Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!

And thank God we can now say "Merry Christmas" again. I mean unlike THIS asshole

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Can The Peace Corps Please Work Here?

"The ignorant mind, with its infinite afflictions, passions, and evils, is rooted in the three poisons. Greed, anger, and delusion."

Bodhidharma--he was some Buddhist dude who probably never existed

"He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have."

Socrates--some Greek dude who probably never existed

"Greed is a fat demon with a small mouth and whatever you feed it is never enough."

Janwillem van de Wetering - a Dutch author who did exist and must have known about a prick named Donald Trump

What kind of people are these Republicans in Congress? The tax bill currently being rammed through Congress is about to pass and these alleged human beings are about to fuck this nation up perhaps forever.

Yesterday a grinning pompous Ayn Rand fan in his 40s named Paul Ryan stood on the dais of the House of Representatives with a giant carnival gavel and announced the passing of this horrendously cruel tax giveaway. Meanwhile a band of bought and paid for shitheels stood and applauded as if they had just gotten away with armed robbery which of course they had. The so called genius speaker, the aforementioned Paul Ryan, a well known taker of taxpayer money as a teen when his father died just to get away from his miserable self satisfied son, walked away after achieving just part of his life long dream of impoverishing most of America. As this vicious moral pickpocket walked back to his office, presumably to jack off to his Ayn Rand poster, he grinned again at the press in an oh so smug way that screamed I am so smart I am so smart and just wait, I'm now coming for your Medicare and Social Security as fast as I can before the indictments come down.

Fuck Paul Ryan. Fuck Bob Corker. Fuck the entire House. Fuck Susan Collins. Oh sorry, was that sexist?

Now that I have that out of my system let me attempt to explain why I watch the opening of Designated Survivor with fondness. Oh I kid. No I actually watch Mars Attacks with glee. Love ya Sylvia Sidney.

1) 13 million American citizens will lose health insurance coverage because the bill removes the individual mandate from the ACA. You think oh well doesnt affect me. Wrong. Say hello to premium increases, perhaps double in 10 years.

2) Medicaid is cut by billions to pay for some of this monstrosity. Oh well doesnt affect me. Bullshit. It will affect millions of old people and millions of children. Now the old people may have been the ones to vote these fucksticks into office cuz they hate the blacks and Mexicans but the fact remains if you have souls, they are vulnerable and thats not very Jesus like. A Jewish globalist guy who probably never existed.

3) The estate tax is repealed. This helps perhaps .02% of Americans. Despite the Republican horseshit of calling it a "death tax" and slobbering over poor farmers not being able to pass on their failing farms to Junior who wouldnt stay in Rubeville if you paid him, this repeal only benefits one type of person. Trump. All this so Junior, Vampire and the hot daughter/wife soon to be jail widow will be rich when their bloated orange sperm donor spits the bit and heads off to Hades.

4) 83% of the tax cuts go to the wealthiest 1% of Americans. This is up from the original intent of giving "only" 62% of the tax cuts. Somehow after the Senate voted to pass this pile of shit, the House, led by that misanthropic hateful cheesefuck Paul Ryan pulled the rug out and raised it to 83%. Get ready middle class, you will be subsidizing these moneyed fucks soon enough.

5) Medicare will be cut $400 Billion over the next decade so if you are over 55 and voted for Trump, you are truly deserving of this. However, the rest of humanity shouldn't have to suffer because of your ignorance and bigotry. Remember those bullshit "death panels" pushed forward by that Alaskan dummy? She may have stumbled into an actual truth. Want to stay alive, Gramps? Give that rich guy even more money. Oh wait you dont have any because a vile creep from Wisconsin cut your Social Security.

6) Give a $400 billion tax cut to offshore tax cheats dodgers. You know like Apple and Microsoft, who routinely stash cash offshore and refuse to pay taxes.

7) Real Estate moguls, like our illustrious Traitor in Chief, get a huge tax cut. I cant even describe what a "pass through" is but trust me, it benefits the 1%ers bigley. Quite frankly, its a payoff to the Grifter In Chief.

8) Foreign tax profits made by American corporations are to be taxed at a far lower rate than before. You know what that means, Trumpers. The outsourcing of your fucking job is even more appealing to your corporate masters. The only wall being built is the one keeping you from their gated communities.

Yes its a depressing day in America. The Republicans, who really dont even have to pretend to give a rats ass any longer, are screwing you over and then smirking. They truly are who we in the know have been telling you for years. Complete assholes without a shred of human decency.

So today when the Cotton Candy Haired Sexual Harasser in Chief stands there with his complicit cads twirling their fake mustaches I can only hope the people of this nation have had enough and assure every one of them standing there there have no job come 2018, 2020 or better yet 6 months from now.

Welcome to the Third World. You asked for it.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Pai Wow!

Net neutrality. Yeah I dont really understand it all that well until I get a 20 year old to explain it to me. You know, cuz I'm old.

From what I understand net neutrality was instituted by the Obama Administration to level the playing field as far as access to the internet. So lets say that a giant corporation wants to control the search engines by paying extra to have your internet provider steer you their way and slow down the competition that cannot afford to pay the extra. From what I was told this is basically it. Oh that and the fact Obama had something to so with it makes it bad. Freedom! Freedom to pay more for what you have now. America! Fuck yeah!

When FCC chairman Ajit Pai, a real asshole, was appointed by Donald F Trump (your father you felonious dipshit Donnie Jr), another real asshole, to head the FCC in January of 2017, net neutrality entered the danger zone. Since Corporate America had their Russian puppet in place, a complicit Congress in place, and a dick like Ajit Pai in place, no better time was had to put the internet in their hands to pass out as they saw fit. And thus, last week, despite overwhelming opposition and bolstered only by millions of fake emails in support of the repeal of net neutrality, Pai and his two Republican ass kissers on the FCC voted 3-2 to get rid of another Obama era regulation.

Ok fine, to the winners go the spoils. I get it. The Goo in Chief can appoint anybody he wants to whatever he wants and the Senate can take Trumps dick out its mouth for as much time as it takes to confirm them.

However, Ajit Pai, an Indian version of Trump, a man of incredible amounts of smirk and smug, made a speech while about to destroy fairness that would have made me hate him even if he was speaking on behalf of abused puppies. Ajit Pai is a condescending ass of monumental proportions and if you watch his speech, see his taunting videos, or read his smarmy statements, you too cannot possibly not want to punch him in his incredibly punchable grill.

Destroying net neutrality is just another thing that this disgrace of a President will do because Obama put it in. The Republican desire to erase anything Obama is not only blatantly the wrong thing to do, we all know why its being done.

It's being done by the Bloated Clod in Chief because of that dinner in which Obama made fun of his utter nonsense of a TV show and put him in his place as a clown, a joke, an irrelevant vulgarian. The Traitor in Chief made it his lifes work to get his sick revenge. Whether it be birther bullshit, tweetstorms, or catering to his racist base, the Bigot in Chief ya gotta admit, got it done. Thanks Amerikkka.

It's being done by the Republican Party because Obama is black. Period.

So there we go. A smarmy, snobbish FCC chair doing Trump's dirty work in an oh so Trump way. By being a prick.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Baby Doomers!

I feel sorry for anyone under 40. the millennials or whatever they are called. This group of folks, I call them kids, long derided as slackers, entitled brats and lazy by a generation of baby boomers currently sucking the life out of this country with their own sense of entitlement and their lack of knowledge of anything past their own noses are getting set up for lifetime of hurt. Due to the baby boomers voting into office a group of the most self centered bought and paid for whores of all time, the young of this country face a future of paying for the upkeep of this rotten generation of narcissists who not only refuse to accept any sacrifice, but in effect yell gimme gimme gimme under the guise of protecting their grandchildren.

Yep, this is my generation. The bottom end is in their mid 50s and the top end is hitting 70 and they vote. Vote for misogynists and racists and robber barons and homophobes and child molesters and whatever else kind of "ist" there is. The same generation that refused to allow themselves to be used as cannon fodder for an illegal, immoral war and and helped bring down a corrupt and evil administration has now turned into the thing they used to hate. Installed an evil, corrupt, traitorous administration in order to prevent a woman from assuming power. Brainwashed for the last 20 years by a television network full of liars, nutjobs and idiots bent on enriching themselves and apparently scoring with a lot of unwilling chicks, my generation is a bunch of people I simply want to exit as quickly as possible.

This country is becoming a country I really dont want to live in. A country of mean people belonging to tribes of fellow mean people, living in a bubble, hearing only what they want to hear, denying facts, and blaming people outside of the bubble for their problems. You know, problems like lack of education, obesity, diabetes, and the NCIS franchise. But I am going nowhere. I want to stay, join up with the young and stop my selfish group of peers from ruining everything.

This administration has destroyed government little by little to the point where any thinking person would have to prefer a system of government where you can call for new elections when things get that bad. I mean we already have this insane system where a person gets 3 million more votes than a vulgar traitor yet loses because a band of rubes from the hinterlands are given too much power. This administration and its opportunistic appointees, along with a complicit Congress, is looting the Treasury of this nation as we speak to enrich themselves and their donors before the inevitable fall from grace. They are also destroying the planet.

So good luck, people under 40. Your future contains nothing but doom. Taking care of a generation of selfish creeps who set this up for you under the promise of a bright future. Get off your ass and do something, before its too late.

Soylent Green sounds good.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


A kiddie diddler running for Senate in Alabama, endorsed by the President of the United States, endorsed by the Republican National Committee,endorsed by alleged Christians better than you, endorsed by 70% of old white crunchfaces everywhere, endorsed by closeted homophobes all over, endorsed by some "Jew" lawyer working for the kiddie diddler, lost. Lost to a man who threw Klansmen in prison for murdering little girls and doesnt deny climate change, who believes in evolution and actually wants to insure children, not hit on them.

It makes me laugh like I havent laughed in months to know that a state known for its backwardness, a state rated 47th in education, mobilized its best citizens to put a stop to the Roy Moore Rush to the 19th century. Alabama's young people, its black citizens, its Latino citizens, its progressive white citizens all banded together to make the dream come true. His name is Doug Jones and for at least 3 years, he will make most of us not laugh at Alabama. Thats ok, we always have Mississippi or Oklahoma or for that matter, Nebraska to go what the fuck is wrong with those idiots?

For those of you pooh poohing this monumental win by saying wow a 1.5% win over a child molester I say fuck off. Jefferson Sessions won this seat in 2014 with 97% of the vote. Jefferson Sessions is now running the Justice Department by vehemently going after the most pressing issue of our time. Discrimination against white people. This win in fucking Alabama is huge. If a Democrat can win in Alabama, a Democrat can win anywhere. All we need to do is allow the Trump base to vote in primaries. They will choose the kook everytime. The child molester, the sexual harasser, the closeted gay basher, the loudmouth coward, the blowhard will win the votes of the moral lepers who make up the Trump cult. And at that, the Democrats can win.

Explain 2016 Max's Dad. Well all of that above is true, unless the Democrats nominate a heavily wounded has been corporate hack to oppose the Republican cretin. And thats a possibility all the time with the Democrats, the Cleveland Browns of politics. Nominating these old people over and over, totally distancing themselves from the young, the poor, the rural voters, and quite frankly, me. If I have to see Schumer or Pelosi or Feinstein or (gasp) Bernie one more time I think I may lose hope. You folks had your time, its time to go away and let people under oh say, 60 into the game.

Doug Jones isnt young, I know, but he's not a 70 year old Bible thumping pervert with a tiny little gun and a great big cowboy hat. So the choice was clear there. Thanks to the young folk of Alabama, the Senate is not stained with a 70 year old degenerate who likes em young. Oh its stained with hacks and idiots and bought and paid for miscreants, but as far as I know, they are simply old fashioned greedheads and leches.

Thanks to the good folks in Alabama, Senate pages are safe.