Friday, January 27, 2017

The End Of The World As I Know It And It Doesn't Feel Fine!

When you get laid up with a busted leg you have way too much time on your idle hands. Proof follows.

The March For Life 2017 is going on in DC as I type away. This annual march draws an endless supply of wide eyed Catholic school kids getting extra credit and trying to get laid, old white men with their old white women, religious fanatics taking time off from their bondage dungeons to show the neighbors how pro lifey they are, and rock ribbed right wing misogynists. All in all, it draws at least 8 billion people per year. And today, the highest ranking government official ever came out of hiding to talk to these fantasy land dwellers. Mike Pence, 46th POTUS to be, gladly got up and yammered on about how much he likes little embryos. Pence loves them so much while governing Indiana into the abyss, wanted a funeral for each and every dead embryo, whether ended by abortion or by Gawd's abortion clinic, Miss Carriages Abortion Land. Listening to Pence has proven to be dangerous in the past since he thinks cancer is not a side effect of smoking. Shit, the only thing Mike Pence has going for him is he's not an pontificating orange glob of placenta. He's a silent pasty glob of placenta. I watched for a bit and then heard a woman claim that Orange Mussolini brings "Godliness" back to the White House. Bye Felicia.

Emmitt Till's actual killers are long gone and rotting in the earth but the one who lit the match is still rotting above the earth. You remember way back in 1955 that Emmitt Till, a 14 year old black kid from Chicago, was for some reason visiting the Mississippi shithole town of Sumner. He was accused by 21 year old Carolyn Bryant, a white mother, of whistling at her. So Carolyn's hubbie and some other redneck did what was mandatory in 1955 Mississippi. They abducted the kid, beat him, shot him, beat him some more, tied him to a cotton gin (invented by a black man you fucking idiots) and threw his body into the river. When he was fished out, horribly disfigured, and taken back to Chicago for a funeral, something I'm sure Pence and those phonies marching around today wouldn't think necessary for an actual human, his mother insisted on an open casket to show the world what racism and bigotry had done to her son. The two white killers were of course acquitted in an hour by the all white male jury and Carolyn Bryant lived on. It seems now at age 82, perhaps on her last legs, she is expressing regret. Well lah dee fucking dah, Carolyn. Have a nice trip. Your empty soul will not live on.

American Intelligence Agencies have determined that Russian hacking was in fact done during the Great Election of 2016. How they determined this doesnt take a fucking genius. It's called espionage. Now why a mental case like Trump doesn't buy it and thinks some 400 lb guy in Mom's basement may have done it is beyond comprehension but nonetheless, again, American Intelligence says yes. It happened. Trump, America's version of Putin's mistress, still refuses to admit it. Why? Hmmm. Yesterday 4 Russian intelligence officers were taken into custody and charged with treason. The question and perhaps the most important question of this young century is this. Who gave them up? I am not pointing fingers, comrade, but as Trump is reportedly getting ready to lift sanctions on Russia for some reason, and these guys got nailed less than a week into this putrid administration's reign of terror, I have to ask. Did Trump use the unsecured phone or not? If this doesnt bigley concern you, you are either stupid or beyond hope. This is fucking frightening.

3 to 5 million illegal votes is ridiculous and insane. Saying you predicted Brexit when its on tape of you saying you didnt even know what it was is insane. Claiming you had the biggest crowd at an inaugural ever when the photographic evidence proves it not only wrong but laughably wrong is insane. Walking around the White House like a modern day Howard Hughes muttering to yourself and becoming enraged at perceived slights on TV is insane. Signing executive orders like they are I agree Apple conditions, after condemning his predecessor for signing the same, is insane. Bringing a gaggle of paid goons to every speech to applaud and then claiming you hit a home run is insane. Even talking to a bootlicking lunkhead like Sean Hannity is insane. Lying virtually everytime you speak out loud yet being able to pass a lie detector test is insane. Having an entire government hate you so much they set up rogue Twitter accounts to counter your bullshit and censorship is insane. The whole world hates your guts,Little Donnie. Please get help, before you kill us all.

And oh yeah, Steve Bannon is a fucking white supremacist, remember?? When will this nightmare end?

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