Monday, February 13, 2017

Donnie And Justin!

For once a foreign leader didnt accept that power boy handshake from President Agent Orange. Justin Trudeau, Canada's pretty boy prime minister, hopped out of his limo and took Trump's hand and shoved it right back at him. And for that, we are all Canadian today, eh?

The whole weekend of this Trump disaster is becoming a weekly deal. This incompetent nitwit has only been in office for 23 days yet it seems like its been 23 years. While openly talking about a North Korean challenge on Saturday night in public so that waiters and busboys now know about what happened than the freakin Joint Chiefs, to realizing his actual priorities and crashing a wedding of the daughters of one of his donors after he learns of the North Korean missile. Migawd he's making this so easy for his Russian masters. And right in front of his cultish supporters.

Trump left his compound in Florida, the often pimped Mar-a-Lago, and tweeted about all the supporters lining the streets to bid him a fond farewell, at least until next weekend.Does this mean El Presidente has stopped the Dakota Pipeline, because thats the only way all those "supporters" were actually "supporters". The man's delusion has no line.

The press conference with Justin Trudeau today was also a koke. Trump called on two people. A local reporter from DC just dying to get to Fox News and some dumb bunny from the Daily Caller. The questions were softballs and Trump gave his normal I won I'm great I won huge I'm kicking out criminals I'm getting praised answers. Trudeau spoke French and as far as I know he called Trump a smelly skunk but the difference between these two leaders is stark. One is a charismatic young man with a world vision and compassion and the other is a bloated tiny mouthed bully who lost to a woman by 3 million votes.

Speaking of three million votes. Trump has sent his flunkies out to continue this charade of himself winning by huge margins if you leave out the illegal voting. The new strategy is to send his creepy SS looking aide Stephen Miller out to holler voter fraud being well documented in New Hampshire where they apparently bus in thousands of Massachusetts voters to vote for the Democrat. Uhh of course this is absurd and no evidence exists about this lie because its a fucking lie. But Miller and his propaganda hero, Heinrich Himmler, both know of the Big Lie. Trump himself believes if you tell a lie 3 times it becomes fact to a certain segment of cretins low information voters. But all that bullshit about voter fraud means nothing compared to that Nazi creep Trump aide's statement about immigration. Herr Miller actually stated, out loud, the following:

"The powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned."

Well how Sieg Heilee of you, Steve. Stephen Miller is a rat faced little goosestepping white supremacist endorsed by Nazi punchee Richard Spencer and by KKK enthusiast David Duke. To listen to this jackoff yesterday was to become enraged all over again. Man talk about punchable faces.

Keep it up. The days of this administration are numbered. The Russians are in the situation room for chrissakes. The National Security Advisor is compromised by his Russian handlers. There are spies being arrested in Russia days after this band of Cossacks took power. Yet, to truly awful rats like Mitch McConnell and dead eyed soulless hypocrites like Paul Ryan, this traitorous administration is simply a tool to be used in a crusade to destroy government and impoverish 99% of us. Once that is accomplished, THEN, they will turn to Pence and his creepy closet case views.

This is going to be a long ride, eh?

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