Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Out Like Flynn!

Remember December 29, 2016? Thats when the Obama administration put sanctions on Russia for ratfucking the 2016 election and helping to put a thin skinned blob of borscht in charge of the free world. The day after, American Russian strongman Vladimir Putin strangely stood down and said nyet, we will do nothing in response. For this, Putin was praised by Russian American President elect Donnie Trumpski with a tweet that read:

Great move on delay (by V. Putin) - I always knew he was very smart!


The 12/30/16 phone call between National Security Advisor (let THAT sink in) and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak is in play. What was said on that phone call? Did Flynn promise to lift those sanctions after Trumpski was sworn in? Did Flynn ask what Russians had on Trump, on him, on someone else? What exactly did take place in that call? Flynn naturally denied anything like that occurred. Or else he forgot? He couldnt recall. Hell I dont know.

American hero and acting Attorney General Sally Yates warned the Trump administration two weeks later that Flynn had been compromised by the Russians. She knew, as did the American intelligence agencies what was discussed on that call. Warning to Trump. Mike Flynn needs to be jettisoned asap because he is potential blackmail material by a hostile nation. But did Trumpski and his white supremacist clown Bannon and Miller listen? Of course not. Flynn, when questioned by Indiana dumbass and Vice President elect Mike Pence, lied about what was discussed. Pence then told Trump that Flynn was cool cuz he wasnt gay and in came Flynn to be NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR for 23 fucking days! That may not be a problem to the cultists that make up Trump supporters because they are starry eyed and brainwashed or just plain racist, but it IS a problem for anyone with that room temp IQ.

Mike Flynn gave that famous whack job speech at the Republican convention. The screaming and eye rolling and screeching and the
Lock Her Up chants led by a madman fired by Obama because his colleagues thought he was unbalanced. Flynn also hollered how if he had done "one tenth" of what "she" had done, he'd be in jail. Well lets hope he was correct. Because Mike Flynn HAS done 10 times what "she" did. He has violated the Logan Act which of course will never be prosecuted because if it ever was 47 United States Senators would be doing time. But the bigger questions remain.

What did Trump know and when did he know it? Well the answer is obvious. That's when Sally Yates, the aforementioned Acting Attorney General, told the incoming band of vandals about the call. Trump may have been predisposed at the time watching cable news or tweeting out nonsensical rants against somebody who took a shot at him but the conclusion is obvious. Either Trump is truly a Russian operative or he is an incompetent boob. Or probably both.

Look, with a war between the country's intelligence agencies and the sitting POTUS and his staff of white agenda driven crazies, we are in deep shit. This is not going to end well for any of us. For chrissakes the sitting POTUS said the intelligence agencies were akin to Nazi Germany. Who takes that with a grain of salt? Not the CIA or the NSA or anybody else who knows what the real story is. These people are reportedly withholding information from Trump and his band of Visigoths because they fear it goes straight from Trump's ear to Putin's ear. There is fear the Russians have a mole in the Situation Room.

Good lord, remember back when it was the Democrats who were called commies and fellow travelers and worse by right wing kooks. Now the right wing kooks are in Putin's corner. Which confirms in my mind the real agenda of the far right. Authoritarianism.

There's a lot of Americans who really dont buy into democracy . Never have. And this 2016 election has emboldened them. Mike Flynn is just a cog in the machine of establishing a right wing dictatorship much like we keep installing in foreign nations. Leave it to Republicans to do the dirty work.

Remove ethics, remove regulations, remove election overseers, make it a crime to assemble protest, gerrymander, silence women, take control of peoples personal lives, demonize the press, burn down the fucking Reichstag, hell I dont know what they are capable of here. But it has to be stopped NOW. Normalizing these crazy fuckers was always my fear. It appears now that there is constant pressure to point out these people's foibles. Keep up that pressure and let the 30% of America who wants a strongman to crack down on these protesting broads and hippies and anarchists and browns and blacks and pussy boys and paid stooges gizz in their cut offs.

Now, I must go check the mailbox for my weekly Soros check, who by the way has never paid me, much in the mold of the sitting deadbeat President. The only difference is one was fake news and the other is 100% true. The sanity test is which is which.

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