Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Fracture! Leg And Country!

I have not quit or been shipped to a Trump re-education camp just yet. Unfortunately the Sunday before the country went and inaugurated a goddamned mentally ill mental midget I threw myself down the stairs and broke my leg to get out of laundry duty. The fucking things hurts, its got a 15 lb cast weighing my leg and hip down to the point I want an amputation, but it hasn't kept me from watching this shit storm evolving before our eyes.

How bad can this get? You have a President of the United States so delusional and sick in his empty head that he one ups himself on his lies daily. If he truly believes that 5 million voters illegally voted in this past election, none for him, and believes he has evidence supporting it, the man belongs in a straitjacket before he hurts himself in addition to untold billions of people.

Donald Trump is the poster boy for narcissistic personality disorder. He also qualifies for the textbook definition of cult leader. Now we know his cult members are basically motivated by race, gender, and a repressed sexuality so deep in the closet it cant be found among the cobwebs and atrophy of the brain. But it's the leeches, the vultures, the sycophants, the opportunists who see Little Donnie Whinypants as a vessel to turn America into The Road.

So back to taking care of my busted leg. Christ I couldnt even march with the women last Saturday and get into a verbal brawl with a bunch of repressed frat boys(Damn look at those douchebags). So I feel worthless, helpless and afraid. And that has nothing to do with my broken body. RESIST!!!!

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