Saturday, August 6, 2016

Little Willie!

You know if some guy has THAT many pictures of Saint Ronald Reagan on his wall, there has to be something going on. Either he's really stupid, or he's hiding something and overcompensating for his own weaknesses.

Well in the case of the man above, Nebraska State Senator William "Sexy Time" Kintner, its the latter. As usual, the loudest mouths of the conservative movement have a lotttttttttt to hide. With all that anti gay rhetoric, the calling of his fellow senators "monkeys", the facebook posts, the fact this guy is a fucking visigoth, none of this is surprising.

Well hell, Max's Dad, what did this Republican christian low rent Donald Trump do? He decided to take his state laptop to Massachusetts for some reason, and engage in cyber sex with a woman he's been conversing with on Skype. I guess Kintner is one of those guys who considers cheating on his cancer stricken wife (oh the pattern here is so familiar) to not be cheating about what, 7 or so rivers over? The only problem this christian man of faith had was as soon as he was done spilling his seed all over the state issued laptop, the hot chocolate on the other end of Skype tried to extort $4500 from him cuz eh done taped it. Chrissakes, I would pay $4500 NOT to see this tape of an old Republican pounding little Bill into submission.

Kintner, apparently a hypocrite, a degenerate AND a fucking cheapass, contacted the Nebraska authorities he was being extorted. The authorities not only found out that Bill The Bad was beating his meat to a woman not his cancer stricken wife, but also doing it with state property. You know, owned by the government he so despises, unless of course he can use it to pleasure himself to some "Hot bod" on the Ivory Coast.

Kintner is in full damage control. He was fined $1000 for the violation of using state property for not state business, unless of course, forcing Lil Willie to vomit all over a keyboard is an official State of Nebraska policy.

Kintner, a real creep, is also hammering home the diversionary tactics of "confessing" his sin, talking how God wants him to stay in the legislature fucking everything up, and how much the "monkeys" he works with spew up anti police rhetoric and encourage violence against police whenever they bitch when a cop kills an unarmed black guy, Oh by teh way, the "monkey" he is referring to happens to be black.

All of this while posing underneath two gigantic portraits of Reagan, which of course fools only the 30% so mind damaged they will believe anything is a liberal plot. And in Sarpy County, Nebraska's version of the Russian section of Berlin circa 1948 (papers please), this version of Kintner's bullshit may fly. Sarpy County is so full of double dipping retired flyboys who hate the very gubmint that pays them for serving their country, Kintner is a hero. He "tells it like it is" which of course means he spouts off his racist bullshit with no filter. He recently told the gays who live in Nebraska , yeah theres some who havent fled yet, that if they dont like the hostile atmosphere here in the heartland, get the hell out and move somewhere else. Then Kintner probably went home to be "appalled" by Grinder.

Even our trust fund boy Governor, he of the Ricketts family (how the fuck did this asshole get elected?), a man who will say anything at all to get elected , a man who will spend untold amounts of Daddy's money to get what he wants even when the legislature tell him to fuck off, a man so devoid of morality he wont accept federal Medicaid money to help the poor, a man who will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money (??) just to restore the death penalty so he can preside over killing someone, a man who will spend untold amount of his own money to keep gambling out of Nebraska, a man who will not even acknowledge his own sister's right to marry another woman. Yes, our worthless Governor, has told Kintner to get out (after he did a focus group of course).

So yet another christian man, shoving his alleged morality in your face, while at the same time shoving his conservative worm into a camera on the internet, is about to go down into the hell that is Republican phony-ism. All the pictures of Ronald Reagan aint helping you now. In fact, even Reagan wants you to go away. He told me that right after God told me he was just fucking with you.

Even that lil fireman on your desk is appalled by you. His helmet remind you of anything? Or is that microphone gettin you all worked up? The Nigerian princess is calling. you dumb fuck.

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