Thursday, February 16, 2017

Trump Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest!

What in the name of Richard Nixon was that? 1 hour and 17 minutes of a man setting himself on fire in front of the entire world.

Donald Trump (I cant even call this sad insane man a name right now) held a press conference today to announce his new choice of a Secretary of Labor after the Carls Junior perverted plantation owner dropped out cuz he beat his wife or something. Who is his replacement nominee? Who the fuck knows because this announcement turned into a 77 minute meltdown by a man with nuclear codes who obviously has a lot of screws loose.

I cannot even believe what I watched. The old Nixon sweaty upper lipped meltdowns were bad enough. But this, this thing was beyond crazy.

Trump is obviously obsessed with Hillary Clinton. He mentioned her so many times I expected her to run in from the back of the room and beat him over the head with a folding chair. Geez, dude, just because you hired a fake wrestling mogul worth millions to run the Small Business Administration that does not mean you have to conduct your pressers like Mean Gene Okerlund is going to ask a question. Trump was rambling on like a crazed Gary Busey on so many subjects it gave me a pounding headache. In fact, he mentioned CNN's Jim Acosta's name more often than his new Secretary of Labor's name which is also Acosta. I think.

Besides reliving his own delusion that he beat Hillary like a drum, worse than anybody since Reagan (you DO know people can google that right?), Trump also picked fights with virtually everyone who asked him a question. The back and forth was brutal as Trump called people fake news, said he had massive crowds seeing him off in Florida, boasted of a bogus 55% approval ratings, whined about leakers leaking fake news, claimed if he blew the Russian spy ship off Connecticut out of the water everybody would think it was great, got into it with a Jewish reporter for asking about antisemitism and accused him of asking a bad question and lying, assumed a black woman reporter was going to ask a "bad question" (but he's the least racist), and asked her to set him up with the Black Caucus cuz we know all black people know each other, said he wasn't "ranting and raving" while he was ranting and raving, said he'd be a great reporter, the Muslim ban was "smooth" its just the court was bad, Chicago was worse than the Middle East and oh yeah, refused to answer if any of his staff talked to Russians during the campaign.His answer was hey, as far as I know I dont know.

Trump asked why do you people keep asking about Russia he whined at one point. Uhhh, because you never answer. You jump the tracks to start talking about Hillary or Obama or blame the other side for racist signs held up by your racist cult members or say he'd be put in the electric chair if he did something Hillary allegedly did.

If this is what will happen for the next 4 months or whatever amount of time this madman is still in office it will at least be very entertaining and frightening at the same time.

Good thing Saturday Night Live is not a new show this week. There is no way they can top this. Trump is best satire writer out there, whether intentional or not.

Live from DC, Its Thursday afternoon!

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