Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Taking A Trump!!

After last night's eloquent moving speech from President Obama sank in and you realized that America is finished because a vulgar buffoon is assuming power, perhaps you said to yourself, self, it cant be that bad? Then came today when a crass, orange cult leader held his first press conference since he asked his Russian masters to hack the DNC. And as crazy as it may seem, Il Douche was worse than ever.

Pointing and gesturing and speaking at his normal 5th grade level, remember he loves the poorly educated, this talking pumpkin lived down to his incoherent image by speaking directly to the his core constituency. The poorly educated.

Playing the poor victim card as usual, this waddling narcissistic personalty disorder poster boy began this morning on the Twitter machine by bashing the intelligence community and asking if we lived in Nazi Germany? Well no, but we are one hell of a lot closer to it than before you decided to play this sick fucking joke on the rest of us.

Trump strutted to the podium to start the tragedy that will become American history by bashing fake news, ya know like Breitbart. Fake news, which can be argued elected this yammering troll, is a cancer on an American society dumb enough to believe it. And Buzz Feed is part of it. Buzz Feed is the website that published the "fake news" that Little Donnie T loves him Russian hookers and golden showers. Excuse me while I compose myself, I am so outraged somebody would say that about the President Elect. How dare they push forward nonsensical garbage like Trump's team met with their Russian handlers in Prague as late as August 2016. Why my goodness, Trump lawyer Michael Cohen proved that false by showing us all a picture of his unopened passport and stating "Ive never been to Prague". How dare BuzzFeed do that? Get back to the Which Trump Cabinet Member Are You? By the way I am 100% Ben Carson. I am sleepy AND clueless.

Then the Inane Elect bragged about the inauguration. How the "movement" is the biggest thing ever. Yeah big movement. Like the day 62 million disturbed human beings, 3 million less than us normals, took a big dump on the country and wiped their ass with the flag. Big movement indeed.

The Moron Elect moved on to almost admit it was Russia that hacked the election process. But backed off when his earpiece voice told him to back off and blamed everybody else too. Oh we all do it. Whats the big deal? Then the Dope Elect blamed the DNC for its lousy security and pretty much asked for it. No, Dummy Elect, YOU asked for it back in June. Remember? And by the way, Brain Dead Elect, The RNC was hacked. You are going to find that out when your handlers remind you of it.

The Gullible Elect then asked a simple question. Do you really think Hillary would be tougher on Putin than me? Uhhhhhhh, yes you Dumbfuck Elect, thats why the Russians wanted you to win and did everything in their power to help you. Remember that Prague meeting? Oh sorry.

The Bribe Taker Elect then bragged how Dubai offered him a $2 billion dollar bribe deal this weekend and he had the moral scruples to say no. Hey BuzzFeed, get on this one will ya?

The Tax Cheat Elect than allowed some sleazy lawyer to yack legal mumbo jumbo about why he has no conflicts of interest and how the framers of the Constitution had no idea about the 21st century and how a sleazy orange witless lunkhead would win the Presidency and be so successful at business that the entire economy would collapse if his bankruptcy loving business went into a not at all blind trust.

And then The Brownshirt Elect strutted back up to the podium and began throwing the Nazi card around and call BuzzFeed a "failing pile of garbage" which is about the only thing this talking tangerine has ever said that is remotely true. Bash CNN a bit and then it happened.

CNN reporter Jim Acosta attempted to ask the Ignoramus Elect a question since the Loony Bird Elect was bashing his employer and the Mussolini Elect started his meltdown.

Not you.....Not you....Your organization is terrible...fake news.....and Acosta was silenced by the Fascist Elect. And the Dingbat Elect got applause from his hired goons for squashing the reporter just like his boss does over in Russia. This was truly disgraceful in this nation. Can you even imagine what would have happened had Obama cut off a Fox News hack with the same disdain? My god the right wing snowflakes would still be clutching their pearls.

We are truly fucked, normals. Until this orange blockhead is stopped, and he will be stopped at some point (probably by himself) we are traveling down a rough road towards those same paid goons who applauded today at a reporter being silenced actually beating up the voices of dissent.

I am actually uneasy that the 62 million poorly educated who elected this Half Wit Elect havent realized the error of their ways. Or have they?

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