Thursday, February 9, 2017

Wartime Consigliore'!!!

The United States Senate continued its conspiracy to destroy government and civil rights and the middle class last night by confirming the Conflict of Interest in Chief's latest incompetent moron with a name so utterly stereotypical it brings visions of 1863 to mind. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions the Third, boy, is now the Attorney General of these United States. Congrats not only to the Russians for their victory in the Cold War but additional congrats are now due to the Confederacy. You boys finally did it. Hot damn!

Sessions was confirmed by a 52-48 vote in the Senate, including Democratic West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin who shamelessly french kissed his white constituency with the vote. Now West Virginia, full of coal miners and heroin addicts all because of Obama, is not the kind of state that elects Democrats and Manchin is well aware of this. But voting FOR Jeff Sessions is quite the conflict of interest for Joe Manchin. Now I realize conflict of interest doesnt seem to matter to a certain segment of white America any longer, but Manchin has a daughter, Heather Bresch, who is CEO of Mylan, a pharmaceutical giant who decided jacking the price of EpiPens by about 400% in the last 10 years. So if you have a life threatening allergic reaction, it'll cost ya $600 or more to stay alive. The Senate, last year anyway, decided to look into this price gouge increase. But now, with Sessions in charge,boy, get ready to absorb the EpiPen needle stick right in your bank account while Manchin and Heather cackle in the background.

Sessions is now the consigliore government's lawyer. But in reality he is about to serve as Trump's personal attack dog lawyer. The fucking FBI is probably already gearing up to relive the Hoover years, the good old days when they could harass the shit out of whoever opposed the regime and look away to the untold number of murders of black people by local cops. Sessions is basically Tom Hagen to Trump's Michael Corleone, exacting his wacky deals and enforcing his unconstitutional EO's.

Hey legal pot smokers. Wake up for a second. Start stocking up because under Grand Wizard Attorney General Sessions your stupid legal weed is in danger. Who gives a shit what you local voters think? Jefferson B the Third doesn't like you. He thinks the Klan was ruined by pot smokers like you. Good people dont smoke marijuana. Absolutely ruined the good ole boys of the Klan. So asset forfeiture is back in play. Federal enforcement of anti-weed federal laws is back in play. Sessions is a real buzz kill.

Sessions doesn't much like immigrants either unless you are from one of the European countries as long as its not south of France . He is openly hostile to not only Muslim immigrants but also those immigrants from the Caribbean and Africa. So the days of America First have just begun.

LGBTQ folks have especially fond memories of Sessions with more to come. Jeff once said that gay marriage, a basic civil right to anyone not brainwashed by con job Jesus shit, was an “effort to secularize, by force and intimidation.” Intimidation? Only perhaps to the deep closeted parts of his sick mind. Sessions is such a homophobe that he once tried to stop an LBGTQ informational conference from meeting on the University of Alabama campus. Shot down numerous times by University administrators and the courts, Sessions, the Attorney General of Alabama at the time, cited outdated sodomy laws in an attempt to stop those icky gays from meeting and holding orgies right there at the sacred football stadium. Gear up the lawyers folks cuz you have no friend in this 1861 mindset.

DeVos was bad enough. Her job is to destroy the public school system so federal money can go to Jesus. But Sessions' job is to suck Trumps ass. Whatever the vengeful creep in chief wants, Sessions will now justify. And that is the real dangerous cabinet member. Jeff Sessions is a bigoted blowhard raised as a son of the Confederacy. We already crushed those Stars and Bars waving dimbulbs numerous times. Now the Confederacy has one of its own "enforcing" the law.

Just superb. Wait for the anti-misegeny laws to make a comeback. Wait for the anti-sodomy laws to make a comeback. Wait for the conflict of interest laws to be gutted. The shining light on the hill is nothing more than a cross burning, boy.

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