Sunday, March 8, 2015

Go Big What???

Get into your barns, hide in your haystacks, go barricade your church, Judge Joe Bataillon (Activist Judge Galore-Ne) has again told the citizens of Nebraska nahhhhhh you can't vote civil rights up or down, nahhhhhhhh you can't penalize kids who have two mommies or two daddies, nahhhhhh you can't be a bunch of dicks who love to watch guys jump on each other and stick their hands into another guy's crotch 12 or 13 times a year. Nope, your 70% ban on gay marriage is over. Again. He has already done this once in 2006 and some fucktard from the 8th US Dumbfuck Appeals Court said ewwwwwwwwwwww, two men kissing. Keep the ban.

But before y'all start bookin the gay flights to this Midwestern paradise to get hitched, just remember, we are a very polite sort of folks. Rocking the boat is ok , not popular, but ok. But tippin the damn thing over is just not civil. Even if it involves getting people the same rights everybody else has that's something that the people west of the Lincoln Airport need some getting used to. So Judge Joe did what any nice polite Nebraskan would do. He said no gay marriage now, you have to wait a week or so, till March 9th to be exact, and THEN you can flood the courthouses and send all the christian lady court clerks into A Fib.

This of course gave that dipstick attorney general and our trust fund baby Governor time to sniffle and cry to that same fucktard Court of Appeals that waaaaaaa that "activist judge" made a boo boo on the the Nebraska Constitution (everytime I hear that term I can't help but LOL, for chrissakes, you still can't legally teach German in this state)and we can't handle the tsunami of gays that will flood our little paradise and make out in public and all that icky shit they do. Unless they can run a 4.4 40 ,well then, keep it under your hat. Go Big Red!!!

Bataillon is right of course. Banning civil rights aint kosher. But he also knew that none of the gays could get married cuz he gave the powers that be plenty of time to throw a tantrum and get a stay of execution on our precious Nebraska Constitution (LOL.....for goodness sakes if you have the clap, you can't legally marry here). They did of course stopping me from the joy (once again denied) of seeing Bishops and pastors and superstitious nitwits go into apoplexy over two chicks or even ickier, two guys, apply for a marriage license and bring Gawwwwwwwwds wrath down on Nebraska and make the football team go 8-4 or something.

But it's coming. Like a giant porn compilation of facials, you bigoted clowns are about to be screaming "Enough"! The blacks, the Indians, the Mexicans and now the gays gettin rights we all have? What is this country coming to?

Fairness, that's what. So fuck off, bigots.

And to our trust fund baby Governor, who has a gay sister. You, my bald headed lisping friend, can truly fuck off.