Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thanksgiving In The Plains!!

 While the worst lawyers on Earth make fools of themselves while taking a rogue administration down with them on the East Coast, we here on The Plains are just trying to stay alive. Protected by absolutely no politicians in any authority and who seem to enjoy the death they have allowed, this part of the country is a fuckin mess. Nebraska especially.

I can only speak of what I've seen and read regarding this lame brain Governor of ours, one Pete Ricketts, aka Trumps bitch. Ricketts has dragged his feet regarding this Trump virus since its arrival in the heartland. Ricketts not only opposes mask mandates, but has threatened to withhold Covid funds from any county who imposes mask mandates in state office buildings. He has refused to even consider a state wide mask mandate, a preventative measure that even Kim Reynolds, the screechy Trump clone Governor over in Iowa, imposed after getting the facts on the Iowa Covid crisis. Ricketts has continually just suggested that people be careful and and thats all he shall do. The cities here in Nebraska have more balls than this fucking eunuch. Thus far, 15 cities have instituted their own mask mandates, despite Ricketts' threat to take them to court for defying his majesty's orders. Four others are considering it which if implemented and I see no reason they wont do so, 56% of the population of this  state will be under a mask mandate . And that is one giant fuck you to the gutless Trump bootlicker that is Pete Ricketts.

A recent poll taken in this state shows 83% of respondents want a state ordered mask mandate. Thats overwhelming support but in a red state like this, the loudmouth Trump supporting maniacs make a lot of  noise. The recently took over a Columbus, Nebraska city council meeting by hollering and booing and refusing to socially distance even after being asked by the Mayor. That mandate passed anyway  with the courageous Mayor breaking a 4-4 tie. In Omaha, despite an AWOL Mayor (more on that later) the City Council extended an existing mask mandate thru February much to the chagrin of a few Q Anon deniers who had to be dragged from the meeting. Cities in very red counties have voted to mandate masks as this state, led by a wet noodle dick, sits on its ass and does nothing. Did I mention Pete Ricketts being in quarantine for being around diseased supporters? For chrissakes, Ricketts got caught at an election night super spreader event at a local bar with no mask, hugging babies, posing for pictures with no masked right wing nitwits, and acting like the asshole he is. In fact, the waitress who caught him , taped him and posted it was fired for her act of heroism.

Granted, this state isn't South Dakota, yet. That state, led by a true murderous psycho named Kristi Noem, started this shit here by allowing Sturgis to go on. Not only go on, but encouraged it. Noem, a true succubus, cares nothing about life, but only about spending federal Covid funds on luring people to her diseased filthy fiefdom. She is as close to a mass murderer as one can get. Fuck her. But Nebraska is headed that way. With a bird brained Governor like Pete Ricketts, aka Trumps bitch, we are heading for number one!

Speaking of cowards, on a side note, our Mayor here in Omaha refuses to get involved with any type of mask mandate or prevention. Not her job, Jean Stothert claims. She refuses to circumvent Ricketts mandates from the stupid hierarchy whatsoever. What he says goes. Though other mayors have effectively told Ricketts to go fuck himself, our Mayor has disappeared entirely. Like she's just gone. We have no Mayor here. She has come out of her hole just 3 times in the last couple of months.

1) She was filmed pushing a new garbage can from her gated community home to the curb to celebrate a new garbage contract

2) She cut a ribbon on a new bus stop for the unwashed masses to sit at

3) She announced she was running for a third term as Mayor, a job she should probably be doing in her fucking 2nd term

Living here is becoming a chore, a job, a nightmare. With the leadership the dopes in this state elect why bother? The dumbness and genetic Republicanism that contrasts with every poll is maddening. 

But if the leadership here in The Plains has anything to say, it will be mass death, for Freedom!

Monday, November 16, 2020

No Time For Celebration Yet!

Y'all can celebrate all ya want. Joe Biden won and for a day I was ecstatic. Then reality set back in and I will not celebrate again until January 5th if we can take the Senate back with the help of Stacy Abrams and her army of new voters. And of that fails well ten I will not rest comfortably until Joe Biden is sworn in and takes control.

Until that time we have the GOP ratfuckers out in full force. The only problem now is usually the cheaters and scammers do their dirty filthy deeds in private and have names like Segretti and Atwater and Rove and Stone. No they have names like Lindsey Graham and Ron DeSantis and Pete Ricketts and Kristi Noem and Mitch McConnell among others. They simply will not admit defeat. They lie and lie and lie to the cult on how a 6 million vote deficit was actually a win. They spread rumors of cheating voting machines and illegal ballots (which of course mean ballots cast in black areas). They look to underhanded ways to keep their Cult Leader in power such as getting Republican legislatures to appoint Republican electors to overturn Democratic states that voted for Biden. Seriously get rid of the fucking electoral college already.

Lindsey Graham was accused today by the Republican Secretary of State of Georgia of pressuring him to throw out mail in ballots in certain counties (black ones) as not meeting signature standards. Graham, the closeted weasel he is when asked turned it around to blame the press for even bringing it up. Graham, perhaps the biggest Trump toady of all, continues to disgrace himself with his bootlicking of a man who despises him.

Ron DeSantis (Mass Murderer-Fl) pushes for Pennsylvania GOP sycophants to overturn the vote totals by ratfucking the electoral college. Our Governor, Pete Ricketts, under a Covid quarantine himself, ignores the hot spot we have become, ignores UNMC doctors pleas for a mask mandate and via Zoom because after all he may have Covid, claims mandating masks will make more people not wear them so he wont mandate them. This asshole would encourage smoking from a cancer ward.

This next 66 days is going to be a wild ride. If these outgoing GOP shitheels dont kill us all out of spite, they are going to do whatever it takes to keep a Madman in the Oval Office. Why?

Cults are strange things. If you arent weak minded and desperate for attention, you are pure fucking evil. I know which side I fall on.

These GOP clowns are nefarious. So I am not celebrating until I see Joe Biden live thru his inauguration .

Friday, November 13, 2020

Chaos In Omaha!

 This week has been chaos. Oh Joe Biden will be President on January 21st whether that orange shit stain is there or not. The Democrats will control the House still , despite their best efforts to lose it, and probably will not control the Senate because Georgia rednecks will elect two criminals to the Senate because of R. 

But this week has been one of a toddler throwing shit out of his poopy diaper and his awful enabling parents saying hes a good boy. The Liar in Chief is twitter crazy with claims of voting machines being changed by the hundreds of thousands and being supported by insane TV networks . His disease addled brain is incapable of admitting defeat, incapable of accepting the fact he is a fuckin loser, incapable of rational thought, and incapable of simple decency. His criminal enterprise , masquerading as an administration, is installing loyalists in the Defense Department, in some sort of strategy to keep him in office, or burn the country that rejected him twice to the ground. Ahhh fucke him.

However, here in the Covid hotspot of Omaha we have a much more dangerous movement of self centered jackasses, buoyed by their Dear Leader, gaining members by the day. Its called No Mask Omaha. Dont give them the hit looking them up because quite frankly, they arent worth the effort.

The Omaha City Council defied the Covid denying Governor back in August and installed a mask mandate for the city of Omaha, which in case you think is a sleepy little cow town , you'd only be 75% correct. We're kind of big. We voted for Joe Biden by a wide margin. And we are demanding that masks be mandated. The Council voted to extend the mandate into February of 2021, despite the silence of a Republican Mayor afraid of the now Covid exposed in quarantine  Governor (karma), a timid health director afraid of losing her job and the utter cowardice of one Council member still denying this is a crisis. 

The hearings on the mask mandate were entertaining at first. A slew of Q Anon idiots demanding freedom and spewing forth their bullshit about China and labs creating the virus and control and all that nonsense. Causing such a ruckus that many were ejected, these no mask dumbfucks began to form Facebook groups to battle the Deep State of Omaha. Some say it got to 5000 members which if true would be a 1% rate of the population. 

But this chaotic week has brought them out from the sewers they exist in. They put up billboards in two locations, they planned a mask free shopping event at a local grocery store and they made a lot of fucking noise. But after these plans became public, the 99% of us who want to kick these attention seeking baboons asses rose up. The billboard company that took their money to put forth their paranoid bullshit removed the boards from view, and the grocery store called the cops. Between the grocery store saying whoaaaaa there you maskless morons and the cops saying yeah we have a full book of citations waiting to be written, it remains to be seen if these no mask wearing sons of bitches will show up for their little tirade against authoritarian rule. Wonder if  they voted FOR authoritarianism just a week and a half ago? 

This country has become dumber by the fucking day for about 12 years now. Ever since the black guy won the Presidency white folks have been throwing a tantrum and denying reality. These dumb white folks here in Omaha and their maskless mugs are a symptom of a bigger problem. Jackassism. The right to be an obnoxious asshole and nobody can do a damn thing about it because of freedom. This needs to end NOW. This is life and death. 

Wear a damn mask. You selfish 1% shitheels. 

Saturday, November 7, 2020

The Devil Is Vanquished!

The sense of relief is overwhelming. To know the majority of American voters said no more to this spawn of Satan (the fact 70 million want more is not my focus right now,,,,be positive). 

Donald Trump is the worst example of America that this country has ever produced. He makes a slimy fuck like Dick Cheney look like freakin FDR . The ugliness of this administration will soon be behind us. The Red State Presidency. The Xenophobia. The Outward Racism. The blatant hatred of all that is not white. The unleashing of ugly American white trash spewing racial slurs and idiotic conspiracy theories. The caging of children. The deportation of their parents in effect making them orphans and STILL in a cage. The stiffing of Allies all over the world to suck up to thugs. The denial of a virus that has killed 235,000 people most of whom didnt need to die. The thievery, the grifting, the nepotism, the scummy religious bullshit. The golfing, the ignoring of progress, the enoulments clause violations. The cruelty, the disrespect and dissing of female reporters. The rape charges. The disgusting orange. The denial of science. The revolving door of cabinet members. Chad Fucking Wolf. The tear gassing of peaceful protesters. The unleashing of white supremacists, including police, on protesters. Bill Fucking Barr. Collusion with foreign governments to personally benefit him. Quid pro quo. 

Goddamn its all so exhausting and thats only the tenth of it. But now theres hope. Decency. A President who wont demand thanks yous from Governors with natural disasters to deal with to get emergency funds. A President with a plan for a deadly virus. A President with the temperment to mend fences with our Allies. A President with a streak of fairness. A President who knows tragedy. A President with a sense of what others go through. A President you feel knows you. A President you know respects the people who serve in the military. A President who sees problems in law enforcement and wants to deal with it.

I have hope. Today is a good fuckin day.

Tomorrow will be reloading and fighting the Orange Monster once again, but today?

Not today!

Friday, November 6, 2020

Who's The Shithole Country Again?

Is it over yet? For all practical purposes it is. Come January and the screaming and kicking and the tantrums and the rat fucking is done, these two will be in charge. Unfortunately being the pessimist I am, others will also be in charge including a rotting corpse named Mitch McConnell.

The fact 69 million plus Americans voted for a fascist racist child AFTER knowing all this is scary. Four years ago fine, take a chance the fascist racist child would moderate and become an adult. But it never happened and the Toddler in Chief became even more racist, fascist, sexist, homophobic, and declared white supremacy from the mountaintops. The day he called Nazis, "very fine people", was the day of no return. ANYBODY and I mean anybody who supported this freak after that date became a piece of shit. The country is full of shit now.

As I write this, Biden has widened his lead in Nevada, Pennsylvania and Georgia and lost a bit of the lead in Arizona. But its over for the Motherfucker in Chief. Pack your shit and leave. 

I am proud as hell that NE02 , my district said fuck you to the Super Spreader in Chief. Days after he brought his Covid infested rabble together in Omaha, this district said screw off. And it wasnt close. Well done NE02. By the way, in the days following the super spreader rally out at the airport, 12 Omaha cops tested positive for the Trump virus leading to another 24 cops forced into quarantine. Talk about defunding the police. I just want to move some money around, Trump wants to actually kill them. Yet they all run out and vote for their abuser anyway. Cops, cant live with em cant live without em.

The speech, rant, meltdown that occurred last night in the White House press room was a fucking disgrace. Trump, in full dirty diaper screaming mode, said some things that will actually get people killed. His call to arms, his unwillingness to accept the fact 74 million of us hate his fucking guts, his baseless claims of fraud and chicanery in mostly black cities are right up his alley. His disdain for anything and anyone who dares to stand up to him only encourages more cowardice from the Republican enablers and violence from his dumbass minions in the population. The fact that scummy little weasels like Lindsey Graham, Vernon Jones, Steve Daines,Nikki Haley and the cowards that live here in Nebraska do not take the opportunity to separate themselves from this future felon is baffling. Hes a dead man walking. WTF is wrong with you people?

Finally, Madison Cawthorn. This 25 year old loudmouth was elected to Congress out of North Carolina by a wide margin over Moe Davis, a retired Air Force Colonel. 

Now why does this asshole stick in my craw? Well when you run a 25 year old wheelchair bound punk, who admires Hitler, lied about getting into the Naval Academy, was accused of sexual assault by numerous women, started a shell real estate company with a racist name, accused a critical journalist of leaving teaching to "work for non white males like Corey Booker, who aims to ruin white males running for office" and whose trip to Germany to visit  Adolf Hitler's Eagles Nest vacation resort was "on my bucket list" and was even more head scratching when he sent out pictures calling Hitler "Fuhrer".

Yeah North Carolina, this irresponsible sexist, fascist, racist and Nazi sympathizer over a retired military Colonel? Good job. What the fuck kind of people live there?

The kind who like a toddler in a wheelchair who wins and tweets out "Cry,Libs" as his victory statement. 

69 million is a lot of shit to clean up. Good luck Joe and Kamala.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Death Cult 45!

 Once Trump is gone, and hopefully thats 1/21/21, these people are not going away. And these people are solidly in the Republican camp, the Trump camp, and whatever weaselly Republican worm steps up the loudest will be the new Trump.

The candidates are all in Iowa and New Hampshire already. Secretly hoping the 74 year old Nutjob in Chief  loses opening up opportunity for their own narcissism and cruelty. Whether it be Nikki Haley, who has given up her dignity to cater to the Cult45 members, or Josh Hawley, a misogynist pro life simpleton from Missouri, or Tom Cotton, a truly dangerous autocrat who would think nothing of unleashing the full power of the military on protesters, or even Mike Pompeo the balloon headed incompetent Secretary of Gilead, a leader will emerge for Death Cult 45. And then that person will lead the Cult into mass suicide. 

The GOP is the same old trickle down bullshit, vote suppressing, women hating racist party its been since 1965. Its just openly mean and nasty now. And trust me, there's plenty of cruel assholes willing to step up and become the new Trump. These people need a leader. To feel superiority to these immigrant masses that they perceive have fucked up their lives. 

But thats the future to fight. For now, fuck em.

It's Here!!!

4 years ago I went to work, joked around with fellow Democrats about what they were feeling about the first woman President, and came home to witness history. Because of Obama, I underestimated the racism and sexism of America. I lived thru the 60s the 70s the 80s the 90s the 00's and the tens. The racists who hid out in the 70s, came back to life in the 80s, went back into hiding in the 90s 00's and 10's. Until Obama. I forgot the 2010 Tea Party, a front for the same old racists that have always been there. I forgot the old George Carlin routine about how goddamned stupid Americans are. 

“Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”

It all came to the forefront in 2016 when this reality show scumbag formed a cult  of dimwitted easily led whites losing their birthright of privilege. And thanks to a slavery inspired antiquated election system that somehow allows 65 million votes to be less than 62 million votes and gives untold power to rural areas that nobody lives in a thrice married fascist authoritarian became POTUS 45.

This is OUR time. Its DECENCY'S time. Its TAKE BACK OUR DEMOCRACY time. Its time to rid ourselves of this mini Mussolini.

No more of this

If Orange Mussolini cheats his way back in this is America

White Male Supremacy as policy
Women's rights eroded
Minority rights eroded
Tax Cuts for the Wealthy
The End of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid
Allies with nowhere to go
A Virus continues to run wild
Herd Immunity as policy resulting in 2-3 million deaths
An isolation of America on the world stage
A Resistance with nothing to lose
Widespread corruption and Treasury Looting
Lies Lies and more Lies
An asshole mentality that advocates violence as a political end
Guns Guns Guns
Maskless Morons
Super Spreader rallies galore
and perhaps Barron Trump in the NBA

Vote this nightmare away