Monday, February 6, 2017

The Madness Of King Donnie!

The madness of King Donnie the First isnt getting better, its getting worse. Reportedly wandering the halls in his bathrobe, alone. watching cable news incessantly looking for perceived slights, opening doors, holding meetings in the dark due to the inability to find light switches, and plotting his revenge on his enemies from years back. Trump is truly going mad in that big house, all alone. What will be Trump's rosebud?

Today the Madman went to McDill AFB to talk to the people he now commands and naturally began by bragging of his great election 2nd place finish. Ok that's Trump, obsessed with size and his own importance. The collective yawn is getting louder.

But then the loony son of a bitch began his the only thing to fear is Radical Islam itself bullshit. Mentioning cities where terrorist attacks have taken place in his oh so pointed way of keeping his fearful base in line, Trump went beyond the line once again. He accused the news media, the "dishonest" news media of covering up attacks, not reporting on attacks, ya know, like that Bowling Green massacre that probably 50% of his cult members now believe happened. Yeah there was probably a mass murder by some radical Islamist 5 or 6 blocks from you just yesterday and nobody bothered to report on it.

This is crazy. The Commander in Chief telling his minions that there are actual terrorist attacks going on that the media will not report because "They have their reasons and you understand that." What exactly is this lunatic trying to accomplish? To turn the military into his own private security force? Who would take orders from this maniac? Yeah there General, there was an attack in San Francisco this morning, not reported of course by the dishonest media, so I need you to retaliate by nuking the Bay Area, California's out of control anyway, right?

This is getting more and more dangerous each and every day. Until this Republican Congress decides to grow a pair of balls and realize their goal of impoverishing 99% of America is really second only to stopping a nutjob from impoverishing the entire planet before he drops the snow globe and whispers "USFL" or whatever made this kook happy, we are being forced to live with this.

Thanks a lot to America's hillbillies for unleashing this psychopath on everyone.

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