Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Statue Of What?

A quick note here, CBS News reports that thousands of people are fleeing the United States across the border to Canada. No they arent whitebread Americans born here, but are people who fled shitholes around the world and fear being sent home by the Reality Show Host In Chief to what they say is certain death. You may call that paranoia or actually cheer for that but the fact is THERE ARE PEOPLE FLEEING THE SHINING LIGHT ON THE HILL because they are afraid.

That is a fucking disgrace. All Americans should be embarrassed of this. I doubt all are since many under the rock dwellers have come out of the hills to state their prejudices as "just telling it like it is". I am embarrassed of this because it's never happened. You may as well close fucking Ellis Island where unless you are an American Indian your ancestors showed up where later on you got dropped in an American hospital thru no effort of your own. So if the thought of people fleeing oppression are somehow a danger to you you really need to up the medication.

Harvard, where really dumb coastal elites study facts and stuff, said "The substance of President Trump's recent executive orders highlights this administration's hostility toward refugees and asylum seekers." Jesus people, what would Saint Reagan say?

Oh probably something like this.

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