Thursday, January 26, 2017

Nebraska Has Set A Trend!

That hunk of Ronald Reagan loving manure is State Senator Bill Kintner of Nebraska's 2nd District which consists of a bunch of double dipping military retirees and dying hick towns on the wind swept Plains. Kintner, a crude vulgar human being with a penchant for leaving the state with his state issued laptop and jacking off online with chicks from Africa, resigned from our own house of hissing possums called the Unicameral.

You see because we are such a progressive state, we did away with the two house system of government way back in the commie 1930's and went with a 49 person Senate only. This crazy move was inspired by one George Norris, The Fighting Liberal. Whoa wait a minute here. Fighting Liberal, from Nebraska? Yeah we used to have those here way back when people were not brainwashed into voting against their own interests. But even Norris was eventually run out of town because he switched parties to Demoncrat during the FDR years and that, is against all that is holy out west on the windswept Plains. Nah actually they switched to a one house lege because the people here are notoriously cheap. Period.

Kintner, a Republican in case it wasnt already obvious, has been a loudmouthed lunkhead his entire time down in Lincoln. He regularly sends out crude texts, calls his fellow legislators "monkeys" though I think he had only one in mind when he did that. Kintner also has said God himself put him in a State Senate seat here in Nebraska, the most populous state in the world and what the whole world looks to for advice. Even that made the invisible guy in the sky crack a few thunder booms.
He has demanded that any immigrant who is Muslim be forced to eat pork before admittance. He has posted gruesome beheading videos on his Facebook page, He has called refugees "insects". He has used the term "wetback" numerous times while bloviating on the floor of the Unicameral. Hey what'd I say? He has sponsored anti-LGBT legislation and then told anyone objecting to leave the state if they dont like it. Yeah get out ya pansies, only room here for us cyber beater offers and then only to chicks. And only hot ones!

Kintner, already almost expelled last summer for that cyber sex encounter in which he was so fucking stupid as to allow himself to be taped whacking his god loving weenie (ugh show me a beheading video before that please) with a young con artist from the Ivory Coast. She then blackmailed him (duh) by threatening to show everybody Big Bill playing with Little Bill. Bill is married to a woman with cancer which only gives him someone else to divert attention to when he's caught. Hey she has cancer how dare you say something bad about me. Kintner survived that last straw because the Republicans were already dealing with another vulgar creep named Little Donnie Whinypants.

Guys like Trump Kintner never learn because their piggishness is in their DNA. They cant help being who they are, Fueled by a religious based delusion of male superiority, a kind of need to show themselves what they perceive as a real man, a disdain for their fellow human beings especially the ones who are not white males, and a sickness that requires therapy or a lobotomy. Kintner finally resigned yesterday, quoting the Bible, Dick Nixon, lashing out at liberals and Ernie Chambers (he's black thus not chosen by Gawd to be Nebraska State Senator).

Oh wait! Why did God's own Bill Kintner finally resign? Well because after all those Vagina-Americans and their pussy boys marched all over last Saturday protesting a misogynistic liar being sworn in as leader of the free world. Billy Kintner, funny man that he is, retweeted an Uncle Larry Elder tweet implying three women in a photo werent hot enough to be sexually assaulted. Get it? Hilarious! Sexual Assault is so fucking funny cuz get it, like those three women were like old and overweight and hahahahahahahaha who'd sexually assault them?

Bill Kintner, like 99% of conservatives, are not funny and dont recognize funny. They punch down, not up. They are not able to make fun of themselves. They are not funny. Just watch this if you disagree. The alternative fact here is that was funny. Or that any other conservative is funny. Jesus its just painful to watch them flail like a dying fish trying to amuse others.

But Kintner is gone. He resigned only because it was going to be a virtually unanimous vote to expel him. Not that it will make any difference as far as the groups Kintner insulted are concerened. Our Governor, a trust fund baby, will simply appoint another neanderthal willing to fuck up a state for 20 grand a year. So it only matters on a local level,

Hey America! We here in the windswept plains got rid of a talking blob of mucus and replaced him with a silent blob of mucus. You can too!

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