Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Wake Up Democrats!

This whole Virginia shitstorm is very important. Governor Blackface, Lieutenant Governor Grab Ass and Attorney General Brownface should all be apologetic about whatever it is they were thinking, but the Democrats piling on top of each other to demand resignations and self flagellating the party into being everything Donald Junior says it is need to step back and open their fucking eyes.

Back during the days of Dick Nixon, a sleazy crook with a deep mental illness, there was a man named Donald Segretti. Segretti ran the dirty tricks department of CREEP. The Committee to re-elect the President. Ya know, the paranoid CREEP himself, Tricky Dick. Sefretti and his band of ratfuckers were busy making shit up like the Canuck letter to destroy any Democrat deemed dangerous to the re-election chances of the most corrupt man to ever hold the highest office, Wait, what????

Ratfucking is to Republicans as "going high" is to Democrats and quite frankly I am sick of it. I love Michelle Obama but that "When they go low w go high" may have been the dumbest thing she's ever said. Do you understand what you are dealing with? Thus far, conservative ratfuckers, always with shit in their backpockets have wrecked Northam (sorry folks, yes he destroyed himself and thats exactly what ratfuckers want you to think), are working on wrecking Fairfax, and are trying to wreck the AG, though he's gotten out front.

Ratfuckers are trying to ruin Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Cory Booker, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and dont need to bother with Tulsi Gabbard since she ratfucks herself. These creeps have lived in the Republican Party for 50 years, they started an entire news network, they run the government and they will never stop. If they cant find dirt they will make it up. Jesus Christ hangs with hookers, Mother Theresa steals money, The Dalai Lama wears dresses, ratfuckers will stop at nothing.

The Democrats had better wake the fuck up . Until they point out,as Sherrod Brown did to the despicable kiss ass Chuck Todd, the Republican Party is the home to every racist thug alive today and has been for 55 years. Once Democrats stop trying to please people who will never ever vote for them, and start fighting back, this shit may end. But Democrats have been going high for so long and ignored the ratfucking Republicans they now have a second player to deal with, the fuckin Russians.

Virginia is a test. Im not saying Northam should stay, as the Democrats have already neutered him, and if Fairfax is guilty of assault, he needs to go, but the Virginia AG, Mark Herring, is the last line of defense against a Republican Speaker ready to step up and start gerrymandering and cheating. Good thing he got out front of what is apparently a grand Southern tradition of being a fucking racist prick when you are young. God knows to some masochistic Democrats, there is no forgiveness for past indiscretions. Meanwhile the Republicans not only ignore racist pasts, they thrive on it. Not that Democrats should thrive on bigotry, but forgiveness is a trait they can certainly use to their advantage.

All I am Saying Is Give Fighting Back A Chance.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Friday Is For Winning!

President Shit Fer Brains has folded after putting 800,000 federal employees thru hell. Kicked in the nuts by yet another woman,President Nutless can now perhaps give his goddamned SOTU speech and put the attention back on himself as he's always wanted.

Meanwhile, Roger Stone is under arrest, and the United States is beginning to look like the United States again. Criminals are being arrested, ironically by FBI agents working for free, and President Asshole is made to look the fool again.

This Friday is the best Friday that has occurred in a long fucking time. Thank you to the Speaker of the House. Thank you to the FBI. Thank you to Robert Mueller. Thank you to all that is right.

Lastly, what kind of idiot thinks Nancy Pelosi is over the hill? Huh, Berners?

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Make America America Again!

The boys will be boys crap has started. The 'fake news" crap has started. The defense of privileged white boys is in full force now. They were "provoked". They were the victims. That 64 year old Native American Vietnam Veteran was the instigator. Do not criticize our White boys. After all, they were there to stand up for fetuses on the annual March For White Life Life event. Hey, Mike Pence was there. Ben Shapiro stood up for Baby Hitler. It was quite the stand up for certain life event.

Then the Indian dude got in the MAGA hat wearing Catholic boys faces and beat on a drum. How dare he? What was the mob of testosterone supposed to do besides do tomahawk chants, poo poo stolen land, laugh, dance like loons and stare down a 64 year old man?

This may have been even sadder than the 1960s. We are supposed to have evolved. The dumping of flour on lunch counter sit in protesters was 55 years ago. That was done by ignorant rednecks scared of their own shadow. This taunting of an American Indian elder, a member of the Omaha tribe, drumming for peace is disgraceful. Its bullying at its finest. Its Brett Kavanaugh bullshit. Its the privileged bullying behavior I saw all through high school. You different? You get mobbed on. You black? Must be an athlete. You Hispanic? Must be illegal. You gay? You're a fag. You a Democrat? You are a commie. You creative? You're weird and probably a fag. The mob mentality of teen aged boys used to getting their way and being taught that they are of the one true religion is toxic. These same pricks will never learn because the powers that be will defend them. They will be excused at best and defended as victims at worst.

Watching the tape of this disgraceful incident is so utterly disturbing that any American should be ashamed. The taunting of this man is no different than if I walk into a Sunday Catholic Mass and begin taunting them for their kneeling and standing and chanting and thinking a piece of bread is actually a body. That would be offensive and would never be tolerated. And it shouldn't be. Just as this nonsense in DC should never have been tolerated.

But it was. And now the right is defending it. Well some are. The usual suspects. Our racist President, who openly calls a woman "Pocahontas" and dismisses Wounded Knee as a non event, has said nothing. He wont. A man who has no beliefs other than in himself and is heralded by so called religious people as God appointed will defend them just like he did American Nazis.

The fact is these punks deserve no slack. How can anyone defend a high school that is so deficient in its educational curriculum that its privileged boys actually chant "Build The Wall" at a guy whose ancestors were here way before their white trash ancestors got here?

Its amazing. This country is fucked up. Torngarsak help us.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Impeach The White Supremacist Motherfucker???

Impeach the motherfucker!....When did the term white supremacist become offensive?

Now clearly one of those statements is worse than the other and depending on your sanity level its apparent which is worse.

Republicans and their state run TV fell onto their all white fainting couches and had to be fanned back to consciousness after freshman Congresswoman Rashid Tlaib of Michigan was caught on a phone hollering about impeaching that motherfucker who I assume was the old Pussy grabber in Chief, the guy who wants to tax the motherfuckin Chinese and the Russian Asset in Chief, Donald Trump. The coverage by the Enemy of the People as you can see was totally justified because what kind of woman says such a thing? Especially one with one of them funny names. Trump is no motherfucker for sure, oh wait, Stormy Daniels has a kid so I guess he is a motherfucker.

Meanwhile Iowa's favorite Congressman, Steve King (Klansman-Ia), a guy who Iowans re-elected just last November, stated in the Failing New York Times that yes indeed he is a white supremacist, nationalist and general bigoted motherfucker himself.

Yet the coverage of a Iowa white supremacist voted into office by Iowans stating he actually was a white supremacist was nothing compared to a Democrat saying "motherfucker". Now why is this?

The only thing I can think is that Democrats going off the rails is very rare. Thus when one does, especially a Muslim woman, its big ass news and scares all Republicans and so called moderate Democrats, which consists of most of them. While the Democrats poo poo Rep Tlaib and wag their fingers at her hoping she doesnt resort to such treasonous activity again, Republicans and state run TV go batshit crazy to divert attention from the fact that the Useless Idiot in Chief is quite frankly a fucking Russian spy.

And also the fact most Republicans are complete white nationalists, white supremacists and dummies and having one say out loud what they all have the sense to keep under wraps (icks nay on the acism ray) is no big deal. They hear it at every fundraiser they have.

So get used to it. The Enemy of the People will continue to do the Asset in Chiefs bidding in that endless attempt to seem fair. It is really amazing to watch.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

A Dogs Way Home!

I needed a couple hours of escape. What better than to go see a movie about a dog?

A Dog's Way Home is cookie cutter cute dog gets lost and has to find her way home movie. It has a paint by numbers script, a terrible CGI mountain lion, terrible CGI wolves, and villains right out of central casting.

All that said. I was taken in by all of it.

Bella is a homeless pit bull (she doesnt look like one but whatever) living under a house with a bunch of cats when she gets taken in by the neighborhood softie medical student. The local dog catcher has hard on for Bella and cannot wait to take her in as Denver has a no pit bull ordinance (hey thats like racism against dogs says one character). Yeah it sort of is. And that is where this movie begins to take on subjects you would not expect in a movie about a lost dog.

Bella is taken to New Mexico while his owners find new quarters outside dog-ist Denver city limits. But Bella must go home and she escapes and begins a 400 mile journey back to Denver.

Along the journey we encounter the addressing of subjects like homophobia, homelessness, veterans issues, police brutality and death. I assume the film makers expected these subjects to go over the head of the kids this movie appeals to, but I dont see how. I mean my goodness, Edward James Olmos pops in as a homeless vet living a dangerous life. Bella almost doesnt survive this particular situation. Its really quite harrowing to a child to see this dog in deep danger not to mention Olmos'scary look.

Wolves stalk Bella the entire journey, a mountain lion is her only friend, and she is taken in by two men who put a rainbow collar on her and save her from a terrible person.

The movie ends happily of course, but this journey is very adult. Like I said, there is nothing here that will surprise you, its not a good movie, but dammit it had me dabbing tears at various points.

You love dogs. It'll work for you.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Bird Box!

Really? Netflix says 45 million accounts have watched Bird Box since it debuted. Yeah I'm one of them. I dont get it.

First off I am not a horror picture person. A Quiet Place, though original, did nothing for me. Its just not my bag. Bird Box aint my bag either.
Bird Box features Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson (dont blink), John Malkovich, BD Wong (they get rid of the gays fast), Jacki Weaver and the only actor I cared about, Trevante Rhodes (that dude from Moonlight that made me watch it 3 times in 24 hours).

All over the world people are committing suicide after seeing some sort of vision, so to survive you have to walk around with a blindfold on, or drive a car with blacked out windows, just dont look or you end up sticking a knife in your neck, jumping out of a window, climbing into a fire engulfed car, or blowing your head off. Bullock must get her two children, one named boy and one named girl cuz you see she aint a nice person and she doesnt give a shit about anybody, to a sanctuary where the vision cant get to them.

The problem that I have with this movie isnt so much the "horror" aspect but the fact to be a thriller you shouldnt really give away in the first 5 minutes who is going to die and who is going to live. This truly destroyed any suspense the film may have had going for it.

Not that Bird Box is bad, it is not. But its not anything I'm going to remember a week from now. Its a big ehhhhhhhhhh.