Wednesday, September 21, 2016

8 Days A Week!

Get to the theater in your town showing this movie fast. Because its great. Director Ron Howard, who has made some movies that I simply don't like and others I just accept as fine, has taken material that would be very hard to screw up, and made a masterpiece.

8 Days a Week follows the Beatles through the end of their touring years from 1962-1966 with footage you have never seen. And there isn't much talking. Oh yeah, you see Paul and you see Ringo talking about those years in recent footage, and you see John and George talking about those years in interviews done long ago. But it's the music that takes center stage and goddamm is it wonderful. You cannot help but smile as the youngsters from Liverpool play the songs we all know and love. You see new interviews with Elvis Costello and Whoopi Goldberg and a great interview with Sigourney Weaver who is shown at a Beatles show in 1964. Whoopi tells a great story of how she got to attend the 1965 Shea Stadium show. This is great stuff.

I cannot gush enough about this movie. The footage is fresh , well at least I have never seen it and I watch Beatles stuff all the time. You hear the screaming girls and see the wonderment on the faces of the Beatles on stages all over the world. What in the hell is going on here?

But it's the music that makes this film soar. And you get plenty of music. I was fascinated by the story John told of the song Help. It really was a cry for help. He couldnt handle the fame any longer. When I was younger so much younger than today. Wow.

After the movie flies by in no time flat theater goers get to see a remaster of the 1965 Shea Stadium show. 30 minutes of pure joy as it happened. And then it happened. I got tears in my eyes as John sang Help. He's gone. And so is George. Jesus Christ. Reality sets in after 2 and a half hours of smiling and tapping my foot.

But you have to see this. It's 150 minutes of remembering the greatest band ever. There's not a single shot of Trump or Hillary or anybody who would put a damper on your day.

And you get that Shea Stadium footage. It's like you are there.

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