Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sorry To Bother You!

I like filmmakers who take risks. Man does Boots Riley take risks in his film directing debut, Sorry To Bother You.This is a director who has hit the big leagues swinging away, stealing bases, and throwing knuckleballs. Unfortunately, he's getting caught stealing as many times as he succeeds, he's a .250 hitter, and his knuckleballs are getting jacked.

The movie stars LaKeith Stanfield as Cassius Green (ok we get it, greed is bad), a young man trying to make it in Oakland. He gets hired as a telemarketer for a shady firm selling who knows what. When old pro Danny Glover (yes he does say he's too old for this shit) advises Cash to use "your white voice, not Will Smith white... talk like all your bills are paid" in order to succeed, Cash finds his success. Did I mention the goal of these telemarketers is to get upstairs to become a "power caller" with their own elevator and riches they can only dream of?

Yes, Cash does get upstairs because why wouldnt he so he wrestle with the moral dilemma of accepting ill gotten riches and selling out or standing up to evil. Evil is WorryFree, a gigantic do all corporation run by Steve Lift (Armie Hammer) a coke snorting gun toting asshole who literally enslaves people to work for him. Cash is chosen as WorryFree's Martin Luther King to go undercover and keep tabs on the new type of workforce developed by scientists, Dr. Moreaus if you will.

And yep, this is where this movie jumps the rails, goes off into the canyon and bursts into flames killing everybody onboard. The last 30 minutes of this weird ass movie are just so utterly offputting. You may love it, think its brilliant, but I beg to differ because I'm old and have seen all this greed is bad, science is dangerous, corporations are soulless, and racism is bad stuff many many times.

Hey its not this movie is bad. I actually enjoyed much of it, especially a scene where Cassius is told to rap for the young white people, but it rang in my head Ive seen this before in the underrated CB4. Terry Crews is great in his two scenes (more Terry please), Tessa Thompson is superb as artsy fartsy Detroit. But this is LaKeith Stanfields movie. His hunched over rather quiet Cassius is a freakin star. He's got it. His character is just a dude. His clashes with his friends, Detroit, and the union organizers are classic Im just a guy moments. For the first time in his life, he's important and though his importance may be fueled by evil exploitation and what turns out to be immoral madness, he cant give up that feeling. Until he has to.

Sorry To Bother You is a symptom of movies like this. They appeal to young people who have never seen this type of satire before. But us ancients have seen the Dr Strangeloves and the Networks and Idiocracy and the science fiction movies of the 50's and even the Twilight Zones. This one really doesnt have anything new for us. So if you're young, enjoy. Then go back and watch the ones that inspired this.

Now get off my lawn.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Save Us Bob Mueller!

Later on that very day, Russians, not China or 400 lb guys in their basement, began to hack the Democratic Headquarters. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury I rest my case!

Its all coming together and if America can understand, or even care, that their President is a fucking traitor, we will have eradicated this scum off the top of the pond.

I grew up in a time that Russia, the Soviets to be exact, were the enemy. I never really hated the Russians as I believed they were incompetent, underfunded and that the people would eventually say enough. Then it happened. The wall came down. The Soviet Union broke up and all these countries formed I still have no idea who or where they are. I was happy for the people. But then, as new found freedom can become, the Russians became mobsters. Brutal monsters willing to do anything to make capitalism their god. And I will never forget what I said to Max's Mom in the early 90's. I guess I dont like the fuckin Russians.

Nowadays, its the conservatives, the people who used to call me naive' and out of touch, who just love the fuckin Russians. And why? Because their cult leader is a puppet of Russian thugs and blackmailers.

Bob Mueller is getting close. Getting close to bringing down this felonious regime. Getting close to indicting untold numbers of American Quislings willing to do anything to win elections and profit personally. Getting close to bringing down a gang of white supremacists bent on suppressing minorities and women and gays. Getting close to sending a lot of traitors to jail. It cant come soon enough.

There's no fake news about any of this. The Russians hacked the DNC, it gave information to Wikileaks, it gave information to who knows how many Republican congressional candidates (hey there Matt Gaetz and Darrell Issa).They were in contact with Roger Stone, and they had access to Hillary's analytics which would allow the Trump campaign Russians to use the information to target Hillary's demos. They gizzed up the fight between Bernie Bros and Hillary voters which for some reason still goes on today. They ratfucked this election so bad that I have a bad feeling that eventually this is going to come down to hackers changing vote totals. They have the software. They purged minority voters from the rolls. Why is not feasible that they changed vote totals? There arent enough rubes to have actually voted for this vile disgusting man. I refuse to buy that.

Bob Mueller may end up being an American hero. A Republican interested in preserving the halls of democracy rather than just fucking winning. A Vietnam vet against a bone spurred cowardly billionaire. Is there any reason to take the cowards side?

Of course there is. Winning to many people means keeping the other guy down. Winning means preserving the dying so called culture of whatever culture you think is yours. Jesus and Nascar? Country music and bar fights? I dont get it. "Real" Americans arent winning though they think they are. Pissing me off may be entertaining as hell, har har look at the pissed off libtards, but it only means you have taken the side of the fucking KGB.

In the words of the great Nebraska humorist. Lawrence the Streaming TV Guy, what the hell is this, Russia?

Sadly, yes it is. For now.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Trump's European Tour!

Go Britain! If you cant get to the World Cup Final at least you can do what Americans are too lazy to do. Express your outrage at an orange bigot who is flying around Europe dropping his bullshit then changing his mind 180 as soon as he comes face to face with his subject of insult.

The Child Kidnapper In Chief has soiled the British Isles with his white supremacy toxin. Changing culture, you better watch it, hammering the women he cannot believe stand up to him, calling out CNN as "Fake News" and cracking on MSNBC's Kristen Welker (hmmm what is about her he doesnt like?) on international television.

But the Brits are having none of it. By the tens of thousands, they are in the streets of London, with signs and chants and a genuine disgust for this orange twat (Thanks anonymous British sign make). Get that balloon up and dont let that Orange Fascist breathe. Thank goodness the Queen, even at age 217 or whatever she is, has said yeah I'll drink tea with you but then get the fuck out you slimy wanker.

Trump is a fucking coward as we all know. He will run his loud mouth for a newspaper or a TV show saying the most idiotic things one can imagine, get the well deserved heat, and then deny he said any of it once face to face to his insultee. Out Loud. Starts off with his fake news bullshit, catering to his mentally challenged base back here, and then after attempting to minimize his damage, runs his mouth more by standing next to British PM Theresa May and stating he thinks Trump haired blabberer Boris Johnson would be a great PM. May needs to return the favor next time she is here, if she's ever dumb enough to come here, to say yes I think Jeff Flake would make a great President.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon is doing damage control with NATO allies basically saying do not listen to that moron. He lies, he lies more and then he lies on top of lies. The Stooge in Chief is quite honestly , a Putin puppet. Pay no attention to him. What the Pentagon knows in comparison to Trumpers is astounding. Anyone, other than those low IQ Republicans on that House Committee yesterday that got owned by Peter Strzok, knows the truth about the Toxic Waste in Chief. That he is going down and to the Pentagon (Deep State to you idiots) he is already gone. Dont listen to a word that comes out of his tiny filthy mouth.

Hail Britannia! And for an Irishman like me to say that is truly astounding. But today we are all in Trafalgar Square, British, and pissed.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Sicario-Day Of The Soldado!

There are times while watching Sicario-Day of the Soldado that you feel you are watching the greatest actor on earth. Benicio Del Toro so dominates the screen in this sort of sequel to the brilliant Sicario, much as he did in the original, that you forget there's anybody else in it. His assassin character, Alejandro Gillick, returns here as does Josh Brolin as CIA or whatever it is spook, Matt Graver. Together they are a great tandem, but only Del Toro can maintain that cant take your eyes off him aura with a 16 year old girl, a deaf farmer, a gang of killers, drug cartel goons and alone.

The story is real;y a mish mosh of various story lines that all come together at the end. The beginning, with the border busts of a group of presumably illegals that ends with a Middle Eastern terrorist blowing himself up. Cut to the nations heartland where 4 madmen blow themselves up in a grocery store complete with a harrowing scene of a mother and child trying to sneak out as the final bomber stands in their way saying his prayers. This I took as a complete surrender to the Trump based fear he caters to with his bigotry and racism. But like a lot of this movie, I guessed wrong.

Brolin and Del Toro tear ass around the Middle East, South America and Mexico starting cartel wars while not getting America's hands dirty. But the hands arent only dirty they are downright filthy. When Del Toro takes a 16 year old girl hostage, the daughter of a cartel head who killed his family, the shit is on.

We get changing plot lines , stories about kids on the actual border becoming coyotes, the soulless head of the Department of Defense, the turncoat nature of the drug business and Del Toro trying to keep the girl alive.

Sicario 2 isnt the best movie I've seen this year, but it certainly is the most exciting. It has the greatest actor on earth (there I go again) who will probably get ignored at Oscar time, again, for dominating a decent movie. And its not dumb. You have to pay attention, you have to keep up or you're getting lost.

If you loved the first Sicario, this will be completely in your wheelhouse.

Another Week In The USA!

Another week from the United Shitholes of America and again an everyday new low for a country on its way out of existence.

1) Donald Trump (Cheap Thug-Queens) held another jack off session in which he did his normal stand up act much to the delight of a thousand or so lonely Montanans. The same old act is there with some new material recycled from years ago. Hillary's a crook. The free press are bad people. Elizabeth Warren is Pocahontas. Joe Biden is sleepy. Obama is a black guy booooo...Maxine Waters is mentally challenged. George H W Bush is a babbling moron. John McCain is a traitor to the cult. But of course, Kim Jong Un is a great leader and Vladimir Putin is "fine" just a person.
When did a gang of cultist Montanans become Russian and North Korean stooges? When their cult leader tells them to.

As usual, American patriots are scum and foreign thugs and killers are terrific.

2) Meanwhile in Moscow, 8 Republican traitors, 7 Senators and a House member, greased the skids for the 7/16 Trump/Putin quarterly review. The 7 Senators, should all get the Jane Fonda treatment from now on, Moscow Jerry Moran (R-Ks), Moscow Richard Shelby (R-Al), Moscow Steve Daines (R-Mt), Moscow John Hoeven (R-ND), Moscow Ron Johnson (R-Wi), Moscow John Kennedy (Disgrace to the Name-La), Moscow John Thune (R-SD), Moscow Kay Granger (R-Tx) . Christ I just noticed that all of them are backbenching nobodies who are nothing but bagmen for a corrupt Triple A mob boss ready to be graded by his Major League Mob boss. It's infuriating that these 8 Judas's were tweeting 4th of July greetings to their constituents from the bowels of thuggery. It's also infuriating that these 8 back stabbers were there in the ratfucking Capitol of the world, face to face with the people who ordered the 2016 election meddling, and said nothing. The 8 cowards, 8 turncoats, 8 pseudo defectors were there to make sure the July 16th job review goes well. Goes well in the sense that Putin gets what he wants from the Quisling in Chief. It's called collaboration. Collaboration with a foreign enemy. I can hear the cultists now. 6 More Years 6 More Years!!!

3) Russia lost in the World Cup to Croatia. In Russia. Good! At least something went right this week

4) Scott Pruitt, the low rent grifter who was hired to destroy the environment in the name of pissing off environmentalist hippies, was finally forced to resign his commission in the United States Department of Thievery. After backing up his Oklahoma truck up to the United States Treasury and piling as much tax money as he could into the back before he could fill it no more, Pruitt quit with one of the most cult like letters of resignation ever. Likening serving the Grifter in Chief to serving God, Pruitt left town substantially richer than when he slithered in. But that letter? Serving God? Pruitt proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the first resort of a scoundrel is the God card.

What happens now? Pruitt gets indicted for old fashioned graft? He gets shamed out of politics by being the moral equivalent of a guy knocking off the national Quik Trip with a ski mask and a 22? Nah, we all know he'll go back to Oklahoma and probably win an election thanks to the cultists.

5) Bill Maher ticks off all sides. He makes conservatives angry and after all what doesnt, and he makes whiny ass liberals crazy because he doesnt kiss the PC police's ass. His live special from the heart of Oklahoma last night covered all of that. Maher isnt George Carlin, my comedy hero, but he's as close as we have.

Trumps an asshole. Check. The material was all covered. The crowd ate it up. From Oklahoma? Yes, we do exist out here in the middle part of America. We hate Trump. Hate racism and sexism and homophobia. We hate children being put in cages. We hate treason. We hate white privilege and the denial of it. We hate the cruelty of this putrid regime. We also hate politically correct whiners.

Look, I am not politically correct. I say some things out loud I know as soon as it leaves my mouth I shouldn't say, usually in the form of bad jokes. I believe in common sense. And Bill Maher who happens to be my age, does too. Oh I dont agree with everything Maher says, his rants on religion for instance. His blatant disregard for what makes some people comfortable in this shitty world makes me cringe. Yeah, and I also hate religion, however I will not tell someone else they are stupid for taking solace in their beliefs. Unless of course they use that belief to discriminate or hate, well then its on.

Bit Maher tells certain libs that their religious like insistence on 100% adherence to their dogma is not helpful. To those of us common sense libs certain disagreements do not disqualify you from my life. If you confront Nazis and thieves and kidnappers in restaurants and bookstores its not something I would do, but its brave. If you tell me that Islam is scary to you, I wont scream at you that you are a disgusting bigot and to go kill yourself. If you clutch your pearls and go crazy at a Hollywood actor who dares to make a distinction between rape and patting someone on the ass you make us common sense libs shake our damn heads. Maher does all of this and gets called a racist and a Islamophobe. He pisses of everybody.

Carlin says keep on keepin on

6) As I type, the rescue of the trapped Thai soccer kids is going on. I'm hoping it all goes well. I'm also hoping the Loudmouth in Chief keeps his big fucking mouth shut. Yeah, Fat chance.

Onward to a new shitty week

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The Clown King!!!

Oh yeah? The "Clown King" cant overthrow the values of a 242 year old nation? With a complicit Congress, a complicit Supreme Court, a foreign enemy openly courted to fuck with elections, and a base of openly fascist bottom dwellers why cant he? He has already has turned a compassionate nation into a nation of assholes. We arent all assholes, we just have a lot of silence while the actual assholes scream like toddlers and as previously stated have a complicit Congress, Court and a friendly enemy of hackers and criminals. The silence is deafening and quite frankly frightening. If I hear one more comfortable white person tell me everything will work out and give him a chance and Obama was the dividing force Im ready to scream and cut these people out of my life.

What has the "Clown King" done to cause this destruction of a great nation? The campaign was bad enough. But the campaign had no power. While the collusion carried on prior to America's death date, and the complicit Congress knew and the ultimately complicit POTUS 44 knew yet said nothing because it may offend people who hated his black skin anyway the cancer spread. Now the complicit Congress said nothing because they dont give a fuck how they win they just want to win and the complicit Obama said nothing because he thought people who would never ever vote for Hillary might get mad and god knows we cant make people who crawled out from under rocks mad.

Once the "Clown King" won, much to the delight of Russians, fascists, bigots, and assholes everywhere, his cruel agenda began.

The propaganda, led by a news network of liars and collaborators , began in full force. The lies about the size of the inaugural crowd, the lies about Michael Flynn, the national security adviser who is a Russian stooge, the speech at the CIA, the lies about 3-5 million illegal votes costing him the popular vote, the appointments of "only the best people" like Mike Pompeo, a backbenching Kansas Senator, Nikki Haley, a feckless fascist, Rex Tillerson, an oil grubbing link to Putin, and the rest, all approved by a complicit Congress and this includes the spineless Democrats, still not fully functional after being cold-cocked by a right haymaker.

The stolen Supreme Court seat filled by a folksy shitheel named Neil Gorsuch approved by that same complicit Congress. Fuck, the crime was so blatant, on tape, that even a Florida jury would convict this thievery. The votes of three Quisling Democrats, Manchin, Heitkamp and Donnelly put this unassuming prick onto the Court. I want those three to win their seats for the 33% of the time they grow a backbone, but in a decent country in a decent time, I'd root for their political destruction.

The nation that hit critical condition in November 2017 hasnt been cremated yet but the plug is about to be pulled. For fucks sake, a government agency of door kickers, liars, thumb breakers and dickheads ripped breast feeding babies from their mothers and sent them to a baby camp. And the Clown King loves em. ICE. Loves em. Defends these Constitution ass wipers at every turn. The Clown King. Dear Leader. Der Fuhrer. President for Life.

So Happy 4th of July America. You blow up your shit and drink to excess and debate Uncle Moron about the MAGA movement. But just remember, talking to a brick wall with a big mouth is cathartic at best.

We have the power to administer a Narcan shot to this country but it wont arrive until November. You have to be ready to use it. If you stay home, or get exhausted, or the Democrat isnt pure enough for your rock solid values that you refuse to compromise, enjoy the rest of your miserable life here in Gilead.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Week That Was!

What a shitty week for anyone with a brain, a heart, and an IQ over room temp. I just want to sit on a dock with Jack and look at the sky and forget all of this shit. Right, Charlie Brown?

Journalism was my life's choice. It didnt work out because the pay sucks and quite honestly bouncing around small towns reporting on teenagers smoking pot and getting arrested was a waste of my time. When I refused to even report on a bust of two kids from a larger town getting busted for selling dime bags to high schoolers I was threatened with termination if I ever ignored the "drug problem" again. I quit soon after when I saw the higher ups bombed at a bar.

Some man, whether mentally ill, a MAGA guy, or a guy with a beef, walked into a newspaper office and shot and killed 5 people doing their jobs. Since he was white and a narcissistic asshole he was taken alive. These people who were murdered, these journalists, were regular folks with families and goals and lives. They had a passion for telling you the truth. They were NOT the "enemy of the people" as our Dear Leader loudly exclaimed at one of his Klan rallies in South Carolina two nights before. They did not deserve to be "curb stomped" as failed actress and NRA loudmouth Dana Loesch said. The cheering from asshole Trumpers happy about people dying at a small newspaper in Maryland was disgusting. The dripping with sarcasm thoughts and prayers bullshit from Trump and his leech Pence made me want to wretch. These two wanna be strongmen would allow this to happen daily if their deep inner selves were allowed to bubble over like a fascist volcano and take power as they fantasize.

Do I really believe that? Goddamned right I do. Do I really believe that this MAGA movement with its Fuehrer and their brownshirt thugs and a complicit Congress bent on an agenda at any cost is a reality waiting to happen? Fucking A I do. I see a President attacking journalists who dare report on his treason, his crimes, his lies, his vileness, and point at them and call them the enemy while dim witted sheep turn and express their paranoid nonsense at the fenced in press. Yeah it not only can happen but it will happen if this is not stopped and I mean right fucking now.

The hearings on Capitol Hill, rather the attacks on Rod Rosenstein by morons like Jim Jordan (Idiot-Oh) and Trey Gowdy (The Precious-Benghazi) was just an opening salvo on trying to stop Mueller because Republican fascists in the House cam smell victory as the people of this country remain lazy and silent.

The attacks on Maxine Waters (Guts-Ca) by a Low IQ President. The death threats that resulted from Trump's racist attack on a black woman and lets face it thats what it was. A combo platter of racism and misogyny from a disgusting vile creep. Waters had reacted to Professional Liar Sarah Sanders, Himmler wannabe Stephen Miller and white lady who wants to see a manager Kristjen Neilsen (kudos Samantha Bee) being harassed at public dinners for being whores for authoritarian regimes by saying yeah harass the shit out of them. Dont beat em up, dont shoot em just verbally tell them what creeps they are. Waters aint havin none of that. She's a 79 year old woman of color who dont give a goddam what you think about her.

A little know story of a former ICE spokesman, James Schwab, who had resigned rather than tell more lies, being interviewed by CBS News and in the middle of the interview in his home, hearing a knock on the door and two Homeland Security goons asking him about "leaks" implying HE was being followed. Yes folks, intimidation by a lawless administration is now the norm. You speak out, you are harassed by a government agency that dont need no stinking badges.

And finally, the resignation of Anthony Kennedy. Fucking great. The unqualified knucklehead that Putin tells Trump to nominate will affect my life forever cuz I dont have that many years left. It will affect Max's life for the next generation as the Supreme Court, strengthened by yet another collaborator bent on making white supremacy and the Republican Party great again rules as the last domino of the fascist state. A lurch backwards would be complete. I dont know how to stop it but we must try. To throw your hands in the air and say dont mean nuthin to me is idiotic.

This week sucked. Next week will suck. The week after that will suck. Dont let up. If we do, the little hands of a con artist bent on installing Gilead will arrive.

Praise be? Fuck that.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


I sat in my chair last year with my busted leg and watched Neil Gorsuch, the fucking interloper sitting in Merrick Garland's Supreme Court seat, say ah shucks a lot and talk about walking the streets of Denver and golly gee he was going to the rodeo with his daughter and gosh darn it Senator I just dont really know about that hard issue you just asked me about. When finally a Democrat with a spine decided to actually ask him a question about why he decided in favor of a corporation firing a truck driver for leaving his truck in freezing weather rather than stay with it and die, Gorsuch aw shucksed his way out of it. Al Franken (Real Democrat-Mn) didnt give a shit and told Gorsuch yeah you're a fucking monster, which of course he is. The folksy motherfucker wanted a man to die rather than leave a corporate owned truck. It was at that point I knew that Neil Gorsuch was one nasty excuse for a human being. Worse than Scalia by far.

Today the United States Supreme Court upheld a Bigot in Chiefs ban on Muslims entering the country that sparked protests over a year ago by a 5-4 vote. That 5-4 vote will eventually take this nation into fascism legally. You see, by now going full Trump because what the fuck, the Court can uphold travel bans and religious bigotry and white supremacy and then claim in a folksy manner ohhhh no no no the President didnt mean a travel ban was against Muslims thats not what he meant so banning Muslims isnt really banning Muslims at all. You dont even need to tell the fucking truth at all any longer. Trumps Klan rallies prove that.

Also today the United States Supreme Court by a 5-4 vote upheld the right of lying Christians who set up phony "Emergency Pregnancy Clinics" to deny information to women seeking advice or care by talking about nothing but Jesus and bullshit information about cancer and how the 2 week old fetus can sing and dance. Oh no no no its not really about lying to women, its about free speech and even lying sacks of shit have that right. 5-4! Thats going to be it from now on. 5-4 black is white. 5-4 Up is down. 5-4 only whites can vote. 5 to fucking 4.

Earlier the United States Supreme Court upheld the right of Texas Republicans to suppress the votes of Texas minorities by drawing districts that weaken the influence of the votes of anybody in Texas except whites. Oh its not because the districts are discriminatory and favor white people oh no no no, its just not Texas Republicans intent and how dare you think otherwise.

This makes the 2018 midterms even more important. We need to steal these seats back that McConnell stole in 2016 from the black guy. The only way is to vote like mofos and take this Congress back so any bad things that happen like RBG going away will mean nothing.

Its now the folksy ways of Gorsuch, a truly rotten to the core human being, a nice face on authoritarianism. Oh no no no we arent out to harm you in any way, now how about a shower?

5-4 is as far as it should be allowed to go.


Monday, June 25, 2018

Imagine Dragons!

Is Imagine Dragons the biggest rock band in the world? Well, I doubt it frankly, but you'd get a huge argument from the sold out crowd in Omaha on Sunday night.

Frontman Dan Reynolds is certainly an argument for that. His boundless energy is undeniable. The guy ran out shirtless and ripped and began a 2 hour workout that would have exhausted anybody. Launching into Radioactive immediately, Reynolds pounded the floor, a drum and sang with a zeal for life. It was quite honestly, refreshing.

I understand that 30 year old rock stars are not yet cynical or tired but Im not sure Reynolds ever will be. His fun nature and seeming honesty is quite contagious. As the Imagine Dragons blasted through hit after energetic hit the crowd never let up its cheering. Now granted, a helluva lot of kids, many young enough to still want the accompanying parent to buy them a glow stick, were in attendance and lets face it, have more stamina than us old people, but even us old people got into it.

Imagine Dragons also has a sense of whats going on in an arena. After a good 75 minutes of hard pounding pop rock, the band took a stroll down the floor of the arena to the back where a small stage had been set up with a cello, a viola and a keyboard for a short acoustic set in which Reynolds endeared himself to me at least by stopping to shake a young boys hand. During I Bet My Life, Reynolds took the extraordinary step, lots of steps in fact as he climbed the arena steps, slapping hands and singing, walked through the concourse, singing, and back down some more steps, singing, back to the acoustic stage where when finished they strolled back to the mainstage to finish up with a string of power hits like Thunder, On Top Of The World complete with bouncing balloons and confetti and Believe, a closing number that sends you home happy you went.

Hell, maybe they ARE the biggest rock band in the world. They certainly are the biggest pop rock band on earth.

And oh yes, a 14 year old girl named Grace Vanderwall opened the show with an 10 song set of pop songs perfectly delivered. You may recall her as the ukelele playing 12 year old who won America's Got Talent two years back. I havent paid money to see a 14 year old do anything since Max was in theater in middle school, but this girl has talent. I look forward to what she does in the future.

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Wont You Be My Neighbor, the documentary about Fred Rogers, Mister Rogers, has gone to full release and I cannot urge you more to go see it. There, the plug is over.

This movie, which you may think is a sugary tribute to Mister Rogers, is anything but. In fact, on one hand, it may be one of the more depressing movies in years yet it is also one of the most hopeful movies in years.

Made by Morgan Neville, the director of the marvelous 20 Feet From Stardom, a film about backup singers in which you constantly are saying oh yeah her, Neville has taken archival footage of Mr.Rogers Neighborhood, combined with interviews with his family, friends and co workers and put out a film that will make you laugh and cry and at times feel like you do anytime Trump opens his blowhole. Its amazing, and I believe a political statement when early in the film we see the PBS show's King Friday 13th attempt to build a wall around his castle to keep change out. In 1968 this was shown.

Can you imagine what the Fascist in Chief would have tweeted about that? "Moron Mister Rogers is using propaganda and taxpayer money to criticize me and the very important wall. #DefundPBS"

Of course most of the words would have been misspelled.

Wont You Be My Neighbor is a fascinating look at a man who according to all people involved was as nice and gentle off screen as on. Its hard to believe he's gone and has been gone for 15 years. In a way, he's lucky, because Fred Rogers was depressed at the end of his life. When asked to make PSA's trying to help children understand the lunacy of a 9/11 he said what good will it do? What good will it do? Oh my. When Mister Rogers sinks to my level, something is wrong with the world.

There are truly remarkable interviews with Fred's wife, his sons, his coworkers, his guests, all of whom still after all these years have a smile on their face talking about him.

The laughs? Oh theres plenty. The pranks on the set, the footage of him messing up lines, the joy of his optimism and the looks on children's faces as he speaks to them about serious subjects as if they are just miniature adults.

Will you cry? Yes. It may be at different moments than me. But you will find something in this documentary that will get to you. Foe me it was the assassination show on 6/7/68 just a couple of days after Bobby Kennedy was killed. An entire show on assassination. To kids. Who does that?
But the moment that happened to make involuntary tears come was the section of the documentary where the actor who played Officer Clemmons, Francois Clemmons, spoke about Fred Rogers telling he liked him just the way he was. For two years. You see, Francois Clemmons is gay, and was banned from going to gay bars in the 1970s by the show and Fred Rogers under threat of being fired. The scene where Francois realized Fred had evolved was telling HIM he liked him just the way he is. Francois choked up thinking about his "surrogate Dad" and so did I.

You dont even get to compose yourself because next scene is Fred talking to a young man in a wheelchair about things no person would bring up. Whats it like to be in a chair, do you get blue? Oh man.

Why is it depressing, Max's Dad? Well kids, its depressing because you realize as bad as society was in 1968, 1978, 1988 and 1998 in the last 15 years since Fred died, we have devolved into the same people Fred Rogers dealt with in 1968. Maybe worse. All that hard work with children to make them understand the shitty world didnt work. Since its much easier to be pissed off at progress and change, much like King Friday the 13th, its not so hard to stay calm and speak rationally, like Fred Rogers.

There are a couple of scenes of cynics going after Mister Rogers. One is of Tom Snyder asking him basically if he was a phony and Daniel the Tiger turning the chain smoking Snyder into a blubbering mess as he realized nope this guy is for real. The other is of Fox News, the state run propaganda network for dumb assholes, calling him "evil" and criticizing him for telling every child they were "special". What a crime according to the creeps on Fox News. Telling a child to be who they are. And of course at the end, at Fred's funeral, the Westboro Baptist Church degenerates and their signs. It sucks.

Go see this movie. Nobody is killed. No hero swoops in to save the day. Nothing blows up. But there is a superhero and his name is Fred Rogers.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Carpool Karaoke With Paul McCartney!

I'm not a big James Corden fan. I mean he seems a fine bloke and all. His Carpool Karaoke does nothing for me.

But this is Paul McCartney.

There was a time when I didnt care much for Paul McCartney. Lennon was dead. George was ignored. Ringo was irrelevant. But Paul was making shit with Michael Jackson that quite frankly was horrible and shitty. Paul was the sugary lame ass Beatle who was wasting his talent. I was wrong. As wrong as I've ever been.

This Carpool Karaoke is guaranteed to make you smile and cry.

When James Corden sings Let It Be with Paul and suddenly realizes what is happening he tears up about how much his grandfather would want to see this and says how much he wishes Gramps was there, Paul perfectly times a "he is" line. Its why he's a genius.

Paul McCartney walks through Liverpool shaking hands and seeing his old haunts. He turns old ladies young again. They become 16 year old teenage girls again. The citizens who now live in his old hood tell him how much he means to their lives and he listens to them.

James Corden is all of us. He is starstruck. Paul McCartney is rich beyond anyone's dreams yet he maintains a humility and a genuine interest in making people happy. He's a rare breed. He's more Ringo than John now. Most of us are. Thats a good thing.

When Paul takes the stage with his band at a pub the crowd reaction is stunning. WOW! The people are happy faced and goddamnit it makes you happy too.

Watch this. We need stuff like this.

I'm Sickened!

This is not a fake picture. This is not anything but a picture. Its a picture of a scared little girl driven from the only home she's ever known by gangs of drug runners intent on selling their shit to Americans. She's not MS13. She's not a rapist. She's not the killer of an American citizen. She's brown and frightened and this administration doesn't give a fuck.

The big news is that this picture is not of a little girl separated from her family. Therefore, of course, to the heartless right, its fake news. More liberal media propaganda released to make a lumbering Savior look bad. The little girl doesnt matter any longer. She's nothing but propaganda from the left who wants gangs of Latinos to come into the country willy nilly instead of gangs of white people from England or Germany to come in to keep America white great.

That picture should win the Pulitzer. It sums up America's paranoia and current lack of empathy. I take that back. That picture summoned such outrage and sympathy from MOST Americans that the Traitor in Chief changed the policy that days before never existed or was the result of some phantom law. The policy,separating children from their parents at the border, was implemented by this putrid administration and was not the result of any law or anything other than a gang of old white men going to the hostage card to get funding to build a giant wall. Thats all it was, an attempt by bigoted baboons to hold children hostage by kidnapping them from their mothers and fathers. Is it a new low from an administration that hits a new low on a weekly, if not daily basis? Well yes, because kidnapping is about as low as you can go to accomplish your goals. In fact there's a lot of people doing life for that very thing.

I'm sickened by it. I'm sickened by a minority of soulless white people who push the criminals get separated from their kids all the time line.

I'm sickened by nasty blonde white ladies who deny a policy exists that obviously exists because of reality.

I'm sickened by racist old elves who justify separating 2 year olds from parents because of the fucking Bible.

I'm sickened by photo ops from a First Lady visiting a sanitized concentration camp with a stupid jacket that distracts from that nonsensical trip.

I'm sickened by a President traveling to jack himself off by holding rallies in front of clueless racists who cheer his every word.

I'm sickened by unnecessary executive orders, more photo ops, changing a policy the nasty blonde lady standing behind him denied even existed two days before.

I'm sickened by family feuds on Facebook where you find out that some people you are related to either by blood or marriage are really not worthy of your time.

I'm sickened by an egomaniac in chief using relatives of murdered children as a prop to divert attention from his policy of kidnapping brown kids.

I'm sickened by Steve King (Racist-Ia) continuing to double down on his ignorance and appeal to dumb fucks who vote for him.

I'm just sickened. Period.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Cowardice Of The Republican Party!

Ive lived in Nebraska all my life other than a year or two in other places close. I remember the Nebraska State GOP holding convention after convention full of old gray haired stick in the muds afraid of progress. I remember them sticking with Nixon right up to the bitter end. I remember one of our illustrious United States Senators being the last holdout to support Nixon. Its quite frankly embarrassing what comes out of this state's GOP as far as candidates go. In the 60's and 70's we had a US Senator proclaim OUT LOUD that an unqualified Supreme Court nominee should be approved because even mediocre citizens need representation. We have been so embarrassed by some of these simple minded Republican puppets we actually went through a period of electing Democrats to state and federal offices. But since the formation of the Tea Party and the choosing of sides that occurred in about 2008, hmmmmmm wonder what happened then that sparked this return to Republican dimwits?

So now, in 2018, we have a talking hard boiled egg as a Governor, a rancher welfare queen as a Senator and another US Senator so goofy he has a second job as an Uber driver. We have an Attorney General who thinks his only job is to kill people, keep casinos out of the state, keep legal pot out of the state, and defend corporations from pesky consumer lawsuits. We have two nobody Congressmen from dying farm town districts and one whose main qualifications are a stupid grin and a propensity to run from crowds of angry constituents.

This is what the State GOP gives us and of course, because its all about cult over country now, that R next to their name is all that matters.

But the cowardice of these candidates came to the forefront yesterday when at the annual gathering of snowbird Nebraska Republicans all the elected officials ran and hid when by a vote of 109-101, the state of Nebraska GOP voted to condemn Robert Mueller's investigation of their cult leader in chief, Donald F Trump. Calling Muellers investigation a "perversion of equal justice", this band of elderly cultists also condemned any Republican who aids in the investigation as “notorious and unfit for office”. This all comes when the inmates run the asylum. The allegedly "responsible" GOPers who sit on the Resolution committee unanimously voted to table this idiotic screed supporting a madman and his lawless activities. But the GOP hypnotized faithful refused to listen and by that narrow vote placed themselves directly into the cult. Say hello to Alex Jones y'all.

Once again, this was done after all the elected leaders of this death cult party left the venue as to avoid being tarred with this nonsense. I can hear the faux concern now as these spineless cowards deal with the cult of elderly bitters who make up most of this party. Its quite frankly sad yet terrifying that a gang of so called normal heartland values allegedly nice people have fallen into the death stare of an authoritarian nutjob traitor. Since when did "real America" become Russian stooges? Oh yeah, when the black man won.

The Nebraska GOP Convention. Just as dull as always yet taking an even duller turn. To dull fascism.

Go back to Arizona and stay there.

Fathers Day!

I cant believe its been almost 20 years since the toughest man Ive ever known passed away. Happy Fathers Day Dad!

I so wish I could just hear what he had to say about the current occupant of the White House. I get the feeling that as soon as he got off the golf course, he'd be at the Resist Rally because he'd be so pissed off he'd spent 4 years fighting the very people who have taken power.

Love you always Dad!

Monday, June 11, 2018


Sorry Michelle, when they go low we go high was the reason we're in this mess now. Ive been saying it for years. Theres no reasoning with these people. And its about time somebody said so. Michelle Obama had to say what she said, I mean who really wants the First Lady to launch into an obscene tirade about a political party nominating a goddamned treasonous degenerate. ME, thats who! We need more DeNiro, not less.

I watch the Tony Awards not because I know a damned thing about Broadway but because its a helluva ride. Years ago it was the occasional gay kisses that went out on national TV. Or as the gays call them, kisses. It was rare, sad that it was rare, but it was. Knowing that someplace, somewhere, a conservative bigot just had a gripping moment of eye opening reality made me very happy. Now of course it doesnt even register on the radar and thats a damn good thing.

I also watch the Tony Awards because i have an interest in theater. Being in the middle of the country, red state America, we dont have much of that sort of thing. Oh we have a season of traveling Broadway that fascinates many of us, but its usually older plays and musicals that have worn out their welcome on the The Great White Way and have taken to the road. The Tonys tell me whats coming here in about 5 years. It also makes me familiar with many folks who arent in movies or TV but stick to the stage.

Angels in America made a comeback on Broadway this past year. Ive only seen the HBO version, but if I ever get 3 or 4 days in New York in which I have nothing to do except sit in a theater, I'd love to witness all 24 hours of it, or however long it lasts. Like rock bands, old is better to me because Im old. Revivals of Carousel or The Iceman Cometh would be my cup of tea. But watching the Tonys made me familiar with Spongebob Squarepants, The Bands Visit and Mean Girls. It also made me happy when Laurie Metcalf won a Tony since she got screwed out of an Oscar.

The Tonys were enough of an inspiration when the drama department of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School appeared on stage to sing Seasons of Love from Rent. That was going high for the few sane Republicans out there. About as high as you can get while the lows made cracks about killing the wrong kids.

Waiting for Bruce Springsteen was excruciating. He always makes us wait. But I stuck with it because its always worth the wait.

Then came Robert DeNiro. DeNiro grabbed us all and took us where we need to go. Right into the piss filled gutter to fight it out with an enemy of democracy willing to do anything to keep power and privilege. I cheered because I certainly can read lips when someone says "Fuck Trump". The standing ovation was invigorating even if it is a choir being preached to. The leader has been found.

When they go low we go high? Fuck that.

Oh and Bruce was worth the wait. Loved the knowing grin at DeNiro.

Sunday, June 10, 2018


I am so mentally exhausted by this corrupt and downright evil administration sometimes I cant even read any longer. The behavior of a 71 year old man at the G7 summit made me ashamed, again, of being an American. Donald F Trump, a child in a lumbering monster body, behaved like a obstinate bully at a meeting of our worldly friends sitting in a chair , arms folded , smug and defiant, being lectured by adults. Trump is John Bender in the Breakfast Club. He's self destructive, incapable of admitting wrong, doubling down on being wrong, and will hurt everyone around him just to be that audacious and keep the image alive. Urged on by a weird cult who feels the same way, their approval is all Bender Trump wants. The adoring applause of a dwindling but loud clan of losers intent on toppling the status quo in some sort of bizarre quest to even the playing field. Rather, lower the playing field to the gutter they live in. Some men just want to watch the world burn. When is Batman going to save us?

This Republican Congress, one of the most vicious groups of powerful people in history, continues to enable this Toddler in Chief's destructive conduct in their quest to give all the money to the rich and powerful and take all the rights away from the women and the gays and the blacks and the browns ah hell, its a white male supremacist cult running out of time to establish a permanent dominance. The Congress, led by a rude Ayn Rand groupie and a corrupt Kentucky intolerant bigot, has ballooned the deficit by giving the store away to their billionaire handlers and at the same time attempting to cut the deficit by starving children medically. Ending the CHIP program and then bragging about it? Nice. Paul Ryan is a shit stain.

Trump Thug Peter Navarro has announced the existence of a special place in hell for Canadian PM Justin Trudeau for standing up to the Orange Pile of Shit In Chief Donald F Trump. Because Trudeau politely said in that oh so Canadian way that Canada is polite but refuses to be pushed around. Especially by a gangster like Trump, a man so vile there is no moral difference between he and any other Mob Boss. Some advice for Canada, along with advice for any other Allied country. Trump does not represent America. He represents a minority of bitter disgusting flunkees designed to be led by any cheap flimflam artist who tells them what they wish to hear. This con man will go away and his cult members will crawl back into the sewers they came from. It may take awhile, it may take Trumps Russian masters releasing information once he upsets them or loses his influence. Hold on World. We are.

Finally today to honor winning. Not Trump "winning", actual winning.

Justify won the Triple Crown yesterday. Thats horse races. Justify is a horse. And all he does is win. To watch this magnificent animal toy with his fellow horses and run faster than any of them is every bot as good as watching Usain Bolt do the same. It's thrilling.

Terence Bud Crawford is a fighter. A boxer. Terence Crawford defeated the welterweight champion of the world last night in Las Vegas. An Aussie named Horn had won the title from the legendary Manny Paquiao last year though after watching the fight I had no idea what the judges were watching. Crawford is an artist. If youve ever seen him fight you know what I mean. Terence Crawford waits and waits and when you fuck up, he pounces. Ive seen him fight many times and am enthralled by his patient style. The moment he knocked Julius Indongo down in Lincoln last August was the single loudest sound Ive ever heard in an arena. It was exciting as hell. Terence Crawford is a winner.

The Golden State Warriors swept the Cleveland Cavaliers off the basketball floor like yesterdays dust this week. Despite having the greatest player in the game, perhaps of all time, LeBron James, The Cavs were no match for the Warriors, a team of incredible talent. Winners. Again, thrilling to watch.

So to distract from the phony "winning" that cult members think is happening due to the presence of a Maniac in Chief,, I will enjoy actual winning.

Justify, Crawford and the Dubs. Winners.

Trump and the cult. Traitorous losers.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Foster The People!

I really didnt know what to expect. A couple of goofballs with a keyboard and a drum playing a poppy little hit about school shootings?

Foster the People rolled thru the area last night at the local casino outdoor venue. Ok its called Stir Concert Cove and its in Iowa because we here in Nebraska have no casinos cuz we are more boring better than you. Foster the People is a band known for a couple of hits concerning school shootings and suicide. Right up my alley.

First things first. I , being elderly by rock standards or any other standards for that matter, am used to people my age and older strutting around on stage with a limited amount of energy (except for you, Bruce or Paul) performing 30-50 year old hits. Its fine. Its great. Its me.

So to see two young bands, ARJ, and Foster, with real energy was refreshing, invigorating in fact. Oh Im not about to rush into the pit full of teens dropped off my Mom and start throwing my arms around. Im perfectly content to sit in my lawn chair and tap my foot.

ARJ, of whom I am not at all familiar, a band of 3 literal brothers, hit the stage first. The lead singer brother, decked out on a 90 degree night in some sort of Russian floppy hat designed for Siberian living bounced around the stage like he actually wanted to be there. Props, buddy. Now if one brother was a lead singer only, what did the other two brothers do? One played a keyboard, and the other played a guitar, yet the "drummer" was banging away like crazy. Wait, there isnt any drummer yet I swear I hear drums. Now I have no idea if there was drummer someplace I couldnt see, or if there was drummer who was a machine. It bugged me. Why? Because I'm just that way. ARJ actually played one song I have actually heard and even did a cover of Lollipop Lollipop to fill out a half hour set. They were not terrible, in fact they were a solid opening act. The kids were going nuts

Foster the People intrigue me. Not really my bag, but with a couple of solid hits and a cheap ticket why not be the oldest person in the venue by 30 years? I love Helena Beat both lyrically and musically. The Lord of the Flies video I love. Its a solid tune.

What happened about halfway thru the hour long show made me sit up and take note. Foster The People rocked the fuck out of the place with a song called Lotus Eater and a cover of Blitzkrieg Bop (which every band should do). Cool.

The band, led by Mark Foster, is a band, if I was 15 again, would remember for a long time. But Im not 15, far from it, but still, it does my heart good to see a young band with a lot of things to say. And to see young people rocking out to someone they can claim as their own is encouraging. Rock is on life support, yes. But like Lazarus, it may rise again.

FTP may be one of the defibrillators it needs. I mean, just the sound of a catchy song about a real life horror like the weekly school shootings is enough to give me hope. Lyrics that mean something. Cool.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Bobby Kennedy!

50 years ago today, I was on summer vacation, I was asleep when my younger brother came into our bedroom, quietly said my name, and when I probably grumpily grunted what, he told me that Senator Kennedy had been shot. I will never forget the thought that came into my head, please dont be HIM. please please please God. I got up and if I remember right went into the basement where the TV was and watched the coverage of what another madman had done a mere two months after Martin Luther King had been gunned down. But Bobby Kennedy was still alive. I never prayed more in my life to a God who I actually sort of believed in to spare Bobby's life. I prayed all day as Kennedy hung on to life.

That evening I had baseball practice and while I sat in a car with two other teammates waiting for a field to clear, the kid I was sitting next to in the back seat cracked a bad joke about the shooting and the kid in the front seat, lets call him John, turned and sternly said at 9 years old to us "Its not funny!". He was right. It wasnt funny.

I remember my Dad and my coach saying aloud, "I dont think he's going to make it". That crushed me. Dad, please, dont say that. I continued to pray while I stood out at first base taking grounders. Please God, no. Dont take him.

Senator Robert F Kennedy died the next morning. My prayers were not answered. I lost my faith that day. I went into the back yard alone and cried. I threw the baseball against the house as I did everyday but I threw it extra hard that day.

Later on I watched the train carry his body to DC. The crowd lining the tracks was incredible. The nation was mourning. My Mom wept at Senator Ted Kennedy's eulogy. I didnt watch.

The night Senator Kennedy was shot was the day I lost a lot. My faith, my hope, my kid like view of the world. From that day on I became a cynic. Bobby Kennedy was going to make everything ok. He was going to end the war, he was going to heal racism, he was going to make everyone be nice to each other. Thats what I thought.

Sirhan Sirhan should never be allowed out of prison. The man changed the course of history for the worse and he took my hope away forever. We got Nixon, and Reagan and W and now Trump. Fuck off Sirhan. Rot in jail you devil bastard. The tape of the chaos in the kitchen is still something I cannot stand to hear. Senator Kennedy has been shot Oh my god get the gun get the gun break his thumb if you have to oh my god
. It is chilling to this day.

Years ago while visiting LA, we saw the Ambassador Hotel on the way back from the Tar Pits. It creeped me out much like the Texas School Book Depository does and the way the Lorraine Motel did this year. They tore the Ambassador Hotel down in 2005 or like in 2013 when we drove to Dallas and again in 2018 when we drove to Memphis, I would have been there in the 50th year since a great American was gunned down.

Perhaps I should try for better memories. 50 years ago this year, that baseball team I played for went undefeated and won the title. Nope didnt work. My memory is of the Kennedys and King.


Saturday, June 2, 2018

Stone Temple Pilots!

Scott Weiland is dead. Chester Bennington is dead. Jeff Gutt is alive. And so are the Stone Temple Pilots.

STP rolled thru Lincoln last night playing a former movie theater turned club in front of a packed house. Packed as in I clutched a railing left over from the movie theater (the theater I watched the Thrilla in Manila in 1975 on closed circuit TV so now you know how old I am) and held on for dear life constantly moving out of the way of people getting beer. Damn, it was as crowded as any place Ive ever been in yet somehow my claustrophobia did not kick in. Probably cuz I was watching STP with a new lead singer rock the shit out of the venue.

As Ive stated before Ive seen STP more than any other rock band and not by design. It just so happens they came around here in the 90s a lot and it just so happened I went. This is the 6th time Ive seen Stone Temple Pilots, the first time in 20 some years, and the first time since Scott Weiland inevitably self destructed in 2015.

Jeff Gutt, a former X Factor contestant, is the new front man and honestly, as great as Weiland was, this band really hasnt lost anything. Gutt is a strutting blonde Billy Idol looking sunglasses wearing stud who makes the experience of seeing these guys a damn good time.

With a setlist of classics like Wicked Garden, a slowed down Plush. Vasoline, Interstate Love Song, Sex and Violence, Dead and Bloated and Sex Type Thing mixed in with new stuff like the rocking Meadow, STP shows at 50 years old plus these guys are still getting it done. The DeLeo brothers, and Eric Kretz have lost nothing since last touring 5 years ago. I highly recommend going.

In 1990, I went to see Megadeth with a buddy and this obscure band called Stone Temple Pilots came out to open the show. The spiky haired front man pulled out a megaphone and launched into a song called Crackerman. Though booed by dimwitted metalheads intent on watching Spinal Tap Megadeth choreograph their way through a standard metal show. STP did their thing and made no apologies. I became a fan that night. Whatever happened to the young lady dancing next to us the Megadeth roadies came and took away is a horror I still cant unsee.

In 1993, STP came to a shithole called the Mancuso Center, a slab of concrete with a stage at the end. Not air conditioned, the venue was packed and there was no railing to grasp. A young man stood behind me and was frozen like a statue for the entire show. When STP launched into Sex Type Thing at the end of the show, this kid began to gyrate like someone dropped a ferret in his pants. The sweat flew off him onto me. Ydah it was disgusting.

In 1994, STP came back to this Mancuso sweat box and drew an even bigger crowd. Halfway thru the show, a sneaker flew out of the crowd and nailed Scott Weiland right in the face. Justifiably, Weiland went crazy cussing out the offender and insisting if the guy wasnt ejected the show was over. I am still surprised the crowd didnt tear the idiot apart. They did eject the shoe tosser and the show went on.

The last time I saw STP was in 1996. The exact same place, the sweaty venue, the crowd was not as huge. The show wasnt either. There was something wrong with Scott Weiland that night. He sang badly, he was incoherent, and the show ended without an encore. Sweating like Trump attempting to tell the truth wasnt worth it. I feared it was a sad end to a great band.

Last night showed comebacks are possible.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Friday Stuff!

I get it LeBron. You're the world and J R Smith is a Trumper. NO clue about anything.


Look Im happy J R Smith is clueless about keeping track of the one thing he is paid to keep track of. The fucking score. Ive been a San Francisco Warriors fan since childhoood when they wore those groovy cable car jerseys with The City on the front and guys like Rick Barry and Nate Thurmond and Jeff Mullins and Al Attles played for the inevitable first round losing playoff team. Then when they won the title in 1975 I was the lonely Warriors fan celebrating in the Midwest by myself. Who knew I'd be miserable for 40 years until a guy named Curry came along. So thanks, J R. Go Dubs!


Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump a "feckless cunt" complete with the cunt word beeped out . Oh my stars the conservatives are all butthurt over the breathy first daughter/wife insult. Diverting attention from their racist heroes desperately flailing away looking for insults they can equate to calling a black woman an ape which they all think is so goddamned funny. Ivanka, the trademark queen of China profiting off her crooked father's Presidency. is a feckless cunt. Well lets see. Feckless means:

lacking initiative or strength of character; irresponsible.
synonyms: useless, worthless, incompetent, inept, good-for-nothing, ne'er-do-well

Ah there it is. The very definition of Ivanka Trump. Great adjective.

Now "cunt". A vulgar term for women's genitalia. Or if you are in Britain or Australia, an idiot. I prefer anything Euro over this mean spirited trailer park of a nation right now so as far as I'm concerned Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump a irresponsible idiot. Yep, about right.

Same goes for Sarah Sanders, Donnie Junior, POTUS 45, Jared Kushner, Eric, John Bolton or anybody else playing the role of feckless cunt good for nothing idiot.


Tariffs. Oh yes, a great 19th century solution to a 21st century problem. Typical Trump. Catering to an economically illiterate base who thinks he's protecting their 19th century jobs which are going away no matter what Coal Miner Joe thinks.

This kind of irresponsible dimwittery is the kind of thing every Republican President since Coolidge has done. Ruin the fucking economy put in place by Democrats. The blatant attempt at sucking up to a billionaire donor system while being supported by dumb struggling whites looking down instead of up. Hey, it works.

Buckle up America. 1928, 1987, 2008 is coming back. The part that scares me is this time the stupid electorate only waited 10 years to let them do it again. Once the 2018-19 collapse occurs when is the next one? 2021? God we are dumb.


Wicked is a musical with a great premise. It gets to the heart of a hypothetical situation involving a fictional movie everyone knows by heart. So Im not sure why any of this matters but Im saying it anyway.

Wicked has been in town for 3 weeks now. The touring company is fantastic. The touring company is multi talented. What they do for a living must be so fulfilling you cant even imagine.

But Wicked is like that thing you want so bad to be good, yet it just doesnt live up to what you want. You know, like the Foo Fighters, or the Imagine Dragons. God, I want to love this so much, I should like this so much, but I cant. Its not you, Wicked, its me. Dont get me wrong, the experience of attending live theater is unparalleled in my life, and I liked Wicked. But like The Kinks, Im sorry, I dont love you.

Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


I dont think Roseanne is funny. I never thought Roseanne was funny. I never watched her old show cuz it wasnt funny to me. I certainly never watched her new show. And now I cant watch it.

I dont know what is wrong with a person who thinks its ok to tweet what she tweeted. Who thinks that tweet is funny? Who thinks that consequences will not come for someone who compares another human being to an ape in public? Who thinks this is a freedom of speech issue? Look, idiot who expresses outrage over the cancellation of Roseanne's show, calling another human an ape is not normal. You may talk like that at the whites only bar you hang out in, but you wouldnt put that out on a national stage. Would you?

You Trump voters need to step back. If THIS is the kind of "comedy" you want you really need to examine your perception. Calling another person an ape or another woman a man with ape balls is not funny. You Trumpers are in a hole right now. You're digging it yourselves. To admit hey I am getting a bit deep in here and may not be able to crawl out is not weakness. It's growth and its also smart. One of these days your dreams of pissing off liberals will come crashing down as you realize yes you pissed off liberals but you are also now known as a deplorable racist creep.

Roseanne is gone. I dont feel sorry for the cast as none of them should have signed on anyway but I do feel sorry for you Trumpers who immediately assume this IS a free speech issue. It's not. Nobody is going to prison here. Nobody is being silenced. Roseanne can call more people apes ,if she wishes, without any legal actions being taken against her.

Colin Kaepernick is blacklisted by the NFL because he kneels to protest police brutality and y'all support that. Get that son of a bitch off the field I think is what the Grifter in Chief hollered at a rally. Well now its get that racist off the TV.

Bye bye Roseanne. It affects my life not in the least. But seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you?

Turn On The Gaslight!

The Gaslight in Chief has continued to throw whatever sticks at the wall in his desperate attempt to stop his inevitable demise. Another twitter storm aimed at his dopey base came this weekend including an incredible me me me Memorial Day tweet in which he thanked himself for HIS service. Today's sickening rants seem to be aimed at distracting anyone dumb enough to buy into his mental illness.

Trump LOVES the word "rigged". He used it all the time when he thought Hillary was going to kick his treasonous ass which of course she did. To a sick narcissist like the Misogynist in Chief "rigged" means he is wrong, losing or about to get caught. Oh and trust me, all three apply here.

Trump the orange pile of sludge, is wrong on so many levels. He lies like others talk to a drive thru window. He doesnt even think about it its so natural. His impaired mind is so racked with syphillis mental illness I'm sure has no idea whet he says, tweets or rants about on a minute to minute basis.

Trump is losing. His ratings are in the toilet. His demeanor is an embarrassment to a majority of Americans. His sick mind is a revelation to a substantially loud number of white racists who care only about making "libtards" angry. He is losing and taking his loser base with him.

Trump is also about to get caught. Reports are if he begins firing people, the send button on indictments is pushed. The Felon To Be in Chief knows it and like a cornered animal, he is desperate. Thus his tweets.

Take the above tweet. All you have to do to make it true is change some words. For Republicans substitute the word Democrats. For the word Democrats sub in the word Republicans. See its easy.

Trump is a very simple man. Lazy, not smart, lazy, paranoid, lazy, dumb, lazy, sociopathic, lazy, bigoted, lazy, and lazy. He cannot do anything except sit on his gold toilet, alone, and rant about the people trying to stop his authoritarian bullshit. He wont do anything, he expects others to serve him, whether it be his sycophants, his handlers, his puppetmasters or his old bitter white base. Trump wont even defend himself, he will just scream at the ones after him.

Jesus H Christ, can we just make this go away? Being a Third World banana republic, in Trumps own words, a shithole, sucks.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day!

Thanks for your service all of you veterans.

Now again I have to apologize on behalf of an entire generation of self centered asswipes called Baby Boomers.

My Dad spent the "worst four years of my life" in the military during World War II fending off Nazis and freeing people from Hitler. Dad wasnt a Medal of Honor winner or anything like that, he was just one of millions of young people who did what they had to do. He enlisted in the Army after being rejected by the Marines for flat feet or some such shit, and he did what he was told. Trudging across Europe in his 20's cannot have been what he wanted out of his life but he did it.

When that generation came back home from that horrific time, they sired a generation of babies called Boomers. Boomers (1946-1965) famously rebelled and all grew long hair and protested a war and did drugs and blew shit up. Uh no, some did, but a substantial number were just regular goofballs who voted for Nixon and Reagan and didnt do anything except forward what that so called Greatest Generation believed in. White Supremacy, male dominance, and fighting wars whenever the government said to.

My Dad wasnt one of those Greatest Generation go alongs. He went along as best he could, but he never ever became a Republican and he hated Nixon back when Nixon was just a small town crook who wandered onto a Republican presidential ticket. He opposed the war in Vietnam, and was experienced enough to realize that war was a horror. My Dad served because he felt it his duty to stop fascism wherever it happened and to hell with his own comfort.

IF Dad was still alive to see this country now I'm not sure he'd be able to take it. The generation of self indulgent snowflakes I belong to elected an actual authoritarian bird brain who apologizes for torch carrying nerdish Nazis. A shitheel who thinks what he says goes and is enabled by a Congress full of Quislings. A liar who makes shit up and basks in the adoration of low IQ mercenaries. A traitor who was put into office by the efforts of a dictatorial thug. A sociopath who cannot even tell when he lies any longer.

Like I said, the Greatest Generation was great at stopping fascism, not so great at giving equal rights to minorities and women. My generation isnt great at anything. In fact, my generation wants to return to the pre-war days when you knew who was in charge. Well at least 53% of over 50's do (check the voting results). Its up to the young people to save this generation from itself. For being the most educated generation in history, we sure are stupid.

Sorry, Dad. And Mom too for that matter. The Nazis are winning.

The Pope Movie!

Ok ok, I am about to contradict myself mere hours later here after telling the Vatican to fuck off on the abortion issue. Thanks again Ireland it had to be done by somebody without a dictatorial asshole in charge and a group of bullying male chauvinists and their female Sonderkommandos.

This documentary out now in theaters, Pope Francis Man of his Word, was attended today by us along with a dozen fellow old ex-Catholics or hell I dont know, present day believers. Anyway, the theater could have had a bingo game before it started it was that demo.

This doc, about the Pope, my favorite Pope by the way is fascinating. Yeah yeah, its fawning, there arent any real hard questions asked of Francis and it makes him out to be a saint, which he is. But come on, this guy is a fucking revolutionary and I dont care if he presides over a corrupt cover up organization that has done horrific things in the last 2000 years. I know, in this country especially, its hard to believe that things change for the better and its certain humans that do so. We here in the United States are lurching backwards but perhaps the Vatican has found the guy who can change it. The humble Jesuit from Argentina may be the guy.

Filmmaker Wim Wenders simply lets the Pope talk. About the plundering of the environment, the income inequality, the poverty, the question of why a God would allow suffering, child molestation by the clergy, natural disasters, the gays and many other reasons why he never ever wanted to be a Pope. Anyone who strives to be the Pope, he says, is not a man of God.

Wenders follows the Pope around the world, to Brazil, to the Philippines, to the Central African Republic and then to the United States, still run by a decent man named Barack Obama at the time. Pope Francis gets right in with the ones nobody in gated communities (his screed on gated communities is classic revolution) would even acknowledge exists. The sick, the poor, the deformed, the dying, the inmates at a Philadelphia prison and finally with the scum of the earth, the Congress of the United States.

His speech to Congress made me both happy and infuriated, To see phonies like Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan and the rest of that disgusting body of miscreants wiping tears or standing and applauding as the Pope gives a speech on saving the Earth, saving the poor, doing the right thing made me want to puke. But then anytime I see Republicans in Congress it makes me want to heave.

Look, Im a Pope Francis fanboy. I take what I can get in this shitty world and he is one of those things I take as hope. We have two pictures on our fridge. One is of Max and I running together. The other is of Pope Francis and Barack Obama enjoying a laugh together. Looking at those pictures makes me happy.

This documentary made me happy even at the short shot of a lumbering monster waddling into meet Pope Francis.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Fark Off Father!

When you get passed in progressiveness by the likes of Ireland you really have to take a step back and say huh?

Ireland has voted 2 to 1 to overturn their 8th Amendment banning all abortions except for the life of the mother. Two to one. 67% of the Irish said fark off to the Catholic Church and to leave women's bodies the fuck alone. In recent years Irish voters have also legalized divorce and gay marriage also sticking the proverbial finger into the Bishop's eye. Voters did this. You see, even in countries dragged kicking and screaming into modern times, the voters know whats the right thing to do. Especially the youngsters who all this actually affects. You see, 87% of young Irish voters said yes to repeal a constitutional amendment intent on oppressing them specifically. Divorce? Yes, it affects them also. No more ya cant take a punch just like yer mother,. Gay Marriage or as the gays call it, marriage,? Yep the youngsters have no passion for keeping young Seamus and young Patrick from being who they are. So they vote to repeal bans placed on all of it by old controlling fiends with a hankering for white male supremacy.

What are we doing over here in the states? Led by a vocal minority of old shriveled up white males and their female collaborators, this country, the beacon of freedom, cannot wait to turn ourselves into 1950's Ireland where belting the wife and kiddies was part of dinner time. Back to the days when the gays stayed in the closet, women were stuck with brutal losers staying one step ahead of the gutter, and forced birth was the law for the sluts who got pregnant as a consequence of laying down with uhhhhhh men?

Trump's America. A 71 year old narcissist who has paid for gawd knows how many abortion shoots off his mouth to a load of Evangelical phonies intent on instituting the Handmaids Tale in reality. Oh how they conveniently ignore this. Poor Tiffany. They also ignore this. Poor Playmate. Evangelical traitors are just like the ones they profess to exorcise from the earth. They dont care if the devil himself imposes what they want. The payoff of their souls to the Satan in Chief show the utter non belief in their own bullshit.

Over in Iowa, you may have heard of Governor Kim Reynolds (Gender Traitor-Ia) signing a blatantly unconstitutional law banning abortions at 6 weeks or whenever the fetal heartbeat starts in the jelly bean sized "person". Reynolds, a true self hating nitwit, caters to the pro-life con artists wishing to impose their fetus loving will on everyone else while they ignore starvation and filthy water and children being kidnapped by Trump's Gestapo.

Kudos to the Irish youth. If only the youth here in the colonies could get off their asses and do the same thing. Oh I know how energized the youth are to throw these baby boomer creeps out of office per every story I read. I will believe it when I see it and I hope to see it!! Its all that keeps me going.

Meanwhile across the pond to my ancestral home we go for a very important message.

Ireland to Vatican. Fark off!

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Kidnapping Is Now Legal!!!

Damn, Ive seen better conditions at the fucking Humane Society. These are kids. Children ripped from their parents and treated like homeless dogs, no worse than homeless dogs. Taken from their parents by Border Patrol and put into cages in Arizona or Texas to be held for whatever reason. Oh yeah, they arent white. Their parents are trying to seek a better life for them. But the USA, the United States of Assholes, led by an orange prick and his den of thieves is still being allowed to cater to a base of racists economically anxious white trash white folks just dying to climb on a roof and spend 12 hours in the hot sun tarring your fucking roof for minimum wage or less.

The detention of children in these places is disgraceful. Its wrong, its fucking wrong. They are in effect kidnapped from their parents at the border and then sent away to live in a cage guarded by some jackboot with an assault rifle (yeah yeah its not an assault rifle blah blah blah go fuck your gun).

Now we learn that almost 1500 youngsters have been "lost" by the Department of Health and Human Services and its nitwit director Aziz Ansari or whatever his fucking name is. Yeah its Alex Azar, at least this week, and he's a goddamned nutjob who only cares about the health and human services of fetuses. Once you are born you can go straight to hell, or into human trafficking. Yep, thats the theory, that HHS was so underfunded or or more likely so uncaring, that a lot of these kidnapped children were released into the custody of scumbags who traffic them into sexual slavery. Ahh, capitalism rocks!

The status of immigrant children in the bullshit Family Values administration of one Donald F Trump is something that makes me wish there was a hell. This administration deserves a reckoning of this sort just for this. Forget the treason and thievery and the violence and the Nazism and the lies and the porn stars and nepotism and the rest of it, just this alone is as disgraceful as it gets. To rip children as young as a year old from their parents and putting them in a cage like a criminal is in itself criminal.

On this Memorial Day weekend when I will once again go see my Dad's grave and apologize that his fighting the Nazis for 4 years was a waste of his fucking time, I will also apologize to anyone who will listen about this. Is it ironic (hell Alanis Morissette ruined the word forever) that my Dad's grave site lies in a neighborhood that probably contains a helluva lot of people here who are undocumented? Wow, sorry Dad, this generation of idiots you all brought into the world after saving the world from dictatorship really are selfish assholes.

Well at least 62 million of them are.

Sunday, May 20, 2018


Why U2 took a big left turn on the Experience + Innocence and came to Omaha is something I cannot answer (Warren Buffett maybe). But thank the rock gods they did because last night was another U2 experience 15,000 people will never forget. The last time the Irish supergroup came thru town was on the Vertigo tour back in 2005 and I scored a ticket on the floor and came within 5 feet of Bono and within a foot of slapping his hand. I was old then yet felt so overcome with emotion at that concert I was like a teenager idolizing another human being. So unlike me.

This time Max was with me and again on the floor (damn Im even older and my feet hurt) and U2 did not fail to turn a concert into a life event you cannot ever erase from your mind.

U2 opened with 3 songs from its latest album, Songs of Experience, and hey my friends, its a damn fine album. If you want an oldies show go someplace else and watch a U2 tribute band because these guys are still relevant and can still rock. Then came 3 oldies, I Will Follow, Gloria and Beautiful Day satisfying virtually everyone.

Then came U2 telling its story. With a gigantic big screen stretching the length of the arena, you saw old home movies of Bono's mum, Iris, as he sang the song called Iris, launched into Cedarwood Road, the story of the road Bono grew up on, and finally into a slowed down version of Sunday Bloody Sunday which ended the first half of the show (including a short improv of Alabama Song which Max said Bono did cuz he saw me with my Doors shirt on and I choose to believe that fake news). Did I mention we were perhaps 30 feet from greatness?

The second half of the show included Vertigo, my favorite U2 song Elevation complete with a bunch of oldsters like me pumping their fists at a close up Bono, Larry, Adam and the Edge, Desire, Acrobat complete with a devil Bono staring into a vanity mirror expressing the devil's delight in Charlottesville and the President being distracted by "stormy weather", acoustic versions of You're the Best Thing About Me and Staring at The Sun complete with megaphone and scenes of Nazis and Klansmen MAGAing and Bono yelling "This is not America" before launching into Pride where under scenes of MLK Jr he hollered "This is America".

Back to the main stage for two new songs (sorry casual fans) including American Soul with a gigantic American flag unfurled behind the stage. And then it ended with City of Blinding Lights (wait THAT is my fave U2 song).

The encore had One and then it became so claustrophobic on that floor that I couldnt take it any longer and I had to leave dragging Max with me. Floors are war zones at concerts. You are squished together, you have drunks falling into you, you have people holding their phones up taping the entire goddamned concert, and you sweat like Donald Trump tweeting on his gold toilet. Its not fun after about 2 or so hours. At least for old people like myself.

But about U2. Bono is Bono. He's a legend and I believe to be a genuine saint. The Edge is a unique guitar player. His sound is his own and it never can be duplicated (sorry Coldplay). Larry Mullen is a great drummer. I enjoyed watching him up close. But Adam Clayton and his bass is the glue to this whole band. Like Charlie Watts with the Stones, without Adam Clayton U2 does not exist. His bass on City of Blinding Lights is unforgettable. His bass lines on anything are unforgettable. I dig Adam Clayton a lot, and I am not a bass guy.

Im sure there are some who dont like political at their concerts. This concert was political in the same way true religions are political. Its all about doing what is righteous.

U2 is righteous.