Friday, October 11, 2019

Oh Lisa! Oh Peter!

I guess its not this failed "comedian" per se, its the morons behind him who find this idiocy funny. The "Cops for Trump", the "Teachers for Trump", the blonde haired blue eyed Minnesota Nice clones laughing at Trump faking an orgasm. Its just disturbing that these easily entertained dimbulbs still exist. Yeah I know its all about owning the libs, making fun of people perceived to be smarter than you, taking your shitty lot in life and attempting to pull everyone else down with you, closet fascists wanting a strongman to unleash the Kraken on blacks and browns and gays and uppity chicks. Its all about bad cops wanting to be set free to kill and beat and harass without consequences. Its all about religious nutjobs wanting to shove Jesus down your throat. Its all about actually believing this lump will get his donor one percenters to trickle their ill gotten gains downward. Riiiiiight!

Its going to end. Its going to end badly. This Whacky Tour is the last gasp of a narcissist. Standing in front of his devoted dummies and soaking their love in. Probably going off stage and making fun of them. No that would be Lonesome Rhodes like. Too smart. No this traitorous maniac buys it all. They love me. I have 95% approval give or take 5%. I didnt do anything wrong. Im the greatest mind to ever have held office. Its just so sad. For the dying nation.

Donald Trump is a criminal surrounded by criminals. Thugs like Rudy Guliani and his goons arrested for funneling foreign money to Trump and his sycophants. Mike Pence, a repressed kook who knows everything thats gone on yet spurred on by "Mother", will cover for him. Until he's gone and Pence can attempt to install Gilead with his power hungry mother wife playing Lady McBeth. But Pence is dirty too and he will go down. Bill Barr, THE most corrupt Attorney General ever, is a man openly flaunting the law and acting as Trumps own consigliori. A wartime consigliori. Barr is the one I want to go down the hardest. This corrupt Fred Flintstone looking motherfucker shits on the law daily. He is a disgrace to the legal profession and thats a pretty high bar. We have Stephen Miller the bottom feeding slug, a despicable racist self hating Jew with an open disgust of those he sees as beneath him. We have Junior and Eric and Ivanka, maybe the worst of the worst with her breathy reasonableness while exploiting slave labor, grifting with the best of them. They are all criminals at best, traitors at worst and hell bound at crazy worst.

This is going to get nasty. Oh yeah, it already has I know. This creepy cult leader will go down like Jim Jones or Marshal Applewhite went down.

Its going to be ugly, embarrassing and downright Un-American. But the white people behind the Racist in Chief at his unhinged rallies continue to hold onto their worship. Like the Liar in Chief, admitting you were wrong is not in their brainpans, not that much IS there. Guns, racism, self loathing, ignorance and just plain dumb stands there laughing and cheering a 72 year old man acting like he's coming in his baggy pants.

Buckle up.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The Betrayer In Chief!!!

This is all this monstrous American cares about. Trump Towers Istanbul. A source of income for his only care in the world. Himself. The lives keeping this pile of Chinese steel intact is irrelevant to this sociopath.

The Traitor in Chief has abandoned the Kurds. The Kurds, an ally, a fighting force as vicious and as brave as they come, ISIS's nightmare. Yet in order to keep the money flow coming in to himself, Trumpski has kow towed again to brutal dictator, Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey. Erdogan, the tough guy whose goons beat up protesters in Washington DC with no consequences, hates the Kurds and has been itching to re start some ancient beef with the Kurds. The Kurds, who have helped destroy the psychos in ISIS, are in Northern Syria waiting for further orders from their American allies. Instead the orders that came from their American Allies was a green light to a thug like Erdogan to begin killing Kurds and thet green light came from a man who had to decide what is more important, his own bank account, or the lives of loyal allies. Of course the Profiteer in Chief chose himself.

If you could ever hate this narcissistic disgrace to humanity any more than now, just wait. An American President has authorized an ethnic cleansing. An ethnic cleansing, a Holocaust if you will, of a people who supported the United States military at every opportunity and have now been stabbed in the back. Ashamed of being an American? If you arent in regard to this betrayal, you have no soul.

The Turkish government is a thumb breaking band of hoodlums who kill opponents, suppress opposition, beat up protesters in foreign nations and now are murdering women and children at will, with approval from an American President who is nothing more than a Russian puppet. Disgusting.

Donald Trump is a traitor. Donald Trump has blood on his hands. His Republican collaborators have blood on their hands. Be Proud GOP. Unfortunately, many of them are. All this death for a fucking building.

Monday, October 7, 2019

The Joker!

Nobody thinks Heath Ledger's Joker can be beat right? Well thats right. But Joaquin Phoenix's Joker comes close in this origin story.

Phoenix's Arthur Fleck is an outcast living with his mother in a run down apartment in a run down city. Supporting himself by playing a clown at store closings and childrens hospitals, Fleck also suffers from a condition that makes him laugh whenever nervous, scared, or surprised causing even more trouble for him when he is assaulted by Gotham thugs in an alley while in clown makeup.

Fleck dreams of being a comedian, writing "jokes" in a flop eared journal and attempting a stand up audition in which he simply cackles uncontrollably on stage. It is at these times you wonder about the mental health of Joaquin Phoenix himself, he's so damned good at acting mentally ill.

Fleck buys a gun from a two timing fellow clown, drops it at a kids gathering and gets fired. On the subway home he observes a woman being harassed by 3 pompous Wall Street men. When, of course, he begins to laugh at the situation they beat him up, he pulls his gun and kills all three, an incident that didnt really shock me. I mean who hasnt dreamed of whacking a few of those thieves on Wall Street? Fleck becomes the fodder of Gotham tabloids, begins seeing a woman, and taking care of his sick mother. All is well. Or is it?

Things deteriorate throughout. People who have wronged him die, he meets a prick named Thomas Wayne (father of Bruce), he is called to be on the Gotham version of the Tonight Show, hosted by Robert DeNiro, as the worlds worst comedian. The man's mental illness has gone full Joker. He dresses in the crazy suit we all know, he avoids arrest at anti-Wall Street rallies, he appears on the show with DeNiro and acts accordingly.

Everything about this movie is disturbing from the dark Seven like city, to the Joker dancing down steps to pedophile Gary Glitters Rock N Roll Part 2, to the references to Taxi Driver and King of Comedy, to the violence and cruelty on both sides of the aisle.

I am dark. I enjoy dark cynical movies. So this one lives up to the darkness. Its creepy man. Phoenix is up to the task, maybe too up to the task. I thought it was great. But I'd hold off taking a date to this. Unless you want to be dumped.

One last thing. The FBI warnings about shooters, about Incels being inspired by this character. Forget it. If this kind of mentally ill loner "inspires" you, you're already out of your fucking mind and you dont need a movie to make you do something like that.

Monday, September 30, 2019

The End Is Near!

It just gets worse and worse for this creep. The cannibals are salting up the Traitor in Chief for a big bite. Nobody in the White House is going to go to jail for this fuckstick. The scrambling for immunity must have started already over the weekend. The only problem is John Mitchell Bill Barr is up to his Fred Flintstone hair in this crooked bullshit. Barr, the noble Attorney General who was a compromise after Jeff Sessions got whacked and that bullethead from Iowa was sent to a corner with a dunce hat, never had any intentions but sinister. He bullshitted his was thru the Mueller Report getting way out front and planting the seeds of exoneration where there was none. He committed perjury in front of Congress. He is ass deep in covering up Trumps misdeeds. The question is why? Much like Lindsey Graham, who has become Trumps yippy lap dog, its hard to understand why a guys like Barr and Graham wait so long in life to become sleazy crooks.

Now it appears Balloon Head Mike Pompeo , the completely outclassed Secretary of State, may have been on the infamous quid pro quo call to Ukrainian President Zelensky. Was he on the White House Princess phone listening to his BFF offer missiles for dirt on Joe Biden? If he was, he's either the whistleblower, I shall pause for laughter.......or he's just another lying miscreant making deals to make the Profiteer in Chief more money.

Migawd this gets worse by the minute. This cannot end well for the Racist in Chief can it? With the sharks in the water and only the lame brained Kevin McCarthy (Dummy-Ca) and the morons in such safe districts that Klan rallies are the place to be, how can the Rapist in Chief survive?

Some say he will never ever resign. Some say he will resign as soon as he can, leaving office blaming everybody but himself. I tend to think the man is a coward who gets others to do his dirty work, then denies he did it to the faces of the wronged. Though the Enforcer in Chief has been tweeting shit about Civil War and arresting his opponents for treason and demanding to meet his accuser, the whiny little bitch forgets this nonsense as soon as he hits send, thinking that 30% of his cult members will believe his denial and save his miserable ass.

Not this time you thug. He's done, I'm convinced of it, Karmas a bitch you hoodlum. Like many before you, you will lose.

The day this mobster is indicted , along with his entire disgusting crime family, will be a glorious day for all of mankind.

Bye bye dickhead.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

We Got Him!!

Do we? Really? Just another crime committed by the Thug in Chief, shaking down the Ukrainian President to go get Joe Biden if he wants his missiles "for defense". Ya know that $400 million? Well I directed my bitch chief of staff to hold that up for now. I also want you to work with my consigliori lawyer and my enforcer Attorney General to get this "favor" done for me.

Goddamn, this guy has always been a mafia boss, running around New York deadbeating out on his bills, putting the screws to government, making racist statements about young black men, bragging about the height of his building as 3000 people lay dead, filing bankruptcy whenever convenient and running a scam foundation that lined his pockets (which may really be why he goes to prison). The fact that normally decent men and women on the right have stood on this hill of toxicity keeping the wolves at bay is really amazing. NOw is when real people step up and say NO MORE!!

Will that happen? I doubt it. The crazies have taken over the Party of Lincoln. The Cheneys, war criminals and war profiteers, The McCarthys, a truly yapping Yorkie standing in the shadow of Nancy Pelosi, the Gym Jordans, a child abuse denier, Steve Scalise, an asshole almost killed by a gun who has become an even bigger asshole, The Lindsey Grahams, stuck so deep in the closet he doesnt even know he;s in there, The Mark Meadows, true hillbillies and the dumbest woman in the Senate, Marsha Blackburn, who is so fucking stupid she actually signed a letter nominating Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize for meeting with a tiny little killer named Kim. The crazies. Nothing Trump does will affect them as they play to their stupid base of bitter old white people.

Nancy Pelosi, playing the long game I guess, has decided to do what should have been done as soon as she won back Speaker in 2018. Impeach this Dangerous Donald. NOW! She has the votes, and apparently the Coward in Chief even called her to try and work a deal on this whistleblower thing. What more do you need? The Blabberer in Chief knows he's gone and fucked it up this time. Extortion is bad even for him.

So maybe we got him? Or did he get himself?

Fuck it, I dont care. Just get him.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Ad Astra!

This movie is slow as hell. It moves along at a snails pace. Not much happens. And I liked it a lot

Ad Astra is basically Apocalypse Now in space with a little Interstellar thrown in. Brad Pitt is in every scene as the son of a rogue Space Commander who has gone off the rails on a deep space mission gone wrong. Tommy Lee Jones is Colonel Kurtz, er McBride and he is the man sending back electrical surges from Neptune and is destroying the Earth. Brad Pitt is his son, Captain Willard, er McBride and his mission is to communicate with him. locate him and let the proper authorities go kill him and stop the surges.

But per this type of film, a lot goes wrong. Theres space pirates and other countries space stations asking for help. It really is a journey up the river, errr solar system for Pitt and his crew. When Pitt and Jones meet, its a kind of father/son relationship that neither ever had, one by choice and one because he was abandoned. It a helluva ride.

This movie may not be for everyone. Like I said, its slow, its narrated by Pitt, the action is space action, no loud bangs and fights, its silent. Though one particular scene where they respond to an SOS from a Norwegian space station is quite harrowing for a few seconds. This is probably why the critics like this movie (Rotten Tomatoes 81%) and the audience falls asleep (57% Rotten Tomatoes) wishing they'd have gone to Rambo or some other type shit.

But if Interstellar or the slow parts of Apocalypse Now still fascinate you like me, by all means go, see it and realize its damn good.

One more thing, if 2019 doesnt get Brad Pitt and acting Oscar it never will. Between this and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, this is his year. He has become (and quite frankly always has been) one of our finest actors and deserves some recognition.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Urgent Concern!

My God this guy is exhausting. You cant possibly rant about this traitorous son of a bitch and hold a job at the same time. So you have to pick and choose.

The Creep in Chief went on his tour this week. To New Mexico where a group of hired local community theater Hispanic actors stood behind him at a rally and cried at their shame. The Gramps in Chief, in typical old man fashion, went to the WASP card, overused the term Hispanic and rambled on incoherently in a state he will get crushed in.

Then the Sharpie in Chief went to his fence ,errrrr wall, and signed a fence Im pretty sure was put up during the Obama Administration ....allow me to reminisce about a real President and Administration for a minute...............ok Im back. He signed the fence with the same sharpie he uses to change weather maps and probably write shit on the Constitution like at the end of the Second Amendment "shall not be infringed and Trump is the greatest President of all time and shall not be criticized never mind about that pussy First Amendment...." The Blabber in Chief then revealed a "secret" that the Fence was "wired" to squeal on anyone who climbed thru it. Wait? Climbed thru it? Anyway as the Traitor in Chief blabbed about this "wire" some General basically said hey Mr Magoo, shut the fuck up.

Literally, hours later, JFC this is just the worst to try and remember this sleazy crook and his misdeeds, a whistleblower in the intelligence community decide that the Quid Pro Quo in Chief was making promises to some unknown foreign leader in a phone call and felt it was of such "urgent concern" they reported it to the Inspector General who relayed it to Homeland Security who promptly squashed it because the only Security they care about is protecting an incompetent Blob. What was the "urgent concern". Was it Putin collecting a debt? Speculation centers now on Ukraine digging up shit on Uncle Joe Biden. No Collusion NO Obstruction. Right?

All of this AND the spectacle of Corey Lewandowski openly in contempt of Congress being allowed to walk free out of a Congressional hearing because Democrats are gigantic weasels unwilling to stop this garbage from continuing. Hey hey now Corey, if you sneer and lie one more time, Im going to scoff at you twice in a row. Lewandowski, a truly despicable human being in the Stephen Miller mode, claimed memory lapses, openly admitted lying to the media, and behaved much like a 14 year old bully as Democrats backed off and Republican blowhards like Gaetz the drunk and Gym Jordan the child abuse cover up artist staged campaign speeches to appeal to their base, dumb fucking Floridians and even dumber fucking Ohioans. Now if I had my way, Jerry Nadler (Everybodys Favorite Dumb Uncle-NY) would have gotten help getting up, staggered over to Lewandowski and beat the fuck out of him with his cane and waddled back up to the dais. But that didnt even come close to happening. Nadler simply threatened to actually maybe well perhaps could be hey I'll do it I swear cmon now Im telling you to hold the contemptible Lewandowski in contempt and throw his bully ass in jail. Threats are welcomed in this adminstration because they know they mean nothing. It is just frustrating as fuck.

But the big news is Vice President and Repressed in Chief Mike Pence hired one 27 year old Katie Waldman as his press secretary, not that anybody gives a shit about the press liar for Robot Pence. But, she is allegedly "dating" Stephen Miller, the Nazi Incel Vampire running immigration policy in this fascist administration. Miller is getting some and he's still a dick? Well all that means is Katie Waldman is also a dick and please oh please dont breed spawning some elf eared little goonie. Miller is proof positive that Incels never change. I wonder if they drink each others blood, polish the skulls of dead illegals, Epstein kids? What the hell? But then again Hitler had Eva Braun, Goebbels had a wife, and Trumps had 3 wives. Out of 6 billion inhabitants of Earth, there has to be one woman evil enough to find this dead souled monster appealing. Right?

We are fucked.