Monday, February 6, 2017

Not A Super Bore!

If you think that entire halftime show was apolitical you werent paying attention. And for that I thank Lady GaGa for her subtleness and the right for not being the brightest bulbs on the dying tree of liberty.

Lady GaGa is not this old hippie's cup of tea, after all I remember the good old days of Bowie and The New York Dolls, but for chrissakes that woman is one talented intelligent performer. Starting at the top of the stadium and singing a snippet of God Bless America and thus bringing in the right, she shifted to the inclusive This Land Is Your Land (written by a socialist in response to God Bless America)before reciting the under Gawd section of the Pledge of Allegiance (also written by a socialist without that Red Scare Gawd part) and bringing back the right (except for Laura Ingraham who is apparently deaf) GaGa then jumped into the stadium and began her kick ass show. If you dont think that the all inclusive tunes that GaGa belted out were not a gigantic fuck you to the narrow minded, you werent listening. So for that I bow before my new favorite performer of music I dont particularly like. But I'll tell you, if she ever comes this way, I am so there because a GaGa show is pure entertainment and if you listen to something besides the good beat, you may learn something about inclusion. Bravo, Stephanie!

I dont really give a rat's ass about the NFL since the Chicago Bears are usually eliminated from contention by week 4 and Jay Cutler so takes the joy of watching football out of me faster than seeing a Roger Goodall interview on concussions. But jumping on an Atlanta Falcons bandwagon because Tom Brady, Bill Belicheck and Robert Kraft have hobnobbed with the despicable Donald Trumpski is not an option. Like the owners of the Falcons, a multi million dollar money machine, arent Trumpski fans. I really dont think of the Super Bowl as political but as long as everything has become that why not go with it. Massachusetts went Hillary. Georgia went Trumpski. So fuck you Atlanta and I'm glad you choked away that win.

Donald Trumpski equating his murdering Russian puppetmasters with the United States is truly frightening. The fact that Trumpski refuses to say a goddamned negative thing about Putin, Russia or white nationalists shows everyone what Trump and his Nazi followers really would like. There is no doubt in my mind that if given the go, Trumpski would have CNN reporters jailed and/or worse. Trumpski, in his sick twisted mentally ill mind, is truly a fascist who believes that opposition is the enemy and anyone who supports him, even if a murderous regime across the world, is his friend. This is what "economic anxiety" and plain old bigotry wroughts. A would be dictator increasingly isolated and becoming more influenced by bad actors daily. We are truly in a dangerous time.

The demonstrations popping up weekly to resist this crazy man's agenda is encouraging. The energy of thousands and thousands of people not willing to take the descent into fascism lightly makes me very happy sitting here doing nothing. The busted leg has kept me off the field and is killing me. Demonstrations against Betsy DeVos popped up here across the street from gutless Senator Deb Fischer's (Republican Clone-Ne) office. The Muslim ban is causing normally intent Americans to realize what this country stands for. Not fear and hatred but love and bravery. While a glob of fearful shit like Trump pushes fear, the rest of us push an inclusiveness that will inevitably win. Go ahead Trumpski, sign all the Executive Orders pushing people around you want, you aint gonna win you fucking miscreant. The genie is out of the bottle you tinhorn dictator wannabe. The Muslims arent going to shut up, the gays arent going back into the closet, the decent Americans who have a room temp IQ and a sense of fairness will fight you every step of the way. You're a footnote in history, Trumpski.

Oh yes, one last thing. This Land Is Your Land, the song. It should be the national anthem as far as I am concerned. Written by Woody Guthrie, perhaps the greatest folk artist ever, in 1940, it was a reaction to Guthrie's annoyance with hearing Kate Smith belt out God Bless America on the radio ad nauseum. Kind of like my annoyance with hearing that fucking Lee Greenwood song ever. But Woody Guthrie and his guitar, which featured the words "This Machine Kills Fascists" written on it, performed this song proudly. Two verses left out of the recordings are particularly telling and appropriate to that time and to this time. The verse that I have never heard goes as follows:

There was a big high wall there that tried to stop me.
The sign was painted, said ‘Private Property.’
But on the backside, it didn’t say nothing.
This land was made for you and me.

Wow. Bravo, Woody!

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