Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Is This 1973?

Even the ghost of Tricky Dick Nixon is spinnin in it's crypt with the last 5 days of this putrid administration's first 10 days? 10 fucking days?

Back in '73 when Nixon was wiping his ass with the constitution there was something called checks and balances,kids. Checks and balances means that if a guy acts like fucking emperor and starts to act crazy wandering the halls talking to portraits and deciding his enemy was not Russia but Dan Rather then the responsible adults can take action and tell the emperor wannabe to go rest someplace and we got this.

But this aint '73 any longer, kiddies. It's 2016 and the people who were uninterested kids back then are now crusty old fucks with a sense of white entitlement that are afraid of their own shadow. They also tend to elect lying miscreants who convince them their oxy addiction is due to sharia law and and there's a black guy in the White House. Thus, checks and balances does not exist any longer. Because party wins out over country in this day and age, a madman puppetmaster can manipulate a lazy dope to sign whatever he puts in front of him with his EKG signature. The party over country weasels will then go along and do nothing except clink bourbon glasses and say bottoms up.

Nixon was done in by responsible adults who were adult enough to realize this man was out of control and had to be replaced. The responsible adults are few and far between in the entertainment age we live in. And thus, a speed freak wanders the halls of the White House, watches cable TV looking for perceived slights, and signs papers written by white nationalists he hasn't read and shows them off with hand picked sycophants staring into space in the background. Responsible adults would already have concluded that the worlds oldest democracy is in bigley trouble because the dummies in three states had a whole lot of economic anxiety about their 19th century job and the fact a black guy was POTUS and voted for a vulgar talking cutie. Responsible adults would have stopped this long ago. But they did not and apparently have no intention of righting the capsizing ship before they accomplish their goal of impoverishing 99% of America and making the peasants grateful for anything they throw to the ground. But ABORTION!! GUNS!!! SOCIALISM!! TERRORISTS!!! BROWNS AND BLACKS!!! SQUIRREL!!!

Last night was so reminiscent of Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre it made me long for the days of Mott The Hoople and American Motors. Generalissimo Donaldo De Trumpo dismissed American hero and acting Attorney General Sally Yates for saying she would not enforce the Muslim ban that terrified so many children that Trump needs to be locked up for child abuse. Yates, much like Elliott Richardson before her, decided the law and the constitution was more important than a white supremacists bid to keep America white and defied Trump the talking tanning bed. So Trump accused Yates of "betrayal", a particularly galling term coming from a walking talking deadbeat like Trump, and fired her, replacing her with yet another white male bootlicker with a name I dont care about. Yates is one of the responsible adults and of course this being a fireable offense to a man child she is gone. Hey, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions the Third, she just did what you asked her before you approved her you fucking Klansman. Trump then proceeded to fire the ICE head as long as he was canning people, what the hell? The motherfucker was just jonesin for the Celebrity Apprentice.

Look the Muslim ban was as bad of a Presidential order since 1942 and totally against everything this country stands for, but in pandering to the ignorant fraidy cats who make up Trump's base, this talking pile of hair is every bit as bad in other areas too. This glob of melting orange is such a tool of self described Leninists and white supremacists and oligarchs and plutocrats and regular old Scrooges that the country hangs in the balance more so than at anytime in 150 years. Remember, back in '73 there was Howard Baker and Sam Ervin and Lowell Weicker and other responsible adults ready to end that reign of criminality. Nowadays we have widow peaked empty eyed liars like Paul Ryan and slow witted jelly fish like Mitch McConnell running the show who are enriching themselves while making sure their clueless base remains in the dark in regards to the real agenda. ABORTION!! GUNS!!! BLACKS AND BROWNS!! TERRORISTS!!

The only hope is that the consciences of people like Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski and John McCain and Lindsay Graham and Rand Paul and Ben Sasse and Orrin Hatch and Lamar Alexander take back over and realize the errors of their ways. I am not holding my breath here and fully expect a second Battle of Gettysburg in the near future, but one can hope. Look, sane America, we did it before, we can do it again. #Resist #Impeach #Indict.

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