Friday, January 17, 2020

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame!

Just change the name to the Music Hall of Fame. There are two inductees here who do not fit the theme of this pyramid shaped must see building.

We went there last year. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on the shores of Lake Erie. Why? Because its a must for music freaks like me. But theres a lot of stuff there that aint Rock and Roll. Not that I really care. Seeing all the Michael Jackson and Motown stuff was just as captivating as seeing a Kurt Cobain sweater.

The new nominees are listed above and include:

The Doobie Brothers

Duh! Its about time. These guys have been around forever even after Michael McDonald ruined them for a period of time in the 1970s. The first time i saw The Doobs was late at night on a Midnight Special. When the gentle riffs of Listen to the Music started I was hooked. I love the Doobie Brothers. Yet I never saw them until a couple years back at an outdoor venue. They hadnt lost a thing. And the played Eyes of Silver.

T Rex

Glam Rock was just getting started. Bowie and Iggy and the New York Dolls. And then there was T Rex led by a sparkly Marc Bolan. I mean come on, who doesnt like 20th Century Boy, Jeepster or Bang a Gong? Bolan died in the 70s in a car accident but his influence remains.

Depeche Mode

Never got it. Liked some of their songs. Always thought they were French.

Notorious B I G

Im old and white. Im pretty sure he isnt rock and roll but that fight has been over for years.

Whitney Houston

OK great voice. Pop singer galore. Sang the best National Anthem ever. Died like a rocker of drug abuse in a bathtub. How Jim Morrison of you.

Irving Azoff and Jon Landau

What do they play? Landau is credited with making Springsteen popular when he proclaimed "I have seen the future of rock and roll and his name is Bruce Springsteen". Azoff is a Ticketmaster hack.

Nine Inch Nails

I think Trent Reznor is a fucking genius. Now that he's a soundtrack guy and wins Oscars confirms it. If the music behind the Watchmen series didnt contribute to its success, then youre wrong.

Nine Inch Nails is Trent Reznor and a bunch of hired guns when you see them in concert. In 1991 I was celebrating the end of hair bands and totally in love with grunge. Then I got ahold of Pretty Hate Machine. Goddam. Who is this maniac?

The Downward Spiral came out in 1994 and Closer entered my brain. And Closer has never left. Its still a song I cant get enough of. The obscene lyrics dont matter. Its a scream. A Primal scream that ends with a cord. The video is genius. The Downward Spiral is genius.

Seeing them in concert remains to this day the LOUDEST experience ever. My internal organs rattled. I couldnt get away from the rumbling. I started in the front row of the floor within 20 feet of the band. I couldnt take it. I moved to the back of the floor. I couldnt take it. I moved to the side of the stage. Nope. My innards still moved around. I couldnt hear for two days. It was goddamned glorious .

Trent Reznor not only belongs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, he belongs in the Life Hall of Fame.

Saturday, January 11, 2020


Movies about World War I are few and far between. Many of them are classics. All Quiet on the Western Front. Lawrence of Arabia. Gallipoli. Paths of Glory. Last years documentary They Shall Not Grow Old. And now, 1917.

You've seen the endless ads. They are promoting the shit out of this movie. And for good reason. You must see it if you have any sense of history and any sense of humanity. Mans inhumanity to man is in full force here.

Colin Firth is in it. If you've seen the ads you've pretty much seen Colin Firths entire scene. And he sets it up perfectly. You two Lance Corporals get to the company about to launch an offensive and stop it by walking through German territory or it will be a massacre.

Thats it. This movie is damn near a one shot. These two where have I seen those guys before actors endure horrific events on the way to attempt to save their comrades. Dead bodies. Dismembered bodies. Rats the size of small dogs. Mud. Standing water. Straggling Germans. Its a horror show. Will they make it in time?

Im not giving it away to say something happens to a major character relatively early that shocked me. Im not giving it away to say milk is involved in the most human part of the movie. Im not giving it away to say that plane crashing in the trailer is very important. Im not giving it away to say the actors who pop in, like Mark Strong and Benedict Cumberbatch and Richard Madden and especially an early appearance by Andrew Scott (he is dynamic in his scene sending the main characters out of the trench) are moments of clarity.

1917 may not seem like a movie for you. But it is. I saw it in IMAX and really that wasnt necessary to do. It made it louder and made me jump more than once but this movie stands on its own. A well deserved Golden Globe.

Friday, January 3, 2020


Jesus can it get worse? 2020 is it. Its either the beginning of a new dawn in which the last 4 years are dismantled and common sense is restored OR its the fucking end of America. Not hyperbole. Its truly the end if this fucking criminal is re-elected. I dont expect him to win, hell I dont even expect him to be in office but my track record on this orange shitheel is bad. As Nancy Pelosi holds back delivering the Impeachment Articles to the Schwerner Cheney and Goodman Jury in the Senate, the crimes of this monster grows. Pretty soon we may actually have video of him shooting someone on 5th Avenue.

Some thoughts:

Hey everybody, John Lewis (Hero-America) is still with us. Just because he had Stage 4 pancreatic cancer doesnt mean we have to eulogize him already. The man has shit to do and dammit he's gonna do his best to get it done. Listening to John Lewis speak flashes one back to a time when civil rights icons knew how to deliver the message . Preach on brother.

39 Republican Senators and 202 members of the House have signed on to an order request to the Supreme Court, specifically to the two newest members, the folksy fascist Neal Gorsuch, and the drunken party boy and handsy creep Bret Kavanaugh, to overturn revisit Roe V Wade because the current system is "unworkable".

Yeah things tend to be "unworkable" when a certain political party of old white men and their post menopausal women collaborators throw roadblocks out the back of the jalopy constantly. Unconstitutional laws, harassment of clinic workers, idiotic statements, and oh yeah, murdering doctors in the name of Jesus tend to make shit "unworkable". So to crush the rights of the majority gender to make their own decisions is all this has ever been about. This gang of 39 Republican Senators, including gender traitors like Deb Fischer (Nobody-Ne), Joni Ernst (cackling rape victim-Ia) and the stupidest woman on earth Marsha Blackburn (Way to Go-Tn). Including deep thinkers like Ben Sasse (Runza Hawker-Ne) and Josh Hawley (Way to go-Mo) and libertarians like Rand Paul (Putins bitch-Ky) and reasonable men like Mitt Romney (Wishy Washy-Ut) this amicus filed with SCOTUS is the quid pro quo for Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. Pay up motherfuckers.

Women need to remember this in November.

Australia is on fucking fire. This is not just a warning to the rest of the world, its an actual event that nothing is being done about because....the economy comes first. The Aussie Trump, a truly despicable man named Scott Morrison, has made it abundantly clear that he doesnt give a fuck about anything except making money at any cost necessary. Aussie Trump visits the fire traps and shakes hands with those who have been burned out and then ignores climate change because theres goddamned money to be made and to fix something that threatens you by burning at your shoelaces isnt economically stringent at this time. For chrissakes, over a half a BILLION animals have been burned up already. The media continues to show us cute koalas being fed water and people floating in boats on lakes to escape their house being burned down. The media needs to START doing their jobs and start lighting a fire under these political quislings asses. The planet is literally at stake.

Humans are just dumb. Voters electing these political ostriches are even dumber.

Its 2020, y'all need to know what we must do. Please.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas!

Thank God we can say Merry Christmas again. Thanks to Trump. Ya know that commie Obama NEVER said Merry Christmas because he was Kenyan and Muslim and married to a man.

So Merry Christmas thanks to the Traitor in Chief.

May next Christmas be the Degenerate in Chiefs last as POTUS3 or better yet, he's already gone and even better yet, he's in jail.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Yearly Review!

For the love of Christmas the traitor isnt even trying to hide his puppetry any longer. Touting his support from his Supervisor while denying the facts yet again.

Look, you've been impeached. Comrade Motherfucker. Despite your denials, despite that shitshow of Trump groupies that all stood and expressed their pre determined talking points about how the other side had no evidence and how the other side simply "hated" him and various pleas for unity, which of course means do as we say and all is well, you are POTUS 3, Impeached.

Remember back when the new class of progressives in the House all publicly exclaimed "OK Boomer" to all those that wanted to keep Queen Nancy as Speaker and touted various pretenders to the throne? Ok Millennials. Now you know why street fighters are the only way to battle these Republican thugs. Not through ideas or intelligence. Jesus what are you thinking. That strategy has gotten us to where we are. Led by a dumb asshole who makes fun of disabled people, dead people, tortured people, immigrants, women, blacks, gays and everyone not white and male. Face it, Americans are dumb, and getting dumber by the day. They are fed by emotions, fed by bullshit they want to hear, fed by a sense of entitlement that because they are white they rule. Until you decide to feed into that type of campaigning, forget it.

I am not suggesting to start being as fucking stupid as those rally attendees who have to reminded to breathe, I am suggesting you fuck with me I fuck with you. So far all I see is Joe Biden. Elizabeth Warren has some of that but Jesus Christ stop with the plans for everything. Nobody cares except the very people the rally attendees hate. Stop being so smart and shit, it gives us a headache and we are proud of being dumb. Kamala Harris had the right idea, but she's gone for now. Billionaires like Bloomberg and Steyer have the money to say fuck it and fight in the mud but really who wants them running a party opposed to that? Bernie has it, but come on, Bernie is 100 years old and off a heart attack. Not to mention his cult like following is the rally attendees of the left.

So come on. The fuckin POTUS 3 says OUT LOUD he's got his Boss in his corner. The jury foreman comes right out and says the "trial" is going to be the political equivalent of the Emmett Till jury. The defense "attorney" in the House, a truly despicable cornpone from Georgia running for Senate, says OUT LOUD that if the Democrats get an elected POTUS 46 he will impeach him or her for no reason other than revenge.

This is Dumb America now. A political party firmly in the hands of our adversary for the last 100 years doesnt give a shit as long as they can suppress the minority vote, put stupid puppets into the courts, lock up the Supreme Court with drunken boarding school frat boys and folksy fascists is the alternative to Democrats? Ok America.

And one more thing. ANYBODY who stands up in public to trash the "Democrat Party" is no longer a serious person. This has been a juvenile tactic put into place by radio talk show hosts years ago to get under my fucking skin. But when you do it, you lose anything afterwards and I dont care if you are reciting the Theory of Relativity. Its stupid. Just stop it.

Fact--Donald F Trump has been impeached.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Manifestos Make You Crazy!

If there was ever any doubt that the President of the United States is a mad hatter, that was squelched today when the handlers of the Narcissist in Chief crayoned a sort of Greatest Hits, a copy and paste of tweets sent by the Prick in Chief, and sent it to Nancy Pelosi. 6 pages of nonsense, ravings, speculation, desperation, threats, name calling, ya know what the Idiot in Chief does everyday, sent to the Speaker of the House. The Speaker of the House, a Baltimore street fighter who has handled loudmouthed street thug wannabes like Trump all her life, called the manifesto ridiculous and crazy. And tomorrow she will preside over what Trump fears the most. His legacy being stained,.

You're getting impeached on Wednesday, Donald, and you will be forever stained by it. All of your bullying and name calling and arrogance, the thought you were above everything decent, is over. All the names Ive called you over the last 4 years, Traitor, Thug, Russian Stooge, racist, rapist, misogynist, dick, horrible father, even more horrible human being all stay. I dont give a shit if you resign, I dont give a shit if you get voted out of office, all I care about now is you are impeached. Forever.

Our three representatives here will vote no and I dont give a damn about that either. Two of our reps here are nobodies who just rubber stamp whatever McCarthy says. They have no brains or accomplishments of their own. They are truly just rural nothings Republican by DNA. Our rep here in the urban Congressional district does have accomplishments of his own. His name is General Don Bacon. He is a retired Air Force Brigadier General who got bored double dipping, so he ran for Congress and won thanks to a gerrymandered district designed to keep the Democrats from winning a district they should win. But lets forget that and realize Bacon served his nation admirably. He commanded troops. He had subordinates. And now, Bacon has taken his own reputation, his own legacy, and thrown it into the latrine to defend the type of man he used to defend this nation from. For that, I do give a shit. Its sad. Maybe the only sad I feel here. The rest of these Republican bootlickers be damned. They are mostly con artists and dumbshits just one IQ point and one dollar over the dopes who vote for them. But Bacon? Why?

Bacon can throw it all away tomorrow defending a man he'd have busted out of his command long ago if he wants. But I have sent him email after email asking him if he'd have tolerated this behavior in his ranks. he never replies. Not even a thanks for your opinion reply and placement on his fucking email list like our do nothing Senator Deb Fischer did to me.

Anyway, I wont pretend tomorrow will be sad, or respectful. Nope sorry, I wont lie. I want this to happen. And I want that thug in the White House held accountable for his treason, his racism, and his criminal activity.

Donald Trump is a stain on this country's history. Its only right this country stains him for a change.

Monday, December 16, 2019


20 years ago today my father passed away and its always been a tough month for me since. I mean the man basically made me who I am.

He was a tough Irishman raised on the run by a nomadic father who seemed to not be able to stay in one place. Born in the 1920s and raised during the depression he went to college when he could and then when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor tried to join the Marines to no avail. Something about flat feet. So he joined the Army. My Dad spent the "worst 4 years of my life" in Europe defeating Nazism.

Then he came back to the US, attended college in New York City and came to Omaha to stay put, unlike his father. And he raised a family.

My Dad never dwelled on the negative. He never talked about the depression (unlike my Mom who couldnt stop talking about it), he never talked about the war unless the story was funny, and he never seemed down. I know better now that Im old. He hid it. But that was him.

My Dad never lived long enough to see George W Bush (though he once called him an "empty suit"). He never lived long enough to see Barack Obama. And he never lived long enough to see this disgrace of a human currently in the Oval Office. Thank goodness, though he would probably disagree cuz he loved life.

My Dad was a libtard. A Hubert Humphrey Democrat committed to doing right, to civil rights and to treating people with empathy and decency. I miss my Dad every freaking day. I want to pick up the phone and see what he thinks about this fucked up world.

One story to end that sums up my Dad. Long ago in the 1970s, when my mother still smoked she had asked my Dad to bring her home a carton of Parliaments or Viceroys or whatever. When Dad got home the carton was open and one pack was missing. He had quit smoking years before so it wasnt him who took it. Mom said why is there a pack missing? Dad looked at her and said, there was a bum (thats what they called them back then) sitting against a wall downtown so I flipped him a pack. Mom couldnt understand that type of thinking. Dad understood. So did I.

That was my father.