Friday, February 17, 2017

Oklahoma, Where The Wind Blows Right Thru Your Ears!

First of all, anybody and I mean anybody who votes for a shitheel wearing that hat for any public office should lose their right to vote for anything, including online Donald Trump "polls". Now that's voter suppression ID laws I could get behind.

That distinguished goat roper gentleman is Justin Humphrey (R what else-Ok), a member of the Oklahoma House of Reprehensibles Representatives. He has introduced a bill in that body of Oklahoma Einsteins that would require women to get written "permission" from the man who implanted the darling little fetus in her lady parts to get an abortion. After all, according to the respecter of all the Lady-Americans, they are just the host to the future little Oklahoma darlings that keep Oklahoma the backwards ass Trump cesspool it is. Now keep in mind that Justin The Vessel of Douchebaggery's science inspired brain thinks a pregnant woman is a "host" which would logically make the darling little fetus a "parasite". But Justin, the representative of Northern Oklahoma metropolises like Choctaw and Anoka, doesn't see things in that way.

Representative Justin thinks that this bill would give abused men, tempted by harlots interested in their double wide, a say in what the harpy does with her own body because of the inherent evil that is femaledom. Humpty made the following statement:

“But after you’re irresponsible then don’t claim, well, I can just go and do this with another body, when you’re the host and you invited that in.”

Invited that in? Irresponsible? Justin is truly a lover of all women, as long as they are a parasite in some strumpet's uterus. Congratulations to the fine state of Oklahoma, the most pro-life state in Trump's America. As long as you arent yet born of course. After that fuck you. Humphrey is one of those morons who think the "parasite" label only comes AFTER you breathe air.

Yet Justin the Terrible isnt even close to being dangerous since his moronic bill will never pass constitutional muster, at least on any level other than Okie level.

Now the real danger blowing out of Oklahoma is not some rural rube in a stupid hat introducing insipid misogyny bills into a lawmaking body of halfwits.

It is one Scott Pruitt, the Attorney General of Oklahoma, being about to be confirmed by 51 bootlickers in the United States Senate as the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Now Pruitt, whose idea of protecting the environment is making sure no part of the environment isnt being explored by the land rapists oil and gas industry, is the worst nominee of all of Trump's cabinet members. For the love of Duke Energy Pruitt is currently suing the agency he is about to be confirmed to lead. Excuse me? Now Pruitt is a whore for the oil and gas industry, thats just a fact, and his cozy cuddling of an industry that causes 1000 earthquakes a year (trust me I felt one and I'm 400 miles away) in a state used to having 2 or 3, should disqualify him from even emptying trash at an Oklahoma rest stop. But the Senate of these United States , less the given permission to Susan Collins (Coward-Me) to vote no, will ram through this creeps nomination sometime today WHILE an order from an Oklahoma judge to release Pruitt's emails, which may show he's right up the ass of Fossil Fuel Man, is being enforced. Nothing like a speeded up vote to keep the inevitable conflict of interest buried in the fracking hole.

Do when Pruitt's suits against his own agency come up, will a Woody Allen movie come to life?

Shit, I'd rather have Woody Allen running the EPA. He at least knows satire is not reality. This bunch does not.

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