Friday, December 9, 2016

Il Douche's First Wave!

Now that the fascist oligarchy that 46% of the nation and dropping has put into power via a junta let us examine the future. Specifically the scumbags and miscreants that will now run the show here in this banana republic we all love. No seriously, have I said fuck this guy, lately. If not, fuck this guy sideways.

Trump, the guy who shits on a gold plated toilet, descends down an golden escalator followed by his mail order bride, has his own plane, and grifts the dumb out of $20 for a 49 cent goofy truckers hat made in China, but truly has the black lunged coal miner in his thoughts at all times, is appointing his cabinet and it cannot get worse. Or can it? Yes, like it does on a daily basis.

First the ones who really matter, but face no hearings or any questioning from pussy Democrats still trying to get along with fucking spitting cobras.

Steve Bannon---White House Counselor.

The guy is a Neo-Nazi. Anything else? He looks like the right wing professor you had in college who was dumb as fuck, but didnt realize it and had control over your life. You either said fuck it I'll take the C, or you kissed his dumb Nazi ass. Trump is the latter. Did I mention Steve Bannon is a fucking neo-Nazi?

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.

This chinless little worm once openly stated that Il Douche would not be the nominee. When Trump became the nominee thanks to a lynch mob of uninformed morons, Priebus fell into line like the good German he is. A spineless little fuck who has the perfect name for his job as the Colonel Klink of this corrupt organization, Priebus can stop sucking dicks for a living any day now. He is truly a cowardly turd that needs to be flushed down Trump's golden toilet.

Deputy National Security Adviser Kathleen Troia McFarland

This former Fox News bigot really hit the jackpot when the Fearless Leader decide she was hot enough to work for him. The anti Muslim creep, oh fuck that, they are all bigoted assholes. The worst part of this harpy's life came back in 1992 when she outed her brother to her parents as a "lifelong homosexual" with AIDS. Oh its a terrible story. Read it for yourself. I don't throw this word around much. In fact I never use it. But in this case I will. K T McFarland is an Irish cunt.

National Security Adviser Michael T Flynn

Flynn spawns kooks as offspring. His son fueled Pizzagate, Look it up if you dont already know its a Trump voter's wet dream. But Mike Flynn is enough of a nut, that its no wonder his DNA has split and become even more dangerous to the next generation. Flynn was shitcanned by Obama for which he has become very Trump like in his revenge seeking. Fired because everything is an Islamic conspiracy from his pizza not having enough sausage to stubbing his toe on an ottoman. Flynn started the loons who walk the earth and voted for a pile of hair chanting "Lock Her Up" at the RNC Screaming like a drunken lout with too much Guinness in him, Flynn was unhinged. But as we all know now, being unhinged is a plus to these 46% and dropping ignoramuses who voted for a lying lump of orange manure to lead the Free World. Flynn, with his whacky mouth and brain at Trump's ear, may truly be the most dangerous one of the bunch.

White House Counsel Don McGahan

Ah Don McGahan. How cute. This former counsel to that rat Tom DeLay has a checkered past not worthy of discussion since basically his job will be nothing but somehow justifying that whatever sleazy shit that hump Trump tries will be "legal" because after all, Il Douche already stated that if a President does it it's not illegal. I suggest McGahan get in touch with John Dean because he's about to repeat history.

And all of these dregs of society are in. Period. Nobody questions Orange Mussolini on these appointments.

Its so depressing and I haven't even gotten to the people appointed to destroy the government and turn the keys over to the actual head of the Government. Vladimir Putin.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Save Scotus!

On January 3, 2017, Democrats will hold the majority in the Senate for a few minutes, until the newly-elected Senators are sworn in. Joe Biden could convene the Senate in those few minutes and call for a vote. The majority could then suspend the rules and vote in Merrick Garland.

Well,I guess we will find out if the Democrats have any balls left or if they've checked them at the Senate door. I dont give shit if it enrages Republicans, hell, they wake up enraged everyday.

To put Garland on the court is a life changing event as opposed to sucking Mitch McConnell's weenie or hoping he doesnt get mad.

To allow Trump to run the lives of the young for a generation is not acceptable.

Get on board or get the fuck out of the way. I am not going down without a fight.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

In The Presence Of Greatness!

Look, I love jazz. It is America's gift to the music world. I've loved it since I was a teen and played one of my Grandfather's old LP's that featured Benny Goodman and a singer named Billie Holliday. It was one of those what the fuck is THAT moments in my life. I grabbed out Grampa's other records from the bin and heard Duke Ellington, Gene Krupa (who my Dad couldn't stop telling me went to jail for marijuana possession, not as a warning but kind of as a that guy was hip statement), and the man who hooked me forever, Count Basie.

Over the years, I was the only 18 year old in the Orpheum Theater who was in the balcony to see Benny Goodman and his band in 1970 something. An old guy sitting next to me bedazzled me with stories of how he played with Benny way back in the 1940's and I didnt doubt any of it. To hear Sing Sing Sing live was thrilling.

I was the only 19 year old in the balcony watching Count Basie and his Orchestra , watching Cab Calloway, watching Billy Eckstine. Dizzy Gillespie came to town with the Basie Boys after the Count had died. I saw Dizzy from row 1 deal with a heckler by simply stop playing and saying "yo mama" and then continue playing. Who the fuck heckles Dizzy Gillespie?

I have been in the presence of greatness.

I was in the presence of greatness again on Friday evening. Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Orchestra came to town and played in front of a fairly packed house, . Now I have seen Wynton many times. First on the 1980's, at an art museum, as a quartet, featuring a blind pianist named Marcus Roberts. I saw Wynton at the aforementioned Orpheum , from Row 1, as a quartet featuring a sax player named Walter Blanding. And then came the Lincoln Center Orchestra sightings. Too much talent to even mention.

Wynton Marsalis and his band is so talented he can make music I hate sound fresh and exciting. Yep, this latest show from Friday night was Christmas music. But goddamnit, it was Christmas music that had my leg bouncing, my toes tapping, and my hands drumming away. It was thrilling.

When singer Catherine Russell would come out to sing those songs in a jazzy swinging 1930's way and step back and let the musicians do their thing, it was thrilling. To see jazz musicians and their faces as things go wrong, or are unexpected is thrilling to me. Cuz after all thats what jazz is. Pure 100% improvisation. When trombonist Chris Crenshaw went a bit long on a solo, to see the trumpeters put the instrument up to play and then put it down with a what the hell he's rolling look was thrilling.

Catherine Russell's interpretation of have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas was thrilling, her singing of Louis Prima's What Would Santa Claus Say was thrilling. But when she launched into a gospel rendition of No Room at The Inn, made famous originally by Mahalia Jackson, I had a come back to Jesus moment. For that few minutes, the atheism left my body and I was ready to praise the Lord! That song, and her and that band's performance, made have been one of the Top 5 Moments I've witnessed at any kind of concert. Praise Jesus!

Yes, I was in the presence of greatness again on Friday evening in Omaha. Wynton Marsalis, you are a national treasure. May good health keep you one for many years to come.

Arrival And Others!

Enough, for a minute or two, of this petulant baby about to be President, and lets talk movies.

Arrival has been out in theaters for a couple of weeks or so. And it is fantastic. Much like Contact before it, or Close Encounters before that, or even Inception, this movie will not lay it out for you to absorb. You have to put the effort in to think about what is going on.

Amy Adams (who is just great in whatever she does) plays a language professor named Louise haunted by a tragedy involving her daughter, who is born, grows to adolescence and dies of cancer. Told in flashbacks that keep entering Louise's mind as she is recruited to attempt to translate alien speak, much easier than Trump speak I'm sure. You see, gigantic eggplants have entered the earth's atmosphere and illegally parked over twelve spots around the globe. And the Earth is pissed, or baffled, or just wants to fight as usual. But Louise, and her trusty sidekick, Ian, played by Jeremy Renner (very toned down from his usual manic self), a geeky scientist, enter the giant crafts and attempt to communicate with these heptapods that look like big hands with long fingers that spew out Rorschach test looking crap at windows. Well of course in time, Louise and Ian learn to communicate as the flashbacks and weird dreams keep Louise going full blast.

Arrival is not a fast paced movie, its not an Independence Day where dumbass earthlings try and beat the things that traveled zillions of miles with their AR-15's and tanks. It is a thought provoking film where you must figure out the connection between the 12 spots where the big eggplants landed, the dreams and flashbacks in Louise's head, and what the hell Ian has to do with any of this.

I loved it. And it takes subtle shots at Fox News, Alex Jones and maybe even the Short Fingered Vulgarian Elect. Man those hands and fingers those heptapods have sure are big. Expect Trump to take shots at it on twitter. Once somebody explains it to him that is.

Allied is a film about World War 2 spies. Played by Brad Pitt ( Max) and Marion Cotillard (Marion), this spy duo, posing as a married couple, infiltrates Casablanca to assassinate a German ambassador and they do it very very well. Cut to a couple of years later, when Max is back in London and he and Marion fall in love and actually do get married and have a surprisingly homely baby considering the DNA involved.

And here is where I do not like trailers. The trailer gives the fucking plot away. The Brits believe that Marion is a German spy and if found to be true, Max is to "execute" her on the spot. Well Max isn't really on board with this whole execute deal (I mean come on LOOK at her for chrissakes, nobody is perfect) so he sets out to prove she aint no spy. Or issssss she?

The rest of the movie basically that, is she or isnt she? And what will Max do if he finds out she is a spy?

It's a thriller, it's a love story, its pretty good.

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them is for the Harry Potter crowd. Now I got over the Harry Potter thing about when Max learned how to read and I didnt have to read the books to him any longer, which with him was about age 3. But I saw all the movies and was mildly entertained by all of them.

This one mildly entertained me also. It takes place in 1920's New York. It has Colin Farrell in it. And too much of a surprise guest who Colin eventually turns into.

But it's ok. It didnt put me to sleep like I feared it would. But why does Eddie Redmayne constantly look like he just listened to Kellyanne Conway not answer a question? Dont get me wrong, I love the guy, I think he's a great actor, but that puzzled little boy look annoyed me.

Next up are Loving and Manchester By The Sea, which are only at our local "art theater",which I love but is far away and costs a lot more than other theaters. I dont know, both will probably make me weep, but for once it wont be for my dying country.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Panic Button!

Its getting to be time to hit this because day after day it is becoming more and more apparent that 46% of this country elected a goddamned mad man as President. Now I understand the 46% is all concerned about their economic uncertainty and is really anxious about their blacksmith job going away in 2016. That and the fact that they are all pissed off a black man was elected in 2008 and did one helluva job with what he had to work with. The 8 years of watching that black dude made them so crazy that they ignore the fact that the Great White Dope is a fucking lunatic who may end the world and WILL end this nation soon enough.

The Kook In Chief Elect is such a thin skinned child that he now just makes shit up about wining the popular vote IF you deduct the "millions" of votes cast illegally. Of course "millions" of "illegal" votes simply means the votes of blacks and Hispanics and others that the cheating Republicans couldn't suppress. So get ready Dying America, that claim of the Asshole in Chief Elect is the first salvo in the coming charge to suppress the vote even more. When you have a fucking Nazi as your adviser, a man who has said he wants only property owners to be able to vote, and a flat out bigot with only two K's in his name who has spent most of his miserable life running all over the country writing laws to empower white men and make red states bleed redder, it doesnt take a room temp IQ Trumper to figure it out. The electoral vote is fixed by the fear voting of white people about to get royally fucked. Next up, the popular vote.

The Psychopath In Chief Elect is becoming more unhinged by the day. So wounded by the fact 54% of this country said fuck you to him is really getting under his thin skin.

Prove that voter fraud didnt happen to deprive the Cuckoo Bird in Chief Elect of his "win". This is his latest rant. Prove I didnt win! I won! Prove I didnt!

Well prove you aren't a deranged maniac then Herr Trump!

This man is a danger. Hit that fucking panic button in any way you can. This man, his handlers, his minions, his loony bin supporters cannot be normalized.


Saturday, November 26, 2016


They are empowered now and normalizing these people is only going to make it worse. My fear is exactly what happened here. Nobody stood up to this drunken moron.

Stand up and fight for chrissakes.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Jill Not Hill!

First off...Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Enjoy getting into fights with Trumper family members and hating them tonight even worse than you did this morning. Breathe hard.. And remember, they are dumb and lazy at best and a racist, misogynist, xenophobic bigot at worst. And they will not change with your stupid science and facts and shit. They are now empowered to be the loudmouthed dumbfucks they always were. So keep that in mind. Ok? Yeah that aint gonna work. Fuck em! Firmly establish yourself as being on the right side of history. And hit em with basic math. Yeah genius, how does a team get 2 million more "points" than another team, yet lose? Let the stupidity begin

Now second of all. Jill Stein is still nuts. But Jill Stein didnt cause Hillary to lose. First of all, Hillary did not lose.She got 2-3 million more votes than Herr Trump. Hillary lost because Republicans do one thing better than anyone else. They cheat. They suppress the votes of minorities and the poor thru bullshit ID laws. The install fear and bigotry into people already fearful and bigoted. And they flat out use foreign governments to hack.

Jill Stein is raising money for a recount of the swing states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. So far, a goal of $4.5 million has been set, and as of right now, $3.1 million has been raised to do this thing. So think about giving up a fiver.

Now Hillary has again proven to be the roll over and play dead political hack us Bernie Bros always knew she was. Quietly conceding to a fucking fascist vulgarian who had promised to "lock her up" for the last 6 months. So if Hillary wont fight for herself and this nation, to hell with her.

If Jill Stein has to be the one to fight, so be it.

Dont accept fascism in any form. Normalizing these evil bastards is my greatest fear. "Oh come on, give him a chance" makes me fucking crazy. NO! You dont let Il Douche have a fucking chance. You destroy him before he has that chance.

Jill Stein's plot may not work. In fact, I doubt if the powers that be will allow it to work. Crank up the Russians, comrades. But EVERYTHING must be done to stop this movement. I refuse to be a Good German and go along without a fight.

So get in your Trumper family members face. Make goddamn sure they know you aint standing for any of this. If you sound nuts, so what. In a few years, you will be the one who stood up to it. You didnt go along. You fought! They will be the moral equivalent of segregationists and genocidal maniacs. They did nothing while others were oppressed.

There are consequences to voting for Trump. There really are. And if ridding your life of these people is the cost, think long and hard.

Go Jill Stein. It is a Hail Mary for sure. But sometimes those work.