Wednesday, February 15, 2017


I remember Watergate. I was a teenager with lots of time on my hands and watching the hearings every day. When Alexander Butterfield said the words "Oval Office tapes" and the entire Watergate Committee did a spit take it was a fascinating moment in American scandal history.

This IS another Watergate moment. The only way for Donald Trump to escape the hordes of Woodward and Bernstein wannabes is for his Republican co-conspirators in the Congress to stonewall this scandal. As I've stated before, the real Republican Congressional goal is de-legitimizing this government bu destroying the very foundation of it and providing already wealthy people with even more wealth to hide off shore while putting the chances of closing the income gap at damn close to zero. If these Congressional stooges can achieve this goal by protecting a Russian puppet government led by a clueless reality show host under the thumb of white supremacists and flat out bigots striving for a return to a white dominated society akin to the 1930's well then let it be so.

The Congressional Republicans always knew this scandal was there. For chrissakes, they were briefed prior to the election that the Russians were hacking away to make sure their flunky was elected and the Republicans, led by a Kentucky fool doing the plutocrats dirty work, chose to do nothing. Meanwhile the fake news on Facebook continued to captivate the birdbrains who were all "economically anxious" and the election went as it did. And now this. Less than one month after the oath of office was administered to the Nincompoop in Chief, the Russian connection is coming out.
It is coming out because of journalism. Journalism so absent during the campaign because of ratings and journalism's desire to bend over backwards to appear fair to a group of malcontents who will never ever stop the "liberal media" bullshit. But now, and it can be argued that this is still ratings driven, the stories are coming out.

The Republican Congress will stall this for as long as they can. Wildly passing bill after bill to cut taxes, cut more taxes, and cut more taxes to the 1% this Congress will ignore it all, blaming it on that "liberal media" bias against their vengeful Pawn In Chief. Speaking to the lamebrain Trump base and getting them all hopped up on the political oxycontin via either Facebook or other social media this strategy may work for a while. But inevitably, that 30% of the American people so blinded by their "economic anxiety" will become even more marginalized and the Congress will be forced to do something.

There ARE Republicans in Congress that HAVE to be troubled by this disreputable administration. But for now, they are silent. At some point the consciences of these non crazy Republicans will kick in. Granted most of them are demented ideologues bent on the white power structure being retained and making themselves rich but there are enough willing to accept the obvious foreign entanglement this putrid Trump administration has become. Right, Ben Sasse (Uber Driver-Ne), Susan Collins (R-Me), Lisa Murkowski (Somewhat Sane-AK), John McCain (Hero-AZ) , Jeff Flake (Trump Hater-Az), Little Marco Rubio (Remember That-Fl), Rand Paul (Moments of Sanity-Ky), Deb Fischer (Fleeting Moments-Ne), Lindsey Graham (Pearl Clutcher-SC), and Tim Scott (Cops Still Pull You Over Dude-SC)? Do something. The oligarchs you work for will drop you like a lousy reality show as soon as they want to anyway so do the right thing.

We patriots smell blood. Trump ((Puppet-Russia)is on the ropes. The country is on the ropes. Attack Attack Attack.

And Donald, I'll lay off for one second here and give you a piece of well intentioned advice. Dont try that handshake bullshit with Bibi Netanyahu (Rabid Dog-Israel). He will rip your arm out of its socket and shove it up your tookus.

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