Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hello 911? A Nasty Woman Just Assaulted A Moron!

Donald Trump was outpointing his opponent last night as he had done in the previous two brawls, but then the inevitable happened. The real Donald Trump showed back up. And it happened because Donnie T is a sexist prick who is being beaten to a pulp by a broad.

Somewhere in the middle of the debate, after Trump had lasted far longer than in the previous two losses, it happened. Hillary Clinton threw out the bait. Donnie The Shark grabbed the hook because thats what Donnie does.

Hillary stated that The Donald, big talker that he is about building walls and calling an entire country of people "rapists" and murderers, had gone to Mexico and "choked". Oh boy, was that precious or what? Hillary dissed Trump's brains, his guts, and his manhood all in one word. And Donnie T lost it. His brain short circuited and the 1950's asshole that Trump is blasted forth. That dame had kicked him in his nuts and that cannot go unchallenged.

At that point three things defined Donald Trump as the child he is.

His inability to stop his admiration of strongman dictators like Putin and Assad came forth. Hillary baited him again. Calling him a "Puppet". Another slight at Trumps balls and his reaction was priceless. I know you are but what am I? The man is a fucking child.

His inability to concede. Though he pretty much conceded by cracking "good luck with that" at President Hillary, his unwillingness to state he will be gracious in his upcoming destruction was telling. The man is the proverbial child who loses and claims you cheated. You just want to slap him and send him to his golden room to listen to himself talk.

And finally. "What a nasty woman". Nasty as in she just fucking kicked your ass. Again. This bullying meathead has been sliced and diced by a woman so chill, she craps ice cubes. Donnie T is finished. He knows it. You know it. Hillary knows it. Everybody but the racists, sexists, and the chronically dumb know it.

So get that concession speech ready you fucking maniac. You have no idea what your brand is becoming to a vast majority of Americans. Your supporters would never stay at a Trump hotel, go to a Trump casino, or ride that escalator on your overpriced building.

Trump is toxic. Can you imagine running for office in two or four years? A picture of you with that joke of a man will destroy your chances.

So concede you goddamned lecherous creep. It's your only chance to redeem yourself.

And oh yeah. Nice choke job the last three debates!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

I Am No Longer Amused!

Was it here? Maybe it was here? Or here? No no it was here? Nah it was here?

There are so many moments in which I threw up my hands, went that's it, and blew Donald J Trump off as finished. But the monster created by a complicit media dying for ratings, a base of uneducated morons created 50 years ago, and a fear factor so great I'd rather eat hissing cockroaches than be around them continues to lumber forward and take down the entire country rather than just be a decent loser.

For months, no years, I've put up with this clown of a man, "firing" people on his fake reality show, bullying timid contestants who kept calling him "Mister Trump" as opposed to "Mister Asshole", letting him promote himself with failed runs at the presidency. Oh he's so cute, look at him. He's such an entertaining clown with that piss colored straw on his head and his blustery way of conducting himself.

But it was this week. This week. That I finally blew my stack at the fact, the fucking fact, that this joker is one step out of leader of the free world. And despite all his fuck ups and appalling behavior, 40% of this country still plans on voting for him and 15-20 states will actually give a majority of their votes to this horrible human being.

I am in awe. In awe of the stupidity of some who live here. The willingness of some to crawl out from under the rocks they reside under, and openly express their asshole-ness as "telling it like it is". Michelle Obama, a classy, decent and intelligent woman said it best when she said, "This is not how decent human beings behave". Right! It isnt how decent people behave.

This bunch of Trump supporters, and I know I sound like a broken record. have shaken me to my core also, FLOTUS. This gang of bigots and assholes and hateful creeps and misogynists and homophobes are now empowered by this horrible man. They are not going away. On November 9th, after this deplorable man has been thrown into the heap of loser history, they will still be here. Screaming and acting like bloviating monsters and threatening to shoot candidates, these nuts will still be hollering. And yes, most will crawl back under their rocks and seethe in silence with their talk radio and nutty websites, but many will not. It's those that scare me. That makes me fear for the life of Hillary Clinton.

The Secret Service had better be hiring, cuz if they think the racism of the last 8 years was bad, they aint seen nothing yet. Misogyny will be worse,and will be fully powered by self loathing women like these . You are your own worst enemies, ladies. Try to help a bit here.It'd be nice.

I have fucking had it. This is not funny to me any longer. I am sorry but I see humor in virtually everything. Much of it inappropriate perhaps, but if you dont laugh, you become one of these people. But this aint funny no more.

This horrible man, this angry ego maniacal crazy person has exposed a wound America doesnt need the rest of the world to see. The white supremacy ingrained in these Trump supporters is the problem. The almost genetic inability to walk in other people's shoes is the problem. The deep seeded denial of both of these is the problem. The deeply felt why dont all these people just act white is the problem.

Thanks, Donald J Trump, for taking us back 100 years into a past that was supposed to be shame inducing. But you, like your cult members, have no shame. Have no sense of decency. So I have had it with all of you.

It is not funny any longer, Jimmy Fallon. It is dead fucking serious.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

He Said What?

Well now that we know the line you cannot cross in politics is insulting white women, let us examine the lines you can cross and not suffer any consequences.

Look we know that Donnie T, the walking mouthy diarrhea virus, was never going to win this thing. His supporters are dumb, racist, sexist, homophobic paranoid and did I mention, dumb? It is a 40% ceiling that he has never crossed. And if he lasts thru November 8th, and thats not 100% guaranteed, it is going to be a crushing defeat that may cause the 70 year old creep to leap out of his golden Trump Tower.

How many times during the last year I have exclaimed to anybody close to me "How is this guy still around?"? The number is how ever many days it's been since Iowa crazy people doomed Ted Cruz to a life of cold calling to try and elect a braying jackass. So again, "how is this guy still around?" Just one one day white people temper tantrum away from the Presidency. That's how he is still around? And on November 8th, if non crazy voters figure oh well he's done and dont vote, this country turns into a wasteland of lies and blustering bullshit.

So if the line he finally crossed turns out to be insulting white women, so be it. The insulting Hispanics, blacks, the disabled, protesters, Hispanics, the disabled, Chinese, Germans, women, women women, women, Indians, journalists. his own voters, Hispanics Mark Cuban. women, Penn, Hispanics, and dogs line didnt seem enough to get his bigoted self hating supporters to say whoaaaaaaa and I have my doubts it means anything that he gets caught insulting white women either. But this clod has to be dealt with.

If we dont deal with this loud mouthed lout, more of him will surface. And next time, it may be a better spoken creep of a person who wants to jail gays, force women into uterine slavery, give a gun to every white guy out there, throw pot smokers into jail, make HIV positive humans subject themselves to electrical prods on their scrotums, or as it is known, gay conversion therapy, abolish the minimum wage, and suck the Koch brothers dicks that comes forward to dazzle the ignorant bigots.

And his name is Mike Pence.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

RIP Jose Fernandez!


Baseball is supposed to be fun. Jose Fernandez made it apparent. What a tragedy.

National One Hit Wonder Day!

Hey everybody, its National One Hit Wonder Day! Finally!

Who doesn't love one hit wonders? From your youth those songs that hit you over the head and then you never heard from the artist again. Love em.

Since I am really old and cant remember any music past 1999 or so, I have my own list of one hit wonders. A Top Ten so to speak. It is purely subjective of course. I'm not sticking Vanilla Ice or Bow Wow Wow or Haddaway or The Trammps on there because I think they should be. It's a list of songs I like. My own particular ear and brain like.

10) Rock and Roll Part 2 (1972)

Gary Glitter is a pervert. He's a pedophile and he's doing time I think. But he wrote this song. Hey!

9) Steal My Sunshine (1999)

Maybe it should be called Steal Andrea True's 1970's hit More More More but nonetheless Len, a brother sister act, made my ear happy with this one. If Dr.Evil parodies it, you win.'

8) Don't Leave Me This Way (1976)

I hate disco. Generally. But this one I have to admit. Thelma Houston. 1976. Hey it's no Sylvester, but its my #1 disco song.

7) 867-5309 (1981)

Tommy Tutone is the epitome' of a one hit wonder. Who didnt call this number in 1981, or give shit to a Jenny? And does that dude remind you of John McEnroe?

6) Take On Me (1985)

Known more for its innovative video perhaps. But who else doesnt try and hit that note? And it goes horrible wrong. Right? A Ha.......And by the way, he can still hit it. His name is Morten Harket in case anyone cares.

5) Electric Avenue (1983)

The dreads, the reggae. The accent. Hey, I hate reggae. I am not a fan of Bob Marley. But Eddy Grant is the bomb.

4) Cars (1979)

Disco is ending. New Wave is starting. My own personal introduction to new wave was this. And The Cars also. A what is THIS moment. Gary Numan. Hey, I wasnt that into Bowie yet.

3) 99 Luftballoons (1983)

Ah ja, Nena. 1983. Reagan. Nukes. And please, only the German version. Or if you insist.

2) Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye (1969)

Steam. Yep, a group called Steam made this song every sports fan sings at the end of a win, when a player fouls out, or just cuz you like the song.

1) Spirit in the Sky (1970)

Norman Greenbaum, a Jewish dude from Massachusetts, made this fuzzy guitar anthem back in 1969. John Lennon loved it for its simplicity. So do I.

There's others that might make the list depending on my mood, my ear, and my brain. But today, On National One Hit Wonder Day, this is the list.

And by the way, #1 will never change. Unless Norman Greenbaum comes up with another hit, that is. Or this becomes a hit.


Time for contemplation.

1) The Charlotte shooting has so many things unanswered even after the release of the video by Keith Scott's wife that have to be addressed. And now that the Charlotte police have released part of the video, ya know the part they want you to see, just what the hell? What I see is an officer blasting some guy who may or may not have had a gun, in an open carry state by the way, and then handcuffing him to keep him from whatever and telling everyone yeah I'm good. Well aint that great, you're good.

Charlotte police have already gotten to the trash the dead guy stage, thrusting out the black police chief to do it, by making absurd statements like this:

"When [my officers] see a weapon and they see the marijuana they say ‘uh oh, this is a threat to the public.”

Really? The "marijuana"? Why dont you show us a gigantic picture of all that "marijuana" that is such a threat to the public? Oh, they did? Marijuana exhibit D. Oh and an ankle holster? OK. So, an ankle holdter, legal thanks to the NRA whores running North Carolina, and a tiny little blunt, the scourge of North Carolina.

Say if Keith Scott had been white, gotten out of his truck swigging a bottle of Jack, had an ankle holster, and lets say even offered to show the cops his shiny new weapon, would he have died? Well of course not, because they never would have hassled him anyway. Remember, Keith Scott was not the target of this paramilitary force and its hell bent intent on arresting somebody. Had Scott been a white guy, none of this would have happened. In your heart you know this is true. And if your heart says different, enjoy voting for Trump.

2) Three Nebraska football players kneeled during last night's national anthem. It's reached Red America folks. But, if you are masochistic enough to read the comments from Red America at the bottom of the article from the Facebook Freaks, Red America aint happy.

A high five to Mohamad Barry, Michae Rose-Ivey, and DaiShon Neal for their display of bravery.

3) Gennifer Flowers to attend "debate" and be in Donald Trump's corner. For chrissakes, 1992 called and wants your worthless ass back. Really, Trump? THIS is what this has come to? Oh I know, Mark Cuban is such a threat to your lil feelings that something had to be done.

Mark Cuban truly came up from nothing with ideas and creativity and a desire to succeed. Cuban knows what a fraud Trump is. And it bugs Trump, a man who succeeded from Daddys money. much like most other Republican leeches like our Governor Voldemort Ricketts.

Gennifer Flowers is a right wing attention whore living off 25 year old stories that werent stories then, except to degenerates like Sean Hannity.But hey, if Trumpski wants to go there, let him go there. A serial adulterer like Trump calling out a wife of another a serial adulterer? The logic is pure Trumpian. In other words, there isnt any logic. And the Trump supporters go YAYYYY.

Christ, I may kneel during the entire debate. Or catch up on Peaky Blinders or finish up Aquarius.

4) The Ricketts family. Joe Ricketts is a right wing kook who shafted the taxpayers of Illinois into upgrading Wrigley Field so his Cubbies could play in a nice old ballpark with all the modern conveniences. Ya know, like giant big screens with advertisements. And brand new shiny bathrooms uh what? Yeah, communal troughs from 1914 cuz its so traditional. Standing there with 100 other dudes pissing into a trough. Oh the nostalgia.

Anyway, Ricketts, the "small government" racist prick that he is, has an interloper in his family. No not his own version or Eric Trump, our esteemed Pete Ricketts, but his daughter Laura. Laura, not an Ivanka, showed up up at Wrigley Field, sat in the prime behind home plate seats because she like owns the place, and wore a hat, blue, lets see now, is that a Cubs hat? Oh no, it has an H and an arrow on it. Wow, those playoffs where the Cubs blow it yet again should be interesting. Keep an eye out for Laura Ricketts.

5) Finally to my previous point about Keith Scott being dead because he's black. Period.

I bring you this from the white state of Oregon. A whole bunch of white guys carrying guns stood in front of the Oregon state capitol and burned an effigy of the Governor because she's a woman and obviously trying to take their guns away, but mostly because she's a woman.

Yes, carrying weapons into the state capitol, burning the Governor in effigy, and acting like a bunch of assholes. How many got shot?

Yep, you are correct. Zero.

Your honor, I rest my case.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Let Us All Kneel!

Ok lets do this yet again. Cops shoot unarmed black people. Nothing happens to them. Sean Hannity and the police unions then begin the defaming of the victim and clueless white folks are appalled. Not by the unjustified shooting of minorities but by the demonstrations and the inevitable looting by those pesky minorities. Remember how utterly appalled the whites were by that CVS burn down in Baltimore? For goodness sakes, where shall I get my prescription heroin?

Yet it goes on. Virtually every other day some guy gets whacked by a cop someplace in this nation, usually while doing something bad, yes, but on occasion doing nothing but sticking his hands in the air and trying to figure out why the 4 cops have their guns out, are forming a firing squad. and are going to execute him for the crime of being large,black, and having some chopper jockey high in the air hollering that he looks like a "bad dude".

The Indiana Fever, thats a WNBA team, yeah yeah I know because you havent heard of them, they are women, and they are women, that their protest is stupid. And the NFL players who kneel are slandering the military and pissing on the graves of men and women who died in the nations wars to protect the defense industry's profitsrights we all enjoy as Americans. And all those MLB players who kneel for the anthem, oh yeah, none of them do because baseball players are notoriously dumb.

Anyway, we shouldnt have to go thru this every fucking week trying to explain to suburban whites why this is happening. Maybe when Cody or Madison or little Trevor starts to get pulled over and exterminated by black cops who claim they were afraid, oh hell, thats never going to happen once Trump builds that wall.

Look we all know racism was non existent before 2009 when that foreign born socialist used Acorn to defraud America of a fair vote, but for chrissakes, walk in somebody else's shoes once in your bubble living life. This police behavior would not be tolerated if it were happening to white people. And some athletes, mostly college educated football and basketball players, have had enough. Shit, Ive had enough.

Now there are two types of voters who will determine our next President. There are these people and then there's the rest of us.

Unfortunately, the rest of us are not all that motivated. Yet. So to stop this bunch of deplorable whackjobs from making America white great again by electing a first rate con artist who has no intention of winning. we must get serious. Because if we don't, the reality show host will realize his greatest nightmare and we will get a moron like Mike Pence running the show.

Haha. I'm kidding. The grifter in charge isnt going to win. But for him to even get close is disastrous, and he is closer than I ever thought possible.

So fuck this guy. Seriously, put this asshole in his place. Let his fellow assholes have him. Stop saying you are going to vote for Aleppo Johnson or that creepy anti-vaxxer Doctor who draws every crazy person in town to her rallies in ballrooms and strip mall rent a rooms.

Just say you are voting for Hillary Clinton. Period.