnt being explored by the land rapists oil and gas industry, is the worst nominee of all of Trump's cabinet members. For the love of Duke Energy Pruitt is currently suing the agency he is about to be confirmed to lead. Excuse me? Now Pruitt is a whore for the oil and gas industry, thats just a fact, and his cozy cuddling of an industry that causes 1000 earthquakes a year (trust me I felt one and I'm 400 miles away) in a state used to having 2 or 3, should disqualify him from even emptying trash at an Oklahoma rest stop. But the Senate of these United States , less the given permission to Susan Collins (Coward-Me) to vote no, will ram through this creeps nomination sometime today WHILE an order from an Oklahoma judge to release Pruitt's emails, which may show he's right up the ass of Fossil Fuel Man, is being enforced. Nothing like a speeded up vote to keep the inevitable conflict of interest buried in the fracking hole.

Do when Pruitt's suits against his own agency come up, will a Woody Allen movie come to life?

Shit, I'd rather have Woody Allen running the EPA. He at least knows satire is not reality. This bunch does not.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Trump Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest!

What in the name of Richard Nixon was that? 1 hour and 17 minutes of a man setting himself on fire in front of the entire world.

Donald Trump (I cant even call this sad insane man a name right now) held a press conference today to announce his new choice of a Secretary of Labor after the Carls Junior perverted plantation owner dropped out cuz he beat his wife or something. Who is his replacement nominee? Who the fuck knows because this announcement turned into a 77 minute meltdown by a man with nuclear codes who obviously has a lot of screws loose.

I cannot even believe what I watched. The old Nixon sweaty upper lipped meltdowns were bad enough. But this, this thing was beyond crazy.

Trump is obviously obsessed with Hillary Clinton. He mentioned her so many times I expected her to run in from the back of the room and beat him over the head with a folding chair. Geez, dude, just because you hired a fake wrestling mogul worth millions to run the Small Business Administration that does not mean you have to conduct your pressers like Mean Gene Okerlund is going to ask a question. Trump was rambling on like a crazed Gary Busey on so many subjects it gave me a pounding headache. In fact, he mentioned CNN's Jim Acosta's name more often than his new Secretary of Labor's name which is also Acosta. I think.

Besides reliving his own delusion that he beat Hillary like a drum, worse than anybody since Reagan (you DO know people can google that right?), Trump also picked fights with virtually everyone who asked him a question. The back and forth was brutal as Trump called people fake news, said he had massive crowds seeing him off in Florida, boasted of a bogus 55% approval ratings, whined about leakers leaking fake news, claimed if he blew the Russian spy ship off Connecticut out of the water everybody would think it was great, got into it with a Jewish reporter for asking about antisemitism and accused him of asking a bad question and lying, assumed a black woman reporter was going to ask a "bad question" (but he's the least racist), and asked her to set him up with the Black Caucus cuz we know all black people know each other, said he wasn't "ranting and raving" while he was ranting and raving, said he'd be a great reporter, the Muslim ban was "smooth" its just the court was bad, Chicago was worse than the Middle East and oh yeah, refused to answer if any of his staff talked to Russians during the campaign.His answer was hey, as far as I know I dont know.

Trump asked why do you people keep asking about Russia he whined at one point. Uhhh, because you never answer. You jump the tracks to start talking about Hillary or Obama or blame the other side for racist signs held up by your racist cult members or say he'd be put in the electric chair if he did something Hillary allegedly did.

If this is what will happen for the next 4 months or whatever amount of time this madman is still in office it will at least be very entertaining and frightening at the same time.

Good thing Saturday Night Live is not a new show this week. There is no way they can top this. Trump is best satire writer out there, whether intentional or not.

Live from DC, Its Thursday afternoon!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


I remember Watergate. I was a teenager with lots of time on my hands and watching the hearings every day. When Alexander Butterfield said the words "Oval Office tapes" and the entire Watergate Committee did a spit take it was a fascinating moment in American scandal history.

This IS another Watergate moment. The only way for Donald Trump to escape the hordes of Woodward and Bernstein wannabes is for his Republican co-conspirators in the Congress to stonewall this scandal. As I've stated before, the real Republican Congressional goal is de-legitimizing this government bu destroying the very foundation of it and providing already wealthy people with even more wealth to hide off shore while putting the chances of closing the income gap at damn close to zero. If these Congressional stooges can achieve this goal by protecting a Russian puppet government led by a clueless reality show host under the thumb of white supremacists and flat out bigots striving for a return to a white dominated society akin to the 1930's well then let it be so.

The Congressional Republicans always knew this scandal was there. For chrissakes, they were briefed prior to the election that the Russians were hacking away to make sure their flunky was elected and the Republicans, led by a Kentucky fool doing the plutocrats dirty work, chose to do nothing. Meanwhile the fake news on Facebook continued to captivate the birdbrains who were all "economically anxious" and the election went as it did. And now this. Less than one month after the oath of office was administered to the Nincompoop in Chief, the Russian connection is coming out.
It is coming out because of journalism. Journalism so absent during the campaign because of ratings and journalism's desire to bend over backwards to appear fair to a group of malcontents who will never ever stop the "liberal media" bullshit. But now, and it can be argued that this is still ratings driven, the stories are coming out.

The Republican Congress will stall this for as long as they can. Wildly passing bill after bill to cut taxes, cut more taxes, and cut more taxes to the 1% this Congress will ignore it all, blaming it on that "liberal media" bias against their vengeful Pawn In Chief. Speaking to the lamebrain Trump base and getting them all hopped up on the political oxycontin via either Facebook or other social media this strategy may work for a while. But inevitably, that 30% of the American people so blinded by their "economic anxiety" will become even more marginalized and the Congress will be forced to do something.

There ARE Republicans in Congress that HAVE to be troubled by this disreputable administration. But for now, they are silent. At some point the consciences of these non crazy Republicans will kick in. Granted most of them are demented ideologues bent on the white power structure being retained and making themselves rich but there are enough willing to accept the obvious foreign entanglement this putrid Trump administration has become. Right, Ben Sasse (Uber Driver-Ne), Susan Collins (R-Me), Lisa Murkowski (Somewhat Sane-AK), John McCain (Hero-AZ) , Jeff Flake (Trump Hater-Az), Little Marco Rubio (Remember That-Fl), Rand Paul (Moments of Sanity-Ky), Deb Fischer (Fleeting Moments-Ne), Lindsey Graham (Pearl Clutcher-SC), and Tim Scott (Cops Still Pull You Over Dude-SC)? Do something. The oligarchs you work for will drop you like a lousy reality show as soon as they want to anyway so do the right thing.

We patriots smell blood. Trump ((Puppet-Russia)is on the ropes. The country is on the ropes. Attack Attack Attack.

And Donald, I'll lay off for one second here and give you a piece of well intentioned advice. Dont try that handshake bullshit with Bibi Netanyahu (Rabid Dog-Israel). He will rip your arm out of its socket and shove it up your tookus.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Statue Of What?

A quick note here, CBS News reports that thousands of people are fleeing the United States across the border to Canada. No they arent whitebread Americans born here, but are people who fled shitholes around the world and fear being sent home by the Reality Show Host In Chief to what they say is certain death. You may call that paranoia or actually cheer for that but the fact is THERE ARE PEOPLE FLEEING THE SHINING LIGHT ON THE HILL because they are afraid.

That is a fucking disgrace. All Americans should be embarrassed of this. I doubt all are since many under the rock dwellers have come out of the hills to state their prejudices as "just telling it like it is". I am embarrassed of this because it's never happened. You may as well close fucking Ellis Island where unless you are an American Indian your ancestors showed up where later on you got dropped in an American hospital thru no effort of your own. So if the thought of people fleeing oppression are somehow a danger to you you really need to up the medication.

Harvard, where really dumb coastal elites study facts and stuff, said "The substance of President Trump's recent executive orders highlights this administration's hostility toward refugees and asylum seekers." Jesus people, what would Saint Reagan say?

Oh probably something like this.

Out Like Flynn!

Remember December 29, 2016? Thats when the Obama administration put sanctions on Russia for ratfucking the 2016 election and helping to put a thin skinned blob of borscht in charge of the free world. The day after, American Russian strongman Vladimir Putin strangely stood down and said nyet, we will do nothing in response. For this, Putin was praised by Russian American President elect Donnie Trumpski with a tweet that read:

Great move on delay (by V. Putin) - I always knew he was very smart!


The 12/30/16 phone call between National Security Advisor (let THAT sink in) and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak is in play. What was said on that phone call? Did Flynn promise to lift those sanctions after Trumpski was sworn in? Did Flynn ask what Russians had on Trump, on him, on someone else? What exactly did take place in that call? Flynn naturally denied anything like that occurred. Or else he forgot? He couldnt recall. Hell I dont know.

American hero and acting Attorney General Sally Yates warned the Trump administration two weeks later that Flynn had been compromised by the Russians. She knew, as did the American intelligence agencies what was discussed on that call. Warning to Trump. Mike Flynn needs to be jettisoned asap because he is potential blackmail material by a hostile nation. But did Trumpski and his white supremacist clown Bannon and Miller listen? Of course not. Flynn, when questioned by Indiana dumbass and Vice President elect Mike Pence, lied about what was discussed. Pence then told Trump that Flynn was cool cuz he wasnt gay and in came Flynn to be NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR for 23 fucking days! That may not be a problem to the cultists that make up Trump supporters because they are starry eyed and brainwashed or just plain racist, but it IS a problem for anyone with that room temp IQ.

Mike Flynn gave that famous whack job speech at the Republican convention. The screaming and eye rolling and screeching and the
Lock Her Up chants led by a madman fired by Obama because his colleagues thought he was unbalanced. Flynn also hollered how if he had done "one tenth" of what "she" had done, he'd be in jail. Well lets hope he was correct. Because Mike Flynn HAS done 10 times what "she" did. He has violated the Logan Act which of course will never be prosecuted because if it ever was 47 United States Senators would be doing time. But the bigger questions remain.

What did Trump know and when did he know it? Well the answer is obvious. That's when Sally Yates, the aforementioned Acting Attorney General, told the incoming band of vandals about the call. Trump may have been predisposed at the time watching cable news or tweeting out nonsensical rants against somebody who took a shot at him but the conclusion is obvious. Either Trump is truly a Russian operative or he is an incompetent boob. Or probably both.

Look, with a war between the country's intelligence agencies and the sitting POTUS and his staff of white agenda driven crazies, we are in deep shit. This is not going to end well for any of us. For chrissakes the sitting POTUS said the intelligence agencies were akin to Nazi Germany. Who takes that with a grain of salt? Not the CIA or the NSA or anybody else who knows what the real story is. These people are reportedly withholding information from Trump and his band of Visigoths because they fear it goes straight from Trump's ear to Putin's ear. There is fear the Russians have a mole in the Situation Room.

Good lord, remember back when it was the Democrats who were called commies and fellow travelers and worse by right wing kooks. Now the right wing kooks are in Putin's corner. Which confirms in my mind the real agenda of the far right. Authoritarianism.

There's a lot of Americans who really dont buy into democracy . Never have. And this 2016 election has emboldened them. Mike Flynn is just a cog in the machine of establishing a right wing dictatorship much like we keep installing in foreign nations. Leave it to Republicans to do the dirty work.

Remove ethics, remove regulations, remove election overseers, make it a crime to assemble protest, gerrymander, silence women, take control of peoples personal lives, demonize the press, burn down the fucking Reichstag, hell I dont know what they are capable of here. But it has to be stopped NOW. Normalizing these crazy fuckers was always my fear. It appears now that there is constant pressure to point out these people's foibles. Keep up that pressure and let the 30% of America who wants a strongman to crack down on these protesting broads and hippies and anarchists and browns and blacks and pussy boys and paid stooges gizz in their cut offs.

Now, I must go check the mailbox for my weekly Soros check, who by the way has never paid me, much in the mold of the sitting deadbeat President. The only difference is one was fake news and the other is 100% true. The sanity test is which is which.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Donnie And Justin!

For once a foreign leader didnt accept that power boy handshake from President Agent Orange. Justin Trudeau, Canada's pretty boy prime minister, hopped out of his limo and took Trump's hand and shoved it right back at him. And for that, we are all Canadian today, eh?

The whole weekend of this Trump disaster is becoming a weekly deal. This incompetent nitwit has only been in office for 23 days yet it seems like its been 23 years. While openly talking about a North Korean challenge on Saturday night in public so that waiters and busboys now know about what happened than the freakin Joint Chiefs, to realizing his actual priorities and crashing a wedding of the daughters of one of his donors after he learns of the North Korean missile. Migawd he's making this so easy for his Russian masters. And right in front of his cultish supporters.

Trump left his compound in Florida, the often pimped Mar-a-Lago, and tweeted about all the supporters lining the streets to bid him a fond farewell, at least until next weekend.Does this mean El Presidente has stopped the Dakota Pipeline, because thats the only way all those "supporters" were actually "supporters". The man's delusion has no line.

The press conference with Justin Trudeau today was also a koke. Trump called on two people. A local reporter from DC just dying to get to Fox News and some dumb bunny from the Daily Caller. The questions were softballs and Trump gave his normal I won I'm great I won huge I'm kicking out criminals I'm getting praised answers. Trudeau spoke French and as far as I know he called Trump a smelly skunk but the difference between these two leaders is stark. One is a charismatic young man with a world vision and compassion and the other is a bloated tiny mouthed bully who lost to a woman by 3 million votes.

Speaking of three million votes. Trump has sent his flunkies out to continue this charade of himself winning by huge margins if you leave out the illegal voting. The new strategy is to send his creepy SS looking aide Stephen Miller out to holler voter fraud being well documented in New Hampshire where they apparently bus in thousands of Massachusetts voters to vote for the Democrat. Uhh of course this is absurd and no evidence exists about this lie because its a fucking lie. But Miller and his propaganda hero, Heinrich Himmler, both know of the Big Lie. Trump himself believes if you tell a lie 3 times it becomes fact to a certain segment of cretins low information voters. But all that bullshit about voter fraud means nothing compared to that Nazi creep Trump aide's statement about immigration. Herr Miller actually stated, out loud, the following:

"The powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned."

Well how Sieg Heilee of you, Steve. Stephen Miller is a rat faced little goosestepping white supremacist endorsed by Nazi punchee Richard Spencer and by KKK enthusiast David Duke. To listen to this jackoff yesterday was to become enraged all over again. Man talk about punchable faces.

Keep it up. The days of this administration are numbered. The Russians are in the situation room for chrissakes. The National Security Advisor is compromised by his Russian handlers. There are spies being arrested in Russia days after this band of Cossacks took power. Yet, to truly awful rats like Mitch McConnell and dead eyed soulless hypocrites like Paul Ryan, this traitorous administration is simply a tool to be used in a crusade to destroy government and impoverish 99% of us. Once that is accomplished, THEN, they will turn to Pence and his creepy closet case views.

This is going to be a long ride, eh?

The Grammys!!

Sorry I am too old to watch the Grammys like I used to when I was young because I have hit that age where I constantly holler at the TV "WHO IS THAT???".

So I do what a lot of people do. Wait for Twitter to tell me whats up.

Last night at the Grammys was a duel between Beyonce and Adele. Adele I guess won and then refused to accept it. Well at least Kanye didnt run up onstage to rant about the apparent screw job. Who is better? I have no idea cuz I dont listen to either cuz like I said before I am old.

Two guys in their underwear accepted an award for something. Some du.o called the Chainsmokers accepted an award on behalf of David Bowie which I am glad I missed cuz I would have been hollering again. There was a saccharin tribute to the Bee Gees which I missed. The only time I turned it on live I saw some guy named Sturgill Simpson begin a song by twanging and I was gone.

But two moments occurred that I have now seen numerous times via the internet. One was A Tribe Called Quest, a rap group from back when guys like Chuck D and NWA actually did songs that mattered. When Busta Rhymes came out and bellowed about "President Agent Orange" I was hooked.

"I wanna thank President Agent Orange for perpetuating all the evil that you’ve been perpetuating throughout the United States."
"I wanna thank President Agent Orange for your unsuccessful attempt at the Muslim ban."

"But we come together. We the people!"

Thats what shows like this need.

But Lady Gaga and Metallica. Oh my god. Two weeks in a row I have seen an entertainer I didnt give a rats ass about perform and sit there with my mouth gaping open. Now Metallica is one of my music gods and the news that Gaga was going to sing with them intrigued me. When Twitter warned me what was up I had to see it. Moth Into Flame.

James Hetfield's mic did not work. But thank the gods Gaga's did. I may have become the straightest Gaga fan ever now that I know she could fucking tour with them and actually make them better. Unlike Lou Reed, who made them unlistenable, GaGa turned from gay icon into heavy metal goddess belting out Moth Into Flame and turning Metallica into something new. I felt like it was 1983 again and I was hearing Seek and Destroy for the first time. Goddam, Lady Gaga, where have I been all your life?

Thursday, February 9, 2017


Now for something I really care about. That stupid Cleveland Indians logo of a smiling Chief Wahoo has got to go. And it will. Cuz racism is still not cool despite the 2016 election.

No thats not it. That logo is toast. Only white guys who think political correctness means they arent supposed to be openly racist and gawdammit they will be racist any damn time they want to cuz some of their best friends are Injuns and shit will cling to the Chief. Much like the Washington football team clings to its racial slur nickname. An actual racial slur is an "honor". Hoo boy thats just precious, racial slur fans.

No no the real horror is that baseball will "experiment" in rookie leagues and Class A ball with a new way to speed up games. If a game goes into extra innings, a runner is placed on second base to start the inning. Ok now, the problem with this XFL type bullshit is twofold. First of all, the game has already gone on too long by the time you get to the 10th inning. Second of all, 75% of the crowd has already gone home. Only the real fans stay and the real fans dont want you fucking around with the most perfect sport ever invented.

Look, baseball powers that be. Ive been watching this sport since I was 7 years old and my Dad took me to Wrigley Field. I fell in love with it then. Please dont fuck this love affair up.

Trying to speed up a sport that DOES take too long by jacking with the rules is so football like. Football is the most popular sport in this country for a variety of reasons. Betting and violence and the fact its held once a week on weekends. Thats about it. Watching a sport which lasts an hour officially, 3-4 hours in real time, and features about 5 minutes of actual play baffles me. I personally find it rather tedious. But they screw with the rules constantly, mostly because its fans are usually hammered and dont notice. But baseball? Stop!

Look baseball is way too long. The reason is simple. Capitalism. The TV people have made a game that lasted 2 to 2.5 hours when I was a kid (or 90 minutes if Bob Gibson was pitching) to a 3-4 hour endurance test because of their endless commercials. Well we know tgaht isnt going to stop so what else can we do? Oh yeah, enforce the actual fucking rules. You know........this rule

"When the bases are unoccupied, the pitcher shall deliver the ball to the batter within 12 seconds after he receives the ball. Each time the pitcher delays the game by violating this rule, the umpire shall call “Ball.”

Period. Enforce it. Pitchers bitch and eventually adapt about the 20th time they get a ball call. Baseball players not the smartest athletes after all.

If you enforce that rule, baseball morons in charge, the game goes back to what it was. 2 hours of bliss. Thank you and when do pitchers and catchers report?

Wartime Consigliore'!!!

The United States Senate continued its conspiracy to destroy government and civil rights and the middle class last night by confirming the Conflict of Interest in Chief's latest incompetent moron with a name so utterly stereotypical it brings visions of 1863 to mind. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions the Third, boy, is now the Attorney General of these United States. Congrats not only to the Russians for their victory in the Cold War but additional congrats are now due to the Confederacy. You boys finally did it. Hot damn!

Sessions was confirmed by a 52-48 vote in the Senate, including Democratic West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin who shamelessly french kissed his white constituency with the vote. Now West Virginia, full of coal miners and heroin addicts all because of Obama, is not the kind of state that elects Democrats and Manchin is well aware of this. But voting FOR Jeff Sessions is quite the conflict of interest for Joe Manchin. Now I realize conflict of interest doesnt seem to matter to a certain segment of white America any longer, but Manchin has a daughter, Heather Bresch, who is CEO of Mylan, a pharmaceutical giant who decided jacking the price of EpiPens by about 400% in the last 10 years. So if you have a life threatening allergic reaction, it'll cost ya $600 or more to stay alive. The Senate, last year anyway, decided to look into this price gouge increase. But now, with Sessions in charge,boy, get ready to absorb the EpiPen needle stick right in your bank account while Manchin and Heather cackle in the background.

Sessions is now the consigliore government's lawyer. But in reality he is about to serve as Trump's personal attack dog lawyer. The fucking FBI is probably already gearing up to relive the Hoover years, the good old days when they could harass the shit out of whoever opposed the regime and look away to the untold number of murders of black people by local cops. Sessions is basically Tom Hagen to Trump's Michael Corleone, exacting his wacky deals and enforcing his unconstitutional EO's.

Hey legal pot smokers. Wake up for a second. Start stocking up because under Grand Wizard Attorney General Sessions your stupid legal weed is in danger. Who gives a shit what you local voters think? Jefferson B the Third doesn't like you. He thinks the Klan was ruined by pot smokers like you. Good people dont smoke marijuana. Absolutely ruined the good ole boys of the Klan. So asset forfeiture is back in play. Federal enforcement of anti-weed federal laws is back in play. Sessions is a real buzz kill.

Sessions doesn't much like immigrants either unless you are from one of the European countries as long as its not south of France . He is openly hostile to not only Muslim immigrants but also those immigrants from the Caribbean and Africa. So the days of America First have just begun.

LGBTQ folks have especially fond memories of Sessions with more to come. Jeff once said that gay marriage, a basic civil right to anyone not brainwashed by con job Jesus shit, was an “effort to secularize, by force and intimidation.” Intimidation? Only perhaps to the deep closeted parts of his sick mind. Sessions is such a homophobe that he once tried to stop an LBGTQ informational conference from meeting on the University of Alabama campus. Shot down numerous times by University administrators and the courts, Sessions, the Attorney General of Alabama at the time, cited outdated sodomy laws in an attempt to stop those icky gays from meeting and holding orgies right there at the sacred football stadium. Gear up the lawyers folks cuz you have no friend in this 1861 mindset.

DeVos was bad enough. Her job is to destroy the public school system so federal money can go to Jesus. But Sessions' job is to suck Trumps ass. Whatever the vengeful creep in chief wants, Sessions will now justify. And that is the real dangerous cabinet member. Jeff Sessions is a bigoted blowhard raised as a son of the Confederacy. We already crushed those Stars and Bars waving dimbulbs numerous times. Now the Confederacy has one of its own "enforcing" the law.

Just superb. Wait for the anti-misegeny laws to make a comeback. Wait for the anti-sodomy laws to make a comeback. Wait for the conflict of interest laws to be gutted. The shining light on the hill is nothing more than a cross burning, boy.

Monday, February 6, 2017

The Madness Of King Donnie!

The madness of King Donnie the First isnt getting better, its getting worse. Reportedly wandering the halls in his bathrobe, alone. watching cable news incessantly looking for perceived slights, opening doors, holding meetings in the dark due to the inability to find light switches, and plotting his revenge on his enemies from years back. Trump is truly going mad in that big house, all alone. What will be Trump's rosebud?

Today the Madman went to McDill AFB to talk to the people he now commands and naturally began by bragging of his great election 2nd place finish. Ok that's Trump, obsessed with size and his own importance. The collective yawn is getting louder.

But then the loony son of a bitch began his the only thing to fear is Radical Islam itself bullshit. Mentioning cities where terrorist attacks have taken place in his oh so pointed way of keeping his fearful base in line, Trump went beyond the line once again. He accused the news media, the "dishonest" news media of covering up attacks, not reporting on attacks, ya know, like that Bowling Green massacre that probably 50% of his cult members now believe happened. Yeah there was probably a mass murder by some radical Islamist 5 or 6 blocks from you just yesterday and nobody bothered to report on it.

This is crazy. The Commander in Chief telling his minions that there are actual terrorist attacks going on that the media will not report because "They have their reasons and you understand that." What exactly is this lunatic trying to accomplish? To turn the military into his own private security force? Who would take orders from this maniac? Yeah there General, there was an attack in San Francisco this morning, not reported of course by the dishonest media, so I need you to retaliate by nuking the Bay Area, California's out of control anyway, right?

This is getting more and more dangerous each and every day. Until this Republican Congress decides to grow a pair of balls and realize their goal of impoverishing 99% of America is really second only to stopping a nutjob from impoverishing the entire planet before he drops the snow globe and whispers "USFL" or whatever made this kook happy, we are being forced to live with this.

Thanks a lot to America's hillbillies for unleashing this psychopath on everyone.

Best Super Bowl Ad!

The best Super Bowl ad wasnt even shown. If you watch this and are not moved to anything beyond being pissed off and afraid, get lost.

Not A Super Bore!

If you think that entire halftime show was apolitical you werent paying attention. And for that I thank Lady GaGa for her subtleness and the right for not being the brightest bulbs on the dying tree of liberty.

Lady GaGa is not this old hippie's cup of tea, after all I remember the good old days of Bowie and The New York Dolls, but for chrissakes that woman is one talented intelligent performer. Starting at the top of the stadium and singing a snippet of God Bless America and thus bringing in the right, she shifted to the inclusive This Land Is Your Land (written by a socialist in response to God Bless America)before reciting the under Gawd section of the Pledge of Allegiance (also written by a socialist without that Red Scare Gawd part) and bringing back the right (except for Laura Ingraham who is apparently deaf) GaGa then jumped into the stadium and began her kick ass show. If you dont think that the all inclusive tunes that GaGa belted out were not a gigantic fuck you to the narrow minded, you werent listening. So for that I bow before my new favorite performer of music I dont particularly like. But I'll tell you, if she ever comes this way, I am so there because a GaGa show is pure entertainment and if you listen to something besides the good beat, you may learn something about inclusion. Bravo, Stephanie!

I dont really give a rat's ass about the NFL since the Chicago Bears are usually eliminated from contention by week 4 and Jay Cutler so takes the joy of watching football out of me faster than seeing a Roger Goodall interview on concussions. But jumping on an Atlanta Falcons bandwagon because Tom Brady, Bill Belicheck and Robert Kraft have hobnobbed with the despicable Donald Trumpski is not an option. Like the owners of the Falcons, a multi million dollar money machine, arent Trumpski fans. I really dont think of the Super Bowl as political but as long as everything has become that why not go with it. Massachusetts went Hillary. Georgia went Trumpski. So fuck you Atlanta and I'm glad you choked away that win.

Donald Trumpski equating his murdering Russian puppetmasters with the United States is truly frightening. The fact that Trumpski refuses to say a goddamned negative thing about Putin, Russia or white nationalists shows everyone what Trump and his Nazi followers really would like. There is no doubt in my mind that if given the go, Trumpski would have CNN reporters jailed and/or worse. Trumpski, in his sick twisted mentally ill mind, is truly a fascist who believes that opposition is the enemy and anyone who supports him, even if a murderous regime across the world, is his friend. This is what "economic anxiety" and plain old bigotry wroughts. A would be dictator increasingly isolated and becoming more influenced by bad actors daily. We are truly in a dangerous time.

The demonstrations popping up weekly to resist this crazy man's agenda is encouraging. The energy of thousands and thousands of people not willing to take the descent into fascism lightly makes me very happy sitting here doing nothing. The busted leg has kept me off the field and is killing me. Demonstrations against Betsy DeVos popped up here across the street from gutless Senator Deb Fischer's (Republican Clone-Ne) office. The Muslim ban is causing normally intent Americans to realize what this country stands for. Not fear and hatred but love and bravery. While a glob of fearful shit like Trump pushes fear, the rest of us push an inclusiveness that will inevitably win. Go ahead Trumpski, sign all the Executive Orders pushing people around you want, you aint gonna win you fucking miscreant. The genie is out of the bottle you tinhorn dictator wannabe. The Muslims arent going to shut up, the gays arent going back into the closet, the decent Americans who have a room temp IQ and a sense of fairness will fight you every step of the way. You're a footnote in history, Trumpski.

Oh yes, one last thing. This Land Is Your Land, the song. It should be the national anthem as far as I am concerned. Written by Woody Guthrie, perhaps the greatest folk artist ever, in 1940, it was a reaction to Guthrie's annoyance with hearing Kate Smith belt out God Bless America on the radio ad nauseum. Kind of like my annoyance with hearing that fucking Lee Greenwood song ever. But Woody Guthrie and his guitar, which featured the words "This Machine Kills Fascists" written on it, performed this song proudly. Two verses left out of the recordings are particularly telling and appropriate to that time and to this time. The verse that I have never heard goes as follows:

There was a big high wall there that tried to stop me.
The sign was painted, said ‘Private Property.’
But on the backside, it didn’t say nothing.
This land was made for you and me.

Wow. Bravo, Woody!