Monday, November 21, 2011

Support Your Local Police!

Hey, look at those hippies assaulting that poor police officer, Lt. John Pike, ( the University of California-Davis. Lt.Pike, who gets paid $116,000 per year to be assaulted by dirty jobless lazy slackers like those sitting maniacs threatening Lt. Pike ( . No amount of money could possibly compensate poor Lt. Pike to put up with such hideous assaults like those depicted in that picture. Let's all e-mail Lt.Pike to tell him how much we appreciate his sacrifice and how he puts his life on the line everyday for us so that people sitting down don't kill us. Thanks, Lt.Pike ( you are a credit to your public sector profession.

Another American hero, Lt John Pike, of the University of Cal-Davis Police Department.

Once again, tell him how much you appreciate his protecting us from crazy sitting down people at

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hamlin-Hernandez 2012!

Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez thinks he's Christ. He shot up the White House because he thinks Obama is the devil, or the anti-christ or some Muslim Kenyan or whatever.

Then there's Loren Hamlin. He's in jail doing 3-5 years in Lincoln,Nebraska for burglary. He was eligible to be let out in April of 2012. But Loren decided to write the President of the United States a little letter from his cozy jail cell. He told Barack Obama when he gets out of jail in April of 2012, he's going to track him down and kill him. Once again, he wrote the letter from the penitentiary. You do know all about that censoring thing in prison, right, Loren?

So you have a religious nut from Idaho, Ramiro, who should have been at that crying religious whackfest over in Iowa with Gingrich and Cain and the rest proclaiming he is Christ and how Obama is the anti-him.

Then you have Loren, a complete imbecile, probably about as smart as Cain and certainly as smart as Santorum (dont google it).

So there you have it, my friends, the dream ticket for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. An idiot and a religious kook.

Hamlin-Hernandez 2012! Because the Republicans aren't quite ready for a Hispanic top of the ticket type.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Roar Lion Roar!

I'm sure everyone is sick to death of Penn State by now. The criminal enterprise that is Penn State has been exposed and the shit hasn't even hit the fan yet. Much like the other criminal enterprise, The Catholic Church, Penn State got away with the despicable cover up for years because, like the Catholic Church, Penn State had its sycophants and deniers whose entire life would be exposed as a lie if this thing blew up. Well, it blew up.

Religion and football. Both sacred. Both enabled by millions of true believers who refuse to do what's right when wrong is uncovered. The Catholic Church, enabled by its millions of scared little minions unwilling to let their brain work. Shifting pederast priests from location to location to stay one step ahead of the law. Leaving a pile of victims in its quest for power and money. Enabled by its superstitious congregation. Fucking disgusting.

Penn State, football royalty. Led by an ancient figurehead whose head in the sand mentality enabled an evil to grow and prosper in his presence. Covered up literally from bottom to top. From the lowly unpaid grad assistant right up to the President of the University and right up from there to the football coach. They are all guilty as hell and responsible for untold pain to children. All to keep stuffing 110,000 paying customers into a stadium 7 times a year. Too bad, kid, there's money to be made. Fucking disgusting.

Fire them all. Penn State's entire athletic department should go. In fact, though I know this will never happen, the entire football program should be disbanded. There isn't an honest man in any position of power there. The players should be allowed to move on and the whole damn thing should be shut down. It's a cesspool back there.

Same for the Catholic Church. There are so many criminals running that organization now it makes me sick. There are mafia dons doing time for less than what some of these "men of god" have done with their cover ups and racketeering. The jails should be full of guys in collars and funny hats. Seriously.

Joe Paterno is a God back in Happy Valley. Drunken students rioted after Joe the Denier was canned last week for his refusal to do right. Oh he's legally in the clear, he told somebody. But he is morally as culpable as anybody. He saw Sandusky in the Penn State facilities for 10 years after the "incident" he was told about. He did nothing. He said nothing. He deserved his unceremonious departure. The students who stood up for him by turning over news vans and worshipping on his front lawn should be ashamed. I'm sure they aren't and I'm also sure most of them will be solid rock ribbed Republicans when they grow the fuck up.

When Nebraska played back there last week, much was made of the giant circle jerk praying being done before the game. So what? All the praying in the world aint gonna change a thing. There are abusers and there are victims. There are co-conspirators in covering up said abuse. A lot of them were out on that field "praying". That made me sick too.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Here's To You, Mr. Simon!

There are relatively few musical geniuses around who still matter after all these years. Most of the musical geniuses of the past are content with touring and playing their hits for the adoring masses of baby boomers willing to part with a Benji or two. Then there's the others. The ones who still write songs with great lyrics and social commentary relevant to today's world. Dylan, Springsteen, Young, and perhaps the greatest of them all, Paul Simon.

Paul Simon came to town last night not even 24 hours after a talentless goofball named Ax'l Rose showed up 2 1/2 hours late and played until 1:30 in the morning for the tweakers willing to stay and listen. The stench was still in the arena when Paul Simon took the stage promptly at 8:15 for a 2 hour concert full of old hits and new songs that kicked ass. Backed by a band of veteran players so diverse in their musical talents I saw a drummer pick up a guitar while still sitting at the drums, soloing on the guitar and then hammering the drums some more. WTF? This is great stuff.

Paul Simon is a genius. His voice is still there. His songwriting talent is still there. His guitar playing is beyond reproach. His band is top notch. Once again, music made me glad to be alive.

One of the most extraordinary things I've ever witnessed during the first encore. Simon played an acoustic version of the Sounds of Silence. You could have heard hair falling out of old hippie heads it was so hushed. My god, it was moving.

We've seen it all now. Simon with Garfunkel. Garfunkel without Simon. And now Simon without Garfunkel. All three were without match. Artie has the voice of an angel. Paul has the mind of a great poet. Together....WOW...Apart...WOW.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bullying For Jesus!

Way to go, Michigan. Passing one of those anti-bullying laws to keep all those overfed, future teabaggers in line. Stop them from harassing some kid so much he finally ends up hanging from a curtain rod because he was born in the way God made him/her. You know, God. That invisible guy in the sky that justifies your hate, ignorance and Detroit Lions worship.Good job, Michigan Republicans. No more bullying in Michigan. Not only that, the atheist pro-bullying Dumbocrats all voted no on your bill. I knew you Republicans were the way and the light. I am officially changing my registration to Republican as soon as I can whip up some good old fashioned disgust for my fellow man. WHAT?????

What's this? I have been informed that Michigan Republicans inserted a tiny little exception to this anti-bullying legislation. If you have a "“sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction” you can go right ahead and call the theater kids "fags" and nothing can be done because Jesus hates homos, we all know that.

The father of Matt Eppling, a young 14 year old kid, who after being bullied by the closet cases at an East Lansing school, killed himself back in 2002 even said this law is complete bullshit. Kevin Eppling stated, in effect, bullying is a-ok in Michigan. As long as your pretend icon tells you it is. Nice going, Michigan Republicans.

My solution to this law is simple. Conjure up some "religious beliefs and moral convictions" and start bullying the shit out of everybody in the Bible club. Ram your car into the guy with the "Abortion Stops a Beating Heart" bumper sticker. Turn off the oxygen tank of the next teabagger you see. Lock his wheels on his Gubmint provided scooter he rolls around in. Call Eric Cantor a pencil neck. Pinch Herman Cain on his ass. Start bullying Republicans, America. It all has to do with your
"religious beliefs and moral convictions".

"Religious beliefs and moral convictions". You know, like those 19 guys had back on September 11th, 2001.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Omaha's Famous Vacant Lot!

Hey it's Breeders Cup weekend and for those of you who have no idea what that means, well you are in the majority. The vast majority. It's horse racing's Super Bowl. And since it's a sport I love, it, like baseball, is on the decline as the millions who follow it are all at death's door. Compared to the other clientele at a track I am a toddler. When I go to a racetrack, I feel like playing on the jungle gym, I get carded, I get asked if I've lost my daddy, I cry when my horsie gets tired and finishes 4th, I ask for a sippy cup for my Coors Light, I ask people when it's going to get over, I fall down a lot, and I wonder why a 1200 pound animal lets a drunken midget tell it what to do.

This brings me to my point. Why DOES a 1200 pound muscled animal let some 110 pound person, probably hungover and cranky tell it what the hell to do? Well for one thing, horses are dumb. This is my same question to the water carriers of the right. Why do you let 1% of the population tell you what to do? Are you dumb too?

Recently the Occupy Omaha folks were "evicted" from a vacant lot in an Omaha neighborhood known for run down apartments, goat restaurants, crack dealers and sweatshirted hookers. The reason the city gave for "evicting" them from the world renowned vacant lot was because of complaints from the neighborhood "residents" of open fires and pissing in public. Chrissakes, in that neighborhood, those activities would be considered revitalization.

To get to my point, I read comments on news websites. Probably not a good idea, but I cannot resist feeling intellectually superior while reading to the ramblings of Husker69 on how he/she sees people at the Wal Mart buying lobsters and caviar with food stamps while talking on their I Phones and hopping into their Cadillac Escalades while dragging their 8 kids back to their taxpayer funded mansion. Just cannot resist I tell ya.

The comments on the "eviction" of Occupy Omaha floored me. "Dirty hippies", "Unemployed losers", "smelly felons", "lazy bums", "welfare scum", "communists", "socialist Obama supporters", "too bad the cops didn't shoot a few of them", "drop them off in the 'hood and see how long they stay". Yeah, quality well thought out stuff like that comprised 90% of the comments. Either that or Herman Cain was working overtime typing out nonsense in between hitting on chicks on

My question goes back to the beginning. I assume most of these people are not the 1%. I mean, to give them some of their own medicine, don't any of you "morans" have jobs? You seem to have plenty of time to pound out hate inspired shit like that all day long. Yeah, I'm talking to you, Nobama2012! Why do you let the 100 pound dude sit on your back and whip you into doing what they want you to do? Are you stupid? The 100 pounder, the 1%, has no power unless you give it to him/her. And you give it to them on a regular basis. The Koch Bros are whipping the shit out of you and then telling you it's not them, it's that horse next to you crowding you. You buy that?

I've often wondered why a stupid horse, sick of being whipped, doesn't just get fed up, stop running, throw the 100 pounder off his back, and stomp the shit out of them. A tiny part of me would cheer that. Ok, a large part of me would cheer that but nonetheless, horses are dumb. Humans are not. STOP letting that little guy whip your ass. You have the power. Goddamnit, start using it.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cain & Enable!

Oh Herman Cain. You old rascal you. I know the restaurant industry is full of young "actresses" looking to take your order, but come on, Herman, not THAT kind of order.

Rick Perry, you ol' sweet talker you. Rambling on like a drunken George W Bush at an AA meeting. I've never like ya better, Rick. You sounded like a lot of fun. If you were sittin' around the Eagles club on Prime Rib night. Not so much if you want to run the free world.

This is what they have to run against Obama? A man who has settled sexual harrassment lawsuits, who bursts into song on a whim, who states "I don't have the facts on this but...", a man who wants to fry Mexicans on an electric fence, a man who has so black a heart he states the 10-25% of his fellow countrymen without meaningful employment have only themselves to blame, a man so warped in his values he goes straight to a human maggot like Rush Limbaugh to fight his battles for him, and a man who wears a hat right out of a Superfly movie?

Another man, a Texas nitwit who rambles on incoherently and loses in the coherence department to the likes of Michele Bachmann? A man who coldly allows an innocent man to be lethally injected and then fires the state board members who call him on it? A so called Christian who has presided over more killings than any other state leader and is applauded for it? A man who falls for the Canadian version of The Onion and quotes from a fake story? A man who sucks up to a vulgar fake millionaire like Donald Trump and digs up the birther nonsense only the craziest of the crazy buy into any more. A man who put up with a rock emblazoned with an N bomb for years on his huntin' preserve?

This what the GOP has to offer? The only challengers to Plastic Man? The only challengers? Are you kidding me?

The Robot, Willard Romney, is bad enough. A flip flopping, principle-less, erectile dysfunction model looking whitebread dullard, Romney is perfect for the GOP'ers who simply want to offer up another Bob Dole and get 2012 over with. He has nothing to offer the meat chomping conservatives who somehow think their loud, boorish behavior dominates American politics. Romney is a loser. The kind of guy a 35 year old unmarried woman settles for. Perfectly good provider, looks good, and has the excitement of a vibrator without batteries. That's Romney. A vibrator. A cheap one at that.

Obama has troubles. That's for sure. But don't forget this guy is a vicious campaigner. He know his shit. He knows his pop culture. He is with it. He reads. He watches bad TV. He knows what a Kardashian is. He knows who LMFAO is. He knows about Dancing with the "Stars". He knows what The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is. He knows what Steve Jobs' last words were. This guy is hip.

Romney is the guy who stands to pose with young black kids and suddenly shouts out "Who let the dogs out? Woof woof". Nice 2000 drop, Willard. None of those kids were even alive when that novely song came out. What's next? A nice 1993 Whoomp There It Is shout out? Willard, you are simply too white to win. I never thought I'd say this but compared to a stiff like Romney, John Kerry looks like Snoop Dogg. Fo shizzle ma nizzle!