Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Props & St Louis Count PD!

Come on St Louis County PD. If you're gonna make shit up do it right. Despite there being a million "journalists" in Ferguson and about 100 protesters and no video evidence of any "molotov cocktails" being heaved at the occupying force of Seal Team 6 wannabees, this is what you come up with a "proof"?. A POW of a Molotov cocktail being displayed like POW's were in Hanoi?

Hate to go all Jesse Ventura here but if that's real, I'll drink a bottle of that crap and light my insides on fire.

Once again, with all that lootin' and stealin' combined with all the welfare and unemployment benefits that put Ferguson into the 1% category, you'd think you could come up with a better prop.

A Molotov Cocktail in a Hennessy bottle or Red Kool Aid.


Monday, August 18, 2014


Back in 1970 whatever in a different life, in a different time, I used to play spin the tunes on the radio. On the Friday night midnight to 6 am shift you could pretty much do whatever you wanted because no station big shots were up and if they were they were asleep, drunk, high and in all probability had no interest in listening to their own shitty radio station no matter their condition.

I hated working that shift, not only because of the request line full of stoners and lonely chicks wanting to hear Pink Floyd or Zeppelin or this new group called KISS. My loathing of KISS cannot be defined by normal words, though I could get through a playing of Strutter without wanting to blow my brains out. I not only hated KISS and their hey look at us we suck but we blow shit up and dress like assholes act, I hated their fucking "music" and their army full of losers.

Gene Simmons is a prick. Everybody knows that, right? Gene Simmons wouldn't piss without figuring a way to make money out of it (shhhh dont tell him KISS PISS rhymes), He is a total douchebag in every way, shape or form. But as long as Nugent exists, he never truly will become the biggest asshole in rock. But oh how he's trying.

While promoting his latest exercise in making money he pimped himself out yet again by granting an interview to the highly sympathetic Wall Street Journal in which he defended Donald Sterling, called on immigrants to learn "goddamn English" and told depressed people "Fuck you then kill yourself" and aske people to be nice to him cuz he's rich.

Goddamn, Gene-O, I know you said this stupid shit before Robin Williams committed suicide but even you must feel like an asshole this time. Right?

Well after a cost analysis study I'm sure, Chaim Weitz, uhhhh, Gene Simmons said he was sorry. Sorry because he had just taken one step off the bridge to career suicide or sorry because he really means it?

You be the judge. In the meantime, Ted Nugent stays at #1 in the Rock Asshole Poll due to that pussy apology from Gene.

Hey Gene, Ted says "fuck you then kill yourself" for doing the right thing for once.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Cops In Mud!

This is what cops do. And though I am shocked it took the Barney Fifes in Ferguson, Missouri 6 days to do it, they did it.

What do cops do whenever they fuck up? They trash the victim. Trash trash trash. The motherfucker had it coming. See, he gave the finger to a camera. Whites never ever do that. Right? See, he flashed gang signs at another camera.Cuz we know white people never ever do that. See, he shoplifted a box of some shitty cigars called Swisher Sweets? See,he pushed around a little old guy. Fucking thug had it coming. We were just protecting you from a serial cigar thief.

6 days to come up with this? Yet STILL, not one word about the killer cop. Not one fucking word. No incident report. No autopsy report. Nothing except Michael Brown was a big scary punk.

Yep, piss in the well and then when it comes out your officer fucked up, or perhaps murdered someone, nobody cares cuz the dead guy was askin for it. The line has been drawn. Again. The thin blue line. Us against them. Whose side are you on, scared America?

This is a joke of a police department that charged a guy with destruction of property for bleeding on them after they beat the shit out of him and found out, ooops, wrong guy. Want to speculate on what color the guy asking for it was in that case?

They do it in Ferguson. They do it in Omaha. They do it where ever you live. It's as natural as a dog pissing on a tree. Cops lie. First reaction. Lie. There isn't a cop known to man who probably shouldn't be in prison for perjury. That's what these goofs do. Lie.

This must be bad, though. When you have a police ass kissing county prosecutor like Robert McCullough and you STILL have to trash dead people, what exactly did this cop do?

I'm an old white guy. These cops should be right in my wheelhouse. Kicking ass and getting shit from ungrateful citizens. I should be the model for the typical white asshole defending these guys.

Sorry. I think. And I know. I know what cops do to black people. I work with black people who have jobs and work their asses off and get nothing but shit from cops itching for a fight. I know what its like to be slammed against a police car because I'm young and in the 'hood. And I'm white.

So what happens now? Probably nothing. Trolls will troll the internets and post their racist bullshit. Michael Brown will still be dead and this cop will either be charged or not charged. It won't matter because cops have already done what cops do. They've trashed the victim. They've divided us up again.

The really sad part? It fucking works.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Keystone Kops!

Is this what we've become? Stop giving seized drug money to cops and give it back to education because toys are what the police spend all that money on. And like the war industry, goddamnit, we need to use some of this shit every now and then just so we can get the new stuff.

What did NWA say?

Get a grip, cuz sorry, the cops in this country are out of control. Full of money, power, arrogance and the undying support of frightened white people, the para military force that used to be your local constable is simply too big to fail.

Remember Boston? That police force shut down an entire city and rumbled tanks all around to capture one wounded kid hiding in a boat. Really? Tanks?

Look, DWI, possession of drugs, being a dick, or not kissing the nightstick of your local police office is not a death penalty offense. Yet it is becoming that, little by little. With the scared citizenry's support.

Ya wanna know the difference between whites and blacks?

Whites are appalled what happened in Ferguson,Missouri. Disgusted at what went down there. What the hell? All that looting and disrespect and whining done by those people down there.

Blacks are appalled at what happened in Ferguson,Missouri. Disgusted at what went down there. What the hell? A young unarmed black man was shot numerous times and killed while holding his hands up in the air in broad daylight.

You tell me what appalls you. The loss of property or the loss of life. How you answer that question tells me all I need to know about your character.


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bam! Crash! Pow!



Thursday, July 31, 2014

Jesse The Body Ventura!

I used to love Jesse "The Body" Ventura in the 1970's and 1980's when he was pretend wrestling in the old AWA. Strutting around in a boa, shades, paisley tights and a scruffy beard, Ventura, from Venice Beach California of course, always could holler better than he could "wrestle". But damn if he wasn't entertaining. A friend and I once saw Ventura wrestle at the old Omaha Civic Auditorium and get thoroughly whipped by another rassler named Big John Studd. Later, we pulled back the curtain backstage and there he was, Jesse, drinking Coors Light with Big John. Jesse pointed at us and gave us a thumbs up. Damn I loved Jesse.

Jesse Ventura, of course, is nuts. Batshit crazy. But damned if I don't still listen to everything he says like he was still threatening to break Baron Von Raschke in two. It's all bullshit. Always was, always will be.

Jesse Ventura won an 8-2 defamation of character lawsuit over the estate of the late Chris Kyle. Kyle, of course, is the American sniper who wrote a best selling book about whacking Iraqis, 160 or so, and claimed he once decked Jesse in a barfight where Jesse was disparaging the war or Bush or generally being Jesse. Jesse sued and won.

Now I have no idea what happened in that bar. Ventura says nothing happened. Kyle said he decked Jesse. Kyle is now dead, murdered by a kook he took to a gun range.

All I know about Chris Kyle is he believed the Iraqi War was some sort of crusade against "savages" and "animals" and had stated he wished he'd killed more than 160 humans "savages". He also had claimed he had killed two men trying to steal his truck someplace in Texas but the cops let him go. He claimed to have picked off "bad guys' in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Chris Kyle also claimed he punched Jesse Ventura in a bar and then ran away.

Jesse Ventura was full of shit in a profession that paid him to be full of shit. Tito Santana wasn't going to sue anybody for calling him a naughty name or for fake decking him.

Chris Kyle was in a profession that encourages "embellishment". His "story" of laying in wait and shooting people doesn't interest me in the least. I didn't read his book. I won't see Bradley Cooper further the myth. I have no interest in anything Chris Kyle did, or didn't do.

Jesus Christ, Chris, if you had to make something up about punching somebody, why Jesse Ventura? The man knows bullshit when he hears it cuz he gets paid to spew it forth.

I still love Jesse Ventura, even though he's won $1.8 million from a poor widow of an American hero and will probably take food out of Kyle's kids mouths too. Chrissakes, how can anybody live on $4.2 million the Kyle Kids still have?

Jesse The Body lies for a living and knows the rules. Chris Kyle didn't.

Case Closed.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Go Big Redneck!

To be fair to Texas that gigantic state full of maniacs, we here in Nebraska North Kansas have our own share of people with too much time on their hands and Christian hearts.

I feel sorry for that 8 year old kid standing there. Not only cuz that flag must be heavy, but the weight of being taught to hate others must give her a headache.

I hope she's up on her vaccinations cuz of all that zombie disease flowing across the border.

Hey kid, let me give ya some advice your stupid mother won't. Getting bubonic plague is far less dangerous to you and your small little town than standing along a heavily traveled fucking interstate waving a flag and being an asshole.