Sunday, January 8, 2017

Stop Them!

Getting so close to the end. The conservative hard on is raging. The 19th century mindset is arrogant, confident and fully set on installing a political structure which will kill the middle class, the poor and enrich themselves for the remaining time they have left. A unity of money grubbing Republicans without a moral bone in their body and the kooks who think Jesus is coming and wish to help it along. The crusade of greed and delusion is starting already even before the Fraud Elect has even begun his reign of error. Chrissakes, the disrespect for the current black President can never be matched. When another fraud named Rick Scott (Medicare Crook-Fl) ONLY speaks with a Clown Elect about yet another mass murder committed by a madman with a gun and ignores the guy still in office it is very clear that the disrespect and outright racism will never stop.

What is going on?

Well we know the House Republicans, led by a widow peaked Bro with a disdain for everyone but himself, attempted to do away with the Ethics office cuz they were so concerned the non partisan office was catching too many of them scamming the system. Whether molesting pages or taking bribes or torching the family values they all say they believe in, the Ethics office was picking on these creeps too much. So instead of reining in the behavior, why not just get rid of it? But the Bro of the House didnt count on a fact they ignore. That Creep Elect got 3 million less votes then the email Queen and they let them know. Ethics is not something to be fired. So fuck you you beady eyed Bro. Error #1

The Russians hacked the DNC because they asked for it. This is the strategy invoked by the Russian Puppet Elect. Their defenses were not good. So apparently if you leave your car unlocked and it gets stolen its not a crime. This is the Operative Elect's morality? Not only that but after he finally fucking went to an intelligence briefing and was informed the Russians hacked the election and it wasnt some 400 pounder in a basement the Liar Elect went out and began blabbing that the hacking didnt affect the election. You can read the report online that the investigation did not include anything about whether the election was affected but that is what the Narcissist Elect got out of it thus proving the fact this man is going to kill us all at some point because he hears only what he wants to hear. How can a man be told one thing and hear the exact opposite? Because the Manchurian Candidate Elect is a sick man. What other conclusion can one make?

The Delusional Wing of the Politburo is intent on bringing on a myth called the rapture. By cutting embassy security by 50% the kooky wings of the Republican Party is going to bring it on baby. Unless of course the Israeli embassy is moved to Jerusalem and the wet dream of fairy tale believers is fulfilled. Hey guys, Benghazi? You seemed to really flail about and cry over that clusterfuck for the last 4 years, wasting money and finding nothing. But now, cut security by 50%? You guys belong in a rubber room.

Repeal and replace Obamacare. Now we know that all the economically anxious white people who voted for the Cult Leader Elect all hate Obamacare but love the Affordable Care Act right? Just ask them. It has the word "Obama" in it so it must be all black oriented and shit. Our own Senator, a welfare rancher named Deb Fischer (Self Loathing Female-Ne) somehow made repealing people's health care option and leaving them uninsured and vulnerable to bankruptcy a plus. She's fighting for YOU, just remember . For YOU. By taking your option away. For YOU. Considering the brainwashing done here in RedStateistan she will win re election with 75-80%. For YOU! My sense of Schadenfreude is intact enough to admit a part of me wants to see the result of coal miners losing their Black Lung benefits. You voted for it. Congrats on your own self rat fucking. Now get back down there and make the 1% even richer.

Defund Planned Parenthood. The misogyny of this band of cult leaders is beyond pale. Led by old white men and post menopausal self loathing bitter old white women, this goal has been incessant for years. Planned Parenthood is in direct contrast to God's will. When in actuality ist really just about old men and old women are just pissed that somebody somewhere is having more fun than they ever thought of having. It really is nothing more than a hatred of youth, a jealousy of youth. These women haters really are still angry at the young chick who rejected them back in 1963 or 1973 or whatever. It's a sick sick desire to stop any young woman from being anything but as miserable as they are. These people are fucking sick. So are their cult members.

This nightmare gets closer to reality each day. This band of self centered maniacs is out of control. They CAN be stopped. IF the Democrats, you know thew people who got wayyyyyyyyy more votes than these cheating creeps, can grow a pair and fight.

It also is possible that those of us who voted the winning way stop for a second and make 30 second phone calls to these assholes. They dont actually ever answer the phones, they are cowards, but they do hear you concerns. Leave a message. Tell them you know what they are up to. Tell them you are watching them. Only if they think you dont care do they get away with their nefarious plan.

Someone once told me to Give Him A Chance. Fuck you. I do NOT accept any of this. Ever! You should not either.

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