Friday, February 24, 2017

Fahrenheit 38%!!!

Today the enemy of the American people banned journalists from what was another bunch of lies from that woman pasty faced beady eyed badger of a press secretary, went and spoke to a band of angry white goobers waving Russian flags, and refused to admit the terrorist attack last weekend in Sweden was another one of his fucking lies.

The enemy of the American people today told CNN, the New York Times, the LA Times and Politico to stay away from the daily presser led by that soulless ginger portrayed accurately by a woman comedian late at night on Saturdays, prime tweeting time for fat bloated fascists lonely old fossils whose wives hate them and flinch at their touch.

To ban news organizations from the White House because you dont like the truth, or are so syphilitic that you dont know what the truth is any longer, is pure totalitarianism. This cannot be allowed and one day the dorks who worship this foul mouthed tawdry ignoramus will realize this and turn on him also. Already the bankrupt dope is at 38% approval after 24 days of smelling up the Oval Office with his polluted screeds. How much farther south can this dreadful worm sink?

This is dead serious. This indecent louse is making this nation a laughingstock and now he's banning news organizations because he doesnt care for what a total deceitful shitheel they truthfully say he is. Christ, the Deceiver in Chief is causing the tourism industry to take a hit because people from countries that have real leaders dont want to come here and put up with a 70 year old rug rat and his poopy pantsed cultists.

The rest of the world is laughing as the greatest power in the history of the world implodes from within because of band of clodhoppers threw a temper tantrum and elected a perverse lunatic to the highest office in the land. The greatest power in the history of the world needs help. For some reason, a bigot with bats in his belfry who got 3 million less votes than his opponent won. Explain that to the rest of the world.

Maybe next election, and we have one here in May, the rest of the world can send observers to keep the shenanigans to a minimum. In fact, a band of third graders have the math skills to tell you 65 is more than 62. Spare me your electoral college bullshit since that founding fathers check on a rube like tantrum electing a Russian controlled fruitbat has failed miserably.

Its Panic Button Time.

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