Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Harvey Milk!

"If a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every closet door in the country."

That was a quote from a tape made by Harvey Milk, to be released just in case he was murdered. If you dont know who Harvey Milk was you oughta learn.

40 years ago today a conservative San Francisco supervisor, that's city councilman to us rubes,named Dan White walked into City Hall and murdered Mayor Willie Moscone and Harvey Milk, one of the first openly gay elected officials in the entire nation. Oh yeah, he used a gun, like all chickenshit assassins do, and he did it because he saw a conspiracy against conservative white men like himself.

1978 was a long time ago. I was in college. I had no idea who Harvey Milk was. I hardly knew any gay people. But the murder of a Mayor and a Supervisor by a loser "victim" like Dan White really appalled me. I didnt understand the grief, the horror, the fright that must have come down on San Francisco that day. It was just another assassination of somebody making a difference. JFK, X, MLK, RFK, Lowenstein and now Milk and Moscone.

But then came that candlelight march. That hit me hard. Hey kids, this was the days before the internet so I had to go to Love Library and read the San Francisco Chronicle for something other than news about the Giants. I learned a lot in the next few days. Lessons that changed me from naive and ignorant to woke as the kids say.

You wanna read a great story? Read The Mayor of Castro Street. I carried this dog eared paperback around with me for years and still have it. In fact, I think I'll read it again.

Harvey, we hardly knew ye.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Veteran's Day!

77 years ago my father tried to join the Marines. They said nah. Flat feet or something. So he joined the Army and spent the "4 worst years of my life" trudging around Europe stopping Nazis and fascists from murdering innocents, oppressing freedom and just being assholes. He never ever spoke of it except if the story involved humor, like stealing Generals jeeps cuz they were tired, having Italian POW's tell him that Mussolini, Hitler and FDR were all "son of a beeches" or becoming friends with a German kid named Rolfie who would warn them of approaching "Panzers" though they always turned out to be American tanks.

My point? There weren't any fucking bone spurs or flat feet that kept my Dad from doing whatever part he was assigned in defeating evil.

Yesterday a real life evil doer represented America at a World War I cemetery by sitting in his Paris hotel room and watching Fox News and tweeting that California fire victims were to blame for their own deaths. Oh did I mention it was raining and Jim Acosta was there? Ya know, messed up hair and a rude press guy forced the evil prick to stay away. Bet he doesn't miss the Putin job appraisal.

Thanks for your sacrifices to all veterans today.

The guy representing the country you sacrificed for is a disgrace.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Call To Arms!

77 years ago my parents generation came under attack by imperialists and fascists and Nazis and rose up and defeated all of them within 4 years. That was the Greatest Generation in the words of Tom Brokaw at least in regards to defeating a real threat to the world. Yeah yeah they had real problems at home that have never been fixed but the call to arms was made and they responded by being shipped off to squalor and death and horrors only they knew.

Hey Millennials ! This is YOUR call to arms. My generation of Baby boomers aint gonna save you. We are the fucking problem. We have turned from self interested protesters to a bunch of self centered morons who believe anything an orange toxin says. We elected an imperialist, fascist Nazi very fine person to run the country cuz we were afraid of the changes you Millennials accept as common sense. Equality and color blindness and who the fuck cares if you're gay.

2016 was YOUR Pearl Harbor. Will you young uns accept the challenge today? All you have to do is vote. Thats it. It takes 10-20 minutes and if the vote suppressors make it harder so be it. You can replace them. You have the power. You normally dont show up because your lives are busy and having fun is more important to you than responsibility. I get it. But take a few minutes or hours. I beg of you. Save Democracy from these closet Nazis.

I am in the 4th quarter of life and white so all of this will affect only my fragile psyche and perhaps my retirement. These people HAVE to be stopped. NOW! Its up to you. In cahoots with those of us who actually read and study things and realize what this current situation could become we can stop this. Fear of change, fear of brown people, fear of blacks, fear fear fear fucking fear. This is what the Republican Party gets. Fear.

Fuck fear. Fuck Republicans and fuck fascism. Help us!

Thanks Millennials.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Fascism Is 5 Days Away!

5 days to save the nation from a racist thug. The Mussolini in Chief has had quite the week. Inserting himself into all that is tragic, giving orders to a non existent military presence to shoot children throwing rocks, something that will never happen. Holding rallies in states for his oldster bitter base. Thinking he can change the constitution with a stroke of his EGG like signature. I mean what else can you think. Donald Fucking Trump is a thug. A creepy fascist. You know what he is. And in 5 days, he must be stopped.

Trump began the week by defying every Jewish leader, every politician, every decent human being in Pittsburgh by NOT staying away from the city attempting to recover from the Trumper maniac who murdered 11 Innocent folks in a synagogue last Saturday because of his economic anxiety. The story of Holocaust survivor being killed turned out to be false, but nonetheless, she was slaughtered by a gun toting mass murderer inspired by the words of a movement allowed from under the rock by the Racist in Chief. Trump went to Pittsburgh because of course he did what he was asked not to. And it was a typical Trump stepping in dog shit moment. He basically got run out of town. Go Pirates.

Trump continued his power grab by insisting, on the advice of "many legal scholars" led by what I assume is a gang of fake judges on TV. tghat he could eliminate an amendment to the constitution by signing a piece of paper. You see, the Bigot in Chief, doesnt think that babies born on American soil to non citizens, should be citizens. You know, like his 4 spawns of Satan born to non citizens. The idea that the 14th Amendment can be destroyed with a stroke of a dictators pen is ludicrous enough, but the fact he had support from various Republicans like the Screeching Lindsey Graham, still reeling from the latest Russian blackmail threat, is scary. The base loves it of course. Yay Donald! Get rid of those foreign browns and blacks. Russian women giving birth at Mar A Lago? What?

Trump sends 5000 military troops to border to fend off an invasion of women and children a thousand miles away. 10,000 more troops? Its getting dire down there. They are now only 995 miles away! The Fascist in Chief panicking America with his warning of something that happens regularly. People from other countries asking LEGALLY for asylum. People, forced out of American supported countries who fail to protect them from gangs and their own governments, flee and walk thousands of miles to stay alive. This is an invasion, per the Scaredy Cat in Chief and his wimpy followers, scared of their own shadow because its black.

This is the greatest overreaction to a non event since oh maybe ever. The Thumb Breaker in Chief then gave the order to the non existent troops to shoot to kill non existent women and children massed at the border if they threw non existent rocks. Shoot to kill? What is this, the 1970 Ohio National Guard?. This "order" would never be given by any military officer because they arent mass murderers but to Trump and his dumb base they apparently are.

We have 5 days to stop this crazy motherfucker. 5 fuckin days.


Sunday, October 28, 2018

Just Another Week In Trump's America!

I dont even know where to begin. I am exhausted. Just this week alone has been so fucking crazy I am really not sure this entire nation is worth saving. I see so much moronic behavior it really gets one down. Oh Im not even talking about evil motherfuckers motivated by hatred and encouraged by Presidents to kill people they dont like. I am talking about ignorant cretins who cannot put down their foreign made MAGA hats for one day and give it a fucking rest. They go to listen the Unindicted Co-Conspirator in Chief spew out 30 seconds of condemnation and then 90 minutes of his greatest hits. Lock Her Up, Build the Wall. Ya know fuck all of you. Ive been in your midst. I know whats in your hearts. There isnt a doubt in my mind a substantial number of shitheels in the crowd Friday night in Charlotte would have cheered had the Instigator in Chief brought the guy onstage who tried to assassinate two ex Presidents and bunch of black Democrats with his pipe bombs.

The week began with the indictment of a group of white supremacists who enjoy walking around and beating up anti-Trump protesters. The Proud Boys, led by some nitwit who fancies himself a tough guy. A guy who was allowed to speak at a Republican event full of rich money hungry Republicans, You know, the kind of Republican that used to run that disgusting political party. Rich pricks with sociopathic tendencies. I have mine so screw you. Those types. I dont like them, but I understand them. And now, they welcome thugs like the Proud Boys who insist that Trumpsters become violent and crush the opposition in primal ways. Ya know, Like 1936 Germany. That was just the beginning of the week.

On Wednesday, a white man in Jeffersontown,Kentucky attempted to gain access to a predominately black Baptist church but could not get in. He then went to a local grocery store, walked in, pulled a gun from his waistband and shot a black man in the back of the head and then shot the man multiple times as he lay dead. The man's 12 year old grandson was there and cannot unsee it. The Trumper man then walked outside to the parking lot and shot an innocent black woman numerous times. A bystander pulled his concealed weapon and confronted the man who said "Don't shoot me. I won't shoot you. Whites don't shoot whites." The man exchanged wild fire with the man and hit nothing. The killer is in jail, taken alive of course. His name is irrelevant.

Also on Wednesday, a series of pipe bombs began arriving at the offices of various Democrats and their donors. George Soros, the billionaire deadbeat who has yet to pay me to protest. He must be pre-occupied with that caravan of terrorist babies he's paying to invade us. Hillary and Bill Clinton got one. Barack and Michelle Obama got one. Jim Brennan got one. Maxine Waters got two. Kamala Harris got one. Cory Booker got one. Joe Biden got two. Robert DeNiro got one. You get a bomb and you get a bomb and you get a bomb. The one thing all these people have in common is they all think Donald Trump is a fucking nightmare thrust upon this country by a band of ignoramuses, racists and thugs strengthened by an antiquated election system that only benefits Republicans. CNN got one, and all they do is tell the truth about the moronic statements and lies that the Thug in Chief spews out of his tiny piehole. An arrest was made on Friday of a man who had pro-Trump and anti-Democrats stickers plastered all over his van. This of course brought out the base. The conspiracy minded Republican base who doesnt believe facts but believes whatever their propagandists and Fox tell them. Its despicable.

Then came Saturday. A man who actually thinks Trump is not racist enough walked into a synagogue and murdered 11 innocent people attending a bris. A fucking bris. A baby was there. This right wing anti-Semite whack job had posted screeds on right wing web sites calling Jews the names I will not repeat. The coward with the AR 15 was taken alive, of course, and is now in a hospital with non life threatening wounds probably regaling medical staff with his "all Jews must die" bullshit. The thoughts I have are not good but it involves a pillow, preferably a My Pillow, and strong security guard. Fuck this guy.

Meanwhile, our Egomaniac in Chief gave himself the hand job of the day by appearing at rallies full of idiots who think this is some sort of stand up comedy act for stupid people. This fuckstick is killing us. He continues to rant about "globalists" which of course is code for Jews,and nationalists" which of course is code for white supremacy. He attempts to scare racists, which of course is not difficult die to their wimpiness, by hollering about a caravan of women and children and men fleeing gang violence and starvation. He lies about the caravan being full of non existent middle eastern terrorists and Central American gang members. He encourages group think among people who believe THEY are the oppressed and due their white birthright. Its only logical this creates a hatred that can be weaponized by a disturbed individual exercising their Second Amendment rights .

Goddammit!! VOTE. Our lives DO depend on it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Tommie Smith/John Carlos!

50 years ago today, October 6th, 1968 at the Mexico City Olympics , two American heroes said no more. Tommie Smith and John Carlos said too the entire world, we won these medals for ourselves, not for a country that oppresses us.

50 years later, we realize that progress is dormant. NFL players kneel to protest cops killing unarmed black men and women and a conniving President runs the puppet show of gasbag patriots becoming outraged. As he always does, the Grifter in Chief changed the subject to convince dummies that the kneeling by NFL players has to do with the flag and veterans and disrespect for the law enforcement that kills their brothers and sisters with no consequences. As usual, the Liar in Chief is full of shit and his cultists are just plain dumb.

In 1968 the nation was outraged. Well, white people were. Smith and Carlos were pariahs. Their lives were threatened. They had trouble finding jobs. All because of an act most people lacked the guts to even support much less try.

Time moves on. People get smarter. What once was considered deviant or treasonous becomes normal and courageous. Progress always wears down prejudice.

Except when it comes to race.

Colin Kaepernick is the modern day Smith and Carlos. He's a pariah. He's a "son of a bitch" per our President. But he has more courage than the entire cult of phony patriots has combined. Its easy to stand and sing the anthem. That takes no courage. To participate in group think is not courageous. To risk it all by standing in front of thousands and not doing what they want you to do takes guts. It has nothing to do with wars and vets and the flag and the troops. It has to do with what is right and what is wrong.

So 50 years later, Tommie Smith and John Carlos deserve admiration and our thanks, not our disdain. Colin Kaepernick deserves the same. So do the members of the military and the veterans.

As far as I see, there is only one "son of a bitch" involved. And thats the guy who jerked us back 50 years and will continue to do so another 50 years if we let him.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Life At A Trump Rally!

I went. I did. To last night's crazy fest featuring a cast of nutjobs and their Dear Leader, Donald F Trump. Poor Uncle Donald, longing for Daddy's love, cant stop holding his Me-Me-Me rallies masquerading as Republican campaigns. Last night in Council Bluffs, Iowa, a city across the river from Omaha and referred to as Counciltucky, in an old casino paid for arena that is only used for circuses, monster truck shows and gun shows, the traveling Trump show arrived .

Led by motorcycle cops, SUV's with their lights going in the front window, Trumps motorcade arrived with angry white people lining the streets and waving and some protesters across the street flipping the bird. I was undercover, with the protesters because I couldnt get across the street with the Orange Toxin motorcade flying by.

A guy with a Union t shirt and a red MAGA hat ran across the street with me. His obvious contradiction totally irrelevant to this bunch. Grifters at tables sold red MAGA hats, made for pennies overseas, for $25 each to the rubes. Another con man sold Calvin pissing on the CNN logo t shirts for $30 at another table. I hope he had lots of XXXL's.

Being searched by Security in order to get in was fun. Wanded by some guy who obviously wondered what the fuck a hippie was doing there, I was let in as Lee Greenwood's I'm Proud to be a Hateful Redneck American blared. Where are my earplugs? There is guy to my left in full military salute as the song plays. I was placed in the back, near the press pen because to be in that sea of humanity (?) was out of the question. Gotta be back with my peeps. The truth tellers. The people who cant handle the truth stood in front waiting for a glimpse of their cult leader, Maybe this will be the night he orders us to kill a member of the press! Hoo boy!

As the worst song ever written ends out bounds a lumbering monster. Moving like a giant glacier, the President claps like a seal, points at nobody, claps some more, lumbers around, points at more adoring cultists and then takes the mike. The noise is deafening.

And then it speaks. Kavanaugh, the groping, lying, drunk that was put on SCOTUS is cheered. Trump talks about the handsy motherfucker like he's Saint Brett. He calls the people who didnt want the nation to be sent backwards "paid protesters". He dismisses women who have been assaulted as irrelevant as the gender traitors in the arena cheer.

He mentions E15, a type of fuel that literally sucks corn out of the mouths of starving kids around the world and is nothing but a giant welfare program for Iowa farmers. The crowd cheers like you would if someone said they like broccoli. They dont want E15 talk, they want red meat. They want to boo, and perhaps kill a press member.

Trump senses the lull and immediately moves on to simply naming off the first names of Fox News propagandists. Sean? Yayyyy Laura how about that Laura huh? Yayyyyy Tucker, we love that Tucker yayyyyyyy Steve? Who? So he throws in Doocy cuz who the fuck knows who that bonehead is? Judge Jeanine? Yayyyyyyyy. Its pathetic.

He moves on to "Pocahontas" which draws loud booing from the misogynists that make up the bulk of this mob. Trump lies about Elixzabeth Warren gaining advantages by faking that she "has Indian blood". Well at least he didnt call them Injuns. More booing.

On to "DaNang Dick" where he draws more boos by lying about Senator Richard Blumenthal who did falsely claim to have been in Vietnam but never claimed to be a hero or at Da Nang. By the way, Trump spent the Vietnam years unsuccessfully avoiding STD's. I know this because its obvious untreated syphilis is eating his brain.

Trump claims he knows Senator Dianne Feinstein (BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) leaked the memo about Christine Ford. Well he's "99% sure" anyway. Chants of "Lock Her Up" start. The intensity grows cuz its a dame to boo.

The Molester in Chief then says to a right wing lynch mob that the "Dims" (HAHAHAHAHA) are a "left wing mob". More BOOOOOSSSSS.

Ya know we do need foreign workers to help on Iowa farms but they must come here legally. The inevitable "Build The Wall" chants begin. Nothing about rich Republican farmers hiring the foreigners illegally.

More Trump lies about how many jobs he's created and then he comments on how many Nebraskans are there even though he's in Iowa. The crazy idea of bridges and roads and a million Nebraskans right across the river baffles him. Then the "Go Big Red" chants begin. Go Big Red? The fucking team is 0-5 you stupid morons.

At this point I start to move towards the exit. This is a fucking shitstorm I no longer want to be a part of. I know what 1930s Germany must have been like. This roaring nasty crowd is as hateful a bunch as Ive ever seen and Ive been to Tool concert.

Trump lies some more. Then he brings onstage the Governor of Iowa. An appointed Gender Traitor named Kim Reynolds (Dipshit-Ia) who begins to screech at the top of her lungs. She even does a Howard Dean screech. Oh she's done now. She screamed that means she is done right? Guess not.

Trump praises Steve King the openly white nationalist bigot Iowans keep electing to Congress. He praises the hard boiled egg that runs Nebraska, refusing to bring him up onstage because he's "so far ahead he doesnt need to come up here".

Then I manage to get out. Another group of MAGA hat wearing stand outside watching a television, high fiving Trumpisms they like. A vendor asks me if I want a discounted hat, only $20. I dont answer. My soul has been crushed.

My faith in humanity is low anyway but its gone now. I wander over to the protesters and tell a couple what I just saw. Is there any hope? Fuck yeah one says, we have the numbers. Its happening 11/6. My spirits perk up. You're right man. We do have the numbers. Fuck Trump and those bird brained mob inside that falling down arena.

But I must say this. Its one thing to watch a Trump rally on TV. You can yell at the TV or laugh at the hand picked cult members behind him. But to be at one in person is exhausting. If you have an ounce of compassion, or empathy, or brains you see these screaming dimbulbs and realize the haters gonna hate hate hate. Theyve always been there, but in the past they only talked to each other in bars and VFW halls and in their backyards. Now they think they have the duty to get in your face and holler their insults and slurs. Its #sad.

Once they lived under rocks. Trump lifted the rock and out they came. My fear is how do we get them back where they belong? Back under the rock.